Baxters Loch Ness Marathon

  • Rated 84%
  • 26.2mi
  • Road
Entrants (61) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
5hep Farnham Runners 4:07:35 4:11:00 4:20:00 4:11:00 50.72
abdou sub-3.30, and dodgy knee be damned. *Race update* Loved it . And finally a marathon time I can look in the eye. Unaffiliated 3:00:42 3:17:46 3:30:00 3:17:46 62.17
ak0539 Carnegie Harriers 2:49:50 2:49:50 2:49:50 72.41
Ally C First marathon after 12 week training programme.  Cramps after 22 miles slowed my time drastically. completed first half in 1hour 34 minutes. RAF AC, Moray Roadrunners 2:42:46 3:20:14 3:30:00 3:20:14 61.90
AMBERSKYES jogscotland 3:51:04 3:53:40 3:53:40 58.38
Ashmark Unaffiliated 4:48:32 4:48:32 4:30:00 4:48:32 45.20
Beejay Training going well, anything sub 4 would be brilliant for a first marathon :)

Update : Amazing day, ran with Homer and Hendo. Words cannot describe that race :) Southwell RC 3:18:28 3:47:57 4:00:00 3:47:57 54.83
Bennifer See blog for far too much detail! Unaffiliated 4:19:38 4:19:38 4:19:38 52.29
Bob! Not sure about this at all . really sore thigh that I'm just trying to protect until race day. Have now bought Ibuprofen Gel and a tubular bandage. Initial aim is to run 9 minute miles to go sub4. If I'm close I'll push for a PB. But could just as easily be a disaster. Stay positive Bob! 3.57 something? AFTER RACE - That Hill at 18 got to me. Had to walk it, and then went to pot after that Maldon Soul Runners 3:53:35 4:13:05 3:59:59 4:13:05 53.29
bungee Even with the Nessie hills I had better get under 5 hrs!!! Am hoping for around 4.40, training has gone better, felt stronger on my LR's than I did before Edinburgh so whatever happens I will surely PB!!!!! If not I am giving up marathons on my 2nd one!!!! Probably not, but that's how I would feel lol
BET AWAY, give me something to keep the legs pumping folk!!! BET BET BET.
I DID IT YEEHA ..... Nairn Road Runners 4:36:46 4:36:46 4:40:00 4:36:46 52.51
Buzzards Sis Hoping for a PB. Could go sub 4 hours if I have a really great run but, given the hills, I am not predicting this - although I will be aiming for it. If I don't do it this time I will on the next one. Training gone pretty well so fingers crossed. Whether or not I get the sub 4, I should PB so may be worth a bet.*Race report to come but sub 4, YAY :-) :-) Striders of Croydon AC 3:57:28 3:57:28 4:15:00 3:57:28 57.64
coral Unaffiliated 4:10:23 3:50:00
daviec What a day. Perfect conditions for racing. It wasn't too cold up on the hill at the start so the wait between getting off the bus and getting started was fine. Chatted with a few people about how they were going to go, and managed to ignore the most uninspiring mass warm up ever. Next year they could get somebody with a bit of enthusiasm to lead it and maybe more would join in. The lass sounded as if she'd rather be in bed, lol.

And then we were off. I had to get onto the grass verge quite a bit to maintain my pace, but by a half mile in the field was spread enough to maintain pace without bumping into anyone. I hit the first mile marker at 7.14 and I was very happy with the pace. My HR was bubbling around 160 - approx 70% WHR so I was off to a good start. I resisted the temptation to speed up as people passed me, safe in the knowledge that I'd see them again later in the race, lol.

The first test was at mile 4, a short steep climb. I shortened my pace and leaned into the hill. My HR was climbing a bit but I felt comfortable and continued that pace to the top of the hill and then quickly setlled into my normal running pace again. At this point my garmin started playing up. It lost the signal which wasn't a problem as I was locked into my pace, but when it found it again it had added quite a bit onto my actual distance. It had also missed a mile marker while it was out so it gave me one very slow mile and the one incredibly fast mile. My next mile was slow because of this as I was running to the garmin mile marker and the real one was 1/8th mile down the road. I had to speed up a bit to make up lost time.

The miles along the loch side flew in and I was starting to reel folk in by this point. I tried my best to enjoy the scenery, but not as much as the bloke who kept stopping to take photos!! :)

I hit the half way point at 1.35.05. Bang on for my target time and I felt really good. I had to watch my pace still as the temptation now was to start to lift it a bit. My plan though had always been to get to 20 miles and then lift it for the last 10k if I had anything left.

I must have missed the marker for 14 as mile 15 appeared and took me by surprise but my pace was still good. My garmin though was now about 1/4 mile out.

Coming into Dores was a real lift. The support here was tremendous and I ran the whole length of the village with a big grin on my face, and picked up a couple of wine gums form the helpful locals. Brilliant. I was actually now looking forward to the hill. I've done lots of hill work, and visualised it pre-race. The first section was quite a surprise. As I reached the point where I'd ended up walking last year I wondered what the problem had been. It didn't seem so bad this time round. There were quite a few folk walking or indeed stopped though and I passed plenty of people over the couple of miles climb.

Just when you think it's over you come upon the Scaniport hill. Again I was passing people and I was now at the 20 mile point and had to decide how to take the last 10k. The hill keeps climbing to 21 miles though so I had to get there first.

By the time I reached the point I tried to lift my pace slightly, but it just wasn't there. My legs were starting to fell dense and heavy as I moved and seeing people walking ahead of you brings a great temptation, but I kept going. As we got into Inverness I spotted the fetch banner on a fence, but didn't see any fetch tops around. I kept going but my pace was definately slowing and I was finding it hard to maintain form.

My chest was tightening very painfully and forcing a few loud groans of pain as I went. I quick check of the HM and I was still sitting around 165, but I just didn't have enough energy to get my speed up.

As we got further into town the support was getting more dense and again it gave me a lift. I waved and said thanks to the supporters as I had done throughout the race. It's unbelievable how much help it is to have folk appluad and cheer as you run past. As we truned to the riverside I found almost a second wind. I picked my pace up and started passing people once again.

If I hadn't been able to get my speed back I was now heading for 3.16 or so, but with this injection of pace I was confident I could get to 3.14. But it's still quite a distance to go and as I turned at the bridge and started to head back along the opposite bank I was fading again. I concentrated on my form which had been slipping slightly and although it felt like quite an effort I was immediately aware that my pace picked up again. As we came round the park I was just about done. Only the thought that I could still maybe get under 3.15 kept me from stopping. It was an unnerving feeling as my HR was still in the 160s and I was able to talk to the guy running next to me, but I just couldn't move any faster.

At the side of the stadium I caught a glance at the clock on the finish line which read 3.12.something and I had a 1/4 mile to go. I had to hope my legs would keep going and give me the last 1.4 mile in 2 minutes. As I came into the stadium I was just about done. The time had just turned to 3.15 as I came along the home straight. Hearing my name on the tannoy gave me enough for one last push and that really was it. I made sure I went past both timing mats and then stopped dead.

I knew I had a new PB but the feeling was slightly dulled as I had really wanted sub 3.15 and just wasn't sure if I had it or not. I hadn't stopped my garmin straight away but it showed 3.15.16 and I wasn't sure if I'd waited longer than 16 seconds to stop it?!

I tried to collect my medal and a shooting pain through my shoulder stopped me short. I expected it to go away, but moving my arm became incredibly sore. I visited the first aid tent and had an icve pack applied and got paracetomal.

I was very surprised that my legs were still mobile. I expected having run them to exhaustion to feel a lot of muscle pain, but I was fully mobile. A baked tattie and chilli, and a bit of soup sorted me right out and then after chatting to a few runners about the race I was off for my train home. Not after a well deserved cold pint of lager though :) At about 8pm as I sat on the train leaving Glasgow I got a text with my official chip time. 3.14.52! Delighted. Carnegie Harriers 2:47:44 3:14:52 3:10:00 3:14:52 63.09
Dawn1 Dumfries RC 3:46:00 3:46:00 3:46:00 62.64
DCB Cheddar Running Club 3:13:29 3:53:33 3:45:00 3:53:33 54.93
dustyfeet Unaffiliated 4:38:10 4:55:21 4:55:21 45.85
ecosimo Springburn Harriers 2:54:27 3:07:25 3:10:00 3:07:25 65.62
frisp I probably made a mistake running this one. Thought I was over a recent virus but obviously not. Really suffered especially in the second half; aching groin, hips, back, calves and all my 'get up and go' had gone. Very glad to see the finish line.

Anyway, still a fabulous race and a perfect day for running. Lots of support through the villages and towards the end. Challenging and really scenic course. Manx Tri Club 3:05:54 3:19:35 3:20:00 4:02:56 52.04
Gcad First time over this distance training going well although need 10ks and a half marathon to sharpen up. Unaffiliated 3:08:25 3:31:54 3:20:00 3:31:54 58.72
GoJimGo Sub 4hr debut marathon - so pleased Unaffiliated 3:59:19 3:59:19 3:59:19 61.48
HeidiM North Derbyshire RC 4:05:46 4:05:46 4:05:46 55.70
Hendo Come on then, lets 'ave it.  **Update**  Come on, I did it!!  Will be reporting soon... FERC 3:37:31 3:47:57 3:59:59 3:47:57 54.00
Hendy Greenock Glenpark Harriers 2:44:41 3:12:49
Highlanderchick The weather was gorgeous and scenery as lovely as ever. I stood with LoonDod at the start, got a wee lump in my throat as the pipers went by. Then we all set off. This race gets bigger each year. There was a definate sea of Fetch shirts to be adored. Still my fave Marathon. Lakeshore Runners 4:10:39 4:10:39 4:10:39 54.83
Homer Loch Ness fantasic - race report will be in my blog later today FERC 3:47:58 3:47:58 3:45:00 3:47:58 53.99
Jo_Rae Ochil Hill Runners 3:26:50 4:15:18 4:15:18 53.44
John Kynaston Enjoyed this Marathon and was only slightly out of my predicted time Kilbarchan AAC 3:15:16 3:15:16 3:15:00 3:15:16 69.06
kenster Cambuslang Harriers, Campbeltown Running Club 2:29:49 3:13:06 3:13:06 63.68
Lintie Stonehaven Running Club 4:25:16 4:51:00 4:51:00 47.69
lolly_pop hurrah hurrah smashed my pb! Morale is high! Metro Aberdeen 3:22:00 3:22:00 3:45:00 3:22:00 67.04
Loon Dod Great race and weekend.
All went to plan half in 1 hour 40 mins felt good all the way no wall and no problems had to keep slowing down during the first half so as not to get carried away lots of fun with friend and fetchies old and new this is a must do marathon. finished 217th overall and 14th +50 Stonehaven Running Club 3:26:04 3:26:04 3:30:00 3:26:04 66.58
Lord_Matty Wrekin Road Runners 3:56:00 3:56:00 3:56:00 52.10
LouLou Dundee Hawkhill Harriers 2:59:49 3:25:23 3:30:00 3:25:23 65.93
Maverick69 Everything went well till 19 miles, then I passed out . Thanks to the person who stopped and gave me a gel pack. It got me back on the road and I limped in the LAST 6 MILES at 10 minute miles. Sub 3.30 next year. No 648 Unaffiliated 4:29:59 4:29:59 4:29:59 46.29
MissingPhoenix :) Unaffiliated 3:30:09 3:52:17 4:00:00 3:52:17 52.93
Moosescotland Unaffiliated 4:26:36 4:30:47 4:30:47 50.99
MrLemon10 The Darkside Running Club
Nessie Fab fab fab fab fab fab fab Unaffiliated 5:17:00 5:29:15 5:30:00 5:29:15 42.15
ogee 100 Marathon Club, South London Harriers 3:10:24 3:30:00 3:30:00 59.84
oldbiddy ooer
never run a mara

It was the best !!!! I had an absolute ball all weekend, not long till next year !!!!!!!
Unaffiliated 4:30:19 4:31:34 4:20:00 4:31:34 58.90
oldtrotter Newmarket Cycling & Triathlon Club 4:20:18 4:20:18 4:20:18 63.94
Pace Unaffiliated 3:29:31 3:29:31 3:53:00 52.77
Pericles Anxiously anticipating this one, having been pretty lazy all summer and therefore not really up to marathon fitness. *Update* Wahey .... LOVELY race, beautiful weather, and very pleased indeed with my run :). Long downhills for the first nine miles made the route potentially fast, but it was also tough: constant small undulations, with no flat bits at all until nearly 22 miles. Amazingly, I passed through halfway within 30 seconds of my HM pb, and was still feeling strong until 24 miles. The organisation was all spot on. The only downside with this race is that the best scenery is concentrated in the first half, and there is very little atmosphere in the last section through the city. But arriving in the stadium is great. Reepham Runners 3:07:19 3:08:41 3:08:41 66.24
Redrunner Wigan Phoenix, Costa Blanca Striders 2:59:54 3:43:49 3:43:49 67.13
Ron Burgundy First and so far only marathon. Initially was aiming for sub 4.00. Started far too quickly and burnt out by mile 16 and had to walk nealy all the rest. On the whole, very painful experience but still very proud to complete my first full marathon. 100 Marathon Club, Buckingham & Stowe RC 3:10:39 4:55:55 4:55:55 41.55
Roobarb No chance of a pb here as I have already missed 6 weeks of training due to illness. Unaffiliated 5:05:00 5:29:11 5:30:00 5:29:11 45.63
run2thehills Training has been sporadic but here's hoping. I did 4.13 last year in the rain and was on target until the 21 mile mark. If I don't get sub 4 soon I'm going to cry :-( Stonehaven Running Club 4:01:32 4:01:32 3:55:00 4:01:32 53.55
RuthB2 REally hoping to beat my London time, but all depends on the day itself I guess....*UPDATE* Woohoo! Very chuffed! had a great race, loved the course, thought I set off too fast but with Bennifer's help stuck at it. Last 3 miles really hurt, but this time is better than I'd hoped for! Full report to come.... Unaffiliated 3:36:34 4:19:17 4:45:00 4:19:17 52.23
santababy this is best training i've done for a marathon so far, i'm faster than i've ever been, my legs seem to have been replaced with someone else's ;)   BRING IT ON 

bring it on i did, lovin it.... Harmeny AC 3:30:56 4:05:05 4:10:00 4:05:05 56.33
Schnecke Undiscovered country for me - 5 hours or under would be nice, but I just want to get round in one piece. North Herts Road Runners 3:58:29 5:11:55 5:00:00 5:11:55 48.75
Scott S Unaffiliated 3:35:25 4:04:53 4:04:53 50.46
Selfish Git!!! Working offshore 33 days out of the last 6 weeks ..... unlimited supply to food 24/7 working 15 hours per day no training too tired to use the only treadmill. Just going to enjoy the event no pressure aim is just get round in one piece and have a bloody good drink afterwards to celebrate. Greenock Glenpark Harriers 3:21:05 3:49:45 3:59:59 4:32:00 47.94
Shades Maverick Runners 4:24:02 4:49:25 4:49:25 53.87
Siouxsie Ouch. Left lower leg held out to the end but went from very sore at mile 15 to agony by mile 22. Very happy to have finished and still able to walk today :-) Next time...sub 4.30 for sure. Dumfries RC 3:38:54 4:57:30 4:57:30 45.73
SparkyMark This is my first marathon.  Predictions from races show a scary time. Ok, 3:30 is the target, training is going well at the moment.  Will be great to meet some more Fetchies :-) *UPDATE* Race report/blog will describe everything.  This should have been sponsored by Carlsberg - probably the best marathon in the world - EVER ;-)  Fetchies made this such a fantastic experience

Really pleased with time for first marathon - LOTS more later!! :-) Alchester RC (Bicester) 3:39:39 3:39:39 3:30:00 3:39:39 57.96
Sunbed Athlete A new PB for me.1.53 faster than last year where I set my now old PB lol.Got txt thru as I was enjoying a much deserved takeaway.Special thanks goes to my mate Alsadair for watching my son Kalle whilst I ran.
Was 4th overall.Sat in 3rd place from 16 - 26 mile where Iwas overtaking in the last 300 odd yards.With nothing in the legs to attempt a fight back I just surrendered the place to probally a more deseving runner as he was nowhere to be seen once I got to the last big hill @ 21 mile.
Hope to be back next year. Cambuslang Harriers, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 2:27:20 2:35:30 2:35:30 80.01
susietwoshoes My first marathon.   I enjoyed nearly every minute of it.   I set out to enjoy it and I did.  Like others I have learnt so many lessons along the way, both in training and on the day.   I also have so many people to be grateful to.Thanks to all of you who advised me and motivated me. I will stop now, sounds like an Oscar winners speech.
The organizers and the people of Inverness be proud you were all amazing.  Dumfries RC 5:17:13 5:18:41 5:18:41 47.71
SuzeeDiamond This was brilliant, I ran the whole race with my friend, we had a brilliant day everything about it was perfect.  Would definitely do this again. Unaffiliated 5:00:50 5:00:50 5:00:00 5:00:50 48.31
Tigger999 Unaffiliated 4:03:00 5:00:50 5:00:50 45.68
Weekatiepea Grampian Orienteers (GRAMP), Stonehaven Running Club 3:43:31 4:58:36 4:58:36 45.35
z1000jeff Ran for work colleague Stewart Collins who was out through injury. In the event I was nursing slight injury too. Right hip and hamstring giving gyp. Unaffiliated 3:33:38 3:50:31 4:00:00 3:50:31 57.04

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