Jack Crawford Memorial 10K

Entrants (29) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
bedlam_g Main thoughts tonight are with Shannon we were praying it wasn’t him until I read Guiseppe’s race report :( heres hoping for speedy recovery.
A really mixed race for me I didn't get anywhere near the pace I know I’m capable of and got caught on the line by Ticketyboo and another kirkie costing me a top 10 place.  Positives finished 2nd Bella RR and ahead of a few guys for the first time, we may have won 1st team prize and its another sub 36 on a very windy, muddy and waterlogged course course.  Reckon I’m just about due a fingerectomy.  
Mile splits 5.38 5.47 5.46 5.58 5.53 5.56 0.58 (5.28 pace). Bellahouston Road Runners, Cumbernauld AAC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 34:01 35:26 35:10 35:58 74.73
Boab Firstly, my thoughts go out to Shannon/murdle, hope to see you back in the running soon mate.  And this really pales into insignificence my race.  Muddy, slippy and very windy between 2k and 7k.  This was more like a XC race.  Stayed with SBA most of the way and tried to share the wind.  Finished 2nd and got 40 quid.  That's all really. Unaffiliated 32:25 32:42 33:43 79.34
BryanB Bellahouston Road Runners 35:09 36:27 36:27 76.96
ChristopheD Bellahouston Road Runners 41:20 45:48 45:48 57.64
ChrisU The bad news is that Gordon Shannon collapsed during the race and was airlifted to hospital.  I know that Gordon has a very serious illness, but is still determined to keep on running. My own race was largely irrelevant. I couldn't get out of bed until 11am this morning and felt sluggish the whole race, running around 2 minutes slower than last year. 
I have now set up a JustGiving page for Gordon so please sponsor me for London Marathon 2009! Cambuslang Harriers, Westerlands Cross Country Club, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 34:38 35:49 35:00 36:29 78.14
clairevmc Wasn't intending to run for a time as I know the course and it's not conducive to a good time but had hoped for a good finishing position.  Finished 7th which was fine.  Happy enough with the time - in some parts I think I actually stopped racing and just ran so could have dipped under the 40 mins if I'd pushed the whole way.  Felt after 1km that I just wanted to stop.  Ended up covered in mud and my feet were drenched.  Tough wee race.  Windy the whole way round and although not raining, it was very wet underfoot and bitterly cold.  Never mind - speed session done for the week! Hamilton Harriers, Scottish Veteran Harriers 37:58 38:21 40:04 74.44
Cmontheaccies Great race that i enjoyed ,not one for a fast time today but running races like that are sometimes more fun,muddy and a wee bit windy but well done to the sprinburn club for a well organised race,met Boab and of course well done to sunbed athlete  and boab for finishing well up the feild,well done all the others who ran today. Girvan AAC 29:55 32:29 32:29 82.75
DaveG Birkenhead Athletic Club, Strathearn Harriers 43:23 49:39 49:39 53.19
Debstir Watch time - 51:03. I'll take that, thank you very much :-)  Cold, windy and rather muddy (and wet) underfoot; didn't bother me but may have upset a few folk running next to me when I ploughed straight through the puddles ;-)  Will blog my full race report later :-) Unaffiliated 48:30 51:03 51:03 59.06
Dvorak Well, that was different.  Had an inkling it may be a bit muddy, so put on my dirtiest shoes.  Wasn't quite expecting what ensued underfoot though.  So I am extremely pleased with my time.  Was running a spookily even pace up to around 8K, when I heard Unaffiliated 48:39 52:00 54:00 53:16 53.09
ecosimo Springburn Harriers 35:46 36:38 37:00 36:38 72.30
Hein Unaffiliated 43:30 44:10 46:40 56.90
Hendo79 So sorry to all you guys who bet on me...bad enough i didn't manage to break the 39 mark...even worse that i've let you all down....now feel like Sh*t...... Inverclyde AC 34:18 37:36 38:59 39:10 67.40
ian9657 Heavy going, mudy and windy, more akin to cross country, lots of folk about 2 mins slower than last year, so not TOO upset with time.  Sorry to those that betted on me.

Hope Shannon is OK Unaffiliated 41:35 42:53 42:59 44:37 67.16
Jamis Unaffiliated 42:54 43:26 45:54 58.04
May first 10k since having the twins 3 months ago...got round longest run for nearly a year!!!good to get back running: ) Scottish Prison Service AAC 36:49 39:38 49:15 61.45
McNomad Bellahouston Road Runners 41:07 42:25 42:31 42:31 63.57
plodding on Wet and muddy, think they would be better to make it a trail race. Kinross Road Runners 41:54 45:13 45:00 47:12 60.40
rleyton Quite pleased to have settled into the low 44's, but disappointed I didn't quite manage a 43 minute time after my 44:36 at the tough Nigel Barge. I think I started a bit too far back, and struggled in the first 2-3k. Overtaking isn't easy. Damp conditions didn't help too much either. But, as fellow club runner Andy commented, Bellahouston Road Runners 43:47 44:21 44:21 60.07
ScottH Unaffiliated 43:50 43:50 46:58 58.33
shannon DNF, so..This will be my last race for a while - i  am pushingh it way too hard in the race environment and so wasting the time of many people,some being

a) my  loyal friend YoungWallace who kept me company and then dealth brilliantly with me having a blackout at the 5k  mark on the canalpath
b) two lovely female runners who stopped by a crumpled me and helped me back to conciousness, i was very woozy and remember very little apart from trying so hard to get up and keep the race going, at least to Balmore Road
c) my wife and wee boy who were waiting patiently for me at the finish line, despite some fantastic efforts from the race marshals and other runners to pass a message back
d) the race organisors 
e) the race paramedics, the main one who cordinated a helicopter to land in a field near the canal and organise a car to drive up the canal and take me to the waitimg helicopter
f) the staff at the Glasgow Souther Genereal Hospital, where I spent the evening in A&E and the night in Ward 20

Thanks for all the help and the get well messagess and sorry to all those mentioned, I will learn from this.  I think I have blown the Scottish 2009 NHS budget with my taxi ride to A&E...Although I thought I had it in me to run at the pace we were doing at the start, especially after the pace and terrain at the Nigel Barge two weeks previous.

Man that was hard to type, I am still recovering from a weak right side.

I have put in the time I ran the 5k (28min) in and then x2, plus a bit so that it was slower than my time last week.

Listen out for my cheers and camera snapping at future local races!!
Garscube Harriers 38:35 58:47 59:00 44.76
SilverSlogger Falkirk Victoria Harriers, Polmont Joggers 39:29 42:34 42:34 68.07
SpicedApple First of all, all the best to Shannon! Hope he is alright! I found this a really enjoyable race in spite (or because?) of the mud. Friendly atmosphere, swift organisation, and nice meeting Dvorak on the course. Also nice not having to hang around in the cold before the start or afterwards, but having the gym to stretch in. The only downside was the very narrow stretch in the beginning, which made it impossible to overtake and meant that in spite of trying to run faster later on, no PB for me. Didn't help that I didn't see the first 4 km markers so didn't really know how I was doing. Altogether very happy I took part. jogscotland, Musselburgh & District Athletic Club 48:17 48:18 53:17 55.88
Steiny Carnegie Harriers 41:22
stretch 212 Slightly disappointed thought I could do better, conditions didn't help. Unaffiliated 55:43 1:00:53 1:00:00 1:00:53 46.82
Sunbed Athlete Not 1 of my better runs to say the least although I took 3rd place behind pals Cmontheaccies & Boab who were 1st & 2nd respectively.Had a nip/tuck battle with Boab who generously shared the shelter from the wind on the better side of the Canal.From 1k - 3k & 8k - race finish was like XC with the previous crap weather making those parts of the course muddy/puddles/slippy.Spent unnessary time running around the puddles rather than just going right through them.
Got £30 & for the 2nd year in a row the title went to a Cambuslang/Girvan athlete.
Hope Gordon Shannon recovers well.Also good to see Claire McArthur again plus ClaireT on her supporting role.
Well done again Boab:) Cambuslang Harriers, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 31:29 32:05 33:51 79.85
Ticketyboo Woohoo! very happy, kept up my 100% record of PB in every race so far this year knocking 26 secs off previous PB. The going was windy and very heavy underfoot due to the heavy rain all week. Worked in a group with fellow Kirkintilloch Olympians all sharing turns at the front during the long stretch into the wind from Cawder Golf Club to Lambhill. A bit of a duel all the way with a club mate which came down to a sprint finish and just managed to pip him on the line. Best wishes to Shannon (a.k.a. Murdle), I hope he makes a speedy recovery. Cumbernauld AAC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 33:50 35:38 35:56 74.14
Torbeg Trotter Helensburgh AAC 47:36 47:36 48:54 57.37
Zorba Xania Harriers, Cartha Harriers, PH Racing Club 38:55 41:09 41:09 73.44

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