Great Scottish Run Half Marathon

  • Rated 81%
  • 13.1mi
  • Road
Entrants (70) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
_andy Kinross Road Runners 1:20:41 1:36:44 1:36:44 60.26
_bod_ Unaffiliated 1:19:31 1:34:22 1:35:00 1:34:22 61.44
ak0539 Carnegie Harriers 1:18:50 1:19:35 1:19:35 72.85
alvinpurple PB....very happy. Unaffiliated 1:51:44 1:51:44 1:51:44 52.35
AnneW Giffnock North AAC 1:45:00 1:52:40 1:52:40 60.36
Applecross Updated with real time - just sneaked a pb, so pleased to break the 1:40 mark.  Felt okay up to about 7 or 8 miles, where legs got a bit heavy and never really recovered. Feel a bit bad moaning about what was generally a great race, but wish they would sort out the start, as it's congested to start with then gets funnelled into ever-increasingly narrow roads till you're over the Kingston Bridge. Also seemed to be missing a few mile markers (3, 11 and 13 spring to mind - the latter ones kind of mucked up my pacing a bit), and the end was a bit disastrous- long hike to get rid of chips/collect goodie bags, and couldn't find a way out of Glasgow Green because it was all barricaded off for the race! Good to see fetchites SB and Sam during the race. Big thanks to the crowd who were great as usual, despite the weather, especially the extra water and jellybean suppliers along the course :-)
Unaffiliated 1:39:19 1:39:19 1:49:00 1:39:19 64.99
ARB73 Unaffiliated 1:21:27 1:54:16 1:54:16 50.80
BigMac9 Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 1:40:32 1:45:05 1:48:53 60.20
Boab Finished 57th out of 7568.  I have taken over 10 minutes off my PB from last year.  Waiting for the organisers to turn round and tell us that it was short!!!  5 miles in 29 mins, 10 in 58, last mile in 5:09 while racing a GB Internationalist lady to the line (she beat me on the sprint finish). Weather was terrible rained throughout the race, and my nipples paid the price of that, they are agony today!!!!
And I bet 100 credits on me!!!!! Unaffiliated 1:11:57 1:16:47 1:16:47 75.72
Claire L Westerlands Cross Country Club, Glasgow Triathlon Club 1:45:19 2:11:00 2:11:00
connelld Kilmarnock Harriers & AC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 1:17:24 1:29:30 1:29:30 64.85
Crystal Tips Unaffiliated 1:55:33 2:09:30 2:30:00 2:09:30
daviec I don't know where I pulled this one from. Just felt really good on race day, and was aiming for sub 1:37 as per the RW marathon schedule I was following. Started off fast and hled it all the way round the course. It ended up actually quite dissapointing that I didn't manage to just sneak in under the magical 1:30!! Lol. Maybe 2007 will be my turn. Carnegie Harriers 1:17:05 1:30:19 1:37:00 1:30:19 64.19
Debstir Unofficial time 1:58:36 - will update when I get my chip time -UPDATE - was 2 secs slower!(But still) Fastest half for me yet this year so pretty damn happy considering my knee's been giving me gyp. Had decided before the race to treat this as a training run but if my knee was ok and I was running at a decent pace (for me) then I'd see how things went (and possibly try and get another sub 2-hr). Knee held up, felt fine by 6m so kept the same pace going. Got to Glasgow Green and thought it was now or never so pushed myself just that wee bit more to the finish - job done! Good to meet SB (at last!) at the end. Not so sure about the new finish and lay-out of everything; couldn't find the changing tents before the race so ended up getting ready in the car! Didn't feel it had the same atmosphere as past years - have run in worse weather and the atmosphere was still fab (anyone remember the thunder & lightning, and flash floods in the High Street a few years back?). Nobody seemed to applaud the pipers anymore; mind you half of them had given up playing (that's probably why!), and the congestion in the first mile was a joke - I actually stopped at one point before going on to the Kingston Bridge! All that said, I'll most likely be back next year... :-) Unaffiliated 1:54:25 1:58:38 1:58:38 54.57
Doonhamer Linlithgow AAC 1:18:20 1:20:10
El Del Hoped for sub 78 but it was just one of these days it was not going to happen.  Started OK for first 3 miles and was on target then 2 6.15 miles in next 3 put paid to any chances.  Struggled through Pollok Park then managed to pick it up in the last 3M for sub 80 Giffnock North AAC 1:17:19 1:18:04 1:19:28 77.06
Elayne Falkirk Victoria Harriers 1:45:05 2:11:16 2:11:16 49.11
Fan E Baws Springburn Harriers, Royal Mail Run GMC 1:22:57 1:23:19 1:30:14 64.25
fi1fife Unaffiliated 2:00:07 2:09:52 2:09:52 51.62
frisp Perfect running conditions, cool with drizzle and a nice course that I'd run before. Really hard from start to finish for some reason-never got settled and legs felt quite weak in places. No complaints over the outcome, just feel that something's not quite right at the moment. Manx Tri Club 1:25:33 1:25:33 1:25:00 1:25:33 69.42
GlenTec Only managed to run the first 10 miles. Ran walked the rest. Not enough preparation Unaffiliated 2:29:58 2:29:58 2:29:58 40.50
grammcen First ever half marathon. Motherwell AC, Royal Mail Run GMC 1:29:46 1:59:29 2:00:00 1:59:29 48.53
hannkies Was ill before race, and was touch and go whether to run or not till the race began, so from going to try for 76-77 mins, would've settled to break 85. Pretty pleased to break 80, 5 miles in 30, 10 in 60 and change. 2nd fastest half, so under circumstances can't grumble. Hopefully can do better when I feel better though. Finished 86th. Kilmarnock Harriers & AC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 1:15:52 1:18:17 1:23:00 1:19:40 73.73
Heders Unaffiliated 1:55:16 1:58:27 1:58:27 54.43
Hee Jung Sooo pleased with new PB! Especially as was skeptical of how this day would turn out as have been on holiday most of the summer and spent much of my training time sipping margarita's in New Mexico! But felt strong through the whole of the race (mile11 was killer) but otherwise, great! Unaffiliated 1:59:56 2:07:26 2:07:26 50.80
Hendy Only my second Half. Hopeing for alot quicker the next 1!. Greenock Glenpark Harriers 1:15:29 1:36:00 1:36:00 60.39
Hibeedeb Pirate Ship Of Fools 1:52:38 2:03:48 2:10:00 2:09:52 54.31
Hurry Up Harkins HRM 154 Unaffiliated 2:12:19 2:33:33 2:33:33 39.24
Ian Springburn Harriers 1:32:36 1:40:52 1:40:52 57.64
Jamis Unaffiliated 1:32:55 1:46:00 1:50:00 1:46:00 54.76
jp105 Really good P.B by about 4 and a half minutes!!!
I felt decent all the way through this one.
Very flat course and excellent running conditions.
I even lost a few seconds by running the last straight in the style of a jumbo jet with my arms stretched out so the crowd could have something to laugh at!! Carnegie Harriers 1:14:59 1:17:24 1:17:24 74.90
kenster Cambuslang Harriers, Campbeltown Running Club 1:11:24 1:27:25 1:30:19 64.19
kyt considering the training start / stop i'll take his. perfect conditions. Unaffiliated 1:31:15 1:38:36 1:38:36 59.33
libby Garmin time, so awaiting chip time. Wet and cold at start, but it got better and I'm well chuffed with the time (was aiming for sub-2h). Unaffiliated 1:53:20 1:53:20 1:59:59 1:53:20 56.90
lynsey Bellahouston Road Runners 1:38:10 1:39:28 1:39:28 58.78
mad4it Unaffiliated 2:04:45 2:06:57 2:09:39 53.86
Mick the slug Heaton Harriers & AC 1:48:37 1:50:00 1:50:00 55.67
MikeD_BRR Bellahouston Road Runners 1:49:17 2:06:08 2:10:00 2:06:08 53.87
minutehunter Unaffiliated 1:25:31 1:47:44 1:47:44 53.81
mol Unaffiliated 2:07:58 2:24:00 2:30:00 49.82
Monster Feet Unaffiliated 1:44:57 2:20:49 2:22:26 45.26
neimo First 1/2m for me so was pleased just to get round. Thought the conditions where perfect and was really surprised by the boost you get from being cheered along the way. Definitely helped me keep going. Volunteers at end were also very friendly and i`ll definitely be back again next year. Unaffiliated 1:35:16 1:35:16 1:35:00 1:35:16 60.86
Nessie 7th time I've run this, and it's always great. Unaffiliated 2:17:11 2:17:11 2:17:11 48.03
Noanie Kilbarchan AAC 1:50:13 2:06:00 2:06:00 51.29
PentlandPounder Unaffiliated 1:42:35 1:50:53 1:50:53 54.78
Quadbarrel Delighted with my time. 20 mins better than the only other HM I did 4 years ago. Cambuslang Harriers 1:20:16 1:24:20 1:24:20 69.13
RedBen First half marathon and although disappointed not to hit my predicted time, I am now older and wiser and understand why!  Unaffiliated 1:49:45 2:06:56 2:00:00 2:06:56 45.81
richardskillen Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 1:31:33 1:31:33 1:31:33 63.51
Roadrunner65 jogscotland 1:34:50 1:40:07 1:50:53 54.33
robinkerr Stonehaven Running Club 1:36:00 1:37:05 1:37:05 61.17
RoryM Unaffiliated 1:35:55 1:36:28 1:36:28 60.10
RUDEDOG Unaffiliated 1:42:15 1:42:34 1:47:22 55.12
Runnersleep Unaffiliated 1:22:09 1:46:56 1:46:56 58.23
santababy treating this as training run for Loch ness so not really expecting a PB

update: well i beat my predicted time!  no pb by 39 seconds but hey ho..... Harmeny AC 1:38:22 2:04:00 2:05:05 2:04:39 52.62
Scobos Shettleston Harriers 1:12:42 1:15:54 1:16:00 76.70
shannon perfect temp for running and no wind so the pressure was on for a good time.  i kept it at 6.30 per mile until a couple of slower miles at 11/12 when i struggled but finished ok.  really tired but pleased with time and effort.  well organised as usual and good atmos in home city, if a bit wet for the crowds and tricky to find an exit at the end! Garscube Harriers 1:24:36 1:24:36 1:28:00 1:25:24 67.89
size10 Never felt worse.........shouldn't have run at all, but sheer pig headed ness and the fact that I'd trained for it, hr was 120 at the start line!!!!!! Full of Ibuprofen, and lemsip...not how the elites do it eh? Unaffiliated 1:43:11 1:44:46 1:50:18 53.52
sloth major malfunction with trainers! insoles kept sliding and i ended up stopping 4 times in the race including once to see paramedics. probably my best ever chance of breaking 1:40 gone because of sauconey trainers!!!!!!! guess what i will not be buying ever again... Unaffiliated 1:41:45 1:41:45 1:40:00 1:47:31 54.91
smckie Westerlands Cross Country Club 1:58:20 2:03:39 2:03:39 52.54
STOOSH Unaffiliated 1:20:46 1:28:21 1:28:21 65.62
Sunbed Athlete Cambuslang Harriers, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 1:08:56 1:12:26 1:12:54 79.97
the badger Unaffiliated 1:30:44 1:30:44 1:30:44 63.97
Ticketyboo Paid the penalty for going off too fast, struggling in the last few miles. Sad I know, but I beat Paul Le Guen!!! Cumbernauld AAC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 1:14:11 1:22:43 1:26:24 67.18
Tizer Falkirk Victoria Harriers 1:20:04 1:39:33 1:39:33 58.31
tricialitt Unaffiliated 1:46:19 1:59:42 1:59:42 56.00
weeman Very enjoyable, if hampered by a complete lack of training in past few months. Unaffiliated 2:06:35 2:12:51 2:30:00 2:12:51 43.64
Wildbill PB Portobello RC, FERC, Scotia Race Walking Club, Bill's Jog & Walk 1:24:48 1:24:48 1:24:48 72.82
Yano Almost exactly 7.30 miles as planned - perfect, rainy conditions. Not a PB but 2 minutes faster than last year, although course has changed a bit. Unaffiliated 1:29:45 1:38:21 1:40:00 1:38:21 59.02
YoungWallace Ideal race conditions, but at 14 stone and on the back of jack all training this probably flattered me.  Quite a nice stroll round though Garscube Harriers 1:29:01 1:53:26 1:57:12 49.47
z1000jeff PB.  Felt good.  The only down point was that when I found out that Rangers manager Paul le Guen (who I spoke to after the race)  was only 1 min faster than me I know I could have found 2 mins somewhere to have beaten him. Unaffiliated 1:35:33 1:37:22 1:45:00 1:37:22 63.42

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