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Ian Williams aka Fetch

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  • I did think happyG sounded a posh Scottish lad. I have a plan for my podcast ;-)
    Actually I might get Torry Quine do a podcast in Doric ( my sister ) and she has been learning proper Doric ;-)
  • My primary school teacher was a big fan of Doric and used to make us recite poetry in the vernacular. She was a nice lady.

    Ooh, yeah, let's have a proper Fetchie regional accents merry go round. That would be fun! :-) G
  • Listened to this weeks on the morning dog walk over to the woods

    Was very tempted by the open water swimming until you started talking about all the weeds - think I will stick to the pool and the sea.

    A other great one - keep up the good work 😁
  • No weeds in our lake, MM
  • I really enjoyed Happy G's contribution and the swimming in the lake recording. I'm looking forward to OW swimming after my half marathon even though I don't have a swim event to train for.
  • My ironing has been delayed a day this week so can't listen until this evening!
  • Loved the Doric and "posh-Scottish" accents. I felt a bit homesick - not that I knew anyone posh growing up!
  • Have sent you a recording, Fetch :-o
  • DQ and Malt Drinker's woodland walk was a lovely recording. And I can't belief NJ and SS managed one handed swimming and simultaneous video recording. Impressive!

    It was a corridor outside the showers in the office on the Monday morning, when I realised that I'd completely forgotten to do the "after the finish" recording that I said I'd do whilst waffling mid ultra.

    Hope Katie's foot recovers quickly - lots of tips on blitzing PF in our thread fetcheveryone.com/viewtopic.php?id=39460

    Favourite decimal is 26.2, obv!

    Did you realised it's an arbitrary base 10 (10 ^ 1) x a base 2 (2 ^ 1) both raised to the first power. And of course every even edition is a Base 2 milestone. And 23 will be the 10th prime edition. Lots to celebrate! :-) G
  • Way to nerd-out there :-)
  • Except that I just had to google if 1 is a prime Homer and it isn't. So actually 23 is only the 9th prime and we'll have to wait for 29 which is the 10th prime.

    I thought if definition of prime is a number divisible by only 1 and itself that 1 would also qualify. But it has to be 1 and itself, where itself isn't 1, apparently! So I'm a failed number nerd! :-) G
  • Consider finding the prime factors for a number. That is, the prime numbers that multiple together to get the number.

    If 1 is a prime, then:
    a) the prime factors of 1 are: 1.
    b) the prime factors of 2 are: 1, 2.
    c) the prime factors of 3 are: 1, 3. Okay, fair enough so far.
    d) the prime factors of 4 are: 1, 2, 2. Okay, 2 is twice, but that's because it's necessary. But why not have 1 more than once? Maybe a million times even. Perhaps simpler to just exclude it. <nerd>It is a unit anyway.</nerd>
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