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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Fetcheveryone Podcast

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  • lol.
  • Hi. I just want to say I have thoroughly enjoyed the podcast so far. Love hearing all the different Fetchies and it's all presented in that friendly, laid-back manner that sums this place up so well. So yeah, carry on :-)
  • Great minds think alike!
  • Thanks HB :-)
  • Just listened to 11 & 12 while out for my run - this is great :-)
  • Inspired by Episode 12, I have, finally, registered up for park run - first run this weekend for SWMBO and myself.
  • Nice one Tommy - which one are you going to? They all have their own little bits of character.
  • Episode 12 listened to on this mornings dog walk.

    Am intrigued about the swim - being only able to do half a mile at the moment - how the heck can you swim for 8 miles?
  • surely it must be like running, to start with you slow down to go further and then the pacey stuff comes in as you've built it up?
  • I'll let Katie answer that in more depth, but there's usually a flotilla of support canoes, paddle boards etc, for the more critical question i.e. "what happens if you can't?" :-)
  • Thanks Fetch.

    There's a selection of Park Runs all within reasonable distance of us (Glasgow), but, we're going to Tollcross so we can have a swim afterward - the 50m pool should be available.
  • Listened on my lunchtime walk as usual. It's a bit like getting the Beano, but with less reading and violent undertones ;-) I thought the sound was good this week - less hissy than recent recordings, but Fetch sounds like he sits back and Katie sits forwards. Loved all the Fetchie contributions.
  • Just completed first 10 mins. Geneva - Fetch can cycle round the lake?
  • There are biycle hire and rollerblading hire places
  • run free - proper lol from me thinking of fetch rollerblading round Lake Geneva. Frank Spencer comes to mind.
  • That should have been the forfeit.
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