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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Pestomum - Member of the Month July 2009

Member of the Month July 2009


Fetch says: This interview contains strong references to cake, and streaking - you have been warned. Pestomum wins £100 of goodies from our sponsor, SimplyRun.co.uk.

Chromey asks: Do you have a corset that isn't too big for you now?

Pestomum says: Sadly at the mo' the squeeze on my finances is tighter than the squeeze on my waist. I've just sold the one I wore at Edinburgh, so I can't even ask you to rearrange my (*)(*) anymore ?

Black Cat asks: Well done and well deserved PM. Only one question can be asked. Favourite cake?

Pestomum says: Eek. Urgh. I actually can't answer this... argh! Choices! Give me a bit more time to think...

RunGaryRun asks: Well done...deservedly so. What annoys you most when running a race?

Pestomum says: Thank you! People who make "funny" jokes or who tell me to smile. Grr. It is possible to enjoy something and yet not be grinning! And getting hit by discarded water bottles.

monsenb1 asks: congrats PM...do you believe in Karma?

Pestomum says: Not in an "instant karma's gonna get you" kind of way. But I am drawn to the Bhuddist belief in the ripening of karma, where your actions in this life affect what happens to you after death... it can seem very fatalistic, though. I should probably add that I'm a Christian, so karma isn't part of my faith.

Big Al Widepants asks: How much has streaking helped your running?

Pestomum says: Hugely. By making it a normal part of my life. Until I started streaking (stop thinking about nude people running. Stop it) exercise was still an add-on to my life. Just like it was at school, where I hated sports. Now it's just a thing that I do, so less of a big deal and more sustainable.

Maclennane asks: Have you had further thoughts on your ideas for getting non-sporty people into running? Will it resemble a running club but with a clearer 'miussion statement'?

Pestomum says: I'm wary of starting something new when there's already an organization trying to do the same thing... so I'm going to be taking my Run in England leadership course, and looking to start a free running group round here ? Ask me again in a year and I'll have worked out what I'll do after that.

Spally - Team NorthWest asks: What's been your biggest achievement to day (apart from MOTM of course)? and what is your favourite cake?

Pestomum says: Getting my life back on course, ditching the bad stuff and getting through uni. And then raising the horde with their dad... they've turned out well so far! This cake question is a tricky little so and so. It's not classy, but the kind of cake I like best of all is birthday cake from the shop, with the jam and fake buttercream stuff in the middle and far too much solid icing on top. Recently we've had a Ben 10, a Homer Simpson and a pink shoe. They all looked delicious.

northernslowcoach asks: hurrah - well done PM :) question: which do you enjoy more, road races or off-road?

Pestomum says: Off road. No question.

she runs for cake asks: Darn, it, Spally beat me to the cake question. okay, can I ask another? What has been your biggest running achievement, when you've done so much amazing running this year?

Pestomum says: I thought this was going to be a really easy question to answer. Of course it would be my first marathon. But then I had a think and I have TWO achievements I'm proud of. Silverstone HM in 2006. My first ever race. Well over 3 hours. Physically the toughest thing I've done so far, I hit the wall hugely at mile 9 and couldn't even walk properly. Reading HM this year, which was the first race I paced myself round. Mentally the toughest thing I've done so far, having no one else to rely on.

santababy asks: too much cake stuff going on here.Well done :) x Favourite race so far? Dream race you'd like to do?

Pestomum says: Edinburgh Marathon. Despite everything. My first "proper" Fetch event ? Dream races I'd like to do? Anything that ends in a number over 30 and starts on a Saturday! Although ultras often mean having a support crew, and I'm not sure I've got anyone willing to do that... I'd also dearly, dearly love to do the 10 in 10 in 2012 ?

Old Croc asks: she is after all one of the famous Team Cake! Will you be signing autographs at GNR?

Pestomum says: You'll have to ask my publicist that...

Gone Zo asks: If you were marooned on a desert island and were allowed to take 3 things with you...... what 3 cakes would you choose? ...... ok it doesn't have to be cake, just general or not so general items can you not live without?

Pestomum says: A Bible (and the complete works of Shakespeare. Not really. Sorry Will) A limitless supply of hot tea. With milk. One of those solar ovens... I've always wanted one.

Grid asks: Bliddy well done Pesto! :) An easy and obvious question, possibly not already asked because everyone else already knows the answer, but why 'Pesto'?

Pestomum says: Because, when the B2 in laws were meeting the Pestohorde (and we were all keen to make a good impression) MrB2 senior offered to cook and was incredibly impressed that 3 kids under 5 would happily eat pasta and pesto. The name stuck ?

LorraineS asks: congratulations Do you have a recipe for pesto cake?

Pestomum says: That question is wrong, on many levels. Although it did make me go and make pesto polenta, which wasn't at all bad ?

Girlie asks: Well Done Pestomum:-) My Question is: What would you choose as your last meal on this earth and who would you share it with?

Pestomum says: Really and honestly I'd have a lovely roast dinner with Yorkshires and gravy and lots of veggies. But no sprouts. With a good red wine. That's my guilty favourite. And then fruit salad, and really good freshly ground French coffee and little minty things. Oh. And ice cream. I'd want to eat it with my family, and with all the friends who've been important to me over the years. But the last course I'd just want to have with my kids.

ha!ha! asks: pesto pesto PESTO...RAH RAH RAH!! MY QUESTION IS(STILL)can you supply me with a hot water bottle after newcastle marathon(if i finish)

Pestomum says: After what Joopsy's asked for at fetchpoint, a hot water bottle'll be no problem...

HappyG(rrr) asks: Congrats pesto - total basquet case! What started you running, what keeps you running and why will you run for ever more? That's one question, btw, if the fetch question police are enquiring! :-)G

Pestomum says: It's these little questions that seem so simple and turn out to be really, really tricky. I started running because I was in bad shape, physically and mentally. I run because I have found that I love it. I run because it helps me physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially. I run because life would be grey if I didn't. I'll run for ever more because it makes me happy to run and the friends I hope to keep for ever more all run, too!

MissChappo asks: Well done Pestomum! How do you fit in running with children and work?

Pestomum says: A mixture of careful planning, bloody-mindedness and a slightly slutty approach to housework ? Oh. And being quite sure that me running is good for my children, too. I think I'm a nicer person when I'm able to run every day. Running could never more important than the horde, though.

Trin asks: Congratulations Pestomum! :) I have a question.... If money was no object and you could choose to do any job or have any career you wanted, what would it be and why?

Pestomum says: I've been wondering about my career recently. What I'd really like to do is part time in a parish, be a TA padre and lead some beginners running groups. Nothing too amazing, but it'd make me happy and it would use all my talents well ?

Jock Itch asks: John Noakes allways used to tell his dog Shep to "Get downnn". If you had a dog what would you tell him to do ?

Pestomum says: I am very, very scared of dogs. I would say "Go away" or more probably I'd just cry and try not to hyperventilate or puke until someone else said "Go away"!

Lisrun asks: Well done Pesto ! Very well deserved :-) What were your first few runs like ?

Pestomum says: Awful. Truly. Chafing and hot and sweaty and feeling like every part of my body was wobbling and knowing I was going slowly (and thinking that mattered!). And they hurt. And I think we started running in August in Oxfordshire in the country round Cuddesdon/ Wheatley. So it was hot and running on roads with no paths. But they were run with a wonderful (and rather fit looking) friend who was so encouraging and so positive and so sensible and so damn persistent that I kept on going.

windassisted asks: Well done Pestomum! :-) Who are your heroes?

Pestomum says: Millicent Fawcett. Mary Wollstonecraft. Hildegard of Bingen.

Snapstinget asks: Well done! When you and RuthB2 fought as kids who won? And was it noisy?

Pestomum says: Noisy and violent. I think Ruth still has some scars to prove it... she always won, though. She could always cry on demand so I got into trouble! *hides after this perhaps biased account of family history *

Maclennane asks: When you and RuthB2 fight now...

Pestomum says: We've had our moments, but they've been sorted out with the aid of a lot of tea and making sure we talk to each other.

icemaiden asks: Congrats! What's been your favorite event to date?

Pestomum says: My favourite event (s) is (are) the Rendezvous Runs that NE Fetchies do. I think they're inclusive in a different way from a Fetch mile. Well advertised, and consciously run at a group pace that includes everyone. And chatty. And ending in a caf with cake.

Fat Dave asks: I really ought to give this some thought. But stuff it... Sorry if it needs a long answer, but: Could you describe some highlights/lowlights the history of your relationship with running? (I'm particularly interested in the mental journey that took you from immediately post-Embra, when you seemed so dejected with the whole thing, to your current status as an inspirational, MOTM-dominating colussus of the streak... was there a particular turning point?). I have other things to ask, but may fmail you first for permission ;)

Pestomum says: At Edinburgh it felt like I hit some huge barriers. I thought I'd set myself a reasonably easy target pace. I just didn't have the experience to adjust it according to the conditions; on that day, in that heat, in the mental/ emotional state I was in before I began. Running is so much fun that it's easy for me to forget my size, my lack of fitness and my real beginner's level running ability. Edinburgh was a crash because it reminded me of all of that in one go. And then I thought, sod it. I don't run to impress people or to win races. I run because I can, for me. Realizing that gave me the confidence to try some more interesting running stuff... ... and/ or Edinburgh was the point where I changed from setting myself targets I thought I could do (and being disappointed) to choosing targets that I thought I probably couldn't (and being pleased with how close I get)

SeasiderSue asks: Well done :) My question is, if you could run anywhere in the world where would it be?

Pestomum says: Up on the very topmost top bit of Scotland. With midge repellent. And I'd love to get one of those ferry passes and run round all the Western Isles.

Gooner86 (The Midnight Runner) asks: Congrats! Just a quickie, would you rather be able to run faster or further?

Pestomum says: Further ?

Tiggia asks: Well done PM. At the moment I cannot think of an intelligent question apart from can I come round to yours to drink gin and giggle one night? Oh, bugger, I should really ask a running type question... running can be a spiritual experience at times, I think I find ""thin space"" sometimes; do you?

Pestomum says: Gin's always here, as is a (spare) bed for fetchies who need one ? I'm not always the most spiritual runner. But sometimes, when I'm on my own there is a thin space. It's different from "flow" which I've found to be utter absorption in what you're doing. Perhaps it's the ultimate disassociation, but there is a sense of closeness to God.

MissChappo asks: What is 'thin space'? Do i need to know about it? (this can either be answered now or included in the questions, not sure what is more appropriate...or not answered at all I suppose)

Pestomum says: A "thin space" is a place where it's easier to feel close to God, however you understand that.

Ultra Dunc asks: Well done - Question - How long do you intend on streaking ?

Pestomum says: Until they wrench the trainers from my cold, dead feet. Or I get an injury that's so bad I actually can't move. My running buddy has been cautioning me to plan the next few years' running with an eye to the long game. If I want to still be running when I'm 70 then I need not to push my improvements too quickly... sensible advice! Saved from dullness because it opens up the wonderful possibilities of running for another 35 years ? Wow.

RuthB2 asks: congratulations sis! 2 questions, i'll just be up front and say that now. Also they are to the point, seen as we know each other a bit and stuff... 1. Why don't you run faster? 2. You've come on a huge way with your running over the last few years. where would you like to see your running in a year, or even 5 years time?

Pestomum says: Eek. Erm. Argh. Ruuuuuuth. That's hard. Because I'm scared. I'm scared I'll break something and not be able to run for ages. I'm scared someone'll laugh at how much effort I put in for so little apparent speed. I'm scared I'll look red, sweaty and hideous. I'm scared because I've never actually pushed myself passed some boundaries and I don't know what that'll be like... Perhaps scared is the wrong word. But perhaps not. Gosh you're all learning a lot about me here. I'll have to change my name, get plastic surgery and go into hiding for 10 years. The second one's an easy question. Are you sure that's what you want to ask?? I really want to get a sub 4:30 marathon in the next 5 years. And run JenJ's race. And find out what a 12 hour track race is like ? I still want to be running, really. That's all. In slinky skorts.

JJ Flash asks: Congratulations PM, well deserved. It's a shame you have to go through all this question and answer stuff afterwards. Running for me is often a spiritual experience: If there is ever a time when I feel most at peace with myself and with the world it is during and after running. How does your running fit together with your spiritual life? If that's too personal to answer then I'll settle for Cake or Running?

Pestomum says: Sometimes running is a spiritual time for me. Sometimes not. But it does help me to a greater awareness of my body and of the world I run through. And it settles my mood and improves concentration, which is helpful for prayer. Cake or running is not an either/ or question. Cake and running. Cake while running. LDWA races ?

Limpet asks: Well done, what was your nickname at school?

Pestomum says: Mumfy. If I had one.

BanjoBax asks: Well done :) which would you prefer GNR or longer scenic trail run ?

Pestomum says: GNR with Team Cake... or a longer trail run on my own ?

Doctor K asks: Who's your running hero?

Pestomum says: A Fetchie who has coped with some really tough life stuff, but he's kept on running and is improving in leaps and bounds.

IanS asks: Well done PM - well deserved :-) Do you prefer running with Fetchies or clubmates?

Pestomum says: Lots of my clubmates are Fetchies, which has its own joys and drawbacks! I like running with good friends, whoever they are.

Baronessbl asks: Congratulations - I'm hoping I can sneak back and ask a supplementary question soon but if we are being held to the one question only rule I will - for the first time on one of these threads - ask a running question.. What is your favourite ever running route/race (of any distance) and why? *OK I know that's 2 questions disguised as one*

Pestomum says: I haven't got a huge race portfolio, so I'm going to end up repeating myself if I'm not careful! For many reasons I loved the Swaledale Marathon; the scenery, the challenge, the company. The food ? Just a great run and a lovely day out.

Su2 asks: Jolly well done young lady :-) Question: When on long runs and it's going well it seems I only have about 2 thoughts the entire time and they're mostly "ooohhh this is nice" or I play the 374 game. What? You don't know the 374 game? Ok... You've won £3.74 - what would you spend it on and why. You've won £37.40 what would you spend it on and why. You've won £374.00 what would you spend it on and why... are you getting it yet? x

Pestomum says: Yes. My brain hurts xx

Siouxsie asks: Congratulations :-) I have 3 questions ( that may have already been asked, sorry if they have been) 1. What do your children think of mum being an ultra runner ? 2. What's your favourite piece of running kit/gadgetry and why ? 3. What's your 'mantra' during a race to keep you going when things get tough ?

Pestomum says: (1) They think it's funny that I come back covered in mud... (2) I am always amazed and impressed by buffs. Look! It's a hat but it can go round your wrist too! And it's a hairband. And it makes one of my running buddies look like Bjorn Borg! And it's a hanky (but then it's only a hanky after that!) I love my garmin, but I could live without him. (3) I. Am. A. Runner. I've no idea when or where that one arrived, but it's stuck. Sometimes it has swear words in it, too.

Argie asks: If you had to choose between them which would you choose a stag beetle or starling?

Pestomum says: Stag beetle. They're all black and shiny.

Lalli asks: Congratulations Pesto! My question is; what's the best way you've found to avoid blisters and chaffing?

Pestomum says: Good lubrication is the answer to most problems...

RunGaryRun asks: Dear Pesto, may I ask another? If running wasn't your 'thing', what other 'thing' would be your 'thing' and why? (Does that sound clean and make sense?? - I hope so) :-) Well done again.

Pestomum says: If I didn't run, it'd be gin. Or smoking. The only other physical activity I can think of would be swimming.

Fat Dave asks: What's the rush? Fetch won't post it for six months anyway ;)

Pestomum says: You know he's listening, don't you...?

*Anj* asks: :) A non-running question. I get the impression you were a bit of a tear away when younger....when and what called you to the church and religion?

Pestomum says: My faith has always been a part of who I am. It's just that I lost contact with it for a few years. Then one day I turned around and it was all still there.

Fat Dave asks: OK, the promised highly personal questions. Do feel free to ignore completely if you like. What role has running played in your changing personal circumstances lately (and vice versa)? (i.e. Has it been a refuge or release, a cause/contributory factor, a catalyst, has it sped up something inevitable, changed your attitudes/perception... and to what extent/how and why have changes in your life contributed to/affected your recent full-blooded runaholism? are you throwing yourself into it as an emotional thing, do you simply have more time available? or less? is it making things harder? is it all a coincidence?) I think the question about how running interacts with your spiritual life has probably already been asked - whether it's a help, a hindrance, a distraction, a potential idol, etc - but I'm really interested in that side... ...and specifically how it's fitting with your job. I imagine you're already pretty contrary to many people's stereotype for that - do people (colleagues and, er, customers) know about it? Accept it as another quirk? Has it helped? (apart from getting to funerals on time...). Do you draw lessons from it for preaching? What about racing/running on Sundays? Are there work clashes? Does it make you better at your job, or worse? Is it in competition? (This is a pretty rare chance for Fetchies to find out about how running works for someone in your job, so any insights/singularities would probably be interesting for all of us).

Pestomum says: ... to think, I was worried about cake questions ;-) Please excuse the vague answer, but this is a public forum. When I started running seriously, things were already difficult. Running exacerbated some things, but it eased others. I changed because of running. Hard as it is to believe, I am more confident now, and happier with who I am. I am now more prepared to demand (more demanding! Is that possible??) that I get support for my running. If it's important to me and good for me, then people who are close to me should think it's a positive thing. Not a threat or a funny quirk. And if they don't get that, then they don't get me. Oddly, having worked all that out, I'm probably more prepared to compromise and negotiate about my running things now than I was a few months ago. It's also been an escape and something to get dolphins from ? and a release and a place where my other lovely running buddy listens to me shout and weep and moan. Poor woman. Running helped me realize that I am an individual as well as a mum and a wife and a priest and... well, all the rest, really. Running is a blessing for me. Except when my knee hurts. Fetch can be a distraction, but I'm working to avoid that. My job? I'm a curate. That's like a vicar but still with training wheels on. And I'm a lot closer to the stereotype for that than you might think! I'm a liberal (although there's nothing wishy washy about me), I'm middle class and I wear sandals. Although not with socks... not anymore, anyway! A lot of people from church meet me when I'm out running. Poor them. I always stop to talk, so I tend to go away from home if I want to do an uninterrupted run. I'm not sure if the church sees my running as a "quirk". It has helped, because it's helping me understand myself better. This job involves every bit of who you are. A happy and more self aware Rev. Pesto can only be a good thing for me and for the people I serve. I only very occasionally mention my running in sermons. Otherwise my preaching would get dull very quickly. I get 4 Sundays off in a year. ? There are lots of Saturday races, but you need to look for them. * Hopes kind fetchies will let me know about any Saturday marathons... * My work keeps a roof over my head and feeds the horde, so there are no clashes.

Magbag asks: Huge congratulations Pesto, very well deserved :) :) Do you have good or bad memories about your first ever race ?

Pestomum says: It hailed. My hands went numb. Silverstone is boring to run round. I hit the wall harder than I have done since. And I ran with my good friend Helen, we ran as hard as we could. And as I got to the finishing straight, my brother and sister and some friends went mad and started jumping up and down, encouraging us ? So the answer to your question is: Yes.

Running Beard asks: Great news PM - well done. Which of the following yould you prefer a new 10k PB by two minutes or a new longest Ultra Race distance finishing second from last and why?

Pestomum says: Longest ultra, because that'd probably bring me closer to the real limits of what my body can do...

Fat Dave asks: True or false: you secretly chose your job because you think the cassock makes you look like Neo out of the Matrix?

Pestomum says: True. I'm still waiting for the cool stuff to start.

Fat Dave asks: Red pesto or green pesto?

Pestomum says: Red pesto is an abomination.

Fat Dave asks: Marmite?

Pestomum says: My mate. Love it.

Maclennane asks: This has probably already been asked, but are you going to keep running ever longer, or start focussing on shorter and faster?

Pestomum says: I am more confident that I can run further than I am that I can run faster.

Fat Dave asks: Skort fabric: leopard or zebra print?

Pestomum says: Leopard print. I'm a medallion minx at heart.

B.B. asks: Daddy or chips?

Pestomum says: Daddy or chips? Daddy or chips? Daddy or chips? Daddy or chips? I haven't had a TV for 13 years. I usually cope - I can talk endlessly about programmes I've never seen - but this reference bugs me. EXPLAIN IT PLEASE! ?

Hendo asks: You/Ruth - who is Kylie and who is Dannii?

Pestomum says: Who is the blonde minx and who is the washed out and bitter brunette? Go on, Hendo. I dare you...

Joopsy asks: Hendo = Luke or Matt Goss?

Pestomum says: I see where you're coming from, Joops. But when I look at Hendo, I'm really thinking Chesney Hawkes...

Fetch says: And that's your lot - posted a little earlier than the six months suggested by Fat Dave :-P Thanks to everyone that submitted a question, and to Pestomum for all her responses :-)