Luton Marathon 3 Stage Relay

Entrants (29) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
a.k.a Billy I've always found myself helping out in the past at this race but will make time to run this year as i've entered my own team. I reckon first or second leg are the ones to go for before the field is to spread out. TEAM NAME - The Dogs' Bit's Squad from Dunstable. I think my team should go under 3.15 so we won't challenge the winners.

UPDATE-  had great fun doing this event. I had felt poorly leading up to the race but ran quite well considering the weather. Dunstable RRC 1:04:09 1:04:09 1:06:00 1:04:09 59.98
Baron von Sharon Headington RoadRunners 1:21:33 1:21:33 1:21:33 52.74
Bear Foot Not sure what team or which leg but apparently I am running this race.  first race after the marathon so we'll see how much fitness I have lost.
UPDATE - awful conditions, rain, hail and gale force winds made this a less than enjoyable run - actually it wasn't that bad.  The rain stopped for some of my leg, just the wind that slowed me down.  Even so, I should have been capable of running a bit faster.  Was a bit hillier than expected too.
Great Western Runners 58:16 58:16 55:00 58:16 65.77
Becfleck Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers RC 1:24:27 1:30:32 1:30:32 47.50
BigChiefRunningBore copped out off marathon as decided I would enjoy the Autumn. Running with Watford Joggers teams.
Update: -Foul weather but pleased with run, will take an age for trainers to dry out. Watford Joggers 59:56 59:56 1:05:00 59:56 66.01
Hash Unaffiliated 1:16:42 1:16:42 1:15:00 1:16:42 59.79
IronDaz Leg 3 Burnham Joggers 1:02:49 1:02:49 1:02:49 61.43
JEJ We won!
Leg 2 runner handed over with a ~50m lead.  Made it into a 2.5min lead. Unaffiliated 51:00 51:00 48:00 51:00 75.15
Johnny Blaze It looks like I am doing 2 legs instead of 1. Longest I have ever done is a half mara so 17 1/2 miles is quite a big step up.

i think I can do it. I WILL do it.

But it won't be pretty and I have no clue what my time will be so just guessed 10 minute miles.

There is no try.

Well, it were brutal conditions but I plodded round in 2 59 25. Feel ok today apart from slight ache in hip. Stratford mara here I come! Unaffiliated 1:30:00 1:30:00 1:25:00 1:30:00 46.89
kstuart Down as part of Team Shades. 1:15 should be a challenging time to aim for. Not sure if i can manage 1:15 for my leg now but it'll be between 1:15 and 1:20 though. Update: Was rather windy and my knee was playing up a little which caused the ankle to ache too. Took it a little slower due to that to avoid making them worse. Trail Running Association, FERC 1:22:50 1:22:50 1:15:00 1:22:50 46.27
Lieutenant Lucerne Running the full marathon, with the first lap (which I think is the shortest) as the first leg of a relay team. Predicted time is based on my planned marathon pace (well for the first 18 to 20 miles), but may be subject to the vagaries of the weather. UPDATE. A wet and windy first leg, but close to my predicted time, alas the rest of the race became progressively more difficult. Unaffiliated 1:02:52 1:02:52 1:03:00 1:02:52 66.01
MarkC Running with two colleagues from work (including Baron von Sharon) as part of the team Unaffiliated 1:06:23 1:06:23 1:04:00 1:06:23 58.58
minardi running with Emmas k oss  & SFG FERC 1:25:02 1:25:02 1:25:00 1:25:02 54.42
MrsJJ Wrekin Road Runners 1:18:54 1:18:54 1:18:54 56.39
Muds Done this before but may have to run a 2nd or 3rd leg. Watford Joggers will be there!! Sl Quicker if I sneak an early leg? Uuum. Last leg. Billed as 8.87m. Ran well but not a sharp race. Weather not inspiring. Watford Joggers 58:00 58:00 53:30 58:00 73.38
Not Greased Lightning (M.) Doing this as part of the RW onslaught, should hopefully be around the hour mark as long as I don't overdo the amber liquid on the Saturday night. Mansfield Triathlon Club 1:02:00
poppysox Watford Joggers 1:14:57 1:14:57 1:14:57 57.40
Ruggy I have predicted an hour for my leg but may struggle as I have picked up a slight knee injury and haven’t run for a week now, Fingers crossed. Not exactly sure of my official time as yet but it was closer to 1.05, unfortunately my stop watch didn’t start so when I looked at it at 1mile it was still on zero, I had borrowed it and couldn't get it going so had no idea on my splits, oh well, fantastic event although the weather could have been a lot kinder coming out of streatly and into the wind was almost like hitting a brick wall. May try the full marathon next year. .maybe? Dunstable Lions RC 1:05:22 1:05:22 1:00:00 1:05:22 61.95
Running Caz Really enjoyed this one. Took a little while to get going as legs were pretty fatigued from yesterdays x country but got under 8min/miling for last 4M. I did the secong leg and it measured 8.94M on my Garmin so pleased with time. Total team time was 3:28 so we did good :-) Cobra RC 1:12:13 1:12:13 1:15:00 1:12:13 59.82
Serendippily I joined a team. I don’t know who they were. I don’t know what time I did. I had just found out I was pregnant (the day before) and I panicked all the way about the impact of rain and hail. It was all fine though happily :-) FERC
Slowly But Shirley Not exactly sure of the time, so this is 'worst case' estimate.  The official site has combined the our first leg team member's results with mine to give me 2:24:19 (okay I'm slow but even I didn't take over 2 hours for an 8.73 mile leg!!).  This 'guestimate' has been based on deducting the time that we think our first leg runner came in on - she did a speedy time.
It was an unbelievably wet and windy day - hurricane force winds and even hail during the first leg!
Our team finished in 4:04. MK Lakeside Runners 1:27:19 1:27:19 1:33:00 1:27:19 50.65
smoke free running with farby and slowminardi in the INSPIRE team.

we've going to have three wonderful legs.....

actually ran with emma k oss and minardi, but farbs turned up to wish us luck (()) Unaffiliated 1:13:40 1:13:40 1:10:00 1:13:40 53.70
Tarmac Runner Last leg of three   Carolyn 1st    Tony 2nd Cobra RC 1:08:23 1:08:23 1:08:23 57.48
therunningpostie Skegness & District Running Club 1:11:52 1:11:52 1:25:00 1:11:52 60.44
Treacle Unaffiliated 1:27:03 1:27:03 1:27:03 50.30
trigger74 Tough race started leg very wet and cold very windy and raining conditions. Ran ok but dissapointed not to be under an hour Reading Roadrunners, Watford Joggers 1:01:28 1:01:28 1:01:28 62.47
Ultra Kanga Kazzaaaaah!! Prediction is real 'guestimate'.  GER pace should get me round in around 1.12 but it's anyone's guess.  Couple of niggles and at start of Draycote 35 training so a long run on Saturday won't help my chances of a decent time.  NGL looks like you'll be getting the drinks in before me!!!! 100 Marathon Club 1:20:21 1:20:21 1:15:00 1:20:21 57.08
Ultra Sparkly Bridget (USB) Another component of Team Shades! UPDATE.   Delighted with the time given the awful weather on the first lap, mind you I was a bit underdressed ;-) Buckingham and Stowe Running Club 1:22:11 1:22:11 1:26:00 1:22:11 56.31
Vitalstatistix Running second leg for London University A team like last year - it is measured as 8.83 miles - this year it  was mega-tough with wind and hills against from mile 3 to mile 8. Bedford Harriers AC 53:21 53:21 53:00 53:21 74.16
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