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Gosport Half Marathon

Sun November 25 2007
42 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
5hep Oh dear.....injured my calf......didn't get into London Marathon......didn't get my new PB.......wallowing in self pity!!!! Roll on the next one! Farnham Runners 1:47:51 1:49:50 1:49:00 1:52:34 53.70
Aaron K Unaffiliated 1:39:28 1:41:23 1:41:23 57.59
Berni Second try at this race.
Ran it! fast time too, weather was near enough perfect, race oranisation was good. I got into my stride in the 1st 2 miles and past the 2m mark in 12m 30secs. 
I seemed to be running better on the 2nd lap, ran through the 10m mark faster than the GSR. Had a bit of a chat with someone on the 2nd lap, shared my jelly babies with him, they work too, he came in ahead of me and I PD'd taking 8mins 53secs of my 05 time. I didn't enter last year due to injury. Hedge End Running Club 1:30:56 1:30:56 1:36:00 1:30:56 74.90
Blackers800 Hmm - I will be drinking again by then (post Chichester) and I think that wil be the end of my Southampton AC, Southern Counties Veterans AC 1:17:08 1:17:08 1:16:30 1:17:08 77.83
CaniRuna Stubbington Green Runners, Royal Navy AC 1:19:51 1:31:10 1:31:10 64.56
Chich Stubbington Green Runners 1:35:57 1:40:55 1:40:55 59.49
ChrisThePuma Milton Keynes AC 1:28:23 1:41:38 1:41:38 59.07
chumleywarner I haven't really trained for this..I was hoping to run the Downton half but missed the entry date!

Really hard after the 10 mile mark - I am not trained for a fast half just yet!
Southampton AC 1:27:58 1:31:30 1:30:00 1:34:43 62.38
Delboy Winchester & District AC 1:35:24 1:35:51 1:35:51 69.17
DPowles Portsmouth Joggers Club 1:28:03 1:30:28 1:32:17 63.58
Eeyore! Alton Runners 1:42:06 1:43:03 1:50:00 1:52:31 60.79
eMpTy First and last half of the year !! UPDATE : Race is one small loop followed by twice round the larger loop, for some reason this isn't a good course for me but ran a good ten miles but struggled a bit in the last two which were back into the Denmead Striders 1:31:57 1:34:26 1:35:00 1:34:26 68.99
Fast&Furious Woking AC 1:20:58 1:25:55 1:30:00 1:25:55 72.08
fleety Fareham Crusaders 1:34:13 1:44:27 1:44:00 1:44:27 55.90
Gobi A hard training run, make no mistake this was best effort on the day BUT I have been training hard this last week. Decided  just to run around 5.40 pace and see what happened. Met Blackers on route(good effort mate), ran a strong second lap moving through the field, very windy last 3 miles but still kept strong until mile 12 where I held pace but was working very hard. Great to see Rach, RFJ, Hendo, TR, NTS, Blackers all run well. 
10 miles was around 57.15 which was only 13 seconds behind my 10mile split at GER but this shows where I am a little short of endurance as I could not pick up. A good day though. Unaffiliated 1:13:26 1:14:23 1:15:14 78.53
Hairy Legs Used this as a training run - still recovering from illness but didn't want to waste my number!! :-) Stubbington Green Runners 1:35:04 1:36:27 1:39:37 59.31
Hendo Ouch!  Report is in my blog. FERC 1:37:52 1:39:24 1:40:00 1:39:24 58.80
Just me! Its always the way isn't it ? Weeks of training ,taking as much vit c as poss. and avoiding ill people at all costs,only to fall foul of some kind of virus on the day before a big race.I dosed myself up last night and on the back of hardly any sleep decided to run.I was looking to break 1.30 and was on for it up to 10 miles, then the wheels came off big time and struggled for the last 3.That cold wind was no help either.Here's to a nice 5 mile blast at Victory next week. Alton Runners 1:31:11 1:31:11 1:28:00 1:31:11 64.79
Justin S March AC 1:34:25 1:52:39 1:52:39 52.69
KITCHEN Tadley Runners 1:48:12 1:50:33 1:45:00 1:50:33 56.95
late hannah Southampton AC 1:34:50 1:34:50 1:34:50 68.75
Listy Really disappointing race for me. I felt fantastic at start and was feeling really excited - it was such a beautiful day and the location was great. But after about 6 miles I felt like I had been running up hill all the way (clearly not true) and then at about mile 7 my lungs seemed to close up. I overreacted and got a bit upset which didn't help. From then on I felt dreadful and just crawled my way round determined to finish. Monki was a star pacing me for the first half and then cheering me up for the grim second half. Sorry to anyone who be on me and thanks for the encouraging emails! On the plus side I did manage my 3 slowest ever miles - always good to make a new record : ) BeaRCats running club 2:09:21 2:25:26 2:08:00 2:25:26 45.28
MacDaz It's a PB course but last time I ran it and last time I PB'd a half I had this as my training focus. It all depends on how quickly I pick up my training following the NF Marathon. Cold induced delay means 5 weeks left to work on my speed. It'll either be a PB or it won't. UPDATE: Training shot to pieces by work and illness. Chances of a PB come in two sizes, fat and slim.

RESULT: Where the FERC did that come from. No idea how I pulled that off but I'm really really chuffed! Unaffiliated 1:35:34 1:35:34 1:40:00 1:35:34 61.82
monki FERC 1:35:18 1:39:00 0.00
Munty Hart Road Runners 1:27:59 1:27:59 1:27:59 74.05
Nic-Nocs I would really like to do the race in under 2hrs, but it's my first half and I am determined not to go out too fast (unlike the GSR)!

Did well!  Good weather.  I didn't go too fast on the first lap; too fast on the second and then consistent until 8 miles, then I slowed down alas!  Position 695 out of 874. Scunthorpe & District AC 2:02:37 2:02:37 2:10:00 2:02:37 53.90
Rach E Watch time 81:42. Entered on the day and ran untapered and so pleased I made the decision to run. I finished second lady (they gave prizes down to seventh!) and got a new pb which I'm really really chuffed with as it was a big race and part of the Hampshire road running championships. Dead chuffed andI know sub-80 is in my sights. I passed 10 miles in 61:33 which is a new pb, but died rather in the last 3.1 miles. Shows I am in perfect 10 mile shape BUT with a few more long runs sub-80 is possible. Very very happy. Aldershot, Farnham & District AC, Team Kennet 1:20:28 1:21:44 1:21:44 79.77
RFJ Would love to get close to 8mm for this one as I find my way back UPDATE..... was driven down(thanks Gobi and Rach), so for once didnt have to worry about that and parking etc.

Warmed up, but not too much, took helly hanson off, (best desicion of the day) and off to the start....

1 - 7:40 a bit faster than planned
2 - 7:13 wow too fast, but met with Hendo, and so started 12 miles of running together as both of us wanted sub 100 mins
3 - 7:27  going nicely, get taken by 2 club mates
4 - 7:26 nice pace and suprising myself at how good im feeling
5 - 7:31 Still moving on and still with Hendo as a shadow, both of us running well and freely
6 - 7:21 a short mile by all acounts, coz we didnt up the pace
7 - 7:24 metromnomic now and feeling very comfortable
8 - 7:35 Well into second lap and overtake one the two club mates who passed me earlier
9 - 7:50 The pace slips a bit but I deceide and want to stay with hendo to get him to sub 100 (even though didnt know if I could do it, but still felt fine.
10 - 7:45 10 down and 3 to go and still on for Sub 100.
11 - 7:50 Starting to feel it in the legs and get overtaken by club mate again....
12 - 7:44 we just need to keep going and were there...... Overtake club mate again and closing in on another.
13 - 7:44 - nearly there, just round the corner, take club mate, Hendo does too
.10 39 secs, and nearly get out sprinted on the line by Hendo..... but a sub 100 min, 

1:39:23 (unofficial time, very happy and feeling good, especially as I think could have gone faster, so bodes well for trg and future races), one very happy teddy. Swindon Striders 1:23:56 1:39:23 1:44:00 1:39:23 60.04
RM Lordshill Road Runners 1:36:11 1:37:22 1:37:22 73.28
roadplus Andover AC 1:27:00 1:36:16 1:36:16 60.65
Running Wilbury Let down by lack of endurance runs. Slowed down from 11 mile point. Well pleased with event though. Will definitely use this as a pb attempt race next year. Unaffiliated 1:57:16 1:57:16 1:55:00 1:57:16 54.15
shirlgirl Farnham Runners 1:55:00 2:04:00 2:04:00 62.02
Slipknot69 Very fast and completely flat half.Only one slight rise over a bridge.A PB course for anyone. Running Forever, Trull Troggers 1:13:41 1:14:23 1:14:23 82.57
SouthseaDave Unaffiliated 1:33:55 1:54:22 1:54:22 54.60
Speedy2 Alton Runners 1:21:11 1:23:14 1:24:00 1:23:14 71.31
SuperCaz Complete disaster - asthma struck at miles 2 and 11 and left me struggling just to finish. Portsmouth Joggers Club 2:16:49 2:40:42 2:36:00 2:44:42 39.76
SuperSooks Winchester & District AC 1:25:26 1:33:21 1:33:21 69.92
the_cote_kid Oxford University Press RC 1:52:45 1:54:42 2:05:00 1:54:42 50.90
Tone Stubbington Green Runners 1:20:53 1:25:34 1:28:00 1:25:34 68.78
TZ 100 Marathon Club, Winchester & District AC 1:17:03 1:31:44 1:34:44 61.94
WD40 Liss Runners, Portsmouth Triathletes 1:25:42 1:25:42 1:25:42 68.94
wozzlehunter Portsmouth Joggers Club 1:25:00 1:26:06 1:26:06 75.02

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