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Training Efficiency: The Prologue 27th July 2012
The Fifth One 11th May 2012
Cheaper Options 9th March 2012
Marathon Pizza 2nd March 2012
A Smaller World 13th January 2012
New Year, Old You 6th January 2012
Bumper Christmas Edition 23rd December 2011
The Friends Of Mick'n'Phil Half Marathon 25th November 2011
FetchPoint: The Game 11th November 2011
The Rules of Running 28th October 2011
Bragging Rights 14th October 2011
Tempo Running 30th September 2011
Lab Rats 16th September 2011
Boom and Bust 2nd September 2011
Fetch Race Standards 5th August 2011
Intervals Rock: Part II 22nd July 2011
Intervals Rock: Part I 15th July 2011
Lower Your PB Ten Times 8th July 2011
101 Ways Not To Invent The Lightbulb 1st July 2011
Large Training Plan Collider 10th June 2011
Running Mojo 3rd June 2011
Running For Two 27th May 2011
Swills, Hills and Jellylegs 20th May 2011
First Race Adrenaline 13th May 2011
Happy Anniversary 6th May 2011
Head for the Hills (And a Competition) 29th April 2011
Returning To The Wild 22nd April 2011
Balance 8th April 2011
Common Census 1st April 2011
Club Together 18th March 2011
Lovely Curves 11th March 2011
Something Completely Different 4th March 2011
Streaky Thingy-thon 25th February 2011
Post Marathon Myth? 18th February 2011
Performance Review 11th February 2011
Chocolates? Before the performance? 4th February 2011
Are you normal? 28th January 2011
Conquercise 21st January 2011
Ultranutters 14th January 2011
Pie-athlon 7th January 2011
Enthusiasm 31st December 2010
Christmas 101 24th December 2010
A Year In Pictures 17th December 2010
Phew! What a Scorcher 10th December 2010
The December Dip 3rd December 2010
Reasons To Be Cheerful 26th November 2010
Do The Splits 19th November 2010
Which training types make you faster? 12th November 2010
Training Plans On Tap 5th November 2010
Don't Send Me Back T'Dark Place 29th October 2010
Audio Delights 22nd October 2010
Half Life 15th October 2010
Scabbing up nicely 8th October 2010
Shaping The Taper 1st October 2010
Long Run 101 24th September 2010
How To Look Good Fetching 17th September 2010
Speed Work 101 10th September 2010
Mileage Through The Year 3rd September 2010
Long-term running and time out 27th August 2010
Competition and Shoestravaganza 20th August 2010
Triathlon 101 13th August 2010
Don't thrash it every time you go out 6th August 2010
McGoohan takes the helm 30th July 2010
Does cross-training minimise mileage? 23rd July 2010
10k mileage breakdown 16th July 2010
A Brief History of Fetch 9th July 2010
Where do 5k's start to hurt? 2nd July 2010
Half Marathon Graph-athon: The Second Half 25th June 2010
Half Marathon Graph-athon 18th June 2010
The Fetch WAVA World Cup 11th June 2010
Can WAVA go the distance? 4th June 2010
The Racing Centre Of The Universe 28th May 2010
How quickly do your 5k times improve? 21st May 2010
Seasonal Running 14th May 2010
Welcome to the newsletter 7th May 2010