Bristol Half Marathon

  • Rated 79%
  • 13.1mi
  • Road
Entrants (49) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
A1i Edinburgh University Hare & Hounds 1:32:36 1:52:56 1:52:56 51.77
Agent Orange Definitely a day to enjoy the atmosphere, with the biggest crowd I've ever seen for a race.  Not one to worry about times.  I couldn't get to where I wanted at the start and began well back.  I must have run over 14 miles altogether and I don't think I took more than about half a dozen clear steps before 7 miles!  Met the famous Fetch himself in marmite top (Marmite was the logo, not the material).  Wasn't racing for a target time and felt a bit uncomfortable in the second half  - now have one very black toenail - so didn't push at all for the last few miles.  Think the mile markers were seriously inconsistent so not sure of splits.  Finished 2256 out of just under 10000 finishers.   Unaffiliated 1:38:42 1:43:59 1:50:00 1:49:07 54.80
B Rubble It was quite warm but lots of water stations and lucozade.  Was well on for sub 1:30 then slowed from miles 7-10, good last 2 miles though and got a PB.  Fantastic atmosphere, especially at the finish.  Only disappointment was the technical?? T shirt that was just a normal polyester shirt. Dursley Running Club 1:25:12 1:31:56 1:32:27 65.17
Badger Three rules for getting a PB:

Don't blow four minutes in a loo queue before you're 3 miles in.
Don't spend most of the 3 weeks before the race overeating on holiday .
Don't let Maclennane put the Curse of the MacL PB Bet on you :)

Found this one quite hard work (had to have a bit of a sit down after finishing, which I've never done before) but really enjoyed everything apart from the bag retrieval queue. Met Making Tracks and Mr Fetcheveryone himself at the start (I was giving my fetch shirt its debut race outing), both even more likeable than they come across on-line.

I'm slightly disappointed with the time as I thought I was in better shape than for Reading, but it just wasn't there on the day. 4,850th out of 9,682 - that's mid-field obscurity for you! FERC 1:39:51 1:52:41 1:57:00 2:04:10 48.52
Baldy Bullet Unaffiliated 1:28:11 1:42:53 1:54:55 50.45
benjani Unaffiliated 1:23:18 1:47:00 1:47:00 54.18
Blister I shouldn't really complain as it is a PB and I'm glade that I've won everyone who bet on me some points (including myself!). But it won't be as many points as I hoped, was actually aiming got sub 1:30! The heat was just too much for me and after going of too fast (6:40 first mile) I really struggled to get into a good pace, the second half was quicker because the sun wasn't so intense and there was more shade. I think I could have got the time I wanted if it was a lot cooler and I didn't go off so fast. I think I prefer the new course; the crowd support was fantastic, I am very grateful for everyone that cheered me on as I struggled around the course. Organisation not as good as last year, but there were some improvements, like the start which was a lot better and the people who organise Bath half should do the same with the race numbers. My two main complaints (apart from the weather!) from this year was the late start (9:40 instead of 9:30) and the goody bag, all I got was bits of paper, but all I wanted was a Mars bar or banana. Oh well there's always next year, hopefully it won't be so hot. I finished 577 out of 9682. TeamBath AC, Somer AC, Walton AC 1:23:57 1:29:20 1:32:00 1:34:19 61.47
Bubbles Unaffiliated 1:45:00 1:48:43 1:57:35 54.83
carlbob London FrontRunners 1:34:30 1:49:58 1:49:58 52.72
Chazzee Serpentine RC, Westbury Harriers 1:23:18 1:29:00 1:30:00 64.42
Cliffrunner Nailsea RC 1:35:47 1:41:22 1:41:22 61.94
Craig Unaffiliated 1:21:13 1:41:15 1:41:15 57.26
davef Headington RoadRunners 1:21:32 1:28:00
Dazzle Unaffiliated 2:00:04 2:00:04 1:55:00 2:00:04 48.43
Dixi Unaffiliated 1:33:16 1:42:00 1:42:00 56.84
Dom Unaffiliated 1:33:25 1:52:12 1:52:12 51.67
fetcheveryone I really wasn't sure what to expect here, as I've done quite a few longer-than-half runs now, but no speed training at all. The start was very congested and so the first mile was a frustrating 9.17. After that, I was pretty much on target (except for a pee at 4.5 miles), hovering around 8:10 per mile until mile 9, which marked the top of the climb up the portway, and I think I must have knackered something, because it took 9:04. From then on, thanks perhaps to the drop in altitude, the remaining miles were all knocked off in sub-PB pace, leaving me frustratingly close (83 seconds) to my PB (sorry to all you betting folk). However, I was extremely pleased to have finished so strongly (the last 1.4 miles were at 7:22 pace) that I just know that I can kick the ass out of my half PB if I train for it specifically, and the weather is a little kinder next time. Another great run for the Marmite shirt, and a big shout to the lovely people of Bristol for their fantastic support. They lined the roads for most of the way, and formed a tunnel of total noise in the last mile, which is a phenomenal experience to run through. Did anyone else spot the drunken bloke singing FERC 1:44:49 1:48:27 1:45:00 1:49:50 52.78
FunkyPOM My first ever HM so set a pretty challenging target of 2hrs. Started off pretty slow as I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make the distance, and never quite made up the time. Great day though and enjoyed every minute.... Surf Coast Trail Runners 1:43:04 2:01:01 2:00:00 2:01:01 47.92
Go-KL After my sub 3 London Marathon I had to give myself a new goal. I have always wanted to run a half marathon in sub 6 minute milling. My best is 1:19.15 6 years ago and my last five or so have been around 1:20 to 1:21. August update - training going well, just need to lose a couple of Kilos to be in great racing trim!!

Well the long anticipated half marathon PB attempt did not go quite to plan - although I ended up with a second fastest time and a sub 80 min run - I left somewhat unsatisfied by the experience. Mostly it was with the organization - we were late off and left basking in the sun for over half an hour surrounded by runners of an ability who had no right to be lining up almost literally alongside the Kenyan race winners and subsequently they did a great job of blocking the road as they set off on their 10 minute milling plan. Once past the blockade after a mile or so I got into running quite well for a few miles at 6minute milling until around 6 miles on the Portway. From there on I struggled a lot - mostly I am sure with dehydration caused by the heat. I was shivering and my heart rate was barely higher than it was in the London marathon. The long drag took its toll and by ten miles I was standing little hope of breaking my best - the erratic mile markers and impossible to open water bottles did not help matters either. The most pleasing element was the strong final 2 miles which saw me just 30 seconds off my best. Hopefully with a cooler day and some continued good training the PB is not far away. Grantham Running club 1:14:46 1:19:45 1:18:39 1:19:45 72.70
Gordie Not quite the 1:45 I was hoping for, but satisfying enough given the heat and crowds - a new pb by some four-and-a-half minutes (thanks to those who bet on me - it spurred me on towards the end!). Unaffiliated 1:40:51 1:52:58 1:45:00 1:52:58 52.93
gray Pleased with that - not bad for a Sloth - what a great place Bristol is - a really well supported race, terrific course - enjoyed it immensely. Cranleigh Tortoise & Hare Runners 1:50:59 1:57:16 1:55:00 2:18:02 45.87
grumpyconnemara My first half marathon, and I was delighted to get all the way round without stopping or walking.
Start a bit of a shambles, and the queue for bag retrieval was agony on tired muscles BUT fantastic marshalls, fantastic crowds, and an immense sense of acheivement.
Quicker next year! Womens Running Network 2:05:07 2:28:50 2:30:00 2:28:50 43.32
Gudders Unaffiliated 1:55:39 2:06:04 2:14:16 49.08
Hanx Clevedon AC 1:21:01 1:34:50 1:34:50 61.13
Impossible is Nothing Absolutely gutted.  I thought I had prepared well and tapered pretty well and was looking forward to a great time.  But the wheels fell off majorly.  Might have been the heat (it was only 19 degs for goodness sake but it was sunny and windless and there were a lot of people collapsing), might have been tiredness (haven't slept well for 3 weeks), might have been training...might just have been a bad day.  Got beaten by a lot of people I should have been in front of.
Oh well, new PB will have to come at Cheddar.  
Did meet up with Blister again, and even met the legend that is Fetch - he's much taller in real life than he looks in photos!
479th out of 9691 finishers Westbury Harriers 1:22:25 1:29:12 1:25:30 1:32:42 62.89
Les Dooblay RAF AC 2:16:48 2:37:03 2:37:03 38.07
Making_Tracks Thrilled to have completed my first half marathon! Got tired around the 8 mile mark but recovered enough to make the last mile my fastest!  Thanks to whichever Fetchite who yelled Unaffiliated 1:59:02 2:27:40 2:30:00 2:27:40 45.71
makkem Got cramp in R calf at 8 miles. 
Did the 5 mins jog/1 min walk routine from there
Weather definitily on the warm side. Barnet & District AC, Westbury Harriers 1:19:12 2:03:07 2:07:17 49.33
Markonline99 Westbury Harriers 1:23:49 1:36:43 1:38:24 62.23
MysteryRook I very much agree with all of Blister's comments on this, particularly regarding the organisation, crowd support, goody bag etc.  My own time a little disappointing - suffered in the second half of the race after starting too quickly Unaffiliated 1:29:42 1:35:17 1:31:21 1:35:17 62.75
Nailsea Plodder Unaffiliated 1:38:51 2:14:16 2:14:16 47.98
Nifty Unaffiliated 1:34:46 1:43:27 1:43:27 56.78
Njord Wirral AC 1:17:30 1:20:45 1:20:45 72.19
potato First ever half, bristol course was really good especially running through the city bi but hte long bit up the portway was quite hard going. Felt good all the way round, on a real high now and looking for more races to try! Unaffiliated 1:58:10 2:15:32 2:16:00 2:15:32 47.57
Rippy Ran with the Kenyan ladies up to 8M and then soldiered on to the finish (Beating one of them :-) - was not expecting such a good time. Tavistock AC 1:14:05 1:14:05 1:14:05 78.26
rockin robin Harwich Runners 1:28:45 1:54:00 1:54:00 52.45
sanddancer Well that was very hard for a number of reasons. First of all, it was the first time I'd run since early June. Secondly, it was hot and I have great difficulty when it's anything warmer than sub-arctic. Thirdly, I injured both of my hamstrings playing a party game a couple of months ago and they're still giving me trouble... OK, excuses over. It was good to actually get back out there and do something after a long period of inertia. I went OK for the first three miles before the aforementioned problems started to kick in and despite the marginally slower time than last year's Great North Run, I think progress has been made. On to the Great North Run in a little over a week and to be honest, unless it's rather cooler, I'm not expecting to do much better timewise but at least I'll be back in action... dodgy hamstrings notwithstanding! Vale of Aylesbury AC 2:13:40 2:17:00 3:01:04 32.44
Shiny72 Unaffiliated 1:22:50 1:30:32 1:30:32 64.22
Shufflepuck Café Unaffiliated 1:32:21 1:43:34 1:48:03 53.66
Silent Runner Unaffiliated 1:18:32 1:26:37 1:27:06 68.65
sophlou Westbury Harriers 1:27:03 1:36:55 1:36:55 66.53
Spaceman Had the onset of a cold so found it very tough going. Unaffiliated 1:38:15 1:38:15 1:38:15 59.01
spd bristol Bitton Road Runners 1:31:00 1:41:00 1:30:00 1:41:00 57.40
spikeyrossco Quantock Harriers 1:30:04 1:35:13 1:40:09 57.89
Sweetie Absolutely pants run - never want to think about it again..... FERC 2:07:49 2:07:49 2:05:00 2:22:57 45.40
Tarmac Runner Cobra RC 1:32:09 1:37:59 1:53:02 52.23
tjrunning Unaffiliated 1:37:26 1:45:00 1:45:24 57.16
ToBaldlyGo Added in two years retrospectively and the seconds are a wild guess Weston AC 2:02:08 2:40:30 2:42:30 40.69
WestCountryLad Dulwich Park Runners 1:29:48 1:45:00 1:45:00 55.21

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