FE Manchester Mile Challenge

Sat January 5 2008
Listed by M62 Santa
Entrants (10) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
jennywren Didn't know what to expect as I'd never run a mile on a track before, but really pleased with my time. Lovely to meet all the other Fetchies too. Bollington Harriers 8:03 8:08 8:21 65.50
Jezzer Good fun to do this and to meet other Fetchies. Chorlton Runners 5:50 5:54 6:00 5:54 73.67
jolguk Well, I thought we'd never manage to get it organised, but we finally did it. Driving to Sport City on my own was probably the most intimidating bit for me, but I was typically half an hour early, despite the 9am start. It was really nice to see all the other Fetchies, and I was very impressed by people coming from as far away as Clitheroe and Whitehaven just to run a mile. Anyway, the race itself. It felt quite special to be running in a stadium, and as there were about 10 of us in the end it did feel like a 'proper' race, so I got properly and unnecessarily nervous. The start was blisteringly fast. I sprinted off after the leader, knowing I'd gone too fast, and I certainly had. The 1:28 I ran could have got me under 6 minutes if I'd had even the vaguest chance of keeping that pace up. Lap2 and Steve, Rich and someone else whose name I don't think I know had overtaken me, and I clearly wouldn't be catching them. 3:08 now. Lap 3 and I thought I'd settle back a bit, but then thought, bollocks, I need to try harder than that, and was doing my retching thing around the 300m mark. Time, who knows? Final lap, I felt like crap, I really didn't want to be sick on the track (that'd be the second time this week), so I saved any real effort for the final strait, when it was obviously way too late. 6:35, which I'm pretty disappointed with, but still really pleased we did the mile, and with a good turnout, too. Dragons RC 5:58 5:58 6:35 64.50
Karate Chop It was great meeting fellow fetchies for this race. Ive never run just a mile before so I wasn't sure how well I would do. I didn't have heavy legs this morning and I love running on a track, so I was hoping for a positive outcome. It was very cold this morning, so after a warm up we all ran round the track at Sportcity in Manchester. There was a range of different abilities and everyone was very supportive of one another. Id definately do it again. It would be quite nice to have this 1 mile challenge at the beginning and the end of the season. Really pleased with my time. Chorlton Runners 8:55 8:55 9:30 8:55 47.03
kstuart A bloody long way to go for a mile but never mind it was fun and there were loads of us there. Wanted under 7:30 and got 7:20. Went through the first lap way way too fast. Off for another run in a bit so i'll download this run later on and will stick the lap splits into my blog later on today. Trail Running Association, FERC 7:20 7:20 7:30 7:20 50.72
M62 Santa Did not want to do this despite starting the thread off as I had a blocked nose (I think women quite rightly call it man-flu) and was worried about my knee (dodgy since 23rd Dec, rested since 25th Dec). Started off way to fast but managed 6.23.69 which I was very pleased with, but best of all, my knee didn't hurt. 

Nice to meet some other runners, thanks for making it happen. It would be nice if this happened again in a few months or so. Well done those of you who travelled from afar. Maybe we should do one in Cumbria next time. 

Going to do the Alex Park 5k a lot slower tomorrow.

Unaffiliated 5:44 5:46 7:00 6:24 58.64
pato1967 Great to meet the others and enjoyed the run, glad I made the effort (was a bit undecided when I was lying in bed listening to the rain). Hopefully do it again in a few months Unaffiliated 5:58 5:58 6:30 6:20 64.38
RichMallaber Well worth the early rise and a great chance to meet other Fetchies - a pair even live on the same road as me!
The run or was it a race? Well it was great being on a track (I must make the effort & join a club this year) was very enjoyable. I started off far too quickly but was able to get past & somehow stay ahead Jo & Steve, it would be great to do this again sometime. Very happy with my time. Chorlton Runners 6:21 6:21 6:40 6:21 59.10
Swimming Is Easier Manchester Tri 8:15 8:15 8:30 8:15 50.83
XB What a day. I find it wonderful that a group of people will travel far (I really do mean far) and wide to run a mile with people they’ve never met before (except those that are married to each other!!). That’s what happened today in Manchester. 9 runners and a photographer met up at 9:00am at Sportcity, paid their £2.10 and made their way to the track. 10 minutes of introductions and warm ups was followed by a group photograph then it was time for the off.

There was no official timer so we were responsible for our own recording. Off we went. I made the same mistake as some of the others and set off too fast. It didn’t seem fast. By 200m I was in a strong position and feeling good. By 300m I knew I was over-doing it and eased off until the breathing was actually getting oxygen to the muscles. I went through 409m at 1:32 and 809m at 3:28. I didn’t look at my watch at 1209m but spent the next 45 seconds working out how many laps I had done. I reckoned I was on the last lap and decided to kick for open or open my legs and show what I’ve got. I got to the 200m to go point and decided to leave it a bit, then a bit more and a teeny bit more. Then I realised that the speedy peeps were watching me so I hit the accelerator and gave it all I’ve got and romped home in 6:53. I’m mighty pleased with that.

Great performances all round and we’ve vowed to do it again. We’ve got PBs to beat now.

What a great community we belong to.
FERC 6:25 6:53 6:53 59.24
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