Edinburgh Marathon

Listed by Krukers
  • Rated 76%
  • 26.2mi
  • Road
Entrants (65) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
AnneW Giffnock North AAC 3:53:01 3:53:01 4:14:55 55.98
Aquabear Hot hot hot - and stomach playing up, so overall not a pleasant experience. Unaffiliated 3:13:46 3:28:51 4:20:55 52.92
Banana split Denmead Striders 2:46:51 2:55:52 2:49:30 2:55:52 71.45
Bazoaxe Unaffiliated 2:59:16 3:42:45 3:42:45 56.11
beardo1972 Thanet Road Runners AC 4:54:34 5:08:34 5:08:34 39.95
BigMac9 Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 3:48:42 4:21:41 4:32:14 50.84
Bonio Harmeny AC 4:15:02 4:58:04 4:58:04 54.37
borobhoy Knaresborough Striders 3:29:10 3:29:36 3:29:36 58.66
Bosun Tony First marathon. Did not want any pressure of giving myself a time, but guessed it would be around 3 45 if my training was an indication. Made all the usual first time mistakes. Started too fast, never took on enough fluids on the way and paid for it by mile 19. Felt like I was running through porridge for the last 7 miles ! Never mind, what a buzz at the finish, can't really complain about the time, if only I had done things a bit different, might have got a sub 3 30 !!!!! FERC 3:19:52 3:33:56 3:45:00 3:35:01 61.16
clairster great run in a great city. Fab course, a little uphill for the last few miles but brilliant marshalls and crowd support. Hoping it is held next year as would love to do it again. Very hot day, so missed out on beating london time, but pleased to have not missed it by much Stockport Harriers & AC 3:53:47 3:55:23 3:55:00 3:56:07 57.35
Clareb St. Albans Striders 4:06:03 4:06:03 4:06:03 55.04
connelld The 2nd time I ran Edinburgh and I knocked 15 minutes of my PB. However as I put a lot of training in and my Predicted time was below 3 hours and was a bit peaved off about the weather, the hill at the end and generally myself. Kilmarnock Harriers & AC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 2:41:13 3:01:15 2:57:00 3:01:15 67.91
Coz I can Central AC, Ochil Hill Runners 2:51:20 3:02:08 3:02:08 67.69
Cutjap Unaffiliated 3:57:13 3:58:56 3:58:56 51.46
DaveH HOT HOT HOT Unaffiliated 2:54:40 3:39:10 3:15:00 3:39:10 56.10
daviec I really shouldn't have run this race. A back injury during my training which resulted in my not being able to wlk at times meant I just wasn't fit enough. I hated the thought of all that training going to waste though. My lack of training and the intense heat put paid to any hopes of a decent time and i came in quite happy with a 4:12. Carnegie Harriers 2:47:44 3:20:28 4:11:59 48.79
Debbie W Unaffiliated 3:20:25 3:30:36 3:30:36 64.78
Dickie York 161st Pocklington Runners 2:41:35 3:11:59 3:11:59 64.56
Dingus Asco Jogworks 4:26:00 4:45:00 4:45:00 44.67
Eastham75 Relly struggled with heat. Dengie 100 Runners 3:31:41 4:20:00 4:00:00 4:20:00 51.43
Foxy a truly great weekend, i got to meet my friend Gabrielle who works for nationwide in the city plus went to the zoo, castle & took in a few world cup games at the Hostel - great accomodation :)

The race was hot & hilly but really enjoyed it, started on Princess street in the city centre before heading out to the coast past our hostel & further along the coast before heading back to the city to finish in Holyrood park in the shadow of Arthur's seat. 

Very pleased with with another Persoanl best at the time & now i knew i had a shot at going under 3 hours 30 mins. 

i crossed the line to 100 Marathon Club, MK Lakeside Runners, Milton Keynes Lakeside Runners 3:09:27 3:29:12 3:50:00 3:39:27 56.09
Gandhi Coltishall Jaguars 3:57:49 4:15:21 4:22:17 55.69
gjfrosty 27+ degrees in Scotland Unaffiliated 3:48:55 3:48:55 3:48:55 53.71
Gymaddict Actually walked half of this as too injured to run after both knees seized at 13.5 miles.... Athelite 3:56:49 4:11:00 5:00:00 45.48
Hendy First marathon. Felt great! Greenock Glenpark Harriers 2:44:41 3:49:24 4:00:00 3:49:24 53.60
HowFar? Unaffiliated 2:43:07 2:46:22 2:51:01 73.08
iPaul Bedford Harriers AC 2:56:56 3:20:09 3:15:00 3:20:09 63.60
jamborigg found out i wasnt as fit as i thought i was not to mention the desert heat Lothian RC 3:12:54 4:25:00 3:45:00 4:25:00 47.17
jamesstewart13 Victoria Park - City of Glasgow AC 2:39:32 4:18:12 4:15:01 4:21:00 47.11
JaneyM Unaffiliated 5:00:00 5:00:00 5:00:00 45.63
Jasper* Very hot day. I seemed to blow up at 10 miles, I am sure I went off too quick with the heat and ended up running and walking the last few miles. Scunthorpe & District AC 3:42:09 4:06:00 3:45:00 4:06:00 58.52
johnnyboy Harmeny AC 3:47:28 4:45:08 4:45:08 47.30
katypie Hot day Unaffiliated 3:53:57 4:14:00 4:14:00 53.31
Krukers Nice course, lots of variation in scenery,but undulating. Very warm day, so really appreciated those locals who got out their hoses and sprayed me!! Good start in Princes Street near the Scot Memorial, out to Port Leith then a long stretch along the coast path / promenade , then back to Edinburgh and finish in Holyrood park. Very well organised.Plenty of water and energy drinks. Rubbish t-shirt. Swansea Harriers AC 3:08:47 3:14:37 3:15:00 3:14:37 68.71
lambkin Bloomin heck. How hot? Great race, and not as hilly as I'd expected. Ran the first ten miles in 8 min miles and then paid for it with the hardest 16 miles I could imagine. Torture. Lots of drinks stations though and great marshalls cheering you on. Would definitely do it again. But not for a while.... at least until my face has finished peeling! Unaffiliated 3:55:47 3:55:47 3:55:47 57.43
Llamadance Great race and a good atmosphere. Felt good and strong till about halfway, when I got a niggle, but still happily doing 9min/mile till I reached 20. Then got another niggle and the heat kind of got to me, but managed to hold it together fairly well. The race was well organised and the marshalls were fantastic, thanks to them all. Didn't feel my hip at all, so the physios did a great job on it. Really happy with the time as well, despite just missing 4hrs. Unaffiliated 3:33:33 4:01:41 4:00:00 4:01:41 51.28
Longlegs No where near at my best.  So I am hoping for 4:30 but it might take longer forecast for Sunday in Edinburgh is 24degrees not nice to run in!!!

HOT Horrible and hellish.  This has to be the worst day ever for running I managed to complete the marathon but it was 26 degress very warm.  Had a nasty run and am now completely burnt!!  I am very happy as managed to complete it insdie my predicted time of 4:30. Swanley & District AC 3:44:21 4:29:20 4:30:00 4:29:20 45.65
Monster Feet Unaffiliated 3:46:29 4:36:50 4:36:50 48.92
neve2old This is my first thought I would not get past the Twenty mile mark until a mistake on my route planning added 2.4 miles to my 20 mile training run. Now I am thinking that I can realy do it and have started to get a bit of confidence and excited.

also running for Macmilllan Unaffiliated 4:36:25 4:36:25 4:45:00 4:36:25 45.22
Odeon1085 Unaffiliated 2:46:24 3:09:14 3:20:00 3:19:52 61.52
ogee 100 Marathon Club, South London Harriers 3:10:24 3:26:00 3:52:00 53.87
Pigpen Striders of Croydon AC 5:03:00 5:56:30 5:57:15 34.59
racheybabes Well it was an absolutely lovely day, pitty I had to run a marathon!!! I was on target for sub 3:30 up to 18 miles but then things went pearshaped and all I could do was jog the last 8 miles. Saying that i really enjoyed myself and the support from other CH's marshalling the course was amazing!! My mum came in at 5 hrs 13 mins too! Unaffiliated 3:26:58 3:37:49 3:44:38 60.28
Raisty Raist running ok till 18 miles and was too hot so run walked the rest Unaffiliated 4:15:00 4:15:00 4:00:00 4:15:00 48.22
salmac Unaffiliated 4:32:16 4:32:16 4:32:16 49.74
santababy OH MY GOD, i have ran a marathon! this time last yr a couldnt run to end of street , i was actually only meant to be doing 1st stage of the relay but always intended on doing a few stages in training for my 1st marathon in october!lol

anyway, was ok at 18 miles which had been my longest run ever so thought, [censored] it, keep going, least i can stop if want to, but i didnt, even the scorchio heat didnt stop me! 

sooooooooo happy you wouldnt believe Harmeny AC 3:30:56 4:25:44 5:00:00 4:47:31 47.80
Selfish Git!!! 2003 = 3:30:44
2004 = 4:07:51
2005 = 3:55:49
2006 = 3:42:36    759th/4090 Greenock Glenpark Harriers 3:21:05 3:26:48 3:42:36 58.10
seren nos Islwyn RC 4:30:00
Sevo Unaffiliated 3:44:00 3:59:00 3:59:00 52.58
sharptim Unaffiliated 3:13:07 3:13:07 3:13:07 63.67
SHEEPDIP pb for a vet Redhill Road Runners 2:48:04 3:06:15 3:06:15 68.35
silver tortoise Orion Harriers 3:19:20 3:30:00 3:45:00 3:30:00 66.49
SilverSlogger Falkirk Victoria Harriers, Polmont Joggers 3:13:41 3:31:57 3:43:15 58.41
sloth Unaffiliated 3:44:53 3:44:53 3:55:00 4:01:16 51.57
smckie Westerlands Cross Country Club 4:07:50 4:54:55 4:54:55 46.04
southdownswolf Fantastic day racing rounds the streets of Edinburgh/Leith. Weather was dry but very hot, nevermind, I still managed to do the time that I was hoping for.  Organisation could have been better - some of the mile markers were a long way out.
would certainly do it again. Unaffiliated 3:39:59 3:46:00 3:45:00 3:46:00 54.46
stephenpond1968 Petts Wood Runners 2:58:30 4:00:39 4:00:39 51.70
STOOSH Unaffiliated 2:56:48 3:23:55 3:23:55 60.29
Sunbed Athlete Making my Marathon debut & got 17th place.@ 1 part of the race i was sitting in 7th place for 16 miles of the race but now i know i went away to fast @ the start which resulted in me struggling from 19 miles on in.
Another Grand Prix race which got me 45 points as i was 5th Scot over the line.
Very,very warm. Cambuslang Harriers, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 2:27:20 2:37:27 2:46:54 74.04
Tasis Lass Very hot day 26.degrees ! Fife AC 4:28:49 4:41:00 4:41:00 48.90
union Haddington East Lothian Pacemakers 3:03:57 3:06:18 3:14:00 64.43
Vixx Unaffiliated 5:15:22 5:44:37 6:07:15 33.48
WhereDaCakesAt? Ouch.  That hurt.  Well outside time I wanted, but it's my first and the only way is up :o).  Was too hot, had an aching knee, dehydration, cramp in muscles I didn't know I had and I've chafed me giblets! Unaffiliated 4:33:04 5:19:00 4:40:00 5:19:00 42.50
Woffy Did this only 6 weeks after the Belfast marathon. Overall very happy as not fully recovered from Belfast and extremely hot conditions, only second time to break 3 and a half hours.
Well organised and lovely scenery Unaffiliated 3:11:43 3:13:38 3:29:59 3:26:00 62.28
Yorky Unaffiliated 4:21:59 4:30:19 4:41:40 44.89

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