Blackpool Marathon

  • Rated 70%
  • 26.2mi
  • Road
Entrants (37) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Ando 73 Unaffiliated 3:12:40
andy from embsay Ilkley Harriers AC 3:07:19 3:07:19 3:10:00 3:07:19 71.38
borobhoy 3:28:25 by watch.  Took 45secs to cross start line. Knaresborough Striders 3:29:10 3:29:10 3:45:00 3:29:10 59.08
ChrisVilla Barely run throughout March due to knee problems.Have started up again now thanks to knee support.Feel semi confident that I can do this and really looking forward to it!.
Good first Marathon.Knee hurt after 18 miles so had to run walk the rest.Really happy just to have finished!.Lovely weather, enjoyed the coastal paths. Unaffiliated 4:12:29 4:12:29 4:30:00 4:12:29 48.83
CottamRunner This was my 1st ever attempt at marathon distance - gulp! Used the race as a full-distance training run some 6 weeks ahead of Edinburgh on May 23rd. Wanted to just get round - and ideally to break the 4 hrs mark just to prove I could (so 9.09 min / mile pace).

Made it round in 3.36.30 (so 8.18 pace!) - really pleased with that!
See training log for details of splits .... 
:-) Northern Veterans AC, Red Rose RRC 3:15:44 3:36:30 4:00:00 3:36:30 57.08
Da Big Guy Sunlight Runners 3:16:21 3:14:30
davelord 1st half with Alison Trawden AC 2:53:32 3:32:53 3:44:12 60.15
Dickie York Another Pre-London training run for the terminally stupid (-;
Almost perfect running conditions on the day.
Nasty little climb up onto the finish.  Well happy with my run.  Looking good for London. Pocklington Runners 2:41:35 2:57:42 3:10:00 2:58:12 70.95
dizzy.blonde Stockport Harriers & AC 3:07:13 3:07:32 3:07:32 73.62
DPowles Portsmouth Joggers Club 3:05:55 3:05:55 3:10:00 3:05:55 66.92
Forrest Chump Unaffiliated
Foxster 100 Marathon Club 3:33:20 3:33:20 3:33:20 64.87
gary2 Unaffiliated 3:22:03 3:22:46 3:14:59 3:22:46 70.10
Hampton Delighted! A huge PB and a very special day! Baking at the end. Really paced it well for long, long periods.Great feeling to have completed a 2nd marathon - so pleased! Unaffiliated 4:03:48 4:30:13 4:33:35 45.17
IM2010 Unaffiliated 3:02:13 3:24:40 3:15:00 3:29:45 58.62
kaysdee On the very ambitious side of things, but what the heck, will give it a shot.
If I can reasonably stick to this pace by 20 miles, if it all goes wrong afterwards, should still get sub 3.45 which is my real goal.

Update - Oooh, not good.
Been ill this week with a bad cold. Had to drop to LSR pace after half way as felt really sick and didn't take on any fuel past 15 miles for fear of what would happen. Just scraped my original, not so ambitious target ;-). Will leave 3.3x until Abingdon! Heaton Harriers & AC 3:27:29 3:28:30 3:35:00 3:44:55 60.36
lise Unaffiliated 3:58:14
louse Liverpool RC 3:36:11 3:37:51 3:37:51 62.45
Lycra Hurricane I think I ran this in a sensible way, trying not to go off too fast at the beginning and trying to keep to around 9mm.  I did get a bit flat after 13 and started to slow down, picked it up a bit and then started to slow down gradually.  No wall though, just tired at the end. Result, pb.....try another one!!! Bedford Harriers AC, Rushden Runners 4:01:53 4:01:53 4:04:47 59.13
mikep Happy to have cracked 3.30 at last.
V50 9/33
A well organised event around a fast course. Lot's of support and plenty of drinks stations. Pocklington Runners 3:21:57 3:26:03 3:29:59 3:27:02 66.85
nevvy Unaffiliated 4:21:50 4:21:50 4:30:00 4:21:50 47.34
pugheaven After travelling up last minute, felt decent, but outside the hotel, thought you know, the weather is perfect... stuff this, I’m going to run at 6:30’s again for 20 mile and drop out... simple as that... and use it for a mega train. Anyhow, shot off, let loads go as the half is run at the same time as the marathon obviously... and stuck to my plan... ish... apart from the fact that I forgot to drop out at 20 mile;
So, this was the 4th race in 9 days... and have to say my legs weren’t fresh but once again strong as hell...

6th overall... Official Results

Here’s the gruesome details.

Split Summary
1) - 1m - 6:24(6:24) - Nice and easy does it Puglet, DON’T get carried away!
2) - 1m - 6:26(12:49) – blimey I didn’t get carried away... however body still trying to get used to a 9am run at pace, not good for me usually
3) - 1m - 6:28(19:17) - Right, was in mindset now, actually starting to feel quite good here not forcing the issue, glancing at watch every half a mile, and pacing myself (I know mental or what, I’m a changed man lol)
4) - 1m - 6:23(25:41) - Feeling good...
5) - 1m - 6:28(32:09) - Nice happy with pace, nothing changed
6) - 1m - 6:28(38:36) - Got a twinge in my left top of calf and funnily enough my right bum cheek... however disappeared after about 200m
7) - 1m - 6:30(45:06) - Starts to go up incline now, and not nice for next two miles as it’s undulating on the pathway and I hate this, knocks me out of rhythm, plus had in my head this was going to be around 21 mile  on 2nd lap
8) - 1m - 6:25(51:31) - Working harder now, make sure I keep form
9) - 1m - 6:26(57:57) - As above
10) - 1m - 6:25(01:04:23) - 6:26 m/m average then to 10 mile... very happy, legs felt strong here, although breathing was starting to falter a little.
11) - 1m - 6:27(01:10:49) - Everything going to plan... bit of a breeze coming back, however, was just starting to hot up a little so, grateful... nothing major though
12) - 1m - 6:29(01:17:18) - Was having thoughts of just turn right and end it with the halfers 
13) - 1m - 6:29(01:23:47) - In a group of 3 now, had caught one, and another had tagged onto us... all aiming 2:50
14) - 1m - 6:22(01:30:09) - steady mile, if a little quick, probably due to group now.. was about 9th at this point
15) - 1m - 6:26(01:36:36) - started to think hold one, I was enjoying working on my own, lets break these two off
16) - 1m - 6:24(01:42:59) - Pushed on and noticed a fella struggling, worked hard and pulled him in over two miles
17) - 1m - 6:21(01:49:20) - Went past him then noticed another fella that I was catching due to increase in pace... I’ll have him I thought.
18) - 1m - 6:20(01:55:41) - Nearly got him, and thought when you go past GO PAST quickly and breath slow lol
19) - 1m - 6:24(02:02:05) - Starts going uphill here through past where the tower is... not nice and could feel myself working harder than I wanted to, passed this fella, then was told I was in 6th position somehow... weird...
20) - 1m - 6:37(02:08:42) - 6:25 m/m for the second 10 mile, so really kept same pace nicely through here, so now, the final 10k... here we go... and was feeling tired now, as mile 20 is a climb.
21) - 1m - 6:33(02:15:15) - knew that these next three mile were tough and all undulating.
22) - 1m - 6:28(02:21:43) - working hard but wheels and legs were about to blow
23) - 1m - 6:37(02:28:20) - Was on for a 2:49:30 here but knew I was shot... the efforts from previous miles were now in legs.
24) - 1m - 6:46(02:35:07) - This was it, the last mile in 6:xx’s... I’d had it... glanced around thinking please no... don’t let people catch me now...
25) - 1m - 7:07(02:42:14) - Gone, legs were wobbling literally and dug in...
26) - 1m - 7:34(02:49:48) - this was damage limitation big time... and have to say the toughest mile I’ve ever ran!
27) - 0.20m - 1:13(7:11/m) –

Fell over the line exhausted knowing I’d given everything AND more I think... never ran that hard... Overall time of 02:51:01 knocking 50 seconds off my previous best in 2007... never have I ran so even OR as hard from 15 mile...

What have I learnt? One, I can run 24 miles at speed, nothing more... haven’t quite got the stamina yet. Two, I can’t race marathons at 13st which is 7lbs heavier than Edinburgh... so another 14lbs will mean I’ll fly at Chester Marathon. Three, I’m gonna look fat on the photos 

Mark Ellesmere Port Running Club 2:49:28 2:49:28 2:59:59 2:50:02 72.67
richmac Huddersfield Triathlon Club 4:03:49 4:03:49 4:00:00 4:03:49 51.54
Rosielad Really pleased with result but thought the race could have been better organised. Unaffiliated 3:55:45 3:55:45 4:05:00 3:55:45 54.00
sedgleyrunner Black Country Triathletes 3:30:11 3:30:11 3:44:00 55.16
SpeedyBrear Unaffiliated 3:50:37 3:50:37 4:15:00 4:00:04 52.06
SSLHP (Shoes smell like horse piss) Dragons RC 3:34:38 3:49:58 3:49:58 59.15
stella belly looking for a good race here i know i can do it Unaffiliated 5:18:00 5:18:00 4:46:00 5:18:00 40.03
Steve Ho Manchester Tri 3:22:07 3:34:13 3:50:00 53.60
steve55 Hoping to compleat this in 5 hours. just outside. Slinn Allstars 5:09:00 5:09:00 5:00:00 5:09:00 46.00
SteveV Been ill this week so will see how things go *UPDATE* Complete disaster Unaffiliated 2:55:28 3:19:23 2:59:00 3:19:23 61.67
Stevo_888 Hopefully sub 4hrs ! 
- Finally sub 4 hours, this is garmin time. Didn't start it until went through the start and we obviously didn't pay enough for chip timing! Second lap was killer knowing you had to run through chavsville for the second time. Managed to run all way for first time during this one. A massive plus is it is definitely flat. Unaffiliated 3:09:29 3:52:12 3:55:00 3:52:12 52.95
usuallyinjured Selby Striders 3:01:42 3:01:42 3:01:42 69.58
Velo Boy Ran the first half with Pod at a good pace, when she completed her half marathon I set off to complete my training race (Swaledale Marathon) and was pleasantly surprised at how strong I felt during the second half.Kept my pace high. Unaffiliated 3:58:36 4:01:38 4:01:38 53.97
Whoever Perfect conditions, relatively flat course - two laps. Was doing OK until about 20 miles, then had to slow down to finish. First full marathon and had not trained beyond half marathon distance so cannot really complain ! Summary - enjoyed first 20 miles, hated last 6.2...... think I'll stick to half marathon's in future!  Best bit - post race sports massage from Tameside College folks. Northern Veterans AC 3:13:39 3:20:09 4:00:00 3:20:09 67.96
woody2run Unaffiliated 3:14:43 3:19:26 3:19:26 70.63
XB FERC 3:55:13 4:24:06 4:24:06 50.63

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