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Review: Asics DS Racer

Overall Score
Based on 2 reviews
Stylishness 4
Comfort Read 1 comment 5
Sizing 5
Durability Read 1 comment 4
Road suitability 4.5
Mud suitability Read 1 comment 1
Rocky suitability Read 1 comment 1
Lightweight 5

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  • says A good race shoe with some support for those of us who overpronate


  • says I reckon on getting about 300 miles out of a pair.

Mud suitability

Rocky suitability


Some kit exudes coolness, whilst some says 'The eighties called, they asked if they could have their stuff back'


Is this kit so comfortable that you can forget you're wearing it, or is it as uncomfortable as whalebone pants?


It's fairly common to go for a slightly larger size when choosing running shoes. How accurately are these shoes sized?


How well does this kit stand the test of time (feel free to adjust your rating and comment as time passes)

Road suitability

How suitable is this kit for road running?

Mud suitability

How suitable is this kit for running in muddy conditions?

Rocky suitability

How suitable is this kit for running in rocky conditions?


Is this piece of kit as light as a feather, or does it weigh you down?

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