Hinckley/Bosworth Half

Listed by Eleanor
  • Rated 83%
  • 13.1mi
  • Road
Entrants (44) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
(Mama) Pigeon Got to about 9.5 miles and slowed down. Found it hard to maintain any pace atfer this.
Hot hot day! Anstey Amblers and Runners 1:52:47 2:14:05 2:31:00 42.70
_j_ Was hoping for around 2 hrs, have been struggling with a cold, mixed with the heat, sort of knew it wasnt going to be my day, just pleased to finish! Barrow Runners 1:52:24 1:52:24 2:18:11 46.97
Ally2 Race No. 6 a hot day due so plenty of fluid needed. prediction says from 1:14 up so will be pleased with PB and 1:16. well first thing apologies to all who bet but missed PB by seconds on a hellishly hot day. I know I have a 76 in me. Splits (I cant remember all of them ) 1 mile 5:43  3mile 17:11, 5 mile 28:54, 6 mile 34:56 10mile 60:17, 11mile 66:20 and finish. Felt tired from 6 mile to 10mile (so much so can't remember my splits or anything about race!) and then felt bit better after 10miles although still over 6s. Got passed by 3 but took one of them in final mile. Came 9th I think and got 6th senior man prize and 3rd senior medal for Leics County champs. And HH won team prize of me, Boycie, Tinks and PG.  Also felt my foot go in a pothole and twist at 9mile and thankfully it didn't affect my time but now I can't walk on my left foot. So a mixed bag of a day. Notts AC, Hermitage Harriers RC 1:05:41 1:14:39 1:16:15 1:19:40 72.77
Bedarat Unaffiliated 1:41:15 1:41:15 1:54:36 50.59
Boycie Shouldn't have a problem pb-ing this one. Have put a conservative time down, as not sure how my legs will be two weeks after a marathon. In theory should be close to 1.20 if I run to form... Update - legs great - temperature ridiculous 28 on the course. Think I am probably the only one to pb today :-) 14th overall beat Tink and PG - both 4 mins down on their best. Looks like I've got a comfortable sub 79 in me on a good day :-) won 20 quid voucher for first team along with ally2, PG and Tink!

Unaffiliated 1:17:40 1:22:26 1:22:30 1:22:26 70.33
chap Long Eaton Running Club 1:36:45 1:42:53 1:47:20 59.50
clifford Very Very warm.....so didnt get the time i would have liked. Course was lovely and well marshalled...only downer is that i thought the first water station should have been nearer than 4.5 miles. Hermitage Harriers RC 1:54:55 2:03:07 2:03:07 47.12
Coatesy Hermitage Harriers RC 1:36:24 1:38:57 1:38:57 58.63
Deanomite Hermitage Harriers RC 1:36:12 1:51:04 1:57:56 50.36
Eleanor heatwave! Serpentine RC 1:51:56 1:51:56 2:04:56 51.60
Happy as Larry Unaffiliated 1:15:58 1:25:40 1:28:30 1:34:03 61.98
hatterfan 100 Marathon Club 1:31:29 1:46:53 1:59:54 48.49
ironman disappointed, was on for sub 1:35 but crashed in the last 2 miles with knee pain. good race as a whole though, cool t-shirt again. Birstall RC, Leicester Triathlon Club 1:29:22 1:29:22 1:34:00 1:35:48 62.41
Jakey Leicester Triathlon Club 1:14:53 1:25:07 1:28:39 66.76
JoO My first half marathon - OMG! Managed to run to around 10k and then ran/walked the rest.
Sizziling temperatures made this one virtually impossible for me!  Looking on the bright side - when i do my next half (in the winter LOL) it shouldn't be too hard to get a PB!! Hermitage Harriers RC 2:58:00 2:58:00 2:30:00 2:58:00 38.52
JovialGnome Incredibly hot, seemed to sap what little strength I had and my twisted ankle hurt like hell all the way round - looked like a nice course though, I expect it would be fun in cooler conditions! Still, just managed to better my personal worst so not all bad - apologies to those who bet on me - inconsistent is my middle name! Unaffiliated 2:09:14 2:18:51 2:36:29 42.64
LambChop Hermitage Harriers RC 1:55:56 2:11:24 2:15:00 2:24:05 44.85
micklemil Unaffiliated 1:51:59 1:51:59 2:09:05 50.00
MikeyB hot hot hot! Stilton Striders RC 1:40:02 1:40:05 2:08:00 47.07
Mr.P441 Unaffiliated 1:39:49 2:15:44 2:15:44 44.05
Munter Hunter On target for PB at half way point but heat killed me off in the second half. Great to jump in the lake at the end! Soz to any betters Unaffiliated 1:35:29 1:56:34 1:40:00 1:56:34 50.65
Nikinoodle Hermitage Harriers RC 1:57:24 1:57:24 2:11:50 51.20
Pace Beautiful course, but a timely reminder that I really, really don't run well in heat! Unaffiliated 1:29:21 1:29:21 1:35:33 60.68
philpell Very hot Unaffiliated 1:24:39 1:24:39 1:28:00 1:34:50 61.13
Pink Team 2 Unaffiliated 1:48:15 1:50:47 2:00:00 51.46
Racin Snail the only half marathon i'll be doing this year so my one and only chance to scratch off another goal for the year - a sub 1:25 half. Quite looking forward to it now:-) 
Well, didn't get the 1:25 but pleased with a 1:26 something, so huge p.b for me too Boycie;-). Everyone was about 4 min down on there usual times it was THAT HOT! So confident i have an 82 in me:-)
Results just in:
Count those credits people:-):-) Hermitage Harriers RC 1:22:30 1:23:17 1:25:00 1:26:47 67.00
Rich963 Very, very warm.... quite pleased with the result as I seemed to suffer less than most of the guys who are normally around me so probably not a bad one in the circumstances.  Started off feeling good at pb pace, but once the heat began to build it was clearly not going to happen.  Second half of the race was all about picking people off to gain places, and I seemed to gain quite a few.  Special mentions to the guy hosing runners down at about 11.5miles - much appreciated - and also the guy from Hinckley (sorry, don't know your name!) who shares a bottle of lucozade round at about 8 miles. Splits of 6.57 6.57 6.30 6.46 7.17 7.08 7.30 7.38 7.02 8.08 6.54 7.22 7.29 0.45.  6th male Strider in 91st. Stilton Striders RC 1:28:39 1:30:10 1:29:59 1:34:24 61.41
rollerman Well worst time ever for a Half mara., was hot as you all know.
1st time at this one, great race very very well marshalled and watered, thanks to all the water staions and kids well done to you all.
Fantastic course, nice to run through the country side for a change. Long Eaton Running Club 1:39:22 1:46:10 1:50:00 2:00:19 51.75
ross52477 I have never complained about an event before but today was a disgrace with regards to water provisions.  The organisors should count themselves lucky that not even more were in a bad way.  Having only 4 water stations, the first after 4 and a half miles and a pointless one at 12 miles, leads me to think no thought what so ever has gone into this vital part of the race.  My thoughts are, if too few volunteers show up, put water stattions at juntions where plenty of people were watching anyway.  Also what an earth made thm think cups would be sufficent.  More runners requires more organisation and some serious contingency planning, luckily it has rained in recent years.  With regard to the actual race, a potential PB course if the weather is not so hot - I felt quite good except for some chaffing. Well done to all finishers. Barrow Runners 1:29:22 1:36:34 1:45:00 1:51:44 51.89
Rubberman *** Phew what a scorcher - 5 minutes down on last year. Rain - all is forgiven. Come again next year ****

First race after London, should be fun with massive entry from Hermitage Harriers this year. Hermitage Harriers RC 1:31:12 1:32:37 1:33:00 1:38:59 60.00
Scouse Bird Fleckney and Kibworth Running Club 2:02:00 2:02:00 2:34:01 41.86
Slowly But Shirley MK Lakeside Runners 2:03:00 2:03:00 2:30:00
SPKoF hot and hilly. 2nd fastest time ever so happy - but fastest was set in the cool but on a much hiller course. heat affects me more than hills appernetly Long Eaton Running Club 1:24:16 1:27:15 1:28:28 65.90
Stapleford runner formerly Stabbo r It was to hot was doing ok untill about 10 miles and then it all fell apart really pleased i managed to finish under 2 hours. Unaffiliated 1:39:57 1:48:47 1:56:47 58.71
Stewey Temperature hit 27c at midday, the hottest run ever! 100 Marathon Club, Roadhoggs Leicester AC 1:37:18 1:43:40 1:50:00 1:52:48 57.61
STUB Vegetarian Cycling & AC 1:33:12 1:33:12 1:43:18 56.63
taito Unaffiliated 1:41:21 1:55:30 2:09:50 45.47
tangledfeet Rather warm! Ivanhoe Runners 1:17:28 1:19:54 1:24:47 74.05
ThorntonRunner Feeling good at the moment. Not a safe bet, but a reasonable chance of a pb, as long as it doesn't get too hot too early.
UPDATE: Sorry guys - it got too hot too early. A PW! After two miles it was clear I wasn't going to get the PB - just too hot. So given I've got Windermere Marathon next Sunday decided to ease back down and save myself. Unaffiliated 1:28:07 1:44:40 1:28:00 1:44:40 60.50
Vi Ninety Day Challenge Burton AC 2:14:27 2:17:49 2:15:00 2:32:49 38.28
wildebeast its our race and i looooovvvve it just want to have  a hard run....far too hot for me just died from 6 onwards Hinckley Running Club 1:24:54 1:29:44 1:29:59 1:38:52 60.48
WineRunner52 Hot!! Road Runners Club 1:29:23 1:45:39 1:50:00 2:02:40 55.89
woody58 Another hot, hot day did 1:54 on this last year. PB for half is 1:44 Sphinx AC 1:58:41 1:58:41 1:58:41 49.26
Zippy 123 Sinfin RC, Derby City Council Running Club 1:47:28 1:47:28 2:00:00 1:59:15 48.89

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