Great East Run

  • Rated 78%
  • 20k
  • Road
Entrants (27) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
AngeM First time I've ever run 20K.  Since I started running 8 years, I've never had the chance to do this race, so looking forward to it!

*UPDATE* Nice route-except that nasty hill at the end!  I was running 5 minute/km up till about 12K, then dropped a tiny bit for the next few km's and found the last 3K's hard.  Great running weather.  Good organisation, marshalls were great, the vegetable soup at the end was lovely and the showers were lovely and hot.  Pleased with my time, since my training has been a bit punctuated since Christmas and I'm still carrying some extra weight, so I thought I'd be slower.  Now supping one of the bottles of beer that came in the goody bag. :0)   City of Norwich AC 1:33:19 1:42:20 1:45:00 1:42:20 61.35
bbbb Lowestoft Road Runners 1:43:56 1:43:56 1:44:00 1:43:56 56.42
Breezy Excellent race, great weather. Thanks to fellow fetchies the hill at the end wasn't a nasty surprise just plain nasty.
Started a bit too far back having misread the pace signs indicating where to queue (thought they were mins/mile not mins/km) doh!. Spent the first half of the race picking my way through traffic. However, the slow start probably helped and overtaking is quite motivational. Unaffiliated 1:42:16 1:42:16 1:45:00 1:42:16 54.95
Buddha Unaffiliated 1:34:30 1:53:19 1:53:19 50.91
Bumface Purple Patch Runners 1:29:50 1:29:50 1:35:00 1:29:50 64.22
CanaryYellow Must run sub 2 as it'll be a long while before i run this distance again most likely and i dont want to have to look at 2:xx:xx for a year or more. *Race edit* One of my best ever runs. Thrilled. Unaffiliated 1:43:22 1:54:44 1:58:00 1:54:44 48.21
Chaz66 Norfolk Gazelles Running Club 1:54:00 1:54:00 1:54:00 50.61
Debbie G Great well organised race on a wonderful sunny day.
Thanks to FF for great support all the way round :-)
Stowmarket Striders RC 1:46:32 1:46:32 1:45:00 1:46:32 60.72
eddieboy Great Yarmouth Road Runners 1:24:28 1:24:28 1:24:28 68.30
Forest Faerie A PB....yippee, Fab race, everything went like clockwork Thetford AC 1:46:29 1:46:29 1:45:00 1:46:29 60.31
G Man Unaffiliated 1:54:36 1:57:28 1:57:28 50.76
jumbo Unaffiliated 1:41:07 1:41:07 1:43:00 1:41:07 56.62
kerry Great Yarmouth Road Runners 1:58:13 2:05:16 2:05:16 50.12
MarkC Very pleased indeed to come in under 90 mins. First 10k in 44:42 and able to sustain it for the rest of the run, even though the race was a bit hillier than I was hoping for: 4:38, 4:27, 4:26, 4:26, 4:18, 4:19, 4:28, 4:11, 4:25, 4:21, 4:22, 4:24, 4:19, 4:28, 4:28, 4:36, 4:32, 4:30, 4:53, 4:12. (Garmin measured another 200m - 46 secs in 3:53 pace - so a good strong finish). A superb event, brilliantly organised by Bungay BDRC, top-class marshalling, lovely route, and 2 bottles of beer in my goodie bag. How flippin good is THAT? :-) Will strongly consider coming back next year. Very nice also to meet forest faerie, red tomato and fenland runner. Top marks to the girl in the comedy wig and glasses for her very excellent and vocal Sue Pollardish support :-D All in all a good running day which proves to me that I have a 1:35 half marathon in me. Unaffiliated 1:29:28 1:29:28 1:30:00 1:29:28 62.52
Midds Norwich Road Runners 1:11:12 1:15:52 1:15:52 72.83
MK Jon My knee went just over half-way round and I ended up walking/jogging/limping the last 4k! Have been to a podiatrist and a physio since and am now feeling a lot more positive - I have a plan to sort out my knee once and for all.
Apart from that, an excellent course, really well organised and a very friendly atmosphere. Unaffiliated 1:50:57 1:50:57 1:50:57 50.65
pipslack Fantastic race! Unaffiliated 1:48:00 1:48:00 1:59:00 1:48:00 57.10
Pipsqueak Norwich Road Runners, Tri-Anglia 1:46:40 2:02:16 2:02:16 53.78
Roma Thetford AC 1:56:24 1:59:28 1:59:00 1:59:28 58.01
run fat boy run Thetford AC 1:35:48 1:35:48 1:35:48 62.76
running crazy Tri-Anglia 1:43:42 1:43:42 1:43:42 71.92
Saffron Unaffiliated 2:05:11 2:05:11 2:05:11 49.48
Smugbloke Tri-Anglia 1:28:00 1:28:00 1:28:00 64.20
starky 100 Marathon Club, North Norfolk Beach Runners 1:21:54 1:21:54 1:21:54 67.54
tcrofts Wymondham AC 1:30:27 1:30:27 1:30:27 68.65
TK Running Been training a lot as part of the FLM 08. Hopefully running with others will speed me up.
Ran Norwich half in 2.06.30, so anythin that is under this would be good.............felt terrible from 12km. Only my running partner got me through on time. Thanks Longy !! Unaffiliated 1:53:24 1:53:24 1:55:00 1:53:24 48.78
true blue Had a decent start , then ran the first two thirds with another FLM entrant and kept our pace about 7.40 min /miles, had a slow 10th mile but picked up again, and stormed the hill knowing the finish and watching family were at the top. Felt great  about the time. Unaffiliated 1:37:57 1:37:57 1:43:00 1:37:57 58.45

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