Baldock Half Marathon

Listed by Schnecke
  • Rated 75%
  • 13.1mi
  • Mixed
Entrants (14) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
BrianJ A race that starts 100 yards from home! Quite a good result for such a hilly course. Previously I'd only been as far as Wallington, but the Sandon bits were just as scenic North Herts Road Runners 2:11:44 2:14:14 2:16:29 50.36
coco1 Unaffiliated 1:48:00 2:05:57 2:05:57 53.24
duke88 Yaxley Runners and Joggers 1:33:16 1:33:16 1:35:32 61.11
EdH North Herts Road Runners, Stotfold Runners 1:49:53 1:54:34 2:00:00 1:54:34 51.22
JuliaD Hilly! Cambridge & Coleridge AC 1:42:24 1:44:40 1:50:00 1:44:47 63.08
Makka Cambridge & Coleridge AC, Royston Runners 1:15:55 1:23:45 1:27:00 68.22
Mave My very first half marathon.

I did it! And absolutely loved it.

It was very hilly. My sister who is training for the VLM ran this with me for support and her words were Pocklington Runners, FERC 2:01:35 2:01:35 2:40:00 2:19:29 46.76
Morning Owl Big hill at 10 miles, mud at 6 miles. Beautiful route - tough but enjoyable. North Herts Road Runners 1:23:11 1:23:11 1:29:08 71.24
PaulGuy Garden City Runners, Aycliffe Running Club 1:18:06 1:21:51 1:28:00 1:27:44 67.65
Pootle FERC 1:56:45 1:59:12 1:59:12 55.24
Schnecke Thoroughly enjoyed this undulating course - and pleased to have managed to be disciplined enough to stick to planned marathon pace (apart from the last 2 miles which were largely flat so I went for it!)  I'd run 5.5 miles from home first to get there, so altogether this made up a really good 18 mile marathon training run :-) North Herts Road Runners 1:45:17 1:53:49 2:00:00 1:55:49 66.40
Soggous Preparation for this race was awful. I had a sore leg and a bad cold. But I'm stubborn so ran anyway. And yes I know, I shouldn't have. I know that now! Started a bit too fast really. Felt OK until I hit the first hill (at mile 2), got over that only for there to be another one :-( Had my gel at mile 4 because I was slowing and felt lethargic. Had an OK next few miles. Slightly demoralising to be passed by the leaders at mile 5 :-o Mile 6 saw us running along a muddy trail through a wood. That was slightly unexpected. Heading back to Baldock I felt truly terrible. I didn't think I'd make it and was so very relieved to see the drinks station at mile 10. I actually stopped here to make sure I drank the isotonic drink on offer, and then some water. That definitely got me going again, and as I reached the top of the final hill I can say I've never been so pleased to see Baldock. This race is not called The Beast for nothing. Bit of a long cold wait for medals and T-shirt, lucky my husband was in the Town Centre with a spare coat for me. Unaffiliated 1:45:25 1:53:39 1:50:00 1:53:39 57.77
StevenT North Herts Road Runners 1:27:55 1:31:19 1:31:44 65.90
stoibee65 Obsessively following my first marathon training plan, I just HAD to do a half marathon on 18th March and this was the only one that fit the bill. As a fan of pancake flat runs, the “Beast” bit in the title should have had me on my guard, but it was only 40 minutes away from London and so Baldock it was.

The race itself started off on the edge of town with about 450 runners snaking their way into the Hertfordshire countryside. Word on the lanes was that this inaugural race consisted of a gentle climb for the first 7 miles or so and then it was downhill all the way back into Baldock. What actually followed was hills, roadkill, inclines, scouts and guides brandishing isotonic drinks, climbs, fields, rises, muddy tracks through woodland, ascends, ducks and more hills. In short it was hilly, with those earlier hill repeats certainly coming in handy. That said, I’m giving it a big thumbs-up - well organised, friendly and comprehensively marshalled throughout. The official results are not out yet but I'm secretly hoping for a personal best.

As the t-shirts said, East London Runners 1:47:55 1:49:09 1:53:33 55.92

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