Stumpy2 - Member of the Month March 2008

Member of the Month March 2008


Fetch says: Ey up Stumpy2. Can I have a Percy Pig? No really, can I? Well done on behalf of all Fetchies who voted you our Member of the Month for March 2008 for your formidable organisational skills at Fetchpoint and BPTT, and also for being an all-round jolly good egg. As usual, we are sponsored by - you've got to love them. We're sticking to the "one question per Fetchie" system this month, with a handful of cheeky chancers who've stretched the rules to the maximum. So, onward we go - keep to the left, no pushing, nearly there now...:

Mikuro asks: Why the name Stumpy? :P

Stumpy2 says: erm, MrS hates this fact, but it was a nickname from a previous, ahem, boyfriend (No, Chrisity, I didn't live with him!). And in that boyfriend's rather simplistic humour, it was because I am tall. So then, when I first joined RW, I needed a nickname and it was the first thing that came to mind. And there was already someone called Stumpy.... hence the 2. :-)

Woodley asks: When you are back to full fitness, which race do you really want to run and why?

Stumpy2 says: Oh god, loads of people will hate this but FLM. Not for the reason you might think. I had a place in 2002 and was on for a GFA time. I had to pull out a month before with serious shin probs and it broke my heart watching my running partners achieve what should have been mine. It is therefore a dragon I need to slay. But failing that, Cabbage Patch 10 would be nice as I have marshalled it a couple of times and I think it is my turn to run it now!

mic asks: top class Stumps' :-) who is your biggest inspiration ??

Stumpy2 says: Oooooh. I don't particularly look to anyone for inspiration, but there are people I admire. I think what Mrs Funkin has achieved over the last 18 months is fantastic - seeing her as a total beginner and the committed runner she is now is fantastic. Hollywoof! is also great - very committed to his own goals, but equally he is supportive and helpful to any newbies. And I have him to thank for introducing me to BPTT, to Fetch and to a lot of other wonderful people

KatieB asks: *Fantastic* Lots of people who are injured would find it really hard to be so involved in supporting other runners, especially to the extent that you do, so first of all a big thank you from me. You're great. And my question is, how do you keep motivated during this enforced lay-off?

Stumpy2 says: Anyone that knows me knows I do struggle with this from time to time and wonder whether I will ever be back. But being a runner has been part of my identity (or my 'self') for a good few years and I don't want to lose that identity as I haven't found anything I want to replace it with. Staying around the sport - marshalling, BPTT etc - means it doesn't fall off my radar and I have to keep going. I wish I could say that I have been absolutely committed to staying fit in the meantime, I haven't unfortunately, but I am on the way back.....

Norrin Radd asks: Classic Stumpoid! Well deserved. Thanks for all your help:) If you could run with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

Stumpy2 says: This might be odd, but my Dad ran a lot when he was young. He is still alive and well but he is *very* old and very deaf, which makes it difficult to communicate. I would like to have met him when he was young. And running would have been a nice bond.

Girvan Ruth asks: Well done Stumpy :-) If there was someone you could ban off Fetch, who would it be?

Stumpy2 says: No-one. If you don't like individuals then don't interact with them. Don't feed the troll.

Diogenes asks: Is there anything you can't organise?

Stumpy2 says: My life. But I am getting better at it.

BigChiefRunningBore asks: Who is Stumpy 1 and are you much betterer than them? ;-)

Stumpy2 says: TBH, I haven't met the original Stumpy. I would imagine their recent race times are better than mine over the last year! :-P But I am betterer cos I am a Fetchie. FACT.

santababy asks: Congratulations Stumpy you fab :) being a fellow injured runner, i know i good and bad days, what keeps you from getting down and do you have specific goals in mind for when you get going again or are you just going with flow? (forgive me fetch, it's all linked..)

Stumpy2 says: I would be lying if I said I didn't get down about it all - I do. I have also been as lazy as hell for the last six months as I got so frustrated at no-one being able to give a sensible answer. Am finally getting sensible answers so I am more motivated. I guess I just keep telling myself I don't want to sacrifice another 30 years of running just to be able to do it this week/month/year. Goals? At the moment I am focusing on being able to run BPTT (rather than 'run it' which is what I do now!). I think I might get quite emotional crossing that line. But in the next few months I should be able to.

Roobarb asks: Well done Stumpy!!!! You seem to have been so organised whilst setting up fetchpoint but in real life, are you just as organised?

Stumpy2 says: I am the messiest person that ever walked the earth. My finances are never organised and if my tax return is a week late then I am doing well. However, my messy side battles with the other half of me that is a control freak and a perfectionist. I have to make lists and more lists to be organised, which I guess is perfect for fetchpoint! I also have quite a low boredom threshold so am suited to short term projects and focus, eg things like Fetchpoint!

RuthB2 asks: Congratulations stumpy! What single thing makes you happiest, and what single thing is your bigest worry in life? (and sneaky sub question) have you made your peace with MrS's cat now? admitted you love her really?

Stumpy2 says: "What makes me happiest? I should say family/friends etc and they do. But the one thing that makes me smile is sunshine. Biggest worry? Er..... Failure. The cat and I have reached an understanding. We continue to be mean to each other but we know we are secretly rather fond of one another and she will come to me for cuddles now. So long as there are no witnesses!"

danny wilde asks: Well done Stumpy :-) Being a Fetchpoint goddess, do you now dream in red and yellow ?

Stumpy2 says: Goddess???? HAHAHAHAHA! I dream in full technicolour, but I do admit that for days after FLM this year I did dream of Fetch shirts!

Hendo asks: A truly deserving recipient of Member of the Month, nice one :) What is your favourite jelly baby fantasy?

Stumpy2 says: Favourite fantasy.... Oooooh I don't know whether I can admit to it on here.... Don't know what people here would say when I admit that, actually, really, truly, I don't particularly like jelly babies and never have. My fantasy would be not seeing any until the next supporting function!

neems22 asks: Well done Stumpy! What one piece of advice/encouragement would you give to another runner who has been injured for a long time?

Stumpy2 says: Stay in contact with the running community and involved in some way. It keeps it in your mind that this is something you are part of AND it means you give something back and support other runners. Marshalling can be a lot of fun if you really throw yourself into it.

Buzzard's Sis asks: Well done Stumy :-) What will be your goals for your first year back running?

Stumpy2 says: BPTT, get back under 25 mins. A 10 mile race and a half marathon. Not chasing PBs. If they come that's great, but I have told myself I want to be able to do a LSR, a short Saturday plod and a couple of runs mid week and that would be the training load where I would feel happy, if my body could cope with that.

Jock Itch asks: Yay ! Well done hun. A searching and thought provoking question for you . John Noakes used to tell his dog Shep to "get down". If you had a dog, what would you tell him to do ?

Stumpy2 says: Why, I would tell him to 'FETCH!' of course.

Mrs Winkle asks: Nice one. Another person who'd like to say thanks for support and suggestions re: being injured here. When you're back to running, where can you not wait to have a run?

Stumpy2 says: I love Richmond Park. It upsets me every time I go through it that I can't run in it. Running there gave me a sense of peace and happiness and contentment that I physically crave.

LorraineS asks: what's the weirdest request that you've had for Fetchpoint ?

Stumpy2 says: No totally weird ones. Although the run on Percy Pigs originally seemed odd, but then made more sense. I don't understand people who request chocolate. That would make me hurl I think!

Redhead asks: Congratulations Stumpy. You made me feel very welcome the other day when I ventured onto Fetch feeling rather stupid for which many thanks. With a name like Stumpy, I wonder do you like trees?

Stumpy2 says: No probs! I love trees - I grew up in the countryside and that's why I couldn't cope with very urban areas and need to live somewhere with green things nearby. But that isn't where the name came from.....

Phantom asks: I dare say at some point you upgraded yourself from Stumpy1 to Stumpy2. Will there be a Stumpy3 and what functional enhancements do you envisage?

Stumpy2 says: What a wonderful idea. I might just change it to Stumpy3 when I feel that I am back to running again. A new me. I like it. The functional advancement will be a lower back, pelvis and core that work together properly and shins that don't practically glow in the dark after running.

Girlie asks: Well done on MOTM. My question is: Who would play you in the film of your life?

Stumpy2 says: oooooooh! Lordy...... MrS would probably say that German woman who played the baddie in Bond in the 70's, the one with knives in her shoes. I prefer someone like Cameron Diaz. If I can't have a body like that in real life, it would be nice to have it in a movie!

Barky asks: Usual boring question for my daughter: Mini cooper or aston Martin DB9?

Stumpy2 says: Pur-lease! DB9, no contest.

John 66 asks: Towpath, RP or BP? Do you have a degree in shouting?

Stumpy2 says: "Ooooh. Richmond Park is my favourite of those, but I like all of them. I like the loop from my place, along the towpath to Kew and back down Kew Road as well. Am also tempted to do runs in Kew Gardens when I can - scare the tourists :-) If you think I am loud, you haven't met my sister. She is a very small person, but incredibly loud. I grew up having to compete."

cabletow asks: Stumpy Well deserved and can I ask - What is it about toothpaste that keeps you amused for so long?

Stumpy2 says: Toothpaste? I am a shareholder so our toothpaste sales are very important. I therefore take any chance to convert potential customers by supplying them with toothpaste that I get much more cheaply than in the supermarket.

Ali Bongo asks: Well done Stumpy - you should be Fetchie of the year for the amount of effort you put in for others How do you keep the unruly youngsters at the Fetchpoint in line?

Stumpy2 says: The youngsters? I shout. It seems to work at BPTT too. And I have a particular look and tone of voice that I have been told is quite scary (it helps being tall!). Mostly, though, I rely on their good will and we all get along famously.

Pace asks: Stumpy, like most people, I find the mysteries of the physical universe fascinating. So, given that much of the universe is composed of dark matter which we cannot detect, that time may not always be linear and that light can be considered to exist in 2 places simultaneously, my question for you is this: What is your favourite breed of large dog?

Stumpy2 says: "Now I had this argument with my physics teacher at school and he couldn't explain to me how light could exist in two places at once so that is why I did Maths A-level instead. Sigh. Think of the opportunities missed as an international physicist. Favourite large dog - most definitely a Boxer. We had one when I was growing up. totally mad things, but very loving and lovable. Although my physio has a very large and very lovely greyhound, so I could be persuaded."

Lyra O'K asks: Stumpy, congratulations! A very worthy winner. If you could banish the world of one grammatical error, which one would it be? ;)

Stumpy2 says: Oh, don't make me choose! That's just cruel. It would have to be incorrect use of apostrophe - not just possessive apostrophe. Things like your/you're being used incorrectly drives me nuts.

Heavyweight asks: Congratulations very well deserved. :-) What were your Saturday mornings like before BPTT?

Stumpy2 says: I used to sleep. I used to potter. I used to get nothing done. LOL. Now I am up early, have a really good feeling about the day before 9 o'clock and I get to hang out with a lovely bunch of people.

t3d asks: Cool Stumpy m'girl. It takes a special type of person to put all the effort into Fetchpoint that you have done this year but, what drives you to be such a bloody good sport and give up so much time and commitment to others; many of whom you have never met before?

Stumpy2 says: "Serious answer? Community. I like being part of a community and I believe that it is the contributions of individuals that make such things work. That's why I do BPTT. Other people may be active on things like PTA or for charities. BPTT is my community contribution. Fetchpoint is a similar thing, but it is also a really good day out. And it is important to me that the supporters enjoy it all too. I have supported at FLM in other years so I knew it would be fun. Oh yes, and, as stated above, I am a control freak. I am bossy. I shout a lot. Fetchpoint gives me a chance to indulge all those vices and have people thank me for it."

Max71 asks: Did you get rid of that rash? Do you prefer living as Paula now rather than Paul? How are you staying motivated since the horse incident? When are you going to be back running? Do you and Mr S's cat get on yet? Have you bought a new car? Just how good are you on excel?

Stumpy2 says: "Rash is gone thanks, but I was allergic to the plasters so now have a rash in the outline of a plaster.... Doh! And life on this side of the gender fence is much better. Well, the shoes are better anyway. The horse and I have parted company now and I would prefer it if I never saw it again...... I AM running. Sort of. Well for 7 minutes at a time. ;-) The cat and I have reached a truce. She pretends to hate me and I pretend to forget she sometimes asks for a cuddle from me. new car is new to me and is rather nice, ta. And on excel, am not too bad....."

CanaryYellow asks: Congratulations Stumpy, hope to see you on Sunday. "What advice would you give to your younger self"

Stumpy2 says: "Don't f*ck up your first year at university. My whole life since then would be different. Long story, no real regrets anymore but the alternative life would have been pretty good too Oh yes and never sacrifice your self respect for anyone or anything."

FannyFernackerpan asks: Ok my question has to be who was the rock star or actor you had a crush on when you were a teenager :) Well done sweetie you have been fantastic and we all love youx

Stumpy2 says: Hehehehehe. Andrew Ridgley. Oooh I thought he was gawgus! Mel Gibson, before I knew about some of his less appealing foibles. And Val Kilmer. Before he got, erm, fat.

Snapstinget asks: Stumpy, well done and well-deserved. Are you going to go on being such a staunch supporter when your running picks up again and if not what will happen to BP etc because it won't be the same?

Stumpy2 says: Oh I will still be at BPTT. Even when I get back to running proper, I would still only run the event about once a month and the rest of the time I would be helping out. Helping out there is actually more fun sometimes than running.

CB. asks: fantastic news! Well done Stumps :-) Will this change you or will you shout just as loud and authoritarian? :p

Stumpy2 says: I will ALWAYS shout. :-) Certainly until Footpad actually stays on the left when the marshals tell him to.

Kittenheels Kath asks: Ooh, well done lovey! My question is, having turned down George Clooney, who would play Mr S in a film of your life?

Stumpy2 says: Can I bring back Mr Clooney, please, and tell him I made a silly mistake?

TiggerSC asks: Is there a Stumpy1?

Stumpy2 says: That was the prototype. The developers have ironed out many of the issues and we are onto version 2 now

Vicksta asks: Which of these is your favorite product from the work shop? Horlicks, Lucozade Sport, Aquafresh, Ribena, Hedex...or do you remember the days of ambrosia cream rice???

Stumpy2 says: Was ambrosia ours? I like Ambrosia .... My faves (or the things I buy most often) are HydroActive and Macleans. Sport is too sweet for my taste but I like HydroActive.

Geprig asks: Well done and very well deserved. What's your favourite number?

Stumpy2 says: 4. Don't know why, but I immediately knew that.

luverlylegs (Mrs Jigs) asks: Well Done Stumpy ! well deserved :) What mascara do you use?

Stumpy2 says: about once a month, I wear Max Factor. Can't remember which particular performance enhancing, lash lengthening one it is. But it is Max Factor. MrS gets scared when I wear mascara though as it is such an unusual thing.

Jigs asks: Well done Stumpy :) much deserved. If you couldn't be yourself, Who would you be and why?...oh! that's 2 questions, nevermind I'll take IanM's go ;)

Stumpy2 says: But I like being me..... I think it is quite good that I don't want to be anyone else.

Le Greg asks: That is seriously good news and very very well deserved. Muchas congratulations, as they say on drunken hen nights in Lanzarote. My question is thus : if you were given an opportunity for a quick chat with Lee Harvey Oswald, Mark David Chapman or Mehmet Ali Ağca, which would you choose and why?

Stumpy2 says: Lee Harvey Oswald. Just to find out whether he really did do it. I am pretty sure the others were guilty so have less interest in them.

SarahL asks: YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Congrats Stumpy! :):):) Well deserved :):):) My question is : If you had to choose one location, anywhere on earth, to set up a new TT, where would it be and why? Damn, that's two questions too! :P:)

Stumpy2 says: "Now where would be good? Sutton Forest or Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk would both work quite well. La Santa could do with an official one, although that might stuff up our database. New Zealand - there are so many absolutely beautiful places on the South Island, it would have to be possible to find somewhere fantastic to do it (am thinking of a small lake near Queenstown, no, not Wakatipu, that's a BIG lake)"

Gofigure asks: Well Done Stumpy2 - great news! What is your favourite piece of kit? please justify the answer (see not two questions):-)

Stumpy2 says: I *heart* my Gore windproof jacket. It's high vis, reflective, very compact, very warm and very waterproof and windproof. It is a truly marvellous piece of kit and I have worn it SO much.

jude asks: Out of all the goodies you are bringing to Fetchpoint which one are you most likely to secretly scoff a bit of and which one are you most likely to throw at Bedford when he tries to remove MicknPhil? *VERY* well deserved MOTM. True Fetchie characteristics fully on display. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Stumpy2 says: I didn't bring cake this year- sorry, although I scoffed the welsh cakes. YUM! It would have to be the Percy Pigs. And I would happily have pelted Bedford with jelly babies if he had tried to remove MicknPhil.

Ravanelli asks: Well done Stumpy2, you have put a lot of hard work in this last month or so and this is richly deserved. Q: Favorite holiday place and why?

Stumpy2 says: I am quite lucky in that I have had the opportunity to travel quite a lot. Favourite places..... Angkor in Cambodia is favourite man made place. Kili and Grand Canyon would compete for favourite natural place. But favourite place to go is New Zealand South Island. For some reason I felt peaceful there and very happy.

plodding hippo asks: Hi stumpy well done How do you stay so calm :)

Stumpy2 says: "Me? Calm? You are thinking of the right person? At work I have regular rants, but I do pick my battles. And I am one of those people who writes an email and then comes back to it 10 minutes later to read through before sending.... Just in case....."

Kirsty asks: I've thought of a question! What is your favourite ever moment from beepy teety (so far), and what would you love to see happen there? *saunters away casually, whistling, so no-one notices it's a 2-part question*

Stumpy2 says: Favourite? I love the kids. The real little ones who put absolutely everything they have into it. We *heart* little Rhys and his baggy lycra shorts. But the favourite recent moment was on that really cold and rainy day and the look on the face of the little girl with the red hat when she realised we were cheering for her. pure magic.

oceanspirit asks: yayayay stumpy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations!!!!!!!!!! my question: what are you going to do with your free time when you no longer have to do anything for fetchpoint? Are you going to "volunteer" to organise fetchpoint for flm 2009?

Stumpy2 says: Free time has transferred to 'ok I will go to the gym'. :-) 09.... I did say never again but I keep hearing the words 'next year' coming out of my mouth. Can I defer that? As I do (sod's law) have a place in FLM so it depends on what state I am in by the autumn as to whether I decided to use the place

Mrs Funkin asks: Yay for Stumpalina :) Dirty Dancing or Pretty Woman? Mrs F xx

Stumpy2 says: Dirty Dancing. :-) Patrick Swayze's chest wins over Richard Gere, sorry.

Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Congratuaaaaaalations Stumps well done on the FLM prep for Fetchpoint Q What makes a good project Manager :)

Stumpy2 says: Lists. Lots of lists. And communication. And listening. I am good at the lists bit. I am working on the rest.

Racin' Snail asks: are you REALLY short?:-) if not,why stumpy2.....oh and who is Stumpy 1?

Stumpy2 says: Nope. I am quite tall. 5 ft 10 ish. The name was an ex's idea of a joke. He used to call my sister (who is 5 ft 1) Lofty. He was a laugh a minute!

Pammie asks: Well done Stumpy on Fetchpoint and MoM What advice would you give to any newcomers to running?

Stumpy2 says: Take it slow. Listen to your body. Find people to run with as it is MUCH more fun. And come along to things like the UKTT Time Trials as we love watching beginners improve and get a real kick out of seeing people's times drop week on week.

BlueWombat asks: Runner's World or Runners' World: where would you rather be?

Stumpy2 says: Runners' World. It's a community and it is having other runners in it that makes it fun.

Pestomum asks: Can't be bothered to read the whole thread to see if this is posted already... Jelly babies... heads or legs??

Stumpy2 says: Heads. But I don't really like them....

JohnJ asks: How do you mange to maintain such a fine bottom when you have been crocked for so long?

Stumpy2 says: hehehehe. I am going to save that comment. Depends how you measure fineness I guess. There is certainly much more of it to admire since I haven't been running. But at least I will survive longer in the upcoming credit crunch and food shortages ;-)

mxhornet asks: How many groupies have you got ?

Stumpy2 says: Don't think I have any..... If I did have any then MrS would inflate his chest and beat both fists on it and scare them away. LOL! Anyone that has met him knows how funny that actually is......he isn't the insecure or jealous type!

Fetch says: And we're done, safely into the finishers funnel, medals around our necks. She may not be able to run right now, but without Stumpy2 and people like her, neither would we.

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