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Your Favourite Marathons

Here's our list of the most highly-rated marathons in the UK and overseas over the last twelve months. Scores are based on your reviews, and to qualify, a race must receive at least five reviews.
Event Month Score
1 Newport Marathon May 91
2 Peterborough Marathon Apr 90
3 North Dorset Village Marathon May 89
4 Boston Marathon UK Apr 89
5 Milton Keynes Marathon May 88
6 Brighton Marathon Apr 86
7 London Marathon Apr 86
8 MBNA Chester Marathon Oct 85
9 Yorkshire Marathon Oct 85
10 Abingdon Marathon Oct 84
11 ASICS Windermere Marathon May 84
12 Greater Manchester Marathon Apr 83
13 Valencia Marathon Dec 83
14 Barcelona Marathon Mar 83
15 Baxters Loch Ness Marathon Oct 81
16 Beachy Head Marathon Oct 79
17 Boston Marathon Apr 79
18 Snowdonia Marathon Oct 78
19 Edinburgh Marathon May 78
20 Paris Marathon Apr 76

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