Fenland 10

Listed by paulhalford
  • Rated 81%
  • 10mi
  • Road
Entrants (33) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
acorndan Eastern Veterans AC, Higham Harriers AC 59:16 1:07:43 1:10:00 1:07:43 65.01
Andy h A P.B. by over 4 mins felt good all the way round a great organised race. Unaffiliated 1:15:42 1:16:50 1:18:18 56.75
BlueWombat pretty poor effort really! Cambridge & Coleridge AC, Cambridge University Hare & Hounds 1:16:25 1:17:52 1:17:52 61.14
brooksy Huntingdonshire AC 58:47 1:03:00 1:04:00 1:03:00 69.84
Cazaroo Cambridge & Coleridge AC 1:07:52 1:10:23 1:10:23 70.19
Covbaldy Cambridge & Coleridge AC, Royston Runners 1:00:01 1:01:48 1:01:48 71.66
Daz Man Huntingdonshire AC 1:00:54 1:08:46 1:10:00 1:08:46 64.10
don ron Werrington Joggers 1:13:46 1:15:00
EarlyRiser Confirmed. I'll run. Will attempt 71:25. POST-RACE. Had chronic low back pain this week with falling barometer, so not sure how would affect race. No pre-race flexibility exercises! Nothing to worry about though. Ran this just fine. Good quick start, slipped a little mid-race put picked up well towards end, feeling strong and finished fast. Another PB by miles. I like this distance! Unaffiliated 1:10:47 1:10:47 1:11:25 1:10:47 68.98
emma-art Werrington Joggers 1:26:45 1:26:45 1:26:45 57.14
EO Werrington Joggers 1:24:15 1:26:47 1:26:47 58.17
Foxster New PB :) 100 Marathon Club 1:14:09 1:17:47 1:17:47 62.77
G Man Unaffiliated 1:22:50 1:30:15 1:30:15 53.19
gingerwand Werrington Joggers 1:08:20 1:09:50 1:10:30 1:09:50 66.52
Girlie Anytime will be a pb as it's my first race at this distance!
Aiming to mince round at 10mm pace, but 2 weeks after GER so not expecting to break records here, but a benchmark ready for NV10 to get a proper pb!

***UPDATE*** had a fab race:-)  ran/minced and skipped with OldBiddy who really kept me going.  Delighted with the time as it was better than I was hoping for, only overtaken by WW in the final sprint, cos his legs are longer than mine!  

Official results now in and I was 2 secs behind WW! Lonely Goat RC 1:34:21 1:37:17 1:40:00 1:40:42 51.04
Glen Bulb PB! Cambridge & Coleridge AC 1:08:54 1:08:54 1:08:00 1:08:54 64.27
Gobi Instead of GSR.

First Mile was 5.31 and I was already being dropped by the lead 4 runners. Not bothered as I was looking for around 56 mins given that I ran hard yesterday and it would be nice to have a PB for 10 miles that is faster than my split. So in a group of 3 for 5/6/7 by 2 miles noticed I was shielding one guy and the other was leaning me into the puddles. Patience snapped about 2.5 miles and I legged it with a 100 metre burst. Caught 4th at 3 miles and by 5 miles I was alongside 3rd(28 minutes give or take). Up to this point I had not really considered the win but was aware that I was cathing the leaders. Decided to race and set off after the leaders who had run stride for stride for 6 miles but unfortunately the leader had the same idea so my gap to him stayed the same. Caught second just before 8 miles but was working really hard into a STIFF headwind as was the leader. Gap never really moved after that and my official time was 56.02 and 2nd place.

Good things: my last 3 miles were faster(good considering 8 was my slowest mile) than my first 3 including a 5.31 to finish.
I'm still race hungry 
I ran almost exactly what I wanted even though I got the course as being long. 

Bad stuff: Time to taper as for the second day in a row my left leg ran out of steam and got very lazy.

Slight annoyance: The reality of knowing that I could probably have won this race if I had been more confident at the start and even without that I would have won if I had not raced yesterday.

Cannock & Stafford AC 56:02 56:02 56:00 56:02 79.63
JKC Norfolk Unaffiliated 1:05:37 1:05:37 1:05:37 72.56
Jobe Not going to run this one now as I will be in Scotland ! Werrington Joggers 1:17:59 1:25:55
mickey72 Eastern Veterans AC, Nene Valley Harriers 55:50 1:04:39 1:04:39 68.73
Morriaty Eastern Veterans AC, Riverside Runners 1:06:41 1:07:36 1:07:36 74.77
paulhalford As long as I make the start after a journey from London starting at 6.20am, I'm hoping more or less just to get around. Werrington Joggers 54:13 1:03:00
PowerJen #149 Looking forward to this.  Hope this rattle in my chest does not hinder my efforts for a new PB.

**A struggle for me today.  Suffered with Asthma throughout the last 2/3 miles.  Don't know if it was because it was damp.  Can't blame it all on that; I wasn't quick enough today.  Good race.  Good support from marshals** Cambridge & Coleridge AC 1:29:38 1:33:56 1:32:00 1:35:00 52.00
Roma Thetford AC 1:28:18 1:39:28 1:35:00 1:39:28 56.42
Smile2 I should pb on this one as long as I am half awake & it is not raining - I was drowned but it was still good - very pleased with the outcome - considering! :-) omg they missed me off the list - andre the secretary has just confirmed actual by phone - such a nice chap - ans s*it happens  :) Bedford Harriers AC, Milton Keynes AC 1:21:36 1:24:33 1:26:32 1:24:56 60.51
Smudger 3 The slower lioness As mad as iam will run this one week after my first half marathon.Will give it my best shot.The start of 2 weeks off work as going to cornwall for a week starting the following sat.Will return to do our club crosscountry the next dayWow wow wow and double wow.New pb 1hour 38 and 12secs .Rainny start but enjoyed the race and yes yes yes new pb.my son did it in one hour 8 mins.I met old biddy and girlie great to meet you real charactors.They are real stars. Ryston Runners AC 1:36:34 1:38:12 1:38:00 1:38:12 53.59
swerver Not ran 10m race before so time a guess, should beat it hopefully !
Raced today bit wet but not windy which was good, happy with the time and have a target for next 10 miler now ! Werrington Joggers 1:12:44 1:18:14 1:30:00 1:18:14 56.27
T55ddy Unaffiliated 1:25:25 1:25:25 1:25:25 51.95
thorneygeoff Thorney Running Club 1:11:06 1:14:17 1:15:00 1:14:17 68.04
Trotters Werrington Joggers 1:04:54 1:11:17 1:11:30 1:11:17 64.64
Vitalstatistix Only if the weather is perfect...and it looks like it's going to wind against from mile 6-9...bugger...so maybe not...

(post-race)...well that was a surprise...we must have been in the Bedford Harriers AC 56:45 56:45 57:39 56:45 79.97
Wicked D Ran this last year in 1hr 20mins 56secs, my present PB for distance is 1hr 18mins 22secs, I fully intend to try and better my present PB*** update*** i PB'd well happy Unaffiliated 1:14:54 1:15:49 1:16:00 1:15:49 61.77
Woad Wunner Provisional time Bushfield Joggers 1:16:17 1:40:40 1:40:40 45.41

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