Baxters Loch Ness Marathon

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  • Rated 84%
  • 26.2mi
  • Road
Entrants (35) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
AnneW PB in this one and very proud of it Giffnock North AAC 3:53:01 3:53:01 3:53:01 60.13
BessnMaxsmum Unaffiliated 5:23:00 5:23:00 5:23:00 43.38
c-a-t-d not sure of time yet. aanyway well disappointed. doing great and on track for 4 hour ish time when at approx mile 19 IT band gave up and had agonizing pain every step left leg. also shin.  not normal aches and pains. eventually had to walk last 5 miles in pouring cold rain. absolutely gutted. cried at the end as so frustrated. realy p****d off. met some lovely fellow fetchers though. HOD, debstir and santababy. well done you all! one thing though.. i didn't bloody quit. Nairn Road Runners 4:31:47 4:55:17 4:00:00 4:55:17 45.37
Chocky Kirkintilloch Olympians 3:22:07 3:22:29 3:22:29 60.57
Cmontheaccies Girvan AAC 2:30:09 2:30:09 2:30:09 81.19
CT Dagenham 88 Runners, Defra AC 3:14:26 3:40:08 3:40:08 63.16
daviec After my good run at the GSR maybe my confidence was a bit too high going into this race, but my target was to beat my PB from 2005 Edinburgh and come under 3:30 which is what I'd trained for. Without my garmin I felt bare and was surprised to find myself at half way point at 1:31. Turns out I went far too fast and blew up on THE HILL. The last few miles were murder with legs like lead, but ended up with a PB anyway! Carnegie Harriers 2:47:44 3:20:28 3:30:00 3:20:28 60.64
Debstir First ever marathon and didn't know what to expect at all. First 16 - 17 miles were fine, slight twinges in stomach but ok. Hill at 18m was horrendous and walked up half of it. Managed the next 2 - 3m ok then my twinges turned in to full blown cramps. Every time my stomach cramped I had to walk, but as it subsided I managed to break in to a shuffle again. Still, I managed to cross the line in 4:43:40, well under the 5hrs I was hoping for. Bit disappointed with the walking bit but my next one I'll run the whole way...!! :-) Unaffiliated 4:28:36 4:43:40 4:43:40 47.26
Donald S Harmeny AC 3:11:36 3:19:20 3:24:40 65.99
Doonhamer Undulating course with a couple of climbs around 18 and 21 miles. Well organised event with plenty of water and energy drink stops on the route. We were just a bit unlucky with the weather which caused a bit of flooding in the last couple of miles Linlithgow AAC 2:48:21 2:57:26 2:57:26 68.59
Fizz :-) Runner No.: 1303

Position (Overall): 1083  (1233)
Position (Gender): Unknown
Position (Age group): 115 (142)
FERC 4:08:42 4:49:29 4:59:59 4:59:03 45.09
frisp This is a fantastic marathon!! I'd forgotten how much I enjoy it. Tough but scenic course-good support through the villages, great fun. Weather wasn't the best (heavy rain for most of the run) and bad spells for me at ten miles and up the big hill at 17-18 but all in all a very satisfying run out Manx Tri Club 3:05:54 3:05:54 3:10:00 3:05:54 66.98
GoateeH First Marathon - raining, cold, not prepared for the weather! Cumberland Fell Runners, Derwent AC Cockermouth 2:52:42 3:57:00 3:57:00 51.44
Guid Eater Carnegie Harriers 3:29:46 3:32:20 3:32:20 67.16
Hills of Death (HOD) After all the training problems this was beyond my imagination of what a Marathon could be like. Had 2 hours sleep too excited didn't think  I would even get that, GF told me I was stupid to do it- I said No I'm fine. The coach ride and the lad next to me was telling me what the wall felt like (I'm getting worried). Off the coach everyone went to toilet not me I hadn't had any water so straight for a gulp of water and a coffee bumpt into SantaBaby said Hi and Good Luck I was Barnet & District AC, Riverside Runners 3:38:50 4:12:18 5:00:00 4:12:18 48.61
karl Royston Runners, Meridian Triathlon Club 3:55:00 3:55:00 3:45:00 3:55:00 51.73
Levitron First time, hard work but felt I could have gone under 4 hrs if my knee hadn't kept seizing up in the last 10 Unaffiliated 4:14:18 4:14:18 4:30:00 4:14:18 48.68
Loon Dod I really great marathon.
2072 folf registered just fine numbers not to busy even at the start.
Well sorted event great marshalls plenty water and lucozade slightly undulating in parts but then I like hills. Stonehaven Running Club 3:26:04 3:41:00 3:45:00 3:41:00 61.12
Mary Brite Unaffiliated 5:24:19 5:24:19 5:24:19 43.20
Meatball Amazing, my first marathon. Couldn't ask for a better time, Edinburgh Athletic Club 3:29:34 3:29:34 3:30:00 3:29:34 58.00
Nessie Wet.............. Unaffiliated 5:17:00 5:17:00 5:30:00 5:26:58 41.55
Not in the in crowd Unaffiliated 5:25:06 5:25:06 5:30:00 5:25:06 43.10
paul a 100 Marathon Club 3:01:26 3:08:35 3:10:00 3:08:35 66.03
plodding hippo Loch ness marathon 1/10/06

The sixth in six weeks-and I was feeling apprehensive after my struggle at Anglesey-when I had pushed my body a little further than it wanted to go.
To start off with-there was the arduous journey to get there.A dlelayed flight, lugging a 10kg bag across Glasgow, and a 3.5 hour train journey saw me arrive at Inverness at 3.30pm- 9 hours after leaving home.Thanks to my brilliant sense of direction, I managed to walk half a mile the wrong way to my hotel before realising my mistake.1.5 miles with 10kg pack-excellent!
This was swiftly followed by a 1.2 mile plod(I must NOT miss a days running so close to 200 days), and then another 3.5 miles walking to and from registration!Not the best race prep!

Then it was off to the Wetherspoons to try and meet some forumites.I had on my green top and green jewellery-I hadnt met half of this crew before.And I wasn’t going to on this night!!!!!.I sat there like a right lemon, and was about to leave at 7.30, when Nessie turned up , followed by Happycat-who had been out for a sedate anniversary meal.We had a nice chat for an hour or two, and then it was time to grab a quick bite to eat back at my hotel before settling to bed.

Race day dawned-and I really didn’t want to leave my warm cosy bed(I stay in Premier Travel Inns so often that they are like home from home).I managed to force down half a bagel with peanut butter, then  Nessie picked me up to drive to the stadium.Happily, Roobarb and Happycat were already installed on a coach with a toilet , and had saved us seats.It was a nice drive up to the start, with beautiful scenery, thiugh I did quake at the sight of the hills.Id only been informed of one major one, but I guess that depends on ones definiton of hills-----------.
We were ejected rorm the bus staright into the fabled toilet queues, and then it was only about 30 minutes to the start.Ignoring the aerobic warm up(I’m saving my energy thankyou very much), I climbed up the hill so as to be at the back of the start.With chip timing there were no worries about starting at the back of the field.Just time to met and greet a few other fourmites.The race was then officially started with a marching piped band-a nice touch.

I started near to the back with Roobarb and Nessie.Right from the off, it became apparent that I wasnt about to be left behind at the back.There were people running SLOWER than me------!
The first couple of miles are downhill, and so we probably set off a bit too fast-but it takes 3 miles for my legs to warm up anyway, and ! dont take too much notice of those first 2-3 miles.Nessie shot off into the distance after 2 miles-she had to be 10 minute miling at the very least!.As we reached the 4 mile point in 42 minutes, the first drops of rain began to fall.Ahead, I could see Nessie walking-up what looked like a blooming mountain.Now, the sensible thing would of course have been to walk-I am pretty sure I could have walked more quickly that my shuffling, but it was really important to me to at least do 12 miles without walking.As I huffed past Nessie with my eyes fixed firmly on the summit of the mountain, she mentioned something about a second summit-aaaargh, wheeze, max heart rate, feel sick------
But I didn’t walk!The recovery from that hill, nad the next sharp, mercifully shorter incline at about mile 5.5 slowed us down to 11.15 minute miling.Probably a good thing!The corresponding dwonhill was preciptious enough for me to consciously put on the brakes-it certainly wasn’t the time to be speeding up.
Roobarb and I were still running together, and still amanging to have the odd word inbetween gsasps for air.Nessie caught us up, and informed us that there were now no major hills until the Big One at mile 16.And now the loch started to come into view-beautiful scenery, if a little obscured by mist.Strangely enough, there were still people in fornt of, and behind us.We could hear their “oohs” and “ahhs” at the scenery.We left Nessie around mile 7 as she switched to her run walk programme(I was going to miss her commentary on the race and pearls of wisdom, but I wasn’t going to walk), and headed up to the photographer at mile 8.
Regular readers of my reports willl know that I usually have a bad patch at 8 miles.I had prepared for this by eating a jelly sweet at mile 6, and I would hacve had one at mile 8 had it not been for the photographer.He was a welcome distraction, and I have to say that Roobarb and I played up to that camera!There are unfortunately 5 or 6 pieces of evidence for that on the web!
My bad patch caught up with me,or maybe it was the effort of dancing for the camera, and Roobarb went on ahead.I was still running, surprisingly at 11 minute miles still-but I had had to slow slightly.The rain began to fall more heavily now, as did a palpable silence amongst the runners surrounding me.In direct contrast to the chatter before, there was a blanket of heavy concentration as people settled in to the serious business of completing a marathon.Reaching 10 miles in under 1.50(thank god not quite a pb time), I decided that I felt ok, and would at least try to get to 13 miles without walking(not having done that since March 2005).I was running along the lochside, and it must have been a little undulating.i couldn’t see very much(being a spectacle wearer), but the uphills were obvious by a treacle like reluctance of the legs, and the downhills by a sense of stretching in the quads.The variation did seem to help.
I could talk about the people I overtook, and those who onvertook me again on this stretch-there was quiter a bit of leapforgging going on, and many people were now run walking.But I wont, except to mention the guy in black who had the last Lucozade Sport just ahead of me at mile 12.
There is no chivalry in marathons!!!!!!!!!.I had been catching him up, and had overtaken him previously, but that emnergy drink got him going again-and he gradually drew away ahead of me.
Yes, I got to 12 miles without walking.
I hit half way in 2.24, doubly pleasurable as the other target had been to ensure a sub 2.30 half during a marathon as practice for the forthcoming Cardiff cutoff.And there was no real change in the terrain, so why not just keep going?By now I was overtaking people regularly, including some army types who were doing it in full gear, and clearly suffering.There wasn’t much conversation.Most people just seemed to be grimly keeping going.This suited me fine!My mind drifted back to my last marathon pb in 2004.It had been raining then , and I recall getting to 15 miles without walking.
With this in mind, by the time I got to 15 miles, it didn’t take much to psychologically tip me over ito walk mode-on this occasion it was my phoneringing which put me off.Pity really, as it was still flat-ish at that point.
But hang on a minute-what this?.15 miles in 2.45-a mile ahead of where I normally am at this point in a marathon.So I had 3 hours and 15 minutes to do 11 miles if I wanted sub 6 hours-------
Okay-bloody hell, I could WALK all the way tio the end and do sub 6.This starrted me running again, I knew the Big Hill was up ahead.When I reached 16 miles with less than 3 hours on the clock, I realised that, barring a disaster, all I had to do was 15minute mile to the end, and I was guaranteed sub 5.30!!!!
With that we came into Dores, to a carnival atmosphere  and a lone piper.People were out cheering us despite the rain.I started to feel a,little tearful at this point.
I cant tell you when the hill started, nor can I tell you it was that bad.By now I was run walking anyway, and there were flat bit and downhill bits along the 3 mile incline which mrmeant I ws still running small sections.Sure, lots of people overtook me, but I was so far ahead of my usual scheduled speed that I really didn’t care.All I can say is that there were two 14 minute miles in that section, but nothing slower-and thst FAR better than I had hoped at this point in a marathon.
Ahead of me was a guy with a belt containing gels, bottles and an iIPOD.he kept on stopping to walk to faff  with the IPOD, and I kept catching him up, and then he would run ahead was most irritating!King Bloody Faffer!In the end, I introduced a prolonged walk break to let him get ahead. When he did run, he easily cought me up after Id overtaken him, and I didn’t want that stress till the end of the race.

Mile 20------------in 3.52-------------WHAT?
Although I knew now I was going to do sub 5.30, the little voice in my head started asking how much under sub 5.30.Could I do 6.2 miles in 83 minutes to achieve a pb?????This would mean speeding up at the end of a marathon.I pushed the thought to the back of my head-too early to say whats going to happen, and concentrated on making the most of the downhill ahead.The last significant incline at mile 21 was a struggle, not helped by the shock of a huge branch falling off a tree and narrowly missing me.All I could do was keep going, and push myself to run as much as possible.I didn’t dare to think ahead.We began to head into Inverness, and now I knew that there was a big sould destroyin gloop to do before the end.Would I hold it together?.The nice country roads we had been running along gave way to town pavements, with general public to dogode, and the sight of other runners walking the oppostie way, having completed their race.The rain poured.It was a struggle.
By now I was doing just over 12 minute miles with run /walking, and starting to catch people up again.I sailed past King Faffer on a downhill stretch-ha ha ha! On Ness Bridge, I caught up with Roobarb, much to my surprise!
I had no idea whether I could pb or not.The Garmin was reading slightly long, as usual, and there was the point two miles to consider.As I hit 25 miles in a little under 5 hours I began topanic.I am no good at the end of races, I slow down at the very sight of a finish line.And I had cut it fine to pb here!All I could do was run walk, and keep trying to run.It wasn’t until the last half mile to go that I realised my brain hadnt been working.I was going to pb even if I walked to the end now, and I was still running a bit!

As I forced my tired body into the stadium, I was mightily relieved that I didn’t have to do a full lap.The organisers were calling out our numbers and names-Stourbridge does sound better with a Scottish accent
And then the sheer COLD hit me

It still hasn’t sunk in, and I cannot believe my body has let me do 6 marathons in 6 weeks with a pb at the end of this.

100 Marathon Club 4:16:46 5:09:22 5:11:39 44.31
Roobarb Loved this race in spite of the weather! The scenery was beautiful and the lone piper at Dores brought a tear to my eye. The organisation was brilliant and the soup and potato at the end was most welcome. Was surprised I managed to get so near to my predicted time as it was very hard - not used to all those hills! Can't wait to do this again next year. Lonely Goat Running Club 5:05:00 5:11:31 5:00:00 5:11:31 46.74
santababy so so happy, this course is incredible, beautiful, fantastic organisation, getting 2075 runners to the start inbuses
must take some feat! took us an hour in the bus along wee windy roads climbing up towards the clouds, incredible, there are certainly a lot of challenging hills and even at 21 miles there is no let up, after that its flat tho! lol great to have pipe band start us off, tea & coffe at start to warm us up, i could go on and on, i've got a very comprehensive race report in *short stuff* thread on RW if anyone is interested. 
highly recommend this to anyone :o) Harmeny AC 3:30:56 4:25:44 4:39:39 4:25:52 50.89
Selfish Git!!! Greenock Glenpark Harriers 3:21:05 3:26:48 3:45:00 3:27:55 61.76
SilverSlogger Falkirk Victoria Harriers, Polmont Joggers 3:13:41 3:31:57 3:31:57 61.60
sloth training run for Amsterdam in 2 weeks time. Unaffiliated 3:44:53 3:44:53 3:50:00 3:49:52 53.85
Steiny Started well.On target for breaking 3.20 for the first 16 miles.Then faded a bit.Still hoping to have a strong finish.But cramp in the last 3 miles put an end to that.Very wet day but an enjoyable run none the less. Carnegie Harriers 3:27:38 3:27:38 3:20:00 3:27:38 58.87
Sunbed Athlete Started the race with cool conditions then @ 4 mile mark the rain started slowly but steadily then by half-way it was torrential from there on in.
Took 10 mins off previous Marathon time set in June @ Edinburgh.
Got 8th place overall & silver medal for Vet35 categorie for Scottish Athletics Marathon Championships. Cambuslang Harriers, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 2:27:20 2:37:27 2:37:27 77.90
Ultracat could do well or be total rubbish, looking forward to it. Wet. Metro Aberdeen 4:18:27 4:33:45 4:37:00 55.20
Um Bongo Had a really good run, felt strong at the end, hated the down hills at start but loved the uphills. Would have made target if I hadn't talked so much along the way. Sandhurst Joggers, Windle Valley Runners 3:54:49 4:08:26 4:20:00 4:22:52 49.67
Watford Wobble I just can't believe I finished this race.  Ran all the way and felt very good up to 24 mile when I really had to start digging deep.  I'm so pleased my ankle held out and ITB didn't play up.  This was my first marathon and  thoroughly enjoyed it.
The organisers and marshals all deserve a medal.
It's a tough course but for any first timer is is easily 'do-able'.  Just take your time from the start, pace yourself up the small climbs and then you'll finish.
Great race and a highlight of my life.
Unaffiliated 3:27:46 4:49:34 4:49:34 43.30
wil e coyote way slower than I'd trained for.....the joys of marathon running, on 7:30 target right through till 16 before the wheels started to come off, shooting pains through my knee from 21 meant had to jog/hobble home............the start of this race is totally surreal, 3000 runners on a misty highland hillside queing for tea with pipers marching and dominating everything a huge 'baxters' logo - surreal........feelings are mixed on the course, early miles felt fast, but back half is tought, don't think I'd recommend this one...but 10/10 for organisation and feel good factor......10/10 for inverness plenty to do for tourists up there....... 4/10 for the course, trees and lochs... Ayrodynamic Runners, Loudoun Runners AC 3:04:00 3:57:20 3:10:00 3:57:20 52.47

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