Fetch Virtual Weekend

No organised races? Pick one of ours - just for fun!

To enter a race this weekend, use the Enter buttons below to add it to your Fetch Race Portfolio. On the weekend, run the distance, and enter the time you achieve, to appear on the leaderboards. And that's about it. Handy if you're working towards a Fetch Standard.
Celebrate your ten miler with a Sombrero medal
Fetchie Sombrero is an artsy type. He's designed some cute wooden medals to celebrate your achievements. If you'd like to order The Lockdown Croc Ten medal to commemorate your ten mile or ten kilometre run, contact him via his Facebook page
Mile Results
light78 5:35
ancient 6:24
PeteFastFeet 7:00
Cats Whiskers 8:42
Brother Iron 11:41
Night-owl 13:13
5 Mile Results
Sombrero 41:02
ElDuderino 43:09
bish 47:35
Lip Gloss 49:22
PenW 54:32
runnerbean 55:44
The Scribbler 57:17
10k Results
Paul N 42:25
RRR-CAZ 🇬🇧 46:15
ThorntonRunner 49:34
Old Croc 50:53
LazyDaisy 1:22:20
10 Mile Results
dave99 1:14:38
iRicey 1:21:08
Oranj 1:21:21
Lizzle 1:27:41
Ness 1:55:16
Half Marathon Results
NavyAl 1:48:49
Fizz :-) 2:17:44
DeeGee 2:24:31
Jenni-far-far 2:32:33
Marathon Results
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