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*Anj* What I love about running is that it can be done in so many different ways.

You can run alone, with friends, with a club or with fellow Fetchies.
You can run a mile, 26.2 miles or 100 miles.
You can run for fun, fitness or competition
You can run in wellies or bare feet.
You can spend little or lots of money on kit
You can run on roads, trails, up hills and down dales. 
In the Snow, rain, sun, freezing temperatures or Mediterranean heat.  
Or if you can’t stand the weather, you can even do it inside on a treadmill.
Anyone can run.  Old, young, male and female
You don’t need specialist training or years of practice.  But you can be coached and train to be the best.
You can do it in silence, with music or chatting away discussing the practicalities of pooping on the roadside.

It’s something that you do because you can.   And whatever way you decide to do it, you are a runner.
Unaffiliated 32:42 44.17
-caz- Fetch Festive Five 2009

Why do we sacrifice a lot of good things in our lives?
Because we're runners.

Why do we get up early or go to bed late because we have a training run to fit in?
Because we're runners.

Why do we go out in the rain, wind, sleet, snow, sunshine?
Because we're runners.

[IMAGE 3322_31072]

We're a bunch of dedicated, self-analysing human beings that either love it or hate it.  Some run quick, some run every day, some run socially, some people even run but hate doing it.

Its a form of drug, we get addicted to it, hence the reason we do the crazy things like mentioned above (up early, out in all seasons, punishing ourselves) just so we can run.

We run to keep fit.
We run to lose weight.
We run to pass the time.
We run cause we can.
We run to get faster.
We run for cakes.

[IMAGE 3322_34548]

I guess I could find reasons & excuses for the next year and so on but all of the above applies to me personally, but the bottom line is.....

We Run because we love it.

Anyhow, tonight's run was over my usual 5k route which was heavily covered in snow & ice.  It was very hard work but it had to be done.  It took a bit longer than usual but thats why we run isn't it, no matter where, what, how, when & why. :)

Merry Xmas fellow Fetchies
Distance: 5.01km
Time taken: 00:29:51
Average/Max Speed : 10.06kph / 12.03kph
Average/Min Pace : 00:05:57 / 00:04:59
Average/Max heart rate: 150/183
Calories used: 539

18:11:21	1.00km	00:06:06	9.83kph	11.02kph	163bpm 	183bpm
18:17:28	1.00km	00:06:13	9.63kph	10.60kph	145bpm 	162bpm
18:23:41	1.00km	00:06:00	10.00kph	11.25kph	147bpm 	152bpm
18:29:42	1.00km	00:05:51	10.24kph	10.78kph	146bpm 	148bpm
18:35:33	1.00km	00:05:37	10.68kph	12.03kph	149bpm 	155bpm
18:41:10	0.01km	00:00:02	9.76kph	10.48kph	155bpm 	155bpm
Unaffiliated 29:52 43.12
Andy 1 shoe Money pb or die trying!  why do i run?  its the only thing im fairly good at,plus it gets me out the house,people say .why are you running at your age,i say its better to burn out,then to fade out!!! Sparkhill Harriers 16:37
BaronessBL Unaffiliated
batmouse Why I love running.  Its simple!  You put on your kit, lace up your shoes and go.  No expensive memberships to a sweaty gym.  Its out in the fresh air.  You see things out running that from a car you would never notice or a moment in time that would have been missed if driving on by!  Running is as cheap or expensive as you want it to be.  
I love running because Running has helped me through  a relationship break up and 2 bereavments.   Losing My DAd was hard, but losing mum was harder.  It was diazepam or running.  I chose running.  I pounded out my grief on the pavement.   It helped me combat Post Natal depression without the need for pills.    I love running because I can run on my own, sort out a head full of problems and return home with a clear perspective.  I can run with friends and club mates for a chat and a bit of friendly rivalry.  I can take the dog and feel free running along the river bank watching the swans.    Running is self preservation.  A time when i am me.  I am not a mum or a wife I am me.  That person I was before responsibility of mortgages, jobs, marriage and a child came along.  Thats why I love running.  I love it  because it helps keep my  ashtma in check.  Its better now than it has ever been.  The fitter I am the better it is.  I love running as I proved to people who said I couldn't.... actually I can.  Those that doubted I'd ever stick it out.  i am still here and will be for as long as i can run. I have lost two and a half stone and running played an important part.  I am more confident now than I ever have been.  I have made some fab friends through running.  I love each and every one of them.  

And most of all I love running because I know I can eat and drink over Christmas and only gain 1-2 lbs instead of the average 7 that most people gain.  

In fact you could say i don't just love running.  I am passionate about it.  I really do love running!  

Todays run was a 3 mile run from the end of the street.  Up to the main road in the hope the ice and snow would not be as bad as round the doors.  I ran along to the CAstle, it looks beautiful in the snow.  Down to the cemetary.  Quick check on the christmas wreath and off again along the road and back then off home.  Wore my flashing santa hat and got a few comments.  Dog loved the run!  So did I! Photo downloaded to the gallery is from Saltwell 10k on Saturday!  [IMAGE 13986_34029 Unaffiliated 28:45 31:31 35:15 41.80
Bluebell2325 I LOVE running - I feel free and without a worry - it's my DH Runners 35:00 35:00 40.75
cathrobinson Did this today as I reckon I won't get another opportunity during Decmberthon.  It was icy underfoot and foggy.  I saw severa other runners, which made it seem more appropriate to do a 'race'.  I did try and up the pace towards the end of the run to make it more 'race-like' and even tried to imagine other people runnin alongside to beat.  Still didn't do much for my time lol!

But I enjoyed it :) Unaffiliated 35:00 36:22 39.88
Che dragon Last 3 miles of 9, with the last up that hill!
I went out for my Festive Five run yesterday but ended up doing 9 miles through the snow and ice. While waiting for my Garmin, someone passing said 'That's a good idea' and I realised what a good idea going running is.

Got me out of the house and in fresh air, running, warm and steadily. I thought I might do the mandatory 5 but ended up going uphill and then down the other side, along the river, past the stadium, through the Bay and home along the barrage. What a priviledge to be able to run here. Can't really think of any reason I run really but then why not run if I can?

Hope for those it meant something, Christmas was a special time and for others, it was what you wanted. If only we could keep that relatively kind buzz going for longer...pictures in blog Penarth & Dinas Runners 19:30 25:00 25:00 58.31
Cliffrunner Was meant to be Nailsea Running Club Xmas lights run. Extreme cold and much too much ice put paid to that but 12 of us decided we had to run to justify our mince pies and mulled wine in the club house. So it was we completed 3 miles around the rugby pitches in the pitch black - and enjoyed it! Nailsea RC 25:37 33:03 43.10
Clueless Kenilworth Runners
Cotty67 Had to do it on the teadmill as still loads of snow about.  Tried to get under 25 min but maybe next time.  I run because I can and because I am a grumpy old bag if I don't !!!Before and after photos added to gallert, sorry don't know how to do links! Unaffiliated 26:00 25:06 58.70
Debstir My Festive Fetch Five was the Kilgraston loop (clockwise) on Crimbo morning (nothing like leaving it to the last minute!). Loaded up my Shuffle with my Crimbo Songs playlist and headed out with no great expectations on time or effort or what I would come across, what sights I would see that made me think 'see? That's why I run!' The first one faced me when I turned the corner in to the countryside - hills covered in snow. Then the birds flitting between trees. And the wee man walking his dog, of course I gave him a cheery 'Merry Christmas' as I passed :) Then I spotted the sun peeking up over the hill ([IMAGE 783_30744]). A mile later I came across a snowman, dangerously tilting to the side like he was rather drunk, a mile from civilisation behind a field gate ([IMAGE 783_34564]). That's why I run. You don't see sights like that driving past at 60 / 50 / 40 or even 30mph. It wasn't until I took his photo I noticed the two deer behind him, watching me and probably thinking 'what the hell is she playing at? It's Christmas morning ffs!'. Probably exactly what every driver who saw me thought. But I don't care. At least I'm out there. Running :)

Merry Christmas :) x Unaffiliated 23:36 24:21 27:52 51.65
Drell First proper run in days. See blog. Unaffiliated 36:19 43.46
Duke of Drayton Just a leg loosener around Chasewater, slowed more than I expected thanks to the copious amounts of snow and ice on the ground.  Okay why do I run?  It started as a way of raising funds for the hospice that my wife attends by running a local 5k.  Then I was bitten by the running bug and it has become an integral part of my life time commitments mean I can only run 3 times a week but those 3 times allow me to have some time and space thats just for me.  I try to take part in at least one race a month as a focus for my training and as a family day out. Cambridge & Coleridge AC 26:10 26:10 24:00 26:10 50.23
Dvorak Through the snow before Christmas dinner.  I don't have to explain why that is great, do I? ;-) Unaffiliated 37:00 37.09
Ellem Very snowy but gorgeous. East Lothian Triathlon Club 32:34 50.08
EvilPixie FERC, 1485 TRI CLUB
Footpad Started off along the appropriatley named 'Long Bottom lane' up through the footpaths and this is where I took my Pic. The snow was deep, crisp and dare I say even! Wore my new Addidas Supernovas and had a good sure footing in the snow. As i stopped to take my pic all I could hear was (apart from my breathing) the trickle of water from a small brook that was almost frozen up. The trees were all covered in snow like a painting. Anyway up the hill round the corner and my 3 miles was done. Not a PB but then why would I have wanted to sprint around and miss this beauty of a run :-) 

Not only do I love running but the pic [IMAGE 3420_22814] shows why I really enjoyed this one.... even tho my family thought I was crazy for even thinking about it! :-) Unaffiliated 27:20 25:00 30:02 45.36
fraggle First I was afraid - I was petrified
kept thinking I'd fall over flat - onto my backside
Then i laced up my shoes - what have I got to lose
i will survive hey hey................

Anyway Unaffiliated 35:02 42.33
frangale I started running for three reasons 1) to lose weight  2) to spend time with my OH away from the kids and 3) to spend time on my own- 'me' time!
A big success on all counts 1) I've lost loads of weight and toned up and have to keep buying smaller jeans, I can even eat cake without guilt:) 2) I've been on some fabby training runs with my OH and we've even turned running into an excuse for weekends away, Coniston14, London Marathon to name but two and  3) I don't feel suffocated by the pressure anymore I have something that is ME
The kids run too [IMAGE 3853_9556] We truly are the fit family LOL
An unexpected but one of the best bonuses of running has been everyone I've met, friends I've made, real friends and virtual friends, old friends I've become reacquainted with and now run regularly with, for what is essentially something I started to do to get some time on my own I seem to spend an awful lot of time with other people and you know what, I wouldn't have it any other way
Beverley AC 31:17 48.10
fungel Wroughton Whippets 25:00 24:28 53.72
Garfield FERC 31:00 30:34 49.23
geordiegirl Elvet Striders
Hoaxster Unaffiliated
Irontubs Unaffiliated
JimM Not sure if I'm doing this right but 3 miles done around Harborne for the Fetch 5.  Reasons I run are: I run to think, I run to forget and I run to enjoy running.   Happy Christmas everybody. Unaffiliated 26:00 24:04 53.21
JJ Flash Spa Striders RC
josieT Fleet Feet Triathletes, Stonehaven Running Club 20:23 21:00
Jubear I have an OCd! See blog. FERC 26:51 30:04 50.05
M62 Santa Unaffiliated
MabelMoonface Unaffiliated
mile muncher Thetford AC
milemonster [IMAGE 7161_32715] The picture is a view from one of my usual routes.  Here is a poem to go with it.  The theme is WHY I LOVE TO RUN.

¬¬¬Why am I drawn to run? 
¬¬¬That is a fair question. 
¬¬¬Something deeper within, 
¬¬¬Not just for keeping thin. 

¬¬¬I'm out getting fresh air.
¬¬¬My wife thinks it's an affair,
¬¬¬When there is frost and snow, 
¬¬¬I’m beating the couch potato.

¬¬¬On my own or in a group, 
¬¬¬Up, down, straight or loop.
¬¬¬Training to obtain the next PB,
¬¬¬Is the way I love to stay healthy. 

¬¬¬Challenges, aims and glory, 
¬¬¬Is not necessary the full story. 
¬¬¬Just simply time alone, 
¬¬¬Away from the office and phone. 
Wrexham AAC 18:00 17:52 70.38
MissChappo I overindulged the night before this run and the next day I felt utterly rubbish.  Got up earlyish to take my daughter to nursery and then went back to bed feeling exceptionally sorry for myself.  I felt so utterly awful that I decided that I wouldn't bother running, would bin Decemberthon and just 'do' hungover for the whole morning.  THEN, by the power of Fetch (and a bit of my own free will :-) ), I decided to just give it a go.  So I went out in the snow and set off and after only about 3 minutes I was loving it and thinking...why don't I just do my Feck 5?  So I did.  I felt so exhilarated and up for it and really loved every step.  As soon as I got home I ran back up the road with the camera to get the photo.  That's why I love running.  It can transform your day from a bad one to a good one.  Photo is in the gallery [IMAGE 22654_34287] xxx Unaffiliated 30:39 47.13
mothrunner Great idea for a race theme! Headington RoadRunners 27:15 52.68
mxhornet See blog 

http://www.fetcheveryone.com/blog_other.php?uid=6157 Bure Valley Harriers 18:33 18:33 28:00 30:00 46.77
Nellers Dissappointed with the organisation. I would have expected at least one drink station and the goody bag was literally non-existant! Unaffiliated 29:40 44.31
Ness In December 2002 I reached my lowest point with my injured hip. The hip joint had disintegrated so much my right leg was 3cm shorter than my left. Eventually I had to have time off sick and be put on the waiting list for a hip replacement.  This park was a place I visited when I felt down. It’s near to my house and the view from the top of the hill is glorious (not so good today cos it was a bit misty). It’s the place I walked to a lot post surgery as part of my physio & when I started running it was here I came to with Mr Ness to start a run / walk schedule. I run here because I can. I love running and I love this park. 

[IMAGE 1814_34508]

[IMAGE 1814_31193]
FERC 32:16 30:52 48.04
not built for speed 26.2 Road Runners Club
oldbiddy Longdale Striders 27:00 24:29 68.91
philg72 Unaffiliated
pinkladykat loved it http://www.fetcheveryone.com/blog_edit.php?id=184617 Ripon Runners 29:53 37:03 36:00 40.29
Princess Purple Bubbles Out with running club from the gym-the last before classes end for Christmas! It was bloody freezing, TWO car drivers decided that despite being in hi-viz yellow I made a fantastic moving target as they reversed out of drives and darted onto main roads!!!It was cold, my hips/back hurt but I was out the door and shifting my bum! Intermittently on the ipod I got a burst of Christmas music-very disconcerting!I kept my head down and ploughed on!WHY??? BECAUSE I CAN!! It is hard to believe that only a few years ago I weighed 17st7 and had done that much damage to my back I couldn't walk far or put on my own knickers....but now I'm 14st7ish and out pounding the roads. Ive managed to do two GNRS, have a half later this month that I am going to kill off a demon with....all because I can! As for my route....well it was very random, not tracked, bloody cold, fercing freezing and uphill!!!!
my photos http://www.fetcheveryone.com/gallery-showphoto.php?filename=1423_32263.jpg feeling good having done my 2nd GNR!
Having lost my weight stood behind my jeans that I joined WW in 2006! [IMAGE 1423_34346] Unaffiliated 40:00 37:26 38.09
quimby Unaffiliated
Rach452 (brandstifterin) FERC 24:00 59.41
Reef Unaffiliated
RFJ Ok so I cheated..... it was 3.1m, ie a 5k Park run at Basingstoke Park Run..... But with a big difference.... ICE and SNOW....

What does Ice and Snow bring... Fun, Fun, Fun and no serious running... as seen by RachE and myself jogging round the Park Run chatting and generally having a good natter and playing to the camera...... thats whats the lighter side of running is all about... taking the foot off the pedal and just taking it as it comes.... fun.


Complete with being in the festive mood with my santa hat...

Have fun, Have Christmas, Be Merry Swindon Striders 22:26 59.43
RuthB2 I run because it makes me happy. When I'm happier I feel like a better mum to Jessica, and that makes Jessica happier. It's really that simple. Unaffiliated 31:39 45.10
santababy [IMAGE 1049_34436]
http://www.fetcheveryone.com/blog_other.php?id=1049 Harmeny AC 31:00 29:27 49.74
Sarah64 Ran on the road from my house almost to the next village with an injured foot and the road was partly covered with ice and snow.  Not my most sensible decision. Unaffiliated 35:00 31:29 48.19
SarahL I've had a wonderful afternoon :)

Jogged to Hampton Court station and got train up to town. Dropped laptop off at work and handed work pass in. No need to ever go back to the building with the gold balls on top! :-o

Then stood on the embankment waiting for Fat/Fit Dave, dan_a and Pierre to turn up. It was cold but luckily I was very well prepared:

1x Fetch fleece beanie
1x Fetch buff round neck
1x camisole
2x long sleeve running tops
1x GORE winter jacket
1x Fetch black reflective top
1x pair of running tights
1x Fetch Lycra shorts over top
1x pair of pink leg warmers

4 Fetch items!!! I even had a spare Fetch buff in my bag!! 

Anyway I still had to jog on the spot continuously to stop myself getting cold! I guessed the boys might be late. These things happen on a long run. 

Eventually they appeared looking fresh (they'd already run 12 miles!). After introductions we got on with the business of finishing the last few miles of the London Marathon course. 

Most enjoyable! Although they hadn't closed the roads off for us! ;)

I'm hoping I can enter this run and blog into the Fetch Five...? Because this is the spirit of Fetch. Meeting up with other like minded individuals for a run! Dan had come from the Isle of Man, Dave from Cornwall - what dedication!!

We bumbled along until we turned onto The Mall when the boys suddenly legged it for a sprint finish!! :)

Much congratulations on their 14.5 miles. I'd only done 2.5 but  0.6 back to Waterloo makes my FetchFive 3 miles! :)

As we were walking up to Trafalgar Square we suddenly heard a 'hello'. It was Kitty!! Another fab reason for Fetchie brilliance - 7.5 million people in our capital and we find another Fetchie!! :)

Made it to the pub for a beer and I had snuck in some Ginger cake too!! :)

A good goss and proper chat about the wonders of running and Fetch and I sadly had to head off.

Really fun afternoon. It's what Fetch and running is all about. Oh especially the cake! ;):)
Thanks Fat/Fit Dave for organising! :) 

Photo is called Cold Run Carnage  - That was the carnage left on the floor by the door as I stripped off to get straight into a hot bath!!! I thought it was a great picture! (See Gallery for photo)

[IMAGE 10789_34382] FERC 33:05 43.14
Schnecke North Herts Road Runners 23:57
SherryB I love running because I love being outdoors; I love that it makes me feel good about my body; I love going out and coming home again to my gorgeous family.  Running is good for the soul. Petts Wood Runners, Reebok Running Group 33:00 35:00 43.74
Sloggerian Chapel Allerton Runners, West Bromwich Harriers Running Club 18:18
stuart little Beverley AC, Sheffield RC 15:48
Tiggia See my blog for today - Christmas Day :)  Was the first half of my Christmas morning run :) Stadium Runners 40:00 40:00 35.88
ToBaldlyGo Gentle amble down to Locking Camp and back. 3.14 miles. Weston AC 35:45 41.42
Ultracat did 5k on the treadmill.  link to blog and photo  http://www.fetcheveryone.com/blog_other.php?uid=3482

Metro Aberdeen 29:06 57.32
Vicksta Did a 4M race in San Francisco - then ran through the city doing some tourism on the way. The photo is at the top of Lombard Street, the crooked street. Harlow RC 21:10 67.81
Woffy Unaffiliated

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