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Milford 21

Sun March 22 2009 Listed by ndellar
9 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Matt the Brum 2nd.  Good race in fast conditions, although a bit too sunny and windy in places.  Pushed too hard in first half, the switchbacks killed me and the second half was torture, but it does make crossing the finish line more enjoyable. Stourbridge RC 2:09:38 2:09:38 2:09:38 74.03
carryonregardless Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC 2:25:03 2:25:03 2:25:03 66.15
mgadsden Finished 10th Telford Harriers 2:25:05 2:27:19 2:27:19 65.13
Cobra Batman Love to get sub 3 on this, but it looks like we're all finishing in 2 59 so i thought i'd make some room and finish a minute earlier :-)....Had a good run time wise but paid a heavy price for going off too quick the last 7 miles were just agony haven't felt that bad during a run for a long time. Cobra RC, Halesowen A & CC 2:57:40 2:57:40 2:58:00 2:57:40 54.27
thesteadygroove Yep that rogue arrow was a bu99er, added an extra mile and a good 10 minutes on to the time but still a good run Northbrook AC, Fell Runners Association 3:00:14 3:00:30 3:00:30 53.42
Tarmac Runner Followed a rogue arrow at 19 mile which added a nice big hill and an extra 1 mile so finished close to 22 mile with a group of other runners but great extra training. Oh well will just have to come back next year for a sub 3 fingers crossed.Great run and those switchback hills at haf way trash your legs. Cobra RC 3:00:28 3:01:00 2:59:00 3:01:00 54.51
Artzam Never done sub 3 hrs for this race but feel that I can. My best if I remember is 3.36 and im going to smash that 100 Marathon Club, Telford Harriers 3:07:17 3:07:17 2:59:00 3:07:17 52.08
marathonman3260 Unaffiliated 3:16:28 3:16:28 3:16:28 56.46
ndellar Just be pleased to get round with my dignity intact! Spa Striders RC 3:49:18 3:49:18 3:49:18 46.35

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