Cabbage Patch 10

Listed by John66
  • Rated 84%
  • 10mi
  • Road
Entrants (45) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
anne23 So close to getting under 85 minutes, and the watch thought I did! Still, very happy to do it in well under 90, and it was good fun. First five and a bit miles seemed easy, then it suddenly felt much harder, even though pace and HR were constant. I'm sure there's some scientific reason involving lactate thresholds or something for the sudden switch. Unaffiliated 1:16:53 1:25:06 1:34:00 1:25:06 57.99
are we there yet? Woo hoo - an 8 minute pb!!! - OK still slow compared to most, but I'm really pleased!  Brilliant race - felt pretty strong all the way through - thanks all those who bet on me - made me carry on strong to the finish Unaffiliated 1:46:04 1:46:04 1:50:00 1:46:04 46.99
Athlete In Progress Race went really well up to 7 miles, all mile splits in 10min mile range, then feet suffering with old injury giving pain & some nice blisters. SHUFFLED ON LAST 3 MILES. Last 3 mile splits in 12min mile range. Unaffiliated 1:27:50 1:50:57 1:50:00 1:50:57 39.66
Beware Of The Fish Datchet Dashers 1:02:57 1:16:31 1:16:31 61.20
BigEvilC Should PB on this one if conditions are OK.  Harlow was hilly and hot. *update* Great flat course kept sub 7mm pace most miles and came in at 4min + PB (watch time) so betters should be happy! will do race again as big field and good organisation followed by well earned guiness at the pub.  Kent AC 1:09:09 1:09:16 1:11:30 1:09:16 67.06
Bingo Wings Unaffiliated 1:33:17 1:33:17 1:33:17 49.40
Bul Clapham Chasers 56:10 56:51 56:51 77.54
Chezzie Unaffiliated 1:18:26 1:21:25 1:21:25 54.80
controversial Well, thi s has been a great race. Having flown back from beijing yesterday (10 hours flight!) I wasn't expecting much. Started fast and was feeling good for the 2 first mile. Reduced speed for a while but then saw that I could do a sub 60 mins 10 miles. So ikept on going at the right speed for the target.
Had a gel at mile 7 and then went for it just as I wanted. The most surprising thing was that I was running at a avery high heart rate  for me for nearly all the race ~ 170 bpm which is close to 95%! Clapham Chasers 57:37 59:55 1:03:00 59:55 73.57
Cookie My target was to run the 10 miles, not run them in a particular time. I began to slow at halfway but got a second wind by the river. I was delighted to run 10 miles but wished I'd run 30 seconds quicker and broken 1:15 Ranelagh Harriers 1:07:45 1:08:06 1:15:29 60.12
Dan_uk Mornington Chasers 1:15:04 1:17:00 1:17:00 57.14
Darlo set off too fast ended up hanging on to beat PB by a matter of seconds not the result I had hoped for. Darlington Harriers & AC 1:14:30 1:19:23 1:19:29 1:21:36 57.39
DIY Diva Mr DIY D has a cold so used his bib no and switched to this one from the Kingston B Run.  Hard work, Berlin still in those leggies! Ranelagh Harriers, Vets AC 1:14:49 1:23:10 1:23:10 62.25
Duncs 10 miles is my oldest PB. Tried to break it at Dorking but it was too hot. That shouldn't be a problem for this. **Update** but the fall I took the other day with the resulting bruises and lumps might be.
6 minute PB so very happy. 100 Marathon Club, Highland Hill Runners 1:10:54 1:10:54 1:17:00 1:10:54 63.24
ermsey Unaffiliated 1:30:48 1:30:48 1:30:48 48.48
Footpad My second 10 miler.... almost a year apart! Will take it steady.

Oops! I seem to have pb'd by accident! Well it bodes well for GSR then! Unaffiliated 1:29:15 1:29:15 1:40:00 1:34:51 48.58
funkin Was planning on going for 65 minutes but injury is causing a re-think.  Its quite probably that I won't even make the start.  At the moment I've dropped my prediction by 10 minutes. *UPDATE* Hmn, a little better than expected I see! Ranelagh Harriers, The Stragglers RC 1:03:09 1:03:09 1:15:00 1:03:09 69.93
Fuzzy Post race: Didn't get a PB, althought the race certainly has PB potential, just not this year.  1:25 was a little bit to hopeful... but my second fastest 10miles, only 2nd time under 90mins!!  So happy with that.  Still not fully rcae fit, faded on the last few miles.  Good race, prehaps too flat?!?

Pre-Race: Small possibility of a PB, but i've said that a few times lately and failed miserably.  Will be happy for under 1:30, very happy to beat 1:25.
Replacement race for Windsor - early injury ruined training schedule, but pick up again for the Cabbage. Sandhurst Joggers 1:21:16 1:27:56 1:25:00 1:27:56 50.13
GAZGIB Bracknell Forest Runners 1:09:41 1:20:42 1:20:00 1:29:12 49.82
HelenJane Unaffiliated 1:21:31 1:41:22 2:00:00 1:41:22 50.70
JaneB Serpentine RC 1:26:10
JEJ Beat my 5M PB by 45s, then do it again?  Go on then...

Managed the first half ok.  Shame about the second.  Still should be some winnings for those who had confidencee to bet on me.  9th place, first team. Unaffiliated 53:34 54:51 53:00 54:51 80.22
jess84 Dulwich Park Runners 1:37:12 1:37:12 1:37:12 51.93
John66 Barnes Runners 1:41:26 1:44:13 1:49:19 41.82
JPB72 Better time and enjoyed it more than expected Unaffiliated 1:25:59 1:30:00 1:32:30 1:30:00 62.36
Kieren Not sure how to pace this and not sure if I'll go flat out as its only 2 weeks after Berlin marathon.  1st 10 miler so a PB whatever happens.  *UPDATE* planned to run at about 7.5mm pace & largely to feeling as I had no watch. Got sucked along at the start and reached the 1st mile in under 6:30 - way to fast. Legs felt like lead up till mile 7, then the shackles seemed to fall off - tempted to wind it up a bit but didn't go too mad as I wasn't sure that I wouldn't bow up. I'm happy with the time & used it as a predictor for Bedford Half in December Serpentine RC, Ealing Eagles Running Club 1:12:56 1:12:56 1:15:00 1:12:56 60.33
Kirsty Pretty close predicition! Really enjoyed this race (except for the last 2 miles or so!) - the miles flew by as nearly every single marshall cheered me on by name and with lots of encouragement (the race is organised by my club). Was perfect weather too and nearly everyone ran a pb. Including me! Team Bushy 1:19:49 1:19:49 1:19:59 1:19:49 62.10
krusty cracking race really enjoyed it, finished faster than expected, thanks for all the messages of encouragement, plenty of scenery. Will be back next year Bournville Harriers 1:08:41 1:08:41 1:12:00 1:08:41 72.95
MadRobby Knocked 2 mins off my PB, so delighted with that. Started off way too fast.  I got into my stride after one mile but was being overtaken most of the way round, which was a bit demoralising.  Had to concentrate hard to keep under my 7min/mile target pace. Great course, apart from the stoney section along towpath at Richmond ! Unaffiliated 1:08:44 1:08:44 1:12:00 1:08:44 64.65
MattTheRat No idea about the race, other than it's supposed to be fast and flat. 10M split time at GNR was 1:04:57, so should try and beat that. **UPDATE** lovely day for a race. Course was excellent, time was ahead of my goal, so very happy indeed. Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC 1:00:20 1:02:43 1:03:59 1:02:43 74.07
Nors Had a crap race, pace was all wrong from the start.  Had a asthma attack and was stuffed for rest of the race. Finished with a very disappointing time and the confidence knocked out of me. Unaffiliated 1:47:23 1:47:23 1:40:00 1:47:23 47.86
PaulaMc Never raced a 10miler before and have absolutely no faith in my ability to go fast, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Update:  Great race, enjoyed it from start to finish.  And a good time, as well.  Very happy Mrs Mac.! Dulwich Park Runners 1:26:16 1:34:35 1:40:00 1:34:35 53.66
Peteb69 Looking forward to this race, heard alot of nice thing about the race.Not looking to pb here as have not done enough distance training,have not ran longer than 10km's for a while.
Update:Ran a good PB really enjoyed the race. 100 Marathon Club, Serpentine RC 1:06:13 1:12:28 1:12:28 61.87
Puffing Bertie Sorry to anyone who bet on me !

That was blummin' hard work.....but a lovely race all the same, its obvious i am still not right but hey i only seem to learn the hard way ! Unaffiliated 1:30:57 1:30:57 1:35:00 54.92
ScudULike Chuffed with time, better than last year. Felt good throughout. Put music on after first drinks stop - added extra spring to step.

2006 - 1:30.40
2005 - 1:25.21
2004 - 1:27.06
2007 Splits - 8.18 8.34 8.33 8.32 8.50 (Drink stop) 8.25 8.14 8.55 (Drink Stop) 9.14 8.25 Unaffiliated 1:25:59 1:25:59 1:25:00 1:25:59 51.89
Sharkcatcher new eltham joggers
Sid Left calf went at 3 1/2 miles - forced to walk for the next 2 miles and then a jog to the finish. I was really pleased to finish and thank you John66 for helping me get there. Sandhurst Joggers 1:11:42 1:23:00 1:49:00 46.56
Splinter Unaffiliated 1:13:11 1:13:11 1:13:11 67.43
Sumo Unaffiliated 1:04:42 1:04:42 1:05:50 1:04:42 68.26
Tiddly B After Surrey League yesterday was pleased to complete sub 60, and totally even pace. Ranelagh Harriers 58:40 58:40 58:40 75.28
touche turtle Hailsham Harriers 1:14:51 1:20:51 1:20:51 62.44
wannywoo Unaffiliated 1:28:14 1:28:14 1:28:14 56.49
warriorwoman Unaffiliated 2:04:39 2:04:39 2:10:00 2:04:39 40.13
wildhill Really enjoyed the race, very flat, good for PB. Unaffiliated 1:12:56 1:12:56 1:18:00 1:12:56 61.48
zuzi Edinburgh Road Club 1:32:15 1:34:23 1:34:23 52.29

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