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Lochaber Marathon

Sun April 27 2008 Listed by ecosimo
44 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Alf Tupper Tough of the Track Sensibly-paced sub-3 attempt with Fannybawz to 18 miles, at 6:54 pace. Alas, couldn't sustain it and jogged/walked the remainder, nursing a hammy and a club-mate to the finish. Sorry about the bets, Fetchies, but a PB attempt after 18 would have been brutal and I wasn't willing to risk injury. Next marathon will definately be a fun run! Well done to Fannybawz for getting his GFA qualifying time for London - now that's one to look forward to! Cumbernauld AAC 2:59:32 3:22:35 2:59:59 3:22:35 62.41
Ally C Pre  race - Changed my predicted time due to suffering severe cold week before event.  Feeling slightly better however not at peak performance.

Post race - Considering I managed bearly a mile a week ago I am well chuffed with my time.  It was a hot day and I struggled from 22 miles in.  Feet struggling with blisters now.  Another PB!!! RAF AC, Moray Roadrunners 2:42:46 3:07:04 3:25:00 3:13:57 63.90
Biastai Unaffiliated 3:18:30 0 0.00
BigMac9 Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 3:48:42 4:11:33 4:44:33 49.07
Chocky Kirkintilloch Olympians 3:22:07 3:27:13 3:27:13 60.32
Crystal Tips Wild Guess on the time since longest run as 15 miles at the moment!
Really pleased with this time, was hard going as pretty warm but I enjoyed at least 20  miles of it! 
Huge credit to the Fetch crowd cheering runners on Unaffiliated 4:37:20 4:37:20 4:50:00 4:37:20 0.00
Dave_K This will be my first marathon. Really looking forward to it. Would love to go under 4 hours.
*UPDATE*   What an amazing day !! Fantastic race, fantastic suport & organisation. Overwhelmed by the time. Great to see all the Fetchies and meet some of them. Thanks to Santababy for the jelly babies at about 16M. Will blog full report when I,ve got my head around it all!!! Unaffiliated 3:51:04 3:51:04 4:00:00 3:51:04 55.52
Debstir I did say I wouldn't put any pressure on myself but I know what I'm like, I know I'll want to try to PB even though my training's been pants - bet on me at your peril :-) UPDATE: I've put down my watch time, although the 'official' (non-chipped) time is still only 18 seconds slower. Thank you to all who had confidence in me, I got you some points!! My race report will be in my blog when I have two minutes to put it all in there :-) Unaffiliated 4:28:36 4:28:36 4:42:40 4:28:36 50.79
ecosimo Springburn Harriers 2:54:27 2:54:27 2:58:00 2:54:27 70.49
Fae Fife Unaffiliated 3:28:48 3:45:00 3:45:00 60.45
Fawkes Mossley Hill AC 2:45:51 2:55:50 2:55:50 69.92
hatstand Unaffiliated 3:25:55 3:25:55 3:25:55 59.77
josephine123456 Bishops Stortford RC 4:17:21 4:17:21 4:23:23 51.41
karinsmiles Harmeny AC 4:18:13 4:18:30 4:25:00 4:18:30 60.31
katypie Hot day, started too fast at 10K pace for about 19M.
TOTM which may have made it harder - remember this for Edinburgh
Hard work but well wort h it Unaffiliated 3:53:57 4:01:32 4:02:04 55.94
kenster Managed to keep sub 3 hour pace until 16 miles then died, far to hot for me.Plenty Fetchie support which gave a boost for a bit!! Cambuslang Harriers, Campbeltown Running Club 2:29:49 3:07:48 3:07:48 65.54
Kenyan John Bellahouston Harriers 3:34:15 3:40:41 3:40:41 66.81
Lintie Stonehaven Running Club 4:25:16 4:36:00 4:49:00 48.31
Lisrun My second marathon. Oops, its now going to be my third marathon after an unexpected FLM. This will be a training run for the District Double in May, so I will try (yes I will try) and take it slowly. Forget this, I am going for a sub-4 time (so much for resolve). But is there enough time to recover from FLM ? *Update* Sorry everybody who bet on me *hangs head in shame*. I went for it and at 20m it was looking very good, but I was hit by bad leg cramps and I crashed and burned. Had a great weekend with lots of Fetchies in spite of run going badly pear shaped :-) 100 Marathon Club, Elvet Striders, North East Marathon Club 3:53:11 4:02:11 3:59:59 4:26:08 54.38
Llamadance cramp struck at 18 miles and eventually scuppered the sub 3:30, but I'm really happy with not just the time, but how I dealt with the cramp. Ran with SoaPM until the cramp hit which was great, and it was a cracking day with too many Fetchies to mention. Unaffiliated 3:33:33 3:33:33 3:29:00 3:33:33 58.53
LouLou Set out to achieve 3hr 15.  Was on track for at least a 3hr 10 at half way.  Then started to really feel it but got there in the end!! :) Dundee Hawkhill Harriers 2:59:49 3:13:38 3:14:59 3:13:38 69.93
moore06 Unaffiliated 3:55:56 4:03:46 4:19:03 52.96
MountainRunner Highgate Harriers 3:37:39 3:37:39 3:37:39 63.04
MrsMac Unaffiliated 3:32:00 3:59:26 3:59:59 3:59:52 56.72
purephase This will be my first marathon so I dont know how i will react when it comes to the last four or five miles, put a prediction of 4 hours but would love to get well under that. I tried to get into the Edinburgh but didnt get a place 
so I am on a 12 week training schedule instead of the 16 week I would have prefered. Read a lot of good things about the Lochaber and I am really starting to get excited about actually running a MARATHON. Greenock Glenpark Harriers 3:36:16 3:56:17 4:00:00 3:56:17 54.29
Roobarb Not worth betting on me just yet - I would like to see how my winter training seeing that I have had such a crap year this year. Hopefully things are going to get better.
*****UPDATE***** Don't somehow think I will pb at this one:-( *******Another update********* I don't know where the hell THAT came from:-) Unaffiliated 5:05:00 5:05:00 5:15:00 5:10:25 48.98
run2thehills No PB for me a bit of a disaster really. Ran ok for the first half and hit 13.2 at 1:53 but began to overheat at about 15 miles. After that it was just a case of Survival. Kept feeling dizzy and sick and the sun just didn't help. Re-thinking my strategy and will concentrate on halfs for the rest of the year.
The real plus point was the support of my fellow Fetchies and the 'A' team mobile Fetch point.
Cheers Dod and Santa!! Stonehaven Running Club 4:01:32 4:29:40 3:55:00 4:29:40 48.36
RuthB2 Can't wait for this - I am going to run aiming for a PB, but I'm never sure what will happen on the day. *UPDATE* sorry, but no PB this time. I'm quiet gutted really, but had a great weekend. well done to everyone who ran, and our mobile fetchpoint! Unaffiliated 3:36:34 4:25:50 4:15:00 4:25:50 50.94
saintjason Sale Harriers Manchester 2:57:15 3:22:27 3:22:27 60.90
Selfish Git!!! Greenock Glenpark Harriers 3:21:05 4:27:30 0.00
Sevo Unaffiliated 3:44:00 3:54:17 3:59:00 53.27
Shades Maverick Runners 4:24:02 4:52:00 5:10:00 4:59:34 52.04
Siouxsie Dumfries RC 3:38:54 3:47:58 4:00:00 3:47:58 59.84
sloth Unaffiliated 3:44:53 3:59:17 3:59:59 4:06:39 50.95
smckie Wanted to have a bash and see if I could do sub-4.  Sadly not!  Defo went off too fast as I was really suffering by 16miles.  But a fantastic race, a lovely day, and fantastic fetchie support crew Westerlands Cross Country Club 4:07:50 4:07:50 4:14:53 53.13
Snapstinget The wheels came well and truly off. But there were lots of compensations, and I reckon anyone who struggled and finished did well, so I am quite proud of myself. Funny how the weather affects some people more than others; loads of fetchie PBs, yet loads of PWs as well!!! Lovely weekend. FERC 4:13:24 4:13:24 4:49:43 48.62
Son of a Pronator Man I have slain the 3:30 dragon with the sword of training, the armour of pacing (thanks Llama) and the shield of energy gels. What's that coming over the hill ? Is it a monster? 'Tis the beast of 3:15 ! Oh feck :) Carnegie Harriers 3:08:52 3:19:40 3:29:59 3:27:14 63.98
SparkyMark WooHoo - I'm in :-)  Time prediction closer to race and see how well winter training goes - but I want a PB :-) UPDATE - Sore feet, cramps in calves and hamstrings - not great.  Lots of walking and soul searching - but I finished.  Will be blogged Alchester RC (Bicester) 3:39:39 4:45:00 3:35:00 4:45:00 44.67
susietwoshoes Did not go entirely to plan, but lessons have been learned.   It was unseasonably warm, which I hadn't expected.
Enjoyed the run, not quite as much as Loch Ness, found the long straights on main road with traffic whizzing by quite a challenge. Dumfries RC 5:17:13 5:17:13 5:36:00 45.25
The Belly Is Gaun Tae Get Ye New PB.Great pacing until  mile16 then let slip, reverted to training pace until last mile which was target pace.Felt  strong in last 10k and passed lots of people. However the best bit was the great lift from all fellow Fetchies and the support of Old Mum and Loon Dod and their crew. Ride 63 3:37:59 3:37:59 3:37:59 58.00
Ticketyboo Not a very good day, injury, poor time and sunburnt (I now have a very red vest imprint tattooed on my body). Went through half way comfortably in 1.29 and then injury struck around 17 miles. Hobbled very slowly for last 9 miles.  Congrats to Fannybawz on his first marathon and in an impressive time. Cumbernauld AAC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 2:38:11 3:13:06 3:33:49 57.66
Ultracat A bit sunburnt and very happy with a new PB.  Will do full race report in my blog, thanks to all fetchies for support especially to Ruth. Metro Aberdeen 4:18:27 4:25:15 4:25:15 59.53
Vic Mason This will be my 1st marathon & am really looking forward to it.  My training from January has been spot on & have managed to excel in this years races beyond my expectations.   Sub 3 hours would be unbelievable.  See what happens on the actual day.  Good luck to Ticketyboo & Hamshank. *** UPDATE*** 1st marathon in ideal weather conditions pacing myself with Hamshank & managed to maintain plan A; sub 3.00 pace until 18 mile point. Splits: 6.47, 6.46, 6.55, 6.50, 6.56, 6.49, 6.52, 7.06, 7.01, 6.56, 6.54, 6.51, 6.46, 6.45, 6.51, 6.59, 7.07, 6.43. Sub 3.00 was starting to slowly dwindle at this point as mind & legs were going through a tough stage. Onto plan B; which was try to get under 3.10 again this seemed a tall order on very tired legs so quickly reverted to plan C; which was a more realistic benchmark to come in under 3.15 and go for Good for Age into the London Marathon. Splits for the remainder 8 miles: 7.52, 8.28, 9.06, 8.01, 8.06, 8.06, 8.28, 10.38 (1.1m). Overall I'm absolutely delighted with my time.  Thanks to Hamshank for his support & well done to Ticketyboo for his sheer guts & determination on finishing.  And thanks to Santababy for a suck on her jellybabies! Kirkintilloch Olympians 2:59:17 3:12:55 3:09:27 3:12:55 67.04
Wingy Unaffiliated 4:00:27 4:00:27 3:55:00 4:00:27 51.74

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