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Fetch Five - Run For Your Soul 5

Tue June 6 2006 Listed by fetcheveryone
18 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
BlueWombat Along the river to Waterbeach. Gobi still does not take my sould Cambridge & Coleridge AC, Cambridge University Hare & Hounds 35:33 37:56 38:00 37:56 60.03
Boycie So Gobby Gobi Goobster wants my soul does he?? He obviously has far too much time on his hands - but hey - if he wants it we'll give him the best chance of getting it.... 5 miles  in the middle of a 9 miler taking in the biggest hill in Whitwick, some off road with another big hill and then back into Whitwick. Oh yeah and to make it a bit harder still - we'll up the temperature into the mid 20s too... Well sadly for the big baldy he'll have to find someone else's soul as the Tinkster, Long Whatton Speedster and moi got round the 5 miles in a time of 33:30 - man following on from Sunday's race that was pretty hard - but definitely worth the effort! Unaffiliated 28:20 30:44 34:00 33:30 63.65
D2 my pb for this distance in race conditions was some years ago, so need to allow my soul a chance here, no date set yet
Hi, its me again ‘Steady on Amber’ with my next race report; guessed she would be too tired to write.
Wednesday 7th June Fetch Run for Your Soul 5 miles.
Wow, we are going out again, I thought we were in for a quiet evening in the garden. Great!  I’ve been stuck in here all day while she’s been off doing who knows what but she’s gone the second drawer down that definitely means a run.  And she’s put my lead and the cooked chicken in the bag so I’m going too, hang on …. I don’t remember getting any chicken treats last night?
We’re off, plenty of other dogs to bark at in this village street, oh good we are going to the trail tonight, she must have decided that somewhere flat is called for after last nights hills.  It’s still very hot, she must be right about the souls being captured, I’ll be on the look out for danger, GGGRRRR
Hmm, legs feel quite tired after last night, she’s running like a duck but of course I look great as usual < still no spiked collar though – sigh>
What’s going on?  Not being allowed to stop and check for messages again and I’m usually allowed to roll in the grass.  More sheep, birds, flowers and some very small cows – interesting……  There’s also lots of those very small grey furry squeaky toys in the grass at the edge of the path, why any self-respecting dog would leave their squeaky toy up here I don’t know, but I know this is the kind looses it’s squeak at the first bite so maybe that’s why.  There seems to be no time tonight to check them out anyway.  
First 2.5 miles in 32 minutes apparently surprisingly ahead of schedule so time for a sniff – no – ok
I’m hot and all the puddles have dried up, oh good a squirt from her bottle, this is not easy but I’m getting better at it.
On the way back now, first contact coming up so maybe I’ll get some chicken, oh no its one of those big dogs that doesn’t bark with its mum riding on its back, glad mine doesn’t want to do that.  Another sprint finish but plenty of time left to save soul, very proud mum; second 2.5 in 32 minutes too!
I’ve got a rest tomorrow apparently as she’s going to yoga, do her good to have a stretch, we are saving our souls again on Friday, Saturday, Sunday etc etc, so I’ll talk to you after the weekend when I can get to dictate the other reports.  Woof
Unaffiliated 58:35 1:04:02 1:10:00 1:04:02 47.45
Hanneke It was swelteringly hot again, so I set off with my coolbox, trotting up the road. There is a Waitrose accross from the Holland Park main entrance. Tesco's still out of stock on the Dime Bars... so quickly dashed into Waitrose and emptied their shelves. Crossed the road while the light was green (without being hit by a taxi on the crossing this time) and placed the coolbox with the Dime bars next to the bench where I saw the same man sitting that was there on Wednesday. I do hope he is the judge and not some local tramp...
As I jogged up the hill for my first loop out of 4 around the park, I could hear a snigger in the distance. Gobi... convinced I was yet again going to loose a copy of my soul...
The air was already heavy with pollen and it was warm... I was panting, even though it was only my first uphill struggle. Once I got to the top of the hill I upped the pace a little but I was not getting into a nice rhythm. It looked as if the set time of 48 minutes was going to be a bit of a challenge. Clearly not as fit yet as I hoped...
At the bottom of the sportsfield I stopped for a stretch, to give Gobi the chance to catch up with me. I should never have done this, it was an uphill struggle ever since. On top of that, Gobi, determined to get my soul once again, had roped in some of his mates to cause obstruction and to slow me down. Several of his mates had closed off parts of my running route and had started cutting down and pruning trees.
Clearly he had also borrowed the most ferocious dogs from Battersea, to try block my way, but they only made me run faster. I feared for the life of my running partner, when he decided to skip a loop and wait for me. Thankfully, he was still there and alive when I completed my third loop. Only one more to go and my legs got heavier and heavier. Molten tarmac from the main path, mixed with sand and gravel from the track through the wood made my brandnew running shoes look and feel like clogs. Coming back to the park gates I realised it was going to be a close call yet again so I picked up the pace. It was hard. It hurt. My legs started to ache, my breathing was laboured and felt achey, but I had to do it. I could not loose my soul yet again. I left my running partner behind, whining, while I speeded up for a final sprint... when I reached the lamppost and clocked off my watch at 47.30 Gobi was not there! I won my soul back by 30 seconds! Gobi 1 - Hanneke 1! FELL PONIES, Black Mountains MBO 47:30 47:30 48:00 47:30 51.82
Hollywoof! BEFORE: Going to squeeze this in as a fast training run. I normally never manage to maintain 8m/m in a solo training run - so the time is actually a challenge.

AFTER: I try... and I try... and I try... and I try!I CAN'T GET NO...Just too hot today and I melted in the middle of the course. Had my Garmin set up with a virtual training partner and the little bu88er disappeared off the screen altogether. Unaffiliated 42:33 42:33 40:00 42:33 50.40
Kinsey Bit of a plod really - too hot for me to enjoy! Unaffiliated 46:00 46:00 45:00 46:00 52.60
libby Well, my soul is the only bit still working normally, but at least it's still MINE! Unaffiliated 41:00 41:00 43:00 41:00 58.96
Longlegs I will be doing this as  Miles 7 - 11  of the Edinburgh marathon on Sunday.

International Run for your soul, Did this part of the run for your soul in Scotland and this formed part of the Edinburgh Marathon.  The temperature was hot, but I wasn't going to be beaten.

Managed a respectable time of the entire distance due to the heat.  Gobi 0 - Longlegs 5. Swanley & District AC 31:39 36:55 45:00 43:36 48.91
Lumsdoni Ultra-soul - Leg 5 - 11th June
Sunday - First 5 miles of long run, fairly fast pace, but then it is for my soul....
4-1 I regain my Soul!
What a week!  Fifth Fetch Five in as many days, and the hardest so far as it turned out.  Temperature was high, feeling a bit rough after a poor nights sleep but the Dark One was calling the shots.
Having moved from KM to Miles this week I was still struggling with the pacing, getting used to how each pace felt.  Had estimated 44mins but didn't realise that this was 5:27 per km time.  The five mile schosen were largely uphill into Letchworth, and the hot morning sun was really challenging.  But again, treating it as a real race I tried to push the pace as much as seemed sensible.  Also thought I had predicted 45mins so was aiming for 9m laps.  First 2 were bang on, then lossened up a bit and put some effort in.  Glad I did now as had actually predicted 44mins and came in just under.  My soul is mine but for how long?
Carried on for another 7miles to make it into a long run, slowed down a lot though. Stotfold Runners 43:44 43:44 44:00 43:44 48.83
Max71 well that really annoying isn't it dag nammit!! Serpentine RC 1:01:58 1:01:58 1:00:00 1:01:58 39.18
McGoohan McGoohan's Sexathon, part one

So: last night I decided to do the Fetch 2. Cut n dried. 

This morning: a cycle into work. As I reached the 5 mile mark, I looked at my Garmin and realised that it was 39 minutes into my ride. Now, I did have a big big hill I had pushed up but even so... this meant my 5 mile running PB was better. I can run faster than I can cycle! Spurred on by this, I decided to have a bit of fun with the Fetch Five 666.  

My ride home would be a Fetch Five 5 and I'd have to beat my running PB of 38:46 at the 5 mile point. All was going well: an old biddy with a poodle to overtake, a few pram-pushers. I got to 4.84 miles and had a horse to contend with (well, overtake). Did so very slowly, but the garmin was still saying 4.94 and it was 37 mins elapsed. then I shot out of the trees and the Garmin caught up with the signals and the mileage jumped to 5.05. I looked at the Garmin. It was 37:44. I'd done it.

Then it occurred to me- I can attempt the other distances in other disciplines culminating in an actual run. So, plan is:
Fetch 5 - Cycling
Fetch 1 - Swimming
Fetch 3 - Rowing
Fetch 4 - Elliptical (4 miles on the elliptical? ow!)
Fetch 6 - a walk/possibly a run-walk
Fetch 2 - the piece de resistance - an actual run, the Battersea 2 miler, next Monday.

Join me tomorrow for part 2, the swim (and I'm an even worse swimmer than I am a cyclist)

PS - I've put estimate and actual as 40 mins here, to prevent it registering as a new running PB!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - SOUL SAVED FERC, LDWA 38:45 38:45 40:00 40:00 56.93
mikeharrison Treadmill time trial on Thursday. Best is 40.45 so not setting anything easy...

Update: unhappily gives Gobi a gift wrapped box with a luverly red bow...however very pleased to watch the slaphead-satan open said box and getting twatted  by a comedy boxing glove on a spring... (jack-in-the-box stylee)

NO Gobi you cant have my bloody soul. (under the terms of my marriage the missus is entitled to 50% of everything so she has first dibs)

   Unaffiliated 39:35 39:35 40:00 39:35 54.34
PamB Friday evening run, with my mp3 player accompanying me for the first time.  So 'I still can't find what I'm looking for' started me off.  
I ran and ran -- past mercury, venus, earth and mars.  Then approx 1k to jupiter, so I put on some pace, and did it in 6 minutes.  Blink 182 kept me going, happy holidays!
At jupiter, I turned and headed back to the Bishops village, then back along road side paths, up to tescos, and back.  Ran out of music, hitchhikers guide was next.  Mr Prosser trying to demolish arthurs house, and bad thursdays got me home.  Total distance about 5.75 miles, from gmap -- but not desparatly accurate.  Then worked out the likely 5mile time given my pace.  I need a garmin! Unaffiliated 53:21 53:21 55:00 53:21 45.31
Rhino Trail Running Association 43:39 43:39 50:00 43:39 55.38
shoeless This morning it was all going to be so easy.  I was going to go into work early (7am) and leave at about 3pm and jog home.  A nice gentle run home in the afternoon.  Just over 4 miles.  Preparation for Saturday's 10k.  And then I log onto Fetch.  And I see what this Run for your Soul is all about.  Mere hours later, I've agreed to run 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mile distances this week.  Starting with a 5 tonight.

I find a way to stretch my route by 3/4 mile, and get used to the idea.  I set myself a time of 70 mins to beat.  Not too fast, not crawling (for me).  And the clock keeps ticking.  

And the temperature keeps rising.  Pretty soon, it's half past 2, and it's sweltering outside.  This ain't going to be pretty. 

I wait, that's what I do.  And tick follows tock follows tick.  (that's fine though, really, cos I get paid by the hour) and eventually I decide I can't wait no longer.  So I go.  And it's warm.  I run slow.  S-low.  And I run from patch of shade to patch of shade.  But I do it.  I keep running.  

And as I round the top of the Rye, I flick my watch back to stopwatch mode.  And there it is.  And the fat runner pounds the street with all her heart.  (Well, with some of it).  And as I stop the clock, it's there, in black and kind of gold-y green - for all the world to see (if all the world were looking over my shoulder at the time)...:

1 hr 06 mins 46 seconds.

AND I GET TO KEEP MY SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for now.

*wraps soul up carefully in tissue and ribbon and places it in bottom drawer until tomorrow morning* Unaffiliated 1:06:46 1:06:46 1:09:59 1:06:46 36.21
The Croc Unaffiliated 35:20 38:55 42:00 38:55 57.19
Tinywhitevan Didn't actually realise there was another Fetch race until I got home from running club tonight, where we just happened to run 5 miles (well, just over), so that's my Run For Your Soul race. Thinking back now, it was scarier than normal; more barking dogs to glance warily at, more piles of horse manure to dodge with nimble foot work, millions more flies to choke on- the run obviously knew it was Run For Your Soul, even if I didn't! Ackworth Road Runners & a.c., Go Veggie 41:05 42:23 56:01 43.26
Windsurfin' Susie Purbrook Ladies 5 and Susie vs Gobi in devillishly hot and hilly conditions. Oops! For the full report see my blog: http://runsusierun.blogspot.com/2006/06/soul-running-purbrook-ladies-5.html Victory AC 34:10 36:46 36:00 36:46 69.60
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