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Amsterdam Marathon

Sun October 21 2007 Listed by shineyheadmike
48 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Joan Unaffiliated 4:01:01 4:01:01 4:01:01 67.24
AnneW Became very unwell during race and had to walk last 8 miles just glad I made it in under 5 hours Giffnock North AAC 3:53:01 4:55:00 4:55:00 48.80
Baldy Dave Had planned on aiming for sub 4 but training has gone very well and I now hope to be nearer 3:30
UPDATE Great day and time what I had hoped for Unaffiliated 3:21:37 3:40:07 3:35:00 3:40:07 58.28
CanaryYellow Finally ran a proper marathon complete with wall, pain and a PB to be very proud of. Unaffiliated 3:59:32 4:44:46 4:59:59 4:44:46 43.22
carryonregardless Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC 2:38:06 2:46:20 2:46:20 73.92
Cobham Runner Harvel Hash House Harriers 3:32:34 3:42:07 3:40:00 3:42:07 64.58
Cobra Batman Cobra RC, Halesowen A & CC 3:27:17 3:38:30 3:38:30 56.42
Craney Unaffiliated 3:17:53 3:41:53 3:45:00 3:41:53 55.47
davef Headington RoadRunners 2:56:50 3:02:54 3:05:00 3:02:54 68.03
DaveH Going for sub-3 but going to be touch-and-go as training has had to be put on the back burner for my own stupid personal reasons.
**UPDATE** All going swimmingly (well as swimmingly as it can do) until my right hammy went from slight twinge if I went under 6:50s to full-blown scream-inducing cramp at the only point on the course where there weren't any supporters (mostly as they were all IN the Heineken Brewery not outside it). 5 mins later I was back on my feet and hobbled over the line a little after Jigs cruised in. More to follow.
Unaffiliated 2:54:40 3:09:47 2:59:00 3:09:47 64.78
degennal Started out as a great race pacing with the 4:30 RW group, but then really struggled at 30K.  Had to run/walk it to the 40K mark and then ran to the end! Serpentine RC 4:41:53 4:50:00 4:45:00 4:50:00 46.70
Delia The hardest race I have ever completed - the most lonely and boring route imaginable, especially when even at 5k you're on your own! Unaffiliated 6:05:00 6:12:00 6:00:00 6:12:00 36.40
Demeer Unaffiliated 4:57:42 5:11:43 4:45:00 5:11:43 39.44
Didds Bexhill Runners 3:46:35 3:46:35 3:46:35 56.18
Fast&Furious Woking AC 2:48:04 2:59:45 2:58:00 2:59:45 72.55
Foxy 4 of us Headed out to Amsterdam, my Aussie Lodger Dave,Dave Ross & his mate John, Aussie Dave didn't run but we are still trying to persuade him to one day, John did the half. 

The course was very similar to the year before but without a lap of the Stadium around 8km as in 2006. 

put in a spring finish over the final 400 yards, airplaning across the finish in a pleasing time, slower than last year but with the increase in races that's to be expected.Couldn't hold back the tears of relief at the end.

Very pleased to run back to back weekends in sub 3 hours 45 mins. 

A wicking t-shirt, with Orange sleeves & Blue trim by Mizuno, not bad but a little flambouyant, The medal was nice very similar to the previous year - oval shaped again featuring the olympic torch. 

3 countries & 5 marathons towards my challenge done.
100 Marathon Club, MK Lakeside Runners, Milton Keynes Lakeside Runners 3:09:27 3:26:47 3:29:29 3:41:53 55.56
hssghj London FrontRunners 3:41:03 3:45:21 3:45:21 54.56
Is@@c On for sub 3:15 until 20 miles - mustn't grumble at PB though, Snowdon marathon in 6 days time ! Stockport Harriers & AC 3:24:40 3:27:03 3:27:03 61.96
jacko 1st ever marathon so dont know what to expect am looking for a good for age time of 3.15 following good training plan and about 40 club runners competing so we will be training together on long runs . fingers crossed Beverley AC 2:57:04 3:04:46 3:15:00 3:04:46 70.00
Jigs Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a result :):):):):):):) Over the moon!!!! Unaffiliated 2:46:27 3:08:09 3:14:59 3:08:09 66.79
Keefy Beefy Was going to escort my Uncle but as he's been injured it let me off. In the end I went for Gobi's idea of 10K slow, 10K PMP, 10K slow, 10K PMP, 2.2K slow. The PMP bits went ok but it was hard to slow down after the fast parts so it was maybe ran a little harder than I planned. Unaffiliated 3:15:38 3:19:17 4:00:00 3:35:19 57.10
lady_westcliff After a summer full of injury hell I'm so pleased I managed to complete this :) Really pleased. Unaffiliated 4:58:45 4:58:45 4:58:45 45.33
Markonline99 Too few 20 mile long runs during training caused me to slow after the 18 mile mark. Injured my left knee at 23 miles, and had to walk/shuffle to the end. Never again will I skimp on the long runs during marathon training. A lesson learned the hard way.

Westbury Harriers 3:03:25 3:37:06 3:15:00 3:37:06 60.07
mathersc Unaffiliated 4:29:27 4:29:27 4:29:27 45.75
Miss Sweden I really have no idea what kind of time I'll do this in. But I reckon I should be able to do it in under 5 hours, yet not much faster than 4.45.
However, it's only January and I've got a lot of training time yet, so I may well be able to improve on this (I hope!)

Well, I had eventually hoped to do this in 4.30 but but dodgy IBS belly on the day meant I spent a lot of time on the lavvy both before the rcae and during (5 loo stops!) Didn't feel great, but was pleased juyst to finish. I'm still up for another one. I know I can do better! North Shields Polytechnic AC 4:27:26 4:48:55 5:00:00 4:48:55 46.99
Morriaty Eastern Veterans AC, Riverside Runners 3:14:58 3:29:15 3:29:15 66.72
Mr Woo Striders of Croydon AC 3:25:53 3:51:53 3:51:53 53.03
Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so chuffed with my time, what a grreat race!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) Kettering Town Harriers 3:15:02 3:43:16 3:59:00 3:43:16 71.64
Neil E Dunnin Almost Athletes 3:57:45 4:46:00 4:46:00 45.60
Nice guy Eddie North Norfolk Beach Runners 3:14:03 3:43:00 3:30:00 3:43:00 55.15
Nick99 Did not expect to run as had sore/torn calf muscle. However a quick run on the Saturday eased the tightness so we went for it. Lovely friendly race, nicely organised, good officials. Nice route too, takes you around some classy parts of Amsterdam well away from the coffeeshops and window-ladies ;o) New Forest Runners 3:32:31 4:01:14 4:01:14 51.81
Relkeel66 Wye Valley Runners 3:34:36 3:59:10 4:00:00 3:59:10 53.23
RichGreen Pensby Road Runners, Pensby Runners 3:39:46 3:56:54 3:56:54 52.76
Robbo Barrow Runners 3:29:53 3:43:03 3:59:59 3:43:03 60.78
Rubber Chicken Unaffiliated 4:36:30 4:56:12 4:56:12 42.20
Ruggy Dunstable RRC 3:17:50 3:22:54 3:22:54 63.75
Scar Tissue Holme Pierrepont RC 2:31:19 2:41:39 2:41:39 76.97
Seagrave Birmingham Running, Athletics, & Triathlon Club (BRAT) 3:40:48 3:52:08 4:00:00 3:52:08 52.97
shineyheadmike Really surprised with time.  Felt good most of the way with absolutely even 28minute 5Ks all the way round.
Loved the cours and brilliant atmosphere. Brighton & Hove City AC, Portslade HedgeHoppers 4:01:01 4:01:01 4:26:00 4:01:01 55.48
shufflingB Unaffiliated 4:07:28 4:48:39 4:48:39 43.80
shutterbug Unaffiliated 3:06:10 3:09:21 3:09:21 66.28
SuzyWoo Amazing!!!! Such a fab run - i cannot believe how good i felt all the way round, and to smash my previous marathon time by over an hour!!! I'm so pleased!!! I need to do another one now to get my GFA sub 3:45!!! Orpington Road Runners 3:13:40 3:52:06 3:52:06 58.34
swift8 After a sudden rash piece of 'inspiration' today, I've decided that if I'm ever going to attempt a marathon it might as well be this one. I suspect I won't finder a flatter one! I'd better start working on a plan now... Great Western Runners, SWIFT Running Club 3:39:19 3:44:58 3:45:00 3:44:58 54.71
Tiger Epsom Oddballs RC, Reigate Priory AC 4:04:04 4:12:38 3:59:59 4:12:38 56.99
trigger74 PB brilliant run delighted. The story - at start line look down at my feet and realise I ahev forgotten my chip, ah what a tit. Had bad stomach over night and in morning. Anxiety was high. Bunched start but soon started getting a move on. Met Jigs after about 5km as we were looking for similar times we stick together our pace is quicker than planned. Went through halfway in 1.33, still felt good though. At 30k, I couldn't keep up at same pace or with jigs any longer. Set in to a groove of 5min ks which got me home in 3.13 - Very pleased. Reading Roadrunners, Watford Joggers 3:11:37 3:13:05 3:18:00 3:13:05 63.75
tuck Woo Ho!! New PB, very pleased with the time considering.....Legs could not take the last 1K and with 200m to go legs completely cramped up.  Had to stop and stretch and managed to get going again to run to the finish line.  At the moment can't say I enjoyed it, but come the end of the week?... Unaffiliated 3:39:24 3:44:30 3:50:00 3:44:30 54.77
Vitalstatistix What superb conditions - hardly any wind plus 8-12 degrees C - and it was as flat as a pannenkoeken. Recommended for anyone who wants a fast marathon... Bedford Harriers AC 2:43:36 2:43:36 2:45:00 2:43:36 76.81
Yorkshire Mince Pie Just about a PB, but 3:45 will have to wait for another day. Unaffiliated 3:44:05 3:50:35 3:45:00 3:50:35 58.73

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