Bedford Harriers Half Marathon

Listed by icemaiden
  • Rated 78%
  • 13.1mi
  • Road
Entrants (68) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
a.k.a Billy I will hold off of predicting till after St Neots but I like this race its not perfect but the organisers try hard to provide a quality event. The course undulates but nothing to bad and there is a great downhill later on.

Update 7/12 feel quite healthy, but weather forcast is pants. PB'd last two years here will try again. my prediction is my course best

Update 10/12 new PB. This must be a lucky course for me as i had stoppages for lace re-tieing aswell. Weather was not as bad as forcast so a bonus there too. Dunstable RRC 1:38:10 1:38:10 1:39:31 1:38:10 59.63
Amadeus Unaffiliated 1:26:46 1:29:33 1:29:33 66.28
Andiep Bedford Harriers AC 1:57:44 1:58:00 1:58:00 56.52
andyb Cold, PB Ely Runners 1:31:23 1:50:05 1:55:00 1:50:05 54.54
Babbit Northbrook AC 1:40:18 1:49:57 1:49:57 59.71
BDR I've never run further than 10K...this should be interesting.

Thoroughly enjoyed the wind, rain, cold and hills!  Big thanks to all the marshalls en route who, despite the rain, kept cheerful! Team Milton Keynes 1:57:10 2:03:38 2:11:00 2:03:38 53.10
CanaryYellow Back to back half marathons on a Sunday for the first time ever (this being the second).  Unaffiliated 1:40:48 2:06:16 2:08:00 2:14:02 43.61
Captain Slow Unaffiliated 1:43:38 1:52:40 1:52:40 53.28
Clareb I am so sorry to everyone who bet on me.  My legs just had nothing in them - tried to push the pace from 9 miles where it is downhill but there was no speed there.  A personal worst which sums up an awful year of injury and poor performances.  Need to revisit training, can the marathons and toughen up if I want to improve next year.  Oveall extremely disappointed... St. Albans Striders 1:46:19 1:46:34 1:44:30 1:52:23 58.03
Coffee Addict Spooky time...isn't it? my first half though! Unaffiliated 2:11:45 2:22:22 2:22:22 41.01
DanG The buzz of the GNR has long passed... Time to get serious again!! Only predict a match of my time for GNR at minute as had two weeks off away from the road. 7 weeks to get back in shape!!!!! Amadeus - Look forward to using your pace setting for the first 100 yards!

Loved it even if the rain just kept on pouring down!!!!!! And a PB to boot; happy days! Wootton Road Runners 1:39:00 1:48:24 1:50:00 1:48:24 53.92
danger Biggleswade AC 1:25:19 1:27:44 1:30:00 1:27:44 66.55
DIY Diva Very pleased to find I was fitter than I thought having eased off training for some time.  Ranelagh Harriers, Vets AC 1:42:13 1:50:34 1:55:28 59.23
dustboy That hurt. Windle Valley Runners 1:56:50 1:56:50 2:05:00 1:56:50 53.89
EarlyRiser Looks like wind and showers. Ah well. First time out racing at this distance, so yet again no real idea how I'll do. Calculators say 1:45 but that may be optimistic! Post race. Well I did it! Better than target. Rain (hard after 4 miles or so for a while) windy, standing water on the roads. Wasn't having fun around miles 4 - 7, but from the long hill down all the way to the end felt better and better! Well organised thanks to everyone for a great day. Unaffiliated 1:33:37 1:43:39 1:45:00 1:43:39 61.78
EdJ Biggleswade AC, Eastern Veterans AC 1:24:43 1:38:52 1:45:00 1:38:52 59.76
Elsie Too injured at 11 miles - couldn't finish Unaffiliated 2:09:55 2:09:55 2:15:00
emma-art Werrington Joggers 1:48:54 1:49:39 2:00:00 1:57:00 55.97
EO Werrington Joggers 1:48:54 1:49:39 1:57:18 56.59
Fluke Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers RC 1:37:46 1:37:46 1:55:00 1:37:46 63.87
funkin Ranelagh Harriers, The Stragglers RC 1:27:42 1:27:42 1:30:00 1:27:42 66.75
Go-KL Entered this because of the fliers on the car at the St Neots Half Marathon, so that guy running round - your job was not in vain! 
Was disappointed with my performance at that race (Didn't / couldn't put in enough effort) and hope that with a few weeks of active recovery from cycling sportive and duathlon, I will be able to put in a good end of season effort to avoid having a five year low for half marathon time!
Post race: Wasn't the time I was hoping for but given the conditions and how I faced up ten minutes before the start of the race it was a good run. After two months of pain on left hand side, on Friday the problems moved to the right hip. and then in warm up strides before the race I felt something pull in the right glute area and I spent twenty minutes frantically stretching. Thankfully there was little problems for the first thirty five minutes and I looked good to break 1:22. Then the heavens opened in almighty style with a rain/hail storm that left the whole body soaked to the bone and ice cold. First the left calf tightened, then as I should have enjoyed the downhill last three miles my right quad on the inside tightened a lot (Something it has threatened to do for a couple of weeks). So once again it was a damage limitation exercise to get home in one piece in 51st place.
Despite everything it was a great race - wonderful organisation and spirited marshals and a super calendar to take home. Whether the course is quick or not I'm not sure - no severe hills but a near constant incline for the first nine miles just slowly chips away at your reserves.  
Grantham Running club 1:14:46 1:23:08 1:21:30 1:23:44 69.74
Guesty Unaffiliated 1:42:42 1:42:42
Hash Good to see Brooks and Billy again.  I think the scenery was good - most of the time I was too busy wiping water out of my eyes to notice!  Lovely supportive encouraging marshalls, though, they must have been frozen but didn't show it.  I love the calendar as a momento, that's going on my desk next year, and I'll look at it when work gets crappy to remind me of the fab things in life Unaffiliated 1:53:22 1:56:48 1:59:00 1:56:48 59.52
hatterfan 100 Marathon Club 1:31:29 1:51:30 1:51:30 52.50
Heals Was touch and go whether I'd even do this due to a horrid cold and cough in the week, but felt alright on the day.  Very glad I took part despite the weather.  Thanks to the marshals for their support, my cap for keeping my face dry and the great company at lunch afterwards. Unaffiliated 2:01:33 2:08:22 2:08:22 50.79
ianb Woking AC 1:34:57 1:46:44 1:46:44 54.85
icemaiden Went better than expected! Very happy with time given wet, cold and windy conditions. But don't think I'll be doing this one again. Unaffiliated 2:02:55 2:18:18 2:20:00 2:18:18 49.85
JohnC Unaffiliated 1:52:59 1:52:59 2:07:00 1:52:59 64.37
Ju1ia Unaffiliated 1:44:27 1:49:19 1:56:19 58.80
Kieren *10 Oct - struggled at 7mm pace for 5.6 miles. Don't think it's possible to get upto the standard of sub 7 minute miling for this distance for this race though.  I really want a sub-90 half though*
@@UPDATE@@ chip time 2 seconds slower than PB which I'm pretty happy with as the course was tough here. ran sub-sevens for most miles but the climbs really slowed me down. Had Danny to pace me, act as a wind-break and motivate me for the last 4 miles. Yet another year that the sub-90 escapes me :( Serpentine RC, Ealing Eagles Running Club 1:31:11 1:31:13 1:40:00 1:31:13 64.01
Kirsty I did this more as a training run than a race as training has not been all it might have been fir the last couple of weeks. I did not enjoy the first half but got going in the second half and did a nice negative split. It was good to discover that 9 minute miling seemed (relatively) easy for this distance, which makes me more confident for a sub 4 marathon in the not too distant future. Team Bushy 1:46:28 1:47:06 1:56:09 56.38
Lieutenant Lucerne Will only be a week after Luton Marathon, so I will take it easy and run round with Mrs L near the back. UPDATE - a PB for Mrs L (and a PW for me) Unaffiliated 1:25:52 1:31:30 2:15:00 2:07:59 49.19
Little Linz Would love to get under the magical two hours....don't care by how much! But the weather might have something to say about that.... Unaffiliated 1:42:02 1:58:17 1:59:59 1:58:17 55.37
Little Sausage Just under 1:40 (according to chip timing) Biggleswade AC 1:37:49 1:37:50 1:39:59 65.28
Lucy80 Well organised race by Bedford Harriers, would run this one gain, despite the hills! Weather was very wind from mile 4, getting a bit cold, but nice run to finish from 10 mile mark, despite the rain enjoyed this one. Unaffiliated 1:58:45 1:58:45 2:10:00 1:58:45 54.91
M1nty Unaffiliated 1:41:23 2:02:23 2:02:23 49.78
mackfly last chance this year to achieve goal of running a 7min/mile 1/2.  Only 4 sec per mile off -  
The middle miles were pretty tough when the heavens opened but really enjoyable downhill for the last few miles,  gaud bless gravity.    I'm more than happy about the time but with that niggling voice in the back of the head Unaffiliated 1:24:01 1:30:14 1:31:30 1:30:14 65.22
Martyn Fisher Slowest half marathon for well over a year, and very uncomfortable to run in the cold  wind and rain. Enjoyed the event as always, though. Thanks to the Beds Harriers for everything. Almost Athletes 1:42:07 1:43:23 1:50:39 55.51
MissingPhoenix Unaffiliated 1:35:12 1:40:25 1:44:00 1:40:25 58.15
Monkey Nuts Unaffiliated 1:32:56 1:42:30 1:45:00 1:42:30 57.25
Mrs Columbo Unaffiliated 2:07:58 2:07:58 2:07:58 53.45
Naomi P Unaffiliated 1:35:02 1:58:00 1:58:00 55.25
Number1Son Paced mum, had no food, was hung over and only had half a bottle of lucozade. o yeh and no training. think i might train next time, aiming 4 under 2 hours next time Unaffiliated 2:38:32 2:38:32 2:38:32 36.83
PeePee My best half was at St Albans 1hr 43mins. It's my goal to get under the magic 100mins, lets see if I can do it at bedford. This will be my first running of the event Unaffiliated 1:40:00
Puffing Bertie I have a stinking cold, have not eaten and have not trained!.......why am i doing this?
Well that was blummin' stupid!.........i gave up the will to live by mile five and had to hang on for the next 8 miles which wasnt fun. However the meal and the company after was just what i needed :-) Unaffiliated 1:58:06 1:58:06 2:10:00 2:13:00 51.83
pussy cat wet!! wet!! wet!! Northbrook AC 1:39:18 1:41:17 1:46:00 1:46:00 68.32
RacingSnake26 Sandhurst Joggers 1:30:08 1:30:08 1:43:48 62.81
Ricardo Phew, what a struggle. Had done this race last year and managed to finish with a blast. This year however, I went for it earlier on and with the wind and rain I was absolutely knackered by the time I got to the uphill finish. Managed to get a new PB though, so good end to the year, running wise anyway! Unaffiliated 1:29:03 1:39:16 1:45:00 1:39:16 59.52
Runner Martin Redway Runners 1:38:46 1:50:17 1:50:17 58.57
Runningmachine Wadhurst Runners 1:33:13 1:33:24 1:35:46 70.48
Runstrong Wet! Southwest Roadrunners 1:28:37 1:31:31 1:31:31 64.85
SH_UK 100 Marathon Club, Swanley & District AC 1:30:04 1:32:06 1:36:30 1:32:06 64.44
shakewell 2 miles in i fell into a puddle.  lost my jelly and cut my knee open. i continued on although at one point i ran backwards to retrieve my water bottle with my jelly in. i managed to find it after the race. Bedford Harriers AC 1:52:24 2:32:56 3:00:00 2:32:56 38.18
shufflingB Unaffiliated 1:50:52 1:57:37 1:58:05 50.84
Silvershadow My first half.  Prediction based on 10M time.  
Wow what a great time I had. I finished so now I have a target time for next time. Bedford Harriers AC 2:27:15 2:38:05 2:35:00 2:38:05 44.38
Slow Going must must must must get band 8 time for this UKnetrunner 1:31:13 1:45:51 1:38:59 1:52:59 52.09
Smartypants Unaffiliated 1:43:05 1:43:05 1:46:00 1:43:05 58.24
starfleet1985 Great race despite aches and paines day before. Great marshalling really enthusiastic. Cold and very very wet. Great race in general. Unaffiliated 1:56:46 1:59:56 2:10:00 2:00:49
StuartM Very pleased with result, have only run a few short training runs in the last 2 weeks because of ITBS pain. Felt it a bit at 5 - 8 miles then it disappeared. Felt great most of the way through though the rain was a little cold and heavy at one point. Unaffiliated 1:32:32 1:42:15 1:44:00 1:42:15 62.10
T55ddy Unaffiliated 1:59:00 1:59:00 1:59:00 50.08
Thierry 68 Tough WCR conditions! (Wind - Cold - Rain)
I am happy with my time on my first half-marathon Unaffiliated 1:32:36 1:42:06 1:45:00 1:42:06 58.44
Tim of Fife This was a nightmare for me,  softened up as I am through training on flat treadmills in a gym that's  a constant warm/dry 20C. 

We had hills.  We had icy wind.  We had lashing rain for four miles.   And we had standing water to run through.   Not my cup of tea at all.

For the record

Mile 1 - 7.59
Mile 2 - 7.51
Mile 3 - 8.33
Mile 4 - 8.18
Mile 5 - 8.28
Mile 6 - 8.49
Mile 7 - 8.13
Mile 8 - 8.37
Mile 9 - 8.34
Mile 10 - 7.59
Mile 11 - 8.04
Mile 12 - 8.34   (Had to stop twice to re-tie left shoe - 30 seconds lost.  Running time 8.04)
Mile 13 - 7.56 
Last 1/10th of a mile - 0.44

Out - 54.20
Back - 54.19
Total - 1:48.39   (chip)       (Stop-watch - 1:48.38)

Just a few seconds faster that the St Neot's Half three weeks ago (1:48:51).   But much,  much more pleasing given the conditions.   

I'm slowly regaining my fitness after the long Summer 'neck' lay off.   Convinced that I'll be able to run sub-1:45 at the Spring Halves,  which are flat and rain/wind free.

I'll be sticking to my regime of just fast 3 to 4 milers x 5 days a week.  It shouldn't work as half-marathon training,  but it does.   So carry on. 
Unaffiliated 1:39:33 1:44:15 1:48:39 57.95
TobynPoppy Really really bad weather for this and for some reason I woke up with a really tight chest. However I ran at a fairly steady pace, left me watch at home so had absolutely no idea what time I was at. A fairly respectable sub 1.40 and am confident in going sub 1.30 in the right conditions Unaffiliated 1:38:41 1:38:41 1:40:00 1:38:41 59.16
TomB Unaffiliated 1:49:42 1:49:42 1:52:00 1:49:42 55.53
Trophywife Watford Joggers 1:30:08 1:44:34 1:44:34 62.37
VickyKnight Wootton Road Runners 1:50:51 1:50:51 1:50:51 58.82
Wheabs Ran better than expected at the Barns Green half a few weeks ago so this should be a good race.
Update: despite the weather a great race - really enjoyed it! Thanks to all the marshals for a great job. Wilmslow RC 1:35:23 1:36:38 1:38:00 1:36:38 62.13

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