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Fetcheveryone One Mile Challenge

Sat December 15 2007
33 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
A.T. Turned up a bit early. First there in fact.didn't know what to expect so off we went Shadow first, then me and Tasha, and last but fastest snowrunner123. met Garfield and Becks 66 briefly and then off to Mitcham with Ma in law. Wished we could have stayed a bit longer to meet a few more fetchies but we had Crimbo shopping to sort out. Just arrived home (Holyhead) to put our race in.All got PB'sof course, because it 's our first 1 mile event. Cybi Striders 7:22 7:22 7:22 58.52
abdou This sounds ace! Managed 5.29 for the last half of a two-mile so would like to get something that suggests I could go sub-5 eventually. *Update* Crap 5k suggests even 5.29 would be nice. *Race update* Great fun. Freezing cold meant I couldn't feel my sore foot and ran better than I expected. Didn't have the guts to follow JEJ and Blister but stayed with controversial until he put in a great last lap I couldn't hang on to. Ace to see everyone - wish I could have followed on to the pub. Unaffiliated 5:05 5:19 5:20 5:19 69.84
anne23 No idea how I'll do, never tried this before. 7:23 would be nice though. Actually, forget that, 6:52 is a much more interesting challenge. Entirely possible I'll only manage about 7:30 though, hard to tell. But I should definitely beat 8:00 unless running on a track really confuses me. AFTER: that was hard! legs felt absolutely fine afterwards though and still fine the day after, which is good. Went off far too fast because I had no idea how to pace myself, did the first lap in 1:30. Knew I couldn't keep that up though so slowed down for the rest. Think one day I'd like to be able to keep that pace up for the whole mile and just manage a sub-6. Unaffiliated 6:07 6:39 6:52 6:39 63.07
Bex66 Thanks to my pacemaker Blister!!!! Women on the Run 8:50 8:50 10:00 8:50 50.64
Blister Oh dear, sorry to those who bet I really thought I would get close to sub five but it will have to wait till next year now. I kept behind JEJ and we ran the first lap in 74 (on target) but I was already struggling more than I would normally. The second lap he started to move away by half way round and I told him I couldn't keep the pace so he went on. I think I went through 809m in 2:27 but blew up big time on the 3rd lap, I picked the pace up again on the final lap but it was too late and crossed the line 2 seconds outside my PB. I think if it was warmer I would have ran faster because the cold air made it really hard on my lungs. Really great to meet everyone, loads of new faces and some old. I think the meal at the end was great and much better than going to a pub because virtually everyone made it. Well done to Bex on her new PB and sub 9:00! TeamBath AC, Somer AC, Walton AC 4:45 5:06 4:59 5:08 72.30
controversial if the race is to be the first to the bar I will win!

Well better result than expected ... :-) Clapham Chasers 5:06 5:18 6:00 5:18 70.81
DIY Diva One second off each lap? What's that 8 stride lengths in total? Ranelagh Harriers, Vets AC 6:45 6:54 6:50 7:23 61.25
Duncs 100 Marathon Club 6:02 6:02 6:45 6:02 64.11
Garfield Never done this distance before...oh well, but I'm slow...  It was a great time out...and finally had the chance to meet some fetchies...!  Did much better than I'd estmated - as I'd never run only one mile!!! FERC 8:09 9:18 11:00 9:18 48.63
Geprig Pre warm up...Cold. 
Post warm up... Freezing.
Lap One. Ohh what's going on we're off. Feet everywhere, bends, even colder.
Lap Two. Clapping, shelter behind the guys in front. Try to overtake. Forget about that. Can I stop now?
Lap Three. This is hard work. Breathing like thomas the tank engine.
Lap Four. Ding Ding. Where the hell have they zoomed off to? Down on straight, round one bend. Look down the straight. Aim past the line. claping. Gasping. Flapjack. Wonderful. Bishops Stortford RC 5:23 5:45 6:30 5:45 69.83
Gobi Running as hard as I can but still someway behind a cruising JEJ

What a bugger, I seem to have a chesty cough/cold. 

Fine running at 6.30 pace but the body complains as soon as I go sub 6 Unaffiliated 4:58 4:58 4:50 5:22 71.55
GordonG Hugely enjoyable day.  Great to meet so many Fetchies.  Special thanks to Tpod - really enjoyed our race, a few more yards i reckon you'd have caught me! Dartford Road Runners 6:23 6:58 7:29 6:58 57.20
grash Unaffiliated 6:06 6:06 6:06 68.74
Heavyweight UKnetrunner 6:12 6:34 6:45 6:34 62.09
Hoaxster McMillan says that - I'm not convinced.  Will be bringing the full beans. Unaffiliated 6:23 6:23 6:40 6:23 59.06
JEJ Mwahhha ha ha ha Unaffiliated 4:43 4:43 3:59 0.00
Kittenheels Kath I have no idea if I can run faster than this, as it was so cold I couldn't feel my feet or legs and my hands took at least 15 minutes to get any feeling back in them afterwards.  Seriously fun afternoon. Unaffiliated 7:18 7:18 7:50 7:18 61.95
Lady Sol Time calculated from the mcmillan site based on my last 10K. Anstey Amblers and Runners 7:40 7:40 8:06 7:40 54.70
MartinCunningham Hopefully able to drop under prediction this but this is the conservative estimate... went just 2 secs outside the prediction... Unaffiliated 5:47 6:12 6:10 6:12 65.76
Max71 Yeah...so the plan was to go for 9.30, then Lady Sol 'suggested' I go for 8:00 - 8:20 and that we coule pace each other....then I persuaded JEJ to pace me which he did in fine style and I ended up going a wee bit faster....ok so I knocked 4 minutes off my 1 mile PB.  That was nice. Serpentine RC 7:41 7:41 9:30 7:41 55.86
MissingPhoenix Top fun top run, big thanks to JEJ for pacing. Unaffiliated 5:42 5:42 6:15 5:42 65.60
MissTash Cybi Striders 7:58 7:58 8:30 7:58 52.64
oceanspirit It was bliddy freezing out!!! A nice day out to meet some fetchies and I did better than I thought I would. Since I've never been timed for a mile and didn't really know how to race one mile, i just ran. It was nice to meet so many fetchies though. Swindon Striders 8:48 9:26 10:00 9:26 44.46
Puffing Bertie Christ this is scary cos i can remember the time i did this as a kid...........and it certainly wasnt this slow :-(
Well that surprised me ! couldnt blummin well catch Kath though ! ;-) Unaffiliated 7:25 7:25 8:00 7:25 61.69
Rach E Not that quick at the short stuff. ***UPDATE*** Tired after op this week and knew I couldn't expect to run as fast as I'm capable today. Felt tired throughout and was outside my road mile PB and just off 5k pace(!). Lovely day though and really pleased I made the effort. Thank you Mikuro for the lovely baked goodies and BB for getting this whole thing off the ground. Aldershot, Farnham & District AC, Team Kennet 5:33 5:39 5:25 5:42 73.58
RFJ Would love to have a crack a sub 6 min

RFJ jnr (12 Years Old) will also love a crack and wont be far of 6 mins either as he want to beat his Dad (39 Years Old).......

So the battle of the RFJ household has began........ Father V Son, Son V Father da, da, daaahh......... 1st round to RFJ Jnr as he decides not to runn WCTT in the morning and Dad does in (20:35).... oh dear, silly Dad.

Dads plan then is to fill Jnr up with Squash and chocolate muffin after the WCTT, (but Dad has a pasty too)...... Round 2 is a draw then...

So off to Tooting and the Fetch London Mile..... Jnr under the coaching of Gobi, who is giving wise words to Jnr on how to nobble his Dad in pacing tactics so anther round to Jnr.

But dads plan is to go out hard and hang on...... so the options of groups is available... 1 - Sub 6:00, 2 - Sub 7:30 and then race 3 for over 7:30. Coz Dad is cruell and wise and not a glory hunter, I said I wanted sub 6 group and Jnr agreed....

So off for a warm up, with Gobi, giving Jnr last min instructions...... then to the start line and 4 and a bit laps of the track.......

The Last Of the Timelords, got us in place and gave us the countdown to start, my plan was a simple one, off hard and stay there.......

Lap 1 - Wosh and they are all away, where did they all go (about 6 runners ahead inc JEJ, Gobi, Abdou amongst others) then me, I think Martin behind me then Jnr on his heels and not far behind.... 1:27 and on target.....

Lap 2 - Already blowing hard and thinking help why am I doing this, waiting for jnr to come past me, I know he is better as the race goes on..... 1:32, so slowing not a good sign, need to keep on top of it and keep the pace up high...... Jnr still behind, but I am being left behind by the others too....

Lap 3 - This is becoming seriously hard work, why did I run so well at WCTT now..... am I good enough to be in the sub 6 group, the only way to prove that is to go sub six, keep the pace up, end of lap 3 the bell, the final round, Dad has taken the last 3 and now has a lead over jnr, just as the time keeper shouts 4:30.... this is going to be close....1:30, at least need to do better than last lap on the last lap........

Lap 4 - Legs open the stride, up the pace, lungs need transplanting, sucking in air in any available way, eyeballs out, but there is a response...... but where is Jnr, dont care he hasnt past me yet and 100m to go, will I do it.... arms flailing, belly bouncing as 14st of fat is wobbling violently, and collapese over the line with nothing left in the lungs..... 1:24.

So a Sub 6..... 5:53 was the finish time...... got up off the deck to open arms for Jnr to run into (crying) coz he hadnt beaten Dad, but in a very respectable, no, I said NO, a dammed fine time for a 12 year old of 6:30. One sad Jnr, one happy Dad, but one very proad Dad in jnrs achievemnet (a well earned medal and Pizza).

So the knock out blow to RFJ (Dad) on the day I was cruell and competitive, but Jnr will get his revenge in good time im sure and I look forwards to that.

Today was also about meeting and supporting others too, and was great to meet so many new fetchies, Thanks BB for the organising a great day.

Time for a bath then Bed and big hug to Jnr ((((JNR)))) Swindon Striders 5:29 5:53 5:59 5:53 66.23
RoadRunner123 Cybi Striders 5:35 5:35 6:00 5:35 68.72
SarahBoots (Solitude_Fairy) Coming along with the Oxford social. Cann I grab a lift off anyone please???
Going to be really brave and go for a 9:45 mile.... Phew! Done it now!!!  Anyone pace me please? I wanna do this..
*UPDATE* Thanks BB for organising such a fantastic event. Thanks Snaps for the encouragment, (you know what I mean) and to Gobi for the talking to me on the track. Much needed.   Fantastic support, not only from Fetchies just met, but also from Oxon social people. 
This is a time I could not dream of, let alone achieve, but I DID IT. I am SO SO HAPPY, and I think eveyone who went knows! Sorry!   There was no, I am faster than you, no elietism, just a bunch of people happy to run to the best of their ability. TO support, and help others, no matter who you were. Thanks for such a great day out. I best stop waffling on now as I HURT. Unaffiliated 7:49 9:04 9:45 9:04 47.65
Shadow I'll be happy with anything under 7mm 100 Marathon Club, Cybi Striders 7:08 7:08 6:45 7:08 67.28
Snapstinget Mrs S will kill me. Update: well, she didn't. Though the cold nearly did. FERC 6:45 6:45 7:15 6:45 64.39
SparkyMark This was HARD WORK, but really enjoyed it - apart from the burning sensation in my chest and coughing for the next hour! Alchester RC (Bicester) 6:03 6:06 6:15 6:06 64.84
teddy-o Brilliant day! Good to meet lots of fetchies.

After not running for what seemed like AGES, this was a race with finally kicked my backside to get back running. I decided to join the 2nd race, thinking I'd be as slow as a wet week....but no!

From the start I took the lead on the first bend and almost immediately settled into a good pace. First lap flew past in a 1:24 or so,  and the second and third lap were similar ish. I couldn't quite believe I was in first place in a race! The bell rang for the last lap, a totally new experience to me (having NEVER run on a track before!!) and I thought Headington RoadRunners 5:39 5:39 6:00 5:39 65.66
Tpod Unaffiliated 6:51 6:58 7:30 6:58 53.25
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