Henley Half Marathon

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  • Rated 72%
  • 13.1mi
  • Road
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blue (pete) BEFORE:
Never run this one before and hope it is dry for the 'flat' run along the river from Hambledon back to Henley bridge as I don't want to get my new shoes dirty (sigh). There is the matter of THE HILL but I'll just do my best to get up it as quick as I can. The hill down the other side may be quite steep too so I'll have to watch that too. Then its reasonably slowly all the way down to the Fairmile which is then a gradual (i think) uphill all the way back to the rugby club. We'll see.
AFTER: Gramin time was 1.59 DEAD, Way hey! Loved it. Managed to run (allbeit very slowly) up the hill without stopping. Great Race - I will do again. Met up with Icklechick (FANTASTIC time you star) who was lovely and Konaboy who also ran a blinder - never shaken hands with someone whilst running and thanks for coming to find me after I finished - good to chat.
Unaffiliated 1:49:12 1:49:12 2:00:00 1:59:00 51.61
BrettFalcus Unaffiliated 1:31:05 1:32:23 1:45:44 55.49
Brooker Unaffiliated 1:39:00 1:44:00 1:50:00 1:46:58 55.04
Cheeky Chappy Started off quite quick but needed to as I knew about the hill at 8 miles. First couple of miles were at 6.43 pace, Madness! Managed to sustain a decent pace for the first 8 miles on a cracking course. And then, 'the hill!' It was worse than I thought it would be, an unrelenting slog for over 1.5 miles. Must have cost me at least 2 or maybe even 3 minutes. The descent was far too steep and was an injury waiting to happen, so the reward for the effort was minimal. Overall, A nice course and a happy PB! Woking AC 1:24:49 1:33:33 1:34:59 1:33:33 64.17
compo NOT a PB attempt - will be keeping a mate company on her forst HM, and training this last month and next few weeks has been/will be shot to pieces. Not looking forward to Unaffiliated 2:30:36 2:38:11 2:50:00 2:38:11 41.96
danek211a Had a really good run, very easy and enjoyable route, thanks to all supporters Unaffiliated 1:53:00 1:53:00 2:00:00 1:53:00 51.67
Debra Unaffiliated 2:47:52 2:47:52 2:30:00 2:47:52 38.84
Forest Runner I must have had the worst week leading up to a race, ever, and I was worrying that I might not complete the course or I might get a ridiculously slow time, but I needn't have worried too much. I was really pleased with my 1:36:18 as I have been unwell for the past week and probably shouldn't have run. I only slept about three hours last night and my back and  right knee were both hurting and then after about 5 miles my left hamstring started hurting. Somehow, other than that, the running felt quite good - perhaps I was well rested from the lack of running recently. Bracknell Forest Runners 1:30:50 1:34:03 1:36:18 68.24
glbroo I'll have nightmares about that hill, but delighted about the time in 1st 1/2. Cheers for your help Grant & cracking race fella! Woking AC 1:28:58 1:34:59 1:40:00 1:34:59 61.96
Harbs Unaffiliated 1:46:56 1:46:56 1:46:56 55.25
hopisen Bit of a disaster- but happy to have finished. 20k 6 days before probably the mistake. Happily doing 10 min miles up to mile seven, then no more energy in legs - and had to walk/run up the hil- cost me about 4 mins on hill, then 2 more walk/run breaks also cost 3/4 mins each. Oh well. Time to plan another ru, do a bit more speed work and a bit less over-long training runs! Unaffiliated 1:48:42 2:16:20 2:17:00 2:24:00 40.65
icklechick my first half mara in 3 years .... will be interesting considering the lack of training.

currently unofficial time - garmin.
Good run ... had done 6.5 miles earlier in the week averaging about 9:30 pace .. thought I'd try for 10:30 on this, and do the hill slower.  Average page including hill was about 9:45.  Very very pelased.  Full report will go in blog probably.

Official chip time - as garmin time :)
Gun time 2:08:04.  1152 (rank rather tha position - not worked out what all the different numbers mean) our of 1832 started. Winchester & District AC 1:38:04 2:06:37 2:30:00 2:06:37 51.49
Icky Unaffiliated 1:36:14 1:39:58 1:44:10 58.03
joehappe FELT GREAT TO 7 MILES THEN SUFFERED ON THE INFAMOUS HILL. ALL IN ALL QUITE HAPPY WITH THE TIME (A PB!) Orion Harriers 1:19:42 1:38:00 1:40:00 1:38:00 60.56
Jogging Pioneer Unaffiliated 1:48:31 1:52:51 1:52:51 51.74
johnny-the-eagle Crowborough Runners 1:38:08 1:42:47 1:46:09 57.86
JPK Great to do under 1hr 40mins condsidering I have not trained for this distance plus it had a long and pretty steep hill. Reading Joggers 1:32:45 1:35:22 1:38:17 59.70
Kato Unaffiliated 2:30:07 2:38:11 2:38:11 41.22
Kew Really enjoyed this one - apart from the hill. Decent time considering not on top form Reading Joggers 1:39:54 1:46:10 1:52:22 58.28
Konaboy Enjoyed running in the early autumn sunshine. Good to meet (Blue) Pete in the 1st mile. The field was a lot bigger than 2 years ago & as such it was well congested over the 1st 4 miles but thinned out on the return into Henley.  A welcome shout by Marvis through Henley kept the tempo going. On the 2nd loop the marshalls did sterling work at the main road before the hill to keep some pretty selfish motorists in check. Once again enjoyed the mile long hill & fast descent down the other side. Nice straight run in over the last 2.5 miles made for a near perfect but not PB course. Reading Roadrunners 1:36:46 1:37:25 1:50:00 1:42:17 59.10
lennoxr Maidenhead AC 1:19:51 1:42:40 1:40:00 1:42:40 57.81
little brown bag Rubbish time, but no real training for 5 weeks as a result of sickness and stuff..
Harry not letting me sleep more than about 4 hours a night for the week before the race..
Oh well, I got round despite the very evil hill Finch Coasters 1:53:03 2:11:34 2:18:34 47.38
Mal Reasonably pleased with that.  Perhaps started off a bit hard, and died at the end (not helped by the hill, which I probably worked a bit too hard on), but a fairly decent run otherwise. Barnes Runners, Horsham Joggers 1:27:11 1:28:56 1:35:00 1:33:52 62.20
manicstreetpounder A cold caught in the last few days meant nowhere near target time for me :-( The training had been going so well too... A good event though - nice course (despite that hill!!). Unaffiliated 1:18:58 1:33:47 1:30:00 1:33:47 63.28
Mr_Trim Unaffiliated 1:44:17 2:04:41 2:04:41 47.38
Nic.1 50 Marathon Club, Reading Joggers, Wargrave Runners 1:33:43 2:06:43 2:12:40 63.47
PirateLorna didn't bank on that hill being so evil!! other wise thoroughly enjoyable Thames Hare & Hounds 1:53:58 1:53:58 1:55:00 1:53:58 57.21
Prof Disco Dean Reading Roadrunners 1:22:36 1:32:54 1:32:54 62.85
Rundad Unaffiliated 1:44:30 1:44:30 1:45:00 1:47:34 54.55
Skhul Pretty good given the run-up and fairly close to PB. Unaffiliated 1:48:13 1:56:00 1:56:00 56.22
stevep1000uk 2nd half after doing Reading earlier in the year. Training was going well but now have pain in my right heel that has stopped all training. Hopefully better before this but training going to be seriously disrupted. Will get out on the bike for a bit instead to keep everything else moving.
Update: Was all going well and according to plan until someone threw a piano on my back at about 8.5 miles. Really struggled from then on had to walk some of the hill and the downhill absolutely killed my legs. Had another couple of walk breaks which was disappointing but just couldn't get my legs going, feet were hurting, calfs rock solid and groin hurting. Only just managed a PB but got to be pleased with that under the circumstances as haven't been able to train for 4 weeks due to a bad heel. My max heart rate is higher than I thought as well as was up to 201 at one point. Is that possible or did my heart explode and I am now dead ? Wokingham half next ? I think I will try and get thru the next couple of days first. Am in bits right now. Unaffiliated 1:41:11 1:50:53 1:45:00 1:50:53 52.92
SuperTed Would really like to get round a half marathon without being in agony for once!
Post Race.  Was aiming for an average 7.30 pace to bring me in for a pb, with a general gist of going a bit quicker at the start to make up what was definitely going to be a slow couple of miles going up the hill.  Worked fine but really kaputt for the last couple of miles to hang on for 1:37:29.  Surprised the wife who turned up 5 minutes after I'd finished to cheer me on. Thanks pet....xxx Unaffiliated 1:34:07 1:37:29 1:40:00 1:37:29 60.37

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