Burnham Beeches Half Marathon

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  • 13.1mi
  • Road
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Agent Orange This was my offical time - watch time around 14 seconds faster (no starting line to be certain of!).  I'm very pleased with the run as a marathon warm-up.  The conditions were overcast but good for running.  The course was undulating, going through beautiful countryside and past the kind of houses to awaken the class warrior spirit.  The race seemed quite congested for the first few miles and I kept up a steadyish pace around 8/minute miles.  Did the first half in 52.54.  Then pushed on a bit and picked off quite a few runners on the uphill sections of the second half.  Did the second half in 52.38 for my first bona fide negative spilt.  Considering it's not a PB course and I didn't push to my limits, this was a respectable time. Met other lovely Fetchies who are in marathon training - -good luck for your big races! Unaffiliated 1:38:42 1:43:48 1:45:00 1:45:46 56.96
Badly Drawn Bloke PB is 1:34:11 but that was more flat.  But I think I'm fitter now so hopefully I'll betterthat but conservatively going for 1:35

I did it - a new PB!  Not an easy race, but glad I did it.  Unaffiliated 1:30:42 1:33:40 1:35:00 1:33:40 62.71
BigChiefRunningBore Report: 2nd best half time. didn't totally go for it. but after 3 miles thought I'd keep up the effort. faded in last mile when realised PB was too far off. Hated the wet grass finish. Nice route, but everyone was a bit miserable - IT WAS ONLY RAIN for fecks sake. Cheer up! Might be back next year. Watford Joggers, Fitstuff Run Club 1:28:27 1:32:55 1:35:00 1:33:23 63.60
Bul Clapham Chasers 1:12:36 1:17:03 1:20:12 72.38
ck No pb for me - that was tough today; dont know why.  Hills??  Anyway a lovely course but just not as on form as I thought I was! Sandhurst Joggers 1:53:00 1:57:00 1:57:02 2:04:00 56.31
Cookie Having to sit this one out - ankle hasn't recovered Ranelagh Harriers 1:33:55 1:40:06
Dips Not an overall PB but a course PB by a minute. Tough old course but at least its a few hard worked miles in the bank for Berlin. 

Good organisation just shame I missed the bacon sarnies, was dreaming about them all the way round. ;-( Brighton & Hove Women's Running Club, UKnetrunner 1:55:53 1:55:53 2:05:00 2:11:07 54.38
DIY Diva felt very rough before, still getting over a stomach bug + shin splints + feeling concerned re poorly puppy @ home Ranelagh Harriers, Vets AC 1:42:13 1:50:34 1:55:00 1:50:34 61.04
Forest Runner A little bit disappointed with the time - I would have been satisfied with a couple of minutes quicker. My legs were so tired after just two miles, which is probably because of all the gym challenges I did this week.

Miserable weather. I haven't run Burnham for the past two years, but I normally expect lovely sunshine at Burnham, but no such luck this year. Also disappointed that there were no working showers in the men's changing rooms this year. Bracknell Forest Runners 1:30:50 1:34:03 1:38:45 66.38
GAZGIB 10 pints and a curry on the saturday wasn't great preparation, but had to celebrate Reading's first win of the season in style. Anyway ran it as a training run for New York but the hills late in the second lap beat me down to a walk for a while. Bracknell Forest Runners 1:35:38 1:52:07 2:00:00 2:07:19 45.95
Ghengis Redhill Distict Royal Mail AC, Striders of Croydon AC 1:26:58 1:39:21 1:52:48 1:52:48 53.01
Grazza Clapham Chasers 1:18:51 1:23:29 1:23:29 69.45
Heavyweight A small PB and finished quite strongly but just could not go any quicker. 6/10 could do better.  A lovely race though well organised with gentle ups & downs through woodland tracks & country lanes.  Slightly crowded at the start & a bit of an odd Hickstead type bank near the end.   NB Must remember to bet on myself!!!   UKnetrunner 1:41:41 1:51:20 1:45:00 1:52:37 55.29
Hipster Unaffiliated 1:35:46 1:36:11 1:37:59 59.24
Johnny Blaze First half mara since infamous Stevenage last year. Hope this one will be a less painful trot.

result 2 02 30 Apols to those who bet on me but I had to do last 4 miles in 32 mins and that wasn't going to happen!

Race Report - Just spent several hours running chkdsk and fixboot (don't ask me) and it worked!

Pre race nutrition - 2 pieces of toast and 2 Oatibix.

Bad omens for this race.

Put the wrong address in the satnav and happily toddled off towards swindon - v good except for the fact the race was in Slough! Finally woke up and realised and turned the car round after 30 minutes - this put me seriously behind schedule and got to the start with 1 minute to sapre.

Pre-race prep also went all to pot and forgot to put on me bodyglide and nips tape.

Asked a lady in the massage shed for some vaseline and she gave me a funny look. but she had some which I applied MYSELF.

Weather overcast and drizzly - just another high summer day.

the race went really well and was quite scenic through the woods and all but around mile 11 I got Unaffiliated 1:51:02 2:02:30 1:57:00 2:02:30 52.13
Kitty Serpentine RC 2:00:34 2:11:30 2:13:00 48.47
leysrunner Unaffiliated 1:32:07 1:32:07 1:32:07 69.33
LucyG Compton Harriers RC 1:31:26 1:41:46 1:54:00 61.25
mackfly Unaffiliated 1:24:01 1:30:14 1:34:27 61.72
MrMo Unaffiliated 1:43:08 1:45:34 1:50:31 52.52
nixter71 BBC RC, Mornington Chasers 1:33:39 1:41:38 1:41:38 57.56
Obee Hoping to improve PB considerably before crack at 1h 30 later this year.  

Well managed that but was on for close to 1.30 for most of the way - last couple of miles were really tough and found it v hard going.  Course was undulating and 2 lap repeat so you knew where the nasty hills were second time around.  Cool weather was very welcome. Unaffiliated 1:23:47 1:32:28 1:35:00 1:32:28 62.70
par Cove Joggers 1:38:58 1:38:58 1:38:58 65.66
philinstone Stone Master Marathoners 1:29:45 1:40:38 1:41:15 57.33
Puffing Bertie Well sorry to those who bet on me.........i just wasnt up to it, or anything for that matter. I felt rubbish before the race but just thought it was cos i was tired..........no such luck..... I puked at mile 8 :-(

Hwever it was a lovely race, very well marshalled, very good cheering and oddly i did like the hills. Great showers and a lovely green medal :-)

I cant complain and will probably be back next year :-) Unaffiliated 1:58:06 1:58:06 2:06:00 53.57
RatRace Unaffiliated 1:31:15 1:59:54 1:59:54 48.36
rosa Serpentine RC 1:26:24 1:30:24 1:38:11 65.66
WineRunner52 Very warm, undulating/hilly, injured. First ever (in 15 years) half marathon over 2hrs! Road Runners Club 1:29:23 1:45:55 2:03:31 55.01

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