Humber Bridge Half

Sun June 29 2008
Listed by hottubalci
Entrants (43) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
10.13 SLEAFORD STRIDERS 1:49:31 1:58:43 2:08:13 48.30
baggio71 Congleton Harriers 1:40:44 1:48:01 1:48:01 54.49
Big M Sorry if you bet on me - the wheels came off after the first 8 miles, hill at 9 miles was a stinger, then I hit a wall (well more of a bridge) at 11 and felt like I was dying for last 2 miles. Nice bridge, a much tougher race than I'd expected. Pudsey Pacers RC 1:39:38 1:41:36 1:45:00 1:52:00 53.97
brinko was hard with a few of the hills and sun didnt help but enjoyed it and just missed out on time i wanted, this was first half marathon i had done and longest distance  i had done too so still pleased RAF Scampton Running Club 1:40:53 1:40:53 1:50:00 1:51:00 52.60
Cheeseman75 Amazing race. Brilliant weather and that killer hill around the 8 mile mark. Will definately be doing that race again Unaffiliated 1:37:28 1:41:17 1:55:00 1:50:19 52.93
ChrisDig Unaffiliated 1:27:17 1:28:00 1:31:00 65.57
CORFU89 bEEN TRAINING HARD Unaffiliated 1:45:00
Craney Unaffiliated 1:29:35 1:29:35 1:43:12 56.73
Cybor Unaffiliated 1:35:44 1:36:50 1:45:00 1:44:33 57.08
darkhorse trainng run for robin hood,and enjoy the view do not bet on a pb it wont be 1!!! Quicker than it should have been but had a chance of 1.45. Official time will be 1.45.09 but my time is 1.44.27. Tough route hot weather. Organisation not great Ropsley Road Runners 1:39:39 1:39:39 1:50:00 1:44:27 57.88
DaveM1962 Took it steady due to past experience - but felt better than I thought. Could have pushed harder and got a pB! Selby Striders, UKnetrunner 1:50:42 1:50:42 2:00:00 1:58:37 53.08
DeeGee Did I say 2:10. I was meant to be trying to pace Hampton. I kept it steady, but lost him at mile 4.

To say 2:10 and get 2:10:03 despite the hills and heat has pleased me though. 100 Marathon Club, Cleethorpes AC 1:28:55 1:57:17 2:10:00 2:10:03 44.90
forkhandles fairly undulating most of the time. the hill between mile 9 & 10 really hit home - seemed to go on for ages. fortunate with the wind direction on the whole (sheltered by the bridge on the way out and semi-tailwind on the run in). Struggled with stitches most of the way, and final 2 miles in particular. The starting position could have been better organised, but generally very well done - course well marked out and marshalled and water stations plentiful - just as well because it was warm. (1/7/08) Unaffiliated 1:39:26 1:53:28 2:00:00 1:53:40 53.18
Gem77 Barton & District AC 1:42:57 1:42:57 1:48:00 1:42:57 63.35
Gemba Unaffiliated 2:04:00 2:04:00 2:07:00 51.34
gradgrind Unaffiliated 2:17:38 2:17:38 2:25:00 2:19:08 44.51
Greenman A course best on my seventh attempt. Grantham Running club 1:20:38 1:21:46 1:25:15 71.46
Hampton Hot, hilly and hard work! Few things went wrong but ran every step of the way and was pleased to get under 2.20 in the end! The bridge on the return goes on for ever it seems! Unaffiliated 1:44:49 2:10:38 2:19:18 42.03
hottubalci Wrekin Road Runners 1:50:10 1:50:10 1:53:53 51.40
Hubrun Great run, felt comfortable the whole way round. Shelton Striders 1:29:06 1:29:49 1:35:02 62.45
IM2010 Unaffiliated 1:24:32 1:41:27 1:56:14 50.23
jibba Scunthorpe & District AC 1:42:48 1:44:32 1:50:42 54.23
jonotinx Struggled on last mile or so..... Unaffiliated 1:41:42 1:57:45 1:59:43 49.35
Lincs Blue Unaffiliated 1:37:00 1:37:00 1:37:00 61.89
Lincsfella What a great day, not a PB was never gonna be on this course but nearly 7 minutes off last years time so very pleased. UKnetrunner 1:28:14 1:30:06 1:35:00 1:33:54 63.55
Lucky Jim White City (Hull) RRC 1:35:58 1:39:30 1:47:43 64.39
Marty McFly Really tough final hill coming out of Barton. Need to practice doing a hill at 10 miles.
Warm conditions with little wind. Fitmums and Friends 1:33:10 1:33:40 1:42:27 57.67
maxi not looking for a pb, here this ones a bit tricky especially at the 9mile point.enjoyed but i think i better do some hill training next time. Unaffiliated 1:48:42 1:49:00 1:55:00 2:01:04 48.28
Maximum Hobgoblin Hills Bells! FERC 1:29:48 1:39:55 1:39:55 60.50
Moza An ejoyable race (even the hills!). Well organised. FERC 1:47:55 1:47:55 1:55:00 1:47:55 57.86
peaklad Unaffiliated 1:38:38 1:38:38 1:42:00 1:42:11 57.62
pirate steve really didnt do my best, left the whole carb loading nutrition side of things a little late and really felt it after half .way Unaffiliated 1:38:45 1:38:45 1:42:00 1:44:22 55.94
RKavs Nidd Valley Road Runners 1:55:33 2:07:00 2:00:00 2:07:00 46.99
Rosielad This will be my marker for improvement as it was first race I ever run last year. Hope course the same to check times. ** UPDATE** Had a bad race with all sorts going wrong and wanting to quit at 6 miles but carried on Just and PB though not by as much as I wanted... Unaffiliated 1:52:20 1:54:25 1:57:00 1:59:06 50.10
Running Beard It was a little warm and wasn't that a Elvet Striders 1:40:38 1:48:54 2:00:00 1:54:00 55.23
RunningDad Until that blasted hill at mile 9, I was on for 85 minutes. The hill just sucked all the energy out of my legs and I struggled home after that. Guess I need some more hill reps before next year. Great race though, particularly well organised. Valley Striders AC 1:20:28 1:29:34 1:28:00 1:29:34 66.26
Scott S Slight worse than last year :)
Hill at 9 miles cost me time again - still having problems with these things.
Congested start meant I was running at an average pace of 8:30 min/mile.
Walked through a couple of water stations as awkward drinking from cups.
Hit just over 5 min/mile pace over the last few hundred metres too - never ran that fast before! Unaffiliated 1:41:19 1:41:19 1:45:00 1:51:23 52.84
Slowly But Shirley Not far from where I used to live, so I'm really looking forward to this!
UPDATE:  Loved it!  'Real' finish time was 2:13 though as I was in loo queue when start gun went off and started almost 5 mins after everyone else!  First couple of miles were a lonely dash to try and catch up the sweeper bus!!  Fantastic supporters and marshalls made that initial panicky dash a little less lonely though!  Fantastic sweeping views of the bridge as a 'reward' after the mile long hill between 9 and 10. MK Lakeside Runners 2:03:00 2:03:00 2:17:33 49.04
Tango (Adam) Notfast Running Club, Votwo/USN 1:14:45 1:19:16 1:25:00 1:19:16 73.65
task pleased with my time,over a minute quicker than last year. White City (Hull) RRC 1:42:04 1:42:04 1:44:00 1:44:22 56.61
tatey Barton & District AC 2:15:00 2:24:35 2:25:00 2:24:35 45.10
Trenchfoot Slow start and congested 1st few miles , just didnt seem to have the will to push myself and maintain the hoped for  pace , probably combination of the heat and feeling low due to issues with work.  After half way point treated it more as a long training run rather than a race.  Pulled up (boiled up) and walked a short distance very near the finish and yet managed a good strong sprint finish  ..... Enjoyed it though - sorry if you bet on me it.  Must lose some weight and get more long runs in before the next race.   834/1445 overall , 690/1052 male runners Unaffiliated 1:47:42 2:03:08 1:45:00 2:03:08 51.57
Wicked D not going for PB just taking a challenge, I PB'd today and really was amazed as I did NOT expect that and I didnt bet on myself either lol ah well I'm still smiling about my time so that'll do lol  UKnetrunner 1:37:17 1:37:17 1:42:37 60.35
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