Alloa Half Marathon

  • Rated 81%
  • 13.1mi
  • Road
Entrants (36) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
_andy Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... And a wee bit of wind too. Kinross Road Runners 1:20:41 1:31:26 1:35:39 60.95
Applecross Took it quite steady throughout, but conditions and lack of a taper meant this was never going to be PB territory.Felt pretty good for most of it (though could've done without the wind and the snow flurries in miles 1 and 12. Don't think I was the only one who was relieved to be going up the infamous hill at mile 11 - at least we'd turned out of the head wind! 
PS - belated hello to a fetchie-in-club-clothing who had a wee chat at about 10 miles - sorry I was a bit incoherent, running does that to me. And thanks to JulesR for the flapjacks! Unaffiliated 1:39:19 1:41:15 1:41:15 63.74
Baza Had a good run at Inverness last w/end when I thought I'd been taking it easy, so I've altered my prediction accordingly. Hopefully no headwind along the hill foots should help...

Conditions put paid to my predicted time, just glad to finish. Felt good quite strong along the hillfoots as well - splits said otherwise. Never mind, always good to get Alloa done, brilliantly organised event Carnegie Harriers 1:23:13 1:26:03 1:25:00 1:30:26 64.11
bedlam_g Hopefully my first decent half marathon.  Have to get under 1.40 this time.
Official time confirmed.  I’m ecstatic about this, finally a half marathon goes well for me despite the conditions I get a 4 and a half minutes plus PB.  For once I ran a really controlled steady pace and despite having to work really hard in the second half against the dreadful head wind I just about maintained my pace and finished with a little to spare.  Well done to everyone who bet on me. Bellahouston Road Runners, Cumbernauld AAC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 1:13:23 1:27:24 1:37:00 1:35:31 61.03
Coz I can Central AC, Ochil Hill Runners 1:16:52 1:19:10 1:20:47 72.16
Dave_K What a day!! Sunshine, rain snow, wind...... Really pleased with my run. Especially in the conditions. Great race, well organised. Thanks to all who took a gamble on me. Unaffiliated 1:41:20 1:46:53 2:05:00 1:57:19 51.35
davie y Wee County Harriers, Scottish Prison Service AAC 1:32:19 1:36:31 1:36:31 60.07
DCB Cheddar Running Club 1:30:50 1:32:55 1:38:51 61.45
Debstir Well, I think that's what the clock at the finish said (updated to put what the clock *did* say)! First off, I never set out to race this, I was using it as part of my marathon training / long run (not ideal I know but it had to be done!) so had to try and keep my mins per mile slow. Headwind along Hillfoots helped with that right enough!! Awfy harrassed at start as my planned 3m to get there was 4m so had very little time before the race started (and also ran that 4m waaay to quick for what I had planned). Predictabley disappointed with my time as I knew I would be, although I knew I wasn't racing, but when every half I ran last year was sub 2-hr :-( Unaffiliated 1:54:25 1:55:50 2:23:57 45.08
Donald S Harmeny AC 1:29:10 1:30:25 1:36:01 67.68
drh Not  a bad run considering only had 3 weeks training and I have not ran more than 9 miles in a day for 3 months. Weather was terrible very strong head winds for 4 miles plus some snow. Carnegie Harriers 1:17:00 1:26:53 1:20:00 1:26:53 68.82
Dvorak Well, that was an experience.  Howling snow when I left home, thought race might be canx, but Alloa was relatively clement, if cold.    Started almost at back (time is watch time), and kept it slow.  Started passing people after a couple of miles, and kept passing them.  Sun shining, almost balmy coming through Devonside.

Then round into a strong headwind, which was soon followed by icy snow.  Freezing clothes plastered to body.  Jealous of fast people - not because they are fast, but because they are finished.  Dug in, head down.  Snow abated.  Hill not so bad.  Last mile is fastest mile.  

Major props to all finishers in what the PA stated were the worst conditions in the race's 25-year history. Unaffiliated 1:53:58 2:04:44 2:12:00 2:09:14 47.00
El Del Disappointed with run as I feel I am in better shape than last year, and ran 2 1/2 min slower.  Averaged 5:54 pace for first 7miles, then 6.53 6.55 6.22 into the wind destroyed PB attempt. Giffnock North AAC 1:17:19 1:19:29 1:20:35 76.63
Enigma Wow - that was some race. The wind was hellish on the hillfoots section. When I turned the corner out of the headwind, it felt like I was bouncing along. Crazy weather, rain, snow, sunshine certainly a race that won't be forgotten by many who took part. Very happy with my time. I took around 4 mins off of my PB, what could I have done without the headwind? Knackered now. Well done to the organisers and everyone who took part. Also well done to those who bet on me, the gamble paid off. Unaffiliated 1:33:06 1:33:06 1:37:00 1:36:26 60.29
Gokeith ran quite decent and happy enough with the way i ran,knee held up everyone else the wind was a big factor in a slower time than predicted. Kilmarnock Harriers & AC, Loudoun Runners AC 1:14:54 1:20:43 1:20:00 1:20:43 73.58
Guid Eater Carnegie Harriers 1:38:18 1:38:39 1:38:39 70.11
hannkies So so. Like everyone else it seems, struggled badly for about a 4 mile stretch. Actually thought ( wrongly ) around 7 miles an unexpected pb may be on the cards, 41 mins for 7miles and feeling fairly strong, but no chance. Worst half time in 2 1/2 years, but respectable enough in the conditions. Good runs by a couple of clubmates including Go Keith, and good to meet Jules R. Was 39th of 895 in the race, and the least said about the CIS Cup Final the better !!!! Kilmarnock Harriers & AC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 1:15:52 1:18:39 1:22:24 71.65
Heders Unaffiliated 1:55:16 1:55:16 2:09:24 49.82
jp105 After a good couple of races last weekend I was geared up for a good one in Alloa however injured myself on Thursday evening whilst training and could not race to full potential.  I had paid my entry fee so decided to run and was greeted by varying weather to say the least! Well done to Magoo who had a very strong run. Carnegie Harriers 1:14:59 1:14:59 1:24:01 69.00
JulesR Official time. Well, just about made the Fetch pb but as everyone else has described, the conditions were tough. Good run but a big headwind from 7-11 miles with nowhere to hide. Nice route, friendly organisers and the women got a flower at the end (we didn't). Nice to meet hannkies and jp105 of Killi - hope their team win the cup later today! Update - they got humped :( Stirling Triathlon Club 1:23:37 1:23:37 1:24:00 1:25:26 72.88
loopy my first half Stornoway R & AC 1:42:50 1:46:29 2:00:00 1:51:03 58.44
Plussing As Which Rather 'blown away' by my race today!!  Could not believe the weather conditions or the fact that I knocked 5 mins off PB (took 10 secs to cross line - must start nearer the front!)  Felt good throughout and actually really enjoyed the challenge of the wind along the hillfoots in spite of the impact it had on my time!  Absolutely thrillied.  Unaffiliated 1:28:05 1:28:05 1:30:00 1:28:05 73.68
race junkie Fife AC 1:21:51 1:21:51 1:23:40 70.21
run fat boy run72 Unaffiliated 1:36:08 1:51:26 1:56:51 49.76
Running Beans As Lochaber is of the cards then I will try for the half, there is still plenty of time to get the distance done and I have commited to this one as I have paid the entry fee. Looking for around 1;20, but if all goes well then you never know what might happen.

Well all never went well the day seemed to give all the runners seven seasons in one day. I was doing quite well up untill about mile 7-9 then all started to go backwards and before I knew what was happening I was walking, this only lasted about a mile or so and was able to start to run after we turned off the windy straight. My worst ever half marathon period and the less said about it the better. Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 1:19:53 1:36:00 1:20:00 1:36:00 60.57
Runningbug Runningbug runners, BOABY HILLDODGERS 1:33:34 1:43:22 1:45:00 1:47:20 58.01
SilverSlogger Falkirk Victoria Harriers, Polmont Joggers 1:29:20 1:39:08 1:43:20 60.26
Sloan Unaffiliated 1:48:58 1:58:16 1:58:16 55.23
sloth Unaffiliated 1:41:45 1:43:19 1:45:00 1:50:06 53.62
Son of a Pronator Man That's my own timing, but I was pretty close to the start line so there should only be a few seconds more on the Carnegie Harriers 1:25:25 1:33:15 1:35:00 1:33:15 66.77
Squirrel1980 Falkirk Victoria Harriers 1:28:33 1:42:56 1:42:56 56.32
Steiny Someone must have ordered extra wind this year.Had a decent start all be it rather busy.Entered the wind tunnel at about 7 miles.Got a bit of shelter thanks to a tall Kilmarnock Harrier.Tagged on to a passing pack about 8.5 miles.And tried to push on for a strong finish.4 mins slower than last year but not too upset as I haven't trained this last fortnight due to a virus and injury.Nice to see such a large field for the 25th running of this friendly enjoyable race. Carnegie Harriers 1:30:54 1:33:37 1:29:00 1:35:03 61.54
Supervixen Talk about four seasons in one two hours, sun, rain, sleet, snow all in varying degrees.  Tough, tough race, but managed a PB, unoffically, time should be fairly accurat though.  Never been so greatful to see a hill in my I could turn out of the wind/rain/snow.  Really friendly bunch of runners and spectators though.  Will be back next year....if they run it in July! Unaffiliated 1:56:24 1:56:24 2:15:00 2:10:00 50.68
Tasis Lass I got round but should not have run this but still pleased with my time Fife AC 1:53:05 1:53:05 1:59:39 55.07
Ticketyboo Well organised race with a mixture of sunshine, strong winds, snow and hailstones.

Ouch...turned the corner at 7 miles into a 30 mph wind and horizontal hailstones. Cumbernauld AAC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 1:14:11 1:20:16 1:25:56 67.55
Waj Running ok up untill the 7mile mark then struggled a bit due to lack of training and driving snow. Happy to complete the race. Unaffiliated 1:44:07 2:02:27 2:02:27 50.85

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