SarahL - Member of the Month November 2007

Member of the Month November 2007


Fetch says: Hiya SarahL. Well done to you on being voted our Member of the Month for November 2007 (sponsored by - we love you). Stop being omnipresent for a moment, and slown down for long enough to answer some of these questions:

chopperhound asks: Well done SarahL. Do you support the use of ipods in races or just training runs? or neither?!

SarahL says: I always respect the organisers rules about iPods, although I think more and more races are banning them due to OTT health & safety rules and are more worried about being sued rather than anything else. I use an iPod on about 50% of my training runs (I got a Shuffle for Christmas!). I don�t use it at the track, but I really enjoy singing along when I�m on long run. And yes I do look like a crazy fool singing my heart out! :-)

RuthB2 asks: Many congratulations Sarah, your positivity and support across Fetch are appreciated. A couple of questions: What did you do with your time before you found Fetch? What is your ultimate running related dream goal? What has been your low point running wise so far?

SarahL says: Before Fetch I watched TV, pi55ed around on Facebook and turned up for things on time! :-) At the moment my ultimate running related dream goal is to get GFA or better at Chicago Marathon in Oct 08. My goals seem to constantly change as I keep achieving them! I�m not sure what I�m capable of. I never thought I�d be capable of a 5km PB starting with 22!! Only time will tell! Ultimately I guess it would therefore be to stay injury free so I can achieve lots more goals! :-) Lowest point running wise�. Hmmmm that�s tricky as I *heart* running, even the hard bits! If I had to choose a difficult time it would be the 16 mile long run that I did the day after breaking up with my ex. It was make or break time for running and I was on the verge of giving up. But I got out there and sobbed for 16 miles. Once through that I knew I would never ever stop running. :-)

Jen J asks: Well deserved. What's your ultimate goal with regards to running? How far do your ambitions stretch?

SarahL says: I�d like to think that I could be capable of running a 3.30 marathon one day. I�ll save this as a goal for 2009 if 2008 goes to plan :-)

Jen J asks: And when are you going to enter an ultra? ;-)

SarahL says: I don�t fancy anything longer than 26.2 miles, so I�d prefer to get quicker rather than go longer. Therefore I won�t be entering an ultra just yet! I also think that my body isn�t capable of such long distances. I have the utmost respect for anyone that can push their body that far. That�s totally *wowsers*. I�ll leave that up to you! :-)

Miss PiggyWiggy asks: Why did you start running? How do you think it has changed you as a person?

SarahL says: Well I hate to say it but the ex- got me into it. I'd always been fit an active. I was firstly a swimmer between the ages of 2 and 11. I reached the national finals in swimming aged 10 for backstroke (Crap at front crawl, breaststroke and laughable at butterfly. But always able to do backstroke. Swear it was something to do with my funny chest/back/shoulders being in the wrong place... Or right place for backstroke!) I tended to place 4th, or 5th or 6th. Didn't matter as I hadn't got 1, 2 or 3 and that's what I wanted. But deep down I knew I was never good enough to be 1, 2 or 3. From about 6 or 7 years old I trampolined. Did that to nationals as well, but again never had that X factor. Never really *very* good at anything. Always sporty, always ok, but never shone. Then found university, alcohol and men. Dropped sport altogether. Tried to forget everything. Tried to "be normal�. Drank a lot. This lasted from 18 to I'd say about 26. Went through all the surgery in 1997 and 1998 (November 2007 injury/illness blogs). Then got reasonable job, and pulled myself together a bit. Met the ex and he pulled me fully out of my drinking life and into the real world. Showed me that there is a life out there that isn't under a bar stool. I'm the complete opposite now. Hardly ever drink (am considering becoming totally tee-total). I try and live life to the fullest. Busy = good. I had some dark and scary times under the influence of alcohol. Some times it was my own fault, other times alcohol gave others the power to intimidate me or threaten me. It was still my own fault for not being capable of saying what I meant. I'll never, ever, ever be that way again. Anyway back to running. The ex used to run, cycle, swim and guess what... Do triathlons and more than that... Iron man. I went over to Zurich with him last year and he did the iron man. All of this rubbed off on me - cos I wasn't a sad alcoholic really, I was a reasonably good but not brilliant athlete, who had lost her way. So I started in the gym. My ex always made me feel like I wasn�t very good though and I never felt supported by him. He was always better and he never really truly helped or guided me. I certainly never felt that he wanted to. And I was completely hopeless when I started running. I really believed that I couldn�t do it as well. For at least 6 months. Then I had a little go in the gym on the treadmill. Worked my way up over about 6 months to 10km on the treadmill. Finally decided to try in the real world with little support from the ex - who for whatever reason didn't seem to want me to run. I did it anyway. Found it really hard going for indoor treadmill to real world. I couldn't control my speed and felt like I was running really slowly, so sped up, thinking that was about right, and kept burning myself out after about 400 yards! I soon learnt though. I ran my first half mara - Nottingham. I was injured but didn't know it (runners knee - too tight ITB). I didn't have a clue, I just thought it hurt that much to run a half marathon! I limped across the line. As I crossed the line, as most runners do, I said "Oh I'm never doing that again, let alone a marathon". He held me to that the next time I did a half mara. He called me a liar when I told him I was thinking about doing a marathon. He implied that he "owned" running and that I couldn't do it too. I should go and find my own thing to do. We split up just after half way through training for the Berlin marathon. I was due a 16 mile run the next day. That was the most important day of my running life. It could have been it. I had to decide whether to give up. Or to carry on. I decided to carry on. I'd already done weeks of training, and I was the one that had put in the hard work, not him. I was the one that had got off my arse and gone to the track each Wednesday. Not him. I cried a lot during that 16 mile run and I'll never forget it. I was sobbing. But I thought f*ck it, f*ck him. I can do this. No one else is running this. I'm not running it for him. I 'm running it for me. It was then that it dawned on me that although I may have been running initially �cos he did and it was fun to get back into being sporty and have a shared interest, somewhere along the line it had changed. I was no longer running for anyone but myself. And god damn it I was going to run that marathon. I, ME. No one was going to get me round 26.2 miles apart from me and me alone. So I made the decision to carry on. Hardest 5 weeks of training in my life. Hardest day of my life. Best day of my life. I felt free. I felt like I could carry on. Although I felt scared and tired and alone. At least I'D done it. Not him. I hadn't be part of him or an addition to him I'd done it ALONE. So this is why I am where I am. And now I want to get quicker and better. Where he'd always implied that I'd never be. But not to prove him wrong. For ME. I run now cos I love running. I love being able to challenge myself. It's hard when you feel sick when you're running an interval. But I feel great when I've done it. I want to run to get PB's. I want to run to go as fast as I can. I want to run to feel alive. I want to feel the rain on my face and smile when it's grey. I want to overtake cyclists. I want to be free. I want to be running. I want to be racing. I want to be as fast as I can be. P.S�. splitting up also meant I discovered Fetch. I actually had a chance to read Runners World properly, and I saw Fetch mentioned in an article about how to devise a training plan :-) Hooray! Running has made me a better person. :-)

Greg de ch'nor asks: Sorry, forgot the question : toast, towel or monkey?

SarahL says: Toast, towel or monkey� ermmmm monkey? :-~

Greg de ch'nor asks: Miss Piggy Wiggy asked how running changed you as a person. I would like to ask how running changed you as a seahorse, and as a fluffy white rabbit?

SarahL says: I was a much slower runner as a sea-horse, and there were far more interesting things to do as a rabbit! ;-)

Vicksta asks: Bovril or Marmite?

SarahL says: Neither. Yik! I *hate* marmite! :-(

DIY Diva asks: Well done, Sarah :-) Right, oh one with great taste in choosing cars..... when are you going to join Ranelagh? ;-)

SarahL says: I might join Ranelagh! Decisions, decisions! I�ve still got to try Stragglers! Got a bit of time yet � as probably won�t join until April 08 when I move house. :-)

santababy asks: lol @ Greg , well done Sarah :) your always happy happy happy, are you like that ALL the time? surely you have days you just want to scream and shout and moan or do we just not hear about them? How do you find the time to comment on every blog, i barely have time to read my favourites....and last but not least, what's your favourite champagne and why?

SarahL says: I�m pretty happy all the time now, yes! And when I�m not I try and pull myself out of it quickly. I�ll normally email or phone a close friend, then I go and do something which takes my mind off it. :-) - I love reading the blogs. My favourite�s are the race reports, but I enjoy reading them all. I don�t think I�ve read a book since I joined Fetch� :-) - Errrrrmmmmm� I don�t drink these days. But I used to drink those mini Moet bottles through a straw! :-)

Mikuro asks: Well done Sarah, totally well deserved!!! *pats back* How do you find the time to reaad and comment on so many blogs?! ;)

SarahL says: As above � no book reading anymore! Oh and also� Fetch on my mobile means dead train time is now blog-reading time! :-)

John Bach asks: Congratulations Sarah. What race are you most looking forward to doing in 2008 and why? Have you given your Garmin a name? Any advice at what I should get my wife (a non runner) for Xmas?

SarahL says: CHICAGO MARATHON 2008 without a shadow of a doubt � 12th October! :-) - I call my Garmin either Garmin or Garmy. I do *heart* it! Name or no name! :-) - A new car! ;-)

Rapscallion asks: Well done Sarah.... You are such a star commenting on nearly every long do you spend reading the blogs each day, and what do you find most enjoyable from others' blogs?

SarahL says: I�d say about 2 hours a day reading blogs. Races are my favourites, but there are also some hilarious entries that make me laugh a lot! And now I�ve got to know quite a few people I really look forward to supporting them and following their challenges and up�s and down�s.

orbital sander asks: what would be in your room 101?

SarahL says: Marmite (well it�s just yik isn�t it?!), Injuries (nuff said), DIY (takes too long and never turns out quite right� I�ll take a man with a van anytime!), Eastenders and Coronation St (causes brain numbing), �when animals go bad� (I mean, who watched this?), Jeremy Kyle (uggh), Moaning commuters (they should all be forced to wear a smile), Wasps (bees do just as good a job and are prepared to die), (how many can I have?!), Nightmares (cos they�re dark and scary), The Matrix (I really didn�t like it)

CanaryYellow asks: Congrats SarahL. More free running gear, must be great being you!! If you could win one sporting event or be a member of a winning team what event would you choose?

SarahL says: Well that�s easy! Would have to be FLM! Me and Paula, racing to the line and just pipping her to the post! :-)

Racin' Snail asks: Well done:-) the fastest blog reader in the west! What does the L stand for? If i have 18 buns,john eats 4, Billy eats 3, no one eats 7,how many woggles in a scout camp?:-) What will you be splashing the bounty on?

SarahL says: The L stands for Lintern. I don�t mind sharing as I�ve already mentioned it on my blog and you could always go and look it up on Facebook if you were a real detective! - 72 (what do I win?) - I *heart* my GORE jacket :-)

Sunbed Athlete asks: WELL DONE!!!!!!!! My question is.....who would you want to be in your Xmas stocking why?????

SarahL says: Thanks � well done on your amazing times! Ummm� I wouldn�t mind Gethin from Strictly Come Dancing� Cos he�s a bit phwoarrrrrr! :-)

BigChiefRunningBore asks: What is your favorite veggie meal? ( I need to know this in case you claim your other prize) What is the worst bit of damage to you or your house caused by a Fetch party?

SarahL says: Quorn fajitas please :-) - Red wine on the carpet and sparklers on the kitchen worktop ;-) Although there was also a lot of puke in the plant pots which was also gross!

KatieB asks: Sarah...ponytail or bunches? What is your favourite chocolate? Big congrats...always love your comments on my blog. :-)

SarahL says: Bunches of course! Favourite chocolate = Milky Bar - I like reading your blog! :-)

Dave A asks: Well done Sarah. Has running been a major part in overcoming setbacks in your life, or has it just been a small part coupled with many other things? IOf so, what were they? And in that picture, were you wearing anything else other than the Fetch beanie?

SarahL says: Running is a major part of my life and I wish I'd have discovered it sooner as I'm sure it would have helped. As it was, I just got on with things. Push me over, I'll get back up. Push me over again, I'll get back up again. Push me over for a third time, I'll get back up again... Running definitely helps sort my head out now. I'll often find an answer to a work problem on a lunchtime run. Oh and no... nothing but a Fetch beanie and a duvet in that picture! ;-)

Barky asks: WTG Sarah, a big congrats to you! Now, question? Will you ever do an Ironman?

SarahL says: Never say never. It's almost certainly not on my list. So for now� let's say no!

CB. asks: congrats Sarah :-) what song would you have played alongside your banner declaring you MOTM?

SarahL says: �I�m so excited� by The Pointer Sisters! :-)

mad4purple asks: DO you ever get in trouble at work for Fetching? Do you read every single blog? What would you say would be your best ever run? Oh and congrats by the way.

SarahL says: Not yet, but I�m walking a fine line! *checks over shoulder* - I almost read every blog. But not all. I would if someone could add an extra 67 minutes to each day. :-) - Ooooh, best ever run! :-) Well currently it has to be Berlin Marathon. I just *LOVED* every single second of it, even the hard bits! And I think it�ll stay that way for a while. First marathon and all that. I�m hoping that Paris and Chicago will be just as :-) if not :-) :-)

Geprig asks: Congratulations What's the best place that you've Fetched from and is there anywhere you haven't?

SarahL says: Um. I�ve Fetched from virtually everywhere, now that I�m Fetch-mobile! I did take my laptop into the bath with me once� I am yet to Fetch from the roof of my car. Give me time. :-)

JonnyB asks: Congrats Sarah – very well deserved :) You often say you read/comment/blog on the bus - what do you use to do this?

SarahL says: I have a Palm Treo :-)

runnerbean asks: do you want to share my flu?it's real flu not watered-down 'man-flu'?

SarahL says: I�ll happily share a dose of your flu runnerbean. If we could schedule it in for just after Chicago please :-)

Tarange asks: If you were able to do or be anything...what would you be or do??

SarahL says: Yikes this is a very hard question� and I really don�t know the answer. I�m quite happy with my lot. I�d love to be able to do a 4 minute mile! Hehehe :-)

Nightjar asks: What are you running away from in your profile picture?

SarahL says: I was at 35km in the Berlin mara and didn�t have enough energy to turn to the camera and wave! Just about managed a smile. And clearly I was flying as the camera almost missed me! ;-)

Gerihattrick asks: If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is there to hear it, does it really matter?

SarahL says: No, not unless it�s crushed a wild swan. Then it matters. :-(

runnerbean asks: are you a jedi? are you a sith? do you wear socks to bed?

SarahL says: I don�t think so *checks birth certificate* - Nope, but I have been known to wear my Fetch beanie! :-)

LizzieLou asks: Congratulations! Why did you start running? (as asked by Miss PW) When did you start running, and were you ever slow?

SarahL says: Part 1 answered already :-) - Yes I was slow! And to some extent still am today! One day I aim to be fassssssssstttttttteeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr :-)

Siouxsie asks: Yay! Well Done Sarah :-) xx What's tyour favourite item of 'non fetch logo'd running kit?

SarahL says: Well now it�s my GORE! But when you asked this question it would have been my Thorlos socks and my running gloves. Both for practical purposes, cos I look like a right numpty in all running kit!! :-)

Dons asks: Yeah!!!! So how do you stay so positive and find time to motivate everyone else?

SarahL says: Well the glass is half filled. I just prefer to try and see it as half full rather than half empty. Life is far more enjoyable that way! And I love being able to top up the glasses of others, even if only by a little bit. :-) - I make time to get involved � but it does lead to a very busy life! :-)

alan1976 asks: Congratulations! Is serial killing the only way to progress society? And if I listened to your iPod, would it only make me worse?

SarahL says: Errrrmmmmm� *steps away from the computer*� - Carnage would probably result if you listened to my iPod!!! :-)

cabletow asks: What is the secret of eternal youth? What is the secret of the philosophers stone? What is the secret of running well? What is the secret seven up to now?

SarahL says: Running :-) Running :-) Running :-) Running :-)

SarahL asks: In true SL style I'd like to ask myself a question (in the same way as I give myself a good luck message when betting on myself. So here goes... Do you talk to yourself when running?

SarahL says: Yes, most of the time in my head, but occasionally out loud. I do give myself a bit of encouragement when it gets tough, like �come on� and �you can do it�. And I sing along to my iPod a lot! :-)

runnerbean asks: do you answer yourself when you talk to yourself when running?

SarahL says: Yes, again mostly in my head, but sometimes a few words/gasps escape into real life too! Like �Yes� or �Almost there� :-)

BigChiefRunningBore asks: Apart from running - do you talk to yourself and if so have you sort professional help?

SarahL says: I was going to answer �no� to that one BCRB. But then my computer crashed and I just lost the last few answers. As I got up to take my mug to the sink I realised I was talking to myself� Hmmm� where�s the number for professional help please? :-)

cabletow asks: Do you look for hairs on the palms of your hands - and if so - do you have any?

SarahL says: Frequently� hundreds!!! And on the soles of my feet :-)

Simontr asks: Do you ever stand still?

SarahL says: Rarely!

Hills of Death (HOD) asks: What makes you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO obsessed by running (I know you are !)

SarahL says: I�m not sure entirely. I just *heart* the way it makes me feel. I�ve fallen in love with it gradually. I didn�t just go for my first run and suddenly think YAYAYAYAY I *heart* this. I�ve been slowly romanced by running and the love affair has been built up over time to the point where I�m totally obsessed by it. I think it also has a lot to do with directly being able to see the results of hard work pay off. Barring injury, running is fab, because the more work you put in, the better you get. Your face doesn�t have to fit. You don�t have to play any political games. And, you get to see some of the most amazing scenery at the most amazing times, that otherwise would remain hidden. :-)

Jock Itch asks: John Noakes used to tell his dog Shep to get down. If you had a dog what would you tell him to do ?

SarahL says: Make me tea :-)

Boycie asks: Before running took over your life, how did you fill the hours??

SarahL says: Reading, tv, Facebook, more sleep, work�

Greg de ch'nor asks: What's the difference between a pigeon? And why? And are you scared sh*tless like me when you're running and a dog is running straight at you, even if it's a tiny crappy one that you could just kick out of the way?

SarahL says: ?! - Yes, I am scared of dogs, all types! I try and pretend I�m not as someone once told me they can pick up on fear. But I do sh*t myself! I would only ever consider kicking one in total self defence if it had sunk its nashers into me!!!!

BlueWombat asks: can you explain "Lost" to me in 50 words or less?

SarahL says: Lost is a brilliant program that I thought was a 5 part mini series. Oh how utterly disappointed I was when I realised after the 4th episode that they were nowhere near escaped and that I was going to have to watch all 5 frickin� series :-( [47 words although admittedly didn�t answer the question]

SarahAngel asks: :-) Well done Sarah! My question - What did you with your time before finding fetch?

SarahL says: Reading, tv, Facebook, more sleep, work, tripping over myself�

Ellem asks: You are such a positive cheerful person - but do you get the post race downers ever? Well done on nomination :-)

SarahL says: I think I might have had a bit of a post-race downer after Berlin. But it didn�t last long and wasn�t too bad. And it was mainly because I didn�t have a plan or another goal. Now I�ve got a coach and several goals, even post-Paris I have another goal, and I�ll have someone telling me what to do, which is always :-) I don�t get post-race downers after �regular� races. Mostly I just get leg-ache and need a nap! :-) � Thanks!

orbital sander asks: who is your weirdest celebrity crush?

SarahL says: Errrmmm� if I said Ben Fogle would it a) mean anything to you and b) would you ban me from Fetch? :-P

Son of a Pronator Man asks: What's your favourite: Quality Street? Liqourice allsort?

SarahL says: Quality Street = the long thin gold one that�s caramel�y - Liquorice Allsor = none, not keen on liquorice

Tpod asks: Well done Sarah! What am I getting for Christmas?

SarahL says: A wood burning stove, a set of golf clubs, a pair of socks and some shower gel. Yes? :-)

irunslowly asks: What are who motivates you most?

SarahL says: Mick �n� Phil are up there. Along with that chap who runs with those springy things on his legs. Ironman athletes. Fetch. Elite athletes. Wizlyn, Sunbed Athlete, Rach E, Gobi, JEJ and of course many others�

Treacle asks: When are we going for a run together?

SarahL says: Before April Treacle! :-)

jennywren asks: And can I come too? (Well done again, you're a star!)

SarahL says: Yes! That would be great! :-)

sluggish asks: well done sarah. what distance or distances would you like to excell at?

SarahL says: I�d like to get a good 5km, 10km, half mara and mara times. Hmmm, that�s mostly all of them then� OK, a good 10km and a good mara if I had to pick. :-)

oceanspirit asks: Excellent!!!!! Where do you get all your energy from? How is it you are always on fetch? Do you actually work at work?

SarahL says: Most of my energy from carboydrates, occasionally fats�! I sleep very deeply too! - I�m addicted to Fetch, so I always seek out a way to be on here! I do actually work at work, yes! And quite hard too! :-)

Shin Twigs asks: would you squirt a dog in the eye with lucozade sport if it was chasing you?

SarahL says: No.

Shin Twigs asks: if not, why not

SarahL says: Because it might bite me if I did! But it would cross my mind! :-)

Shin Twigs asks: do you hum to yourself when you're doing the housework?

SarahL says: Sorry, what�s housework? I don�t do it long enough to hum! :-)

chicken likken asks: Ok big question For the music Dirty dancing or Top gun!! :-p No serious question after being injured for so long now I wonder if someone told you, you could not run now for 9 months how would you fill your time ?

SarahL says: Chix Lix that is not fair. I�ve just spent 5 mins humming songs from both. I was going to write Dirty Dancing. But then I changed my mind to Top Gun. And now I�m back to Dirty Dancing. Gulp. Such a big choice. I don�t want to let anyone down. OK� Dirty Dancing. NO!! Top Gun. NO!!! Dirty Dancing :-) - I�d set myself a challenge to swim from Lands End to John O Groats and I�d be down the pool every day. Alternatively if I could cycle I would actually cycle from Lands End to John O Groats. If all else failed perhaps I�d just eat a lot of Chinese (food that is, not people) and fly there. :-)

Shin Twigs asks: what would your "daemon" be if you had one and why?

SarahL says: My daemon would be an orang-utan. Because I *heart* them :-)

Disco asks: Do you think Sarah Beeny would have more success on Property Ladder if she showed all her houses while wearing a bikini?

SarahL says: Possibly. But probably more if she was totally naked!? ;-)

MissingPhoenix asks: Well done sarah :) Right, since you joined fetch, what is the longest time you've gone without fetching?? LSRs and sleeping don't count ;)

SarahL says: 4 hours and 32 minutes. Exactly. I was shaking and sweating by the end of it.

old mum asks: Well done Sarah! Couldn't have been given to a lovlier, more supportive & cheery lady! :-) Where do you get all your motivation & seemingly endless energy from?

SarahL says: A lot of the motivation to succeed and make the most comes from my past. Plus new kit always helps! :-) GO gels and High-5 energy drink give me the fuel I need�!

oceanspirit asks: smooth peanut butter or crunchy peanut butter?

SarahL says: Depends on the mood OS! In sandwiches with banana smooth. On toast, crunchy. :-)

oceanspirit asks: (don't know if this is already here.....) Why Chicago?

SarahL says: Chicago is one of the 5 World Marathon Majors. It�s my ambition to run them all, qualifying for Boston with a GFA time (if not sooner!). Paris was thrown in as I didn�t get in to London this year. The plan thus far is: Berlin � Sept 07 � check; [Paris � Apr 08] � entered; Chicago � Oct 07 � entered (ish!); London � Apr 09; New York � Autumn 09; Boston � Spring 10 :-)

Hoaxster asks: Tell me SarahL, just out of interest, do you think that there are any really stupendously good ways in which a Fetchie can give something back to the running community?

SarahL says: Funny you mention that Hoaxster� I do. I�d say the easiest and best thing that a Fetchie who was wondering what they could give back would be to support Fetchenstein. Fetchenstein� What�s that I hear you cry? Well there�s no real funding for anyone (apart from a couple of established marathon runners) leading up to 2012. But, if you support Fetchenstein we could change that. If everyone chipped in then a bursary/grant/scholarship type arrangement could keep an up and coming marathon runner in gels and plimsoles for a year. If there's 'no money' in the sport then the only practical means we have of changing that is to put some in ourselves and demonstrate to sponsors that it can be a viable commercial proposition. So here�s how it could work: 1,500 people paying �20 = �30K but I don't see a cash-strapped athlete turning their nose up at even a few hundred quid if it keeps them in shoes for a year or summat. Reckon we could get Natmag involved to match it if a good CBA (cost/benefit analysis not 'it's too cold to go for a run' ;-)) can be made. Marathon runner, 2012 medal prospect. Age and gender immaterial.

Greg de ch'nor asks: Indeed Sarah, and building on Hoax's point, you were telling me just now that you thought that the Fetchenstein money should be given to me. Would you like to tell the Fetch community at large why you feel I am such a marvelous individual?

SarahL says: Cos you are brill :-)

Girlie asks: The house is burning down, family and pets have escaped safely, you can save 3 items from the inferno, what would they be?

SarahL says: Easy! Trainers, GORE jacket and laptop! I would be worried however if two dogs, a cat and a parrot flew out of my house� I�m pet-less :-)

early bird asks: Sarah very well done indeed :-) How do you find the time not just to read all the blogs but to post on them and be so helpful.You a very inspirational lady i just hope one day i can be half the runner you are :-).I would also like to take the opprtunity to say a very big thankyou for all the posts you have put on my blog all of them have been a great help :-) P.S. sorry if i have repeated anyone elses question i have been a lazy mare and not read back.

SarahL says: Thanks early bird! I�ve slept less since I�ve joined Fetch! :-)

orbital sander asks: do you have manky toenails?

SarahL says: No manky toenails (does this mean I�m not trying hard enough? I will try harder to lose a few!). But lots of blisters. I�m permanently battling them. Just as I get one area sorted another bit decides to play up. Doesn�t help that I picked the last one! Eeeeuuugggghhh! :-)

Phantom asks: When you pick your nose, what is your preffered method of bogey/snotter disposal? (1) flicking at a friend (2) flicking randomly (3) consumption (recycling) (4) sticking under your desk/onto any item of furniture (5) recorded delivery

SarahL says: (5) recorded delivery [of course! Isn't that everyone's favourite?]

XB asks: Well done; a worthy winner:-) What do you sound like? Do you have a strong accent?

SarahL says: I mostly sound like me. Which is a southerner (brought up in London suburbs). And of course I don�t have an accent, you do! ;-)

t3d asks: What are your favourite running distances? And what attracts you to a particular race to enter? I am not talking Global like Chicago or any such musical, just a UK based race. How much time do you think you spend Fetching daily? You always seem to be here or here abouts :P. Which Fetchie (that you have still to meet) would you most like to meet? If you think that your answer may not begin with 't', end with 'd' and have a 3 in the middle then please feel free ignore this question.

SarahL says: Favourite running distance� probably half marathon. 5km and 10km really are all out hard work for the entire run � at least in a half mara there�s a bit more relaxation time involved. You can take in the scenery. And not screw up the face quite as much! Although of course those last 3 miles are always a *killer* :-) - Races that are either a) nearby me, b) nearby other Fetchies, c) look like fun, d) help me to achieve my running goals, e) just because! - Lots of time! But not too much! :-) - Errrmmmmmm I guess it would be t3d then! :-) And everyone else of course! :-)

RFJ asks: Well done Sarah, you deserve it, How do you fuel your bouncyness, and energy levels for being so nice, so positive and so supportive, in your running and your blogs? (Coz its so refeshing I need to buy some of it.......):-) :-) :-)

SarahL says: I plug myself into a re-charger each evening and let myself juice-up overnight. A bit like charging a phone! :-) - I also eat a lot of food, just ask IanM and Heidi. Put it in front of me and it will be gone! :-)

Rapscallion asks: Gethin Jones or Matt De Angelo??

SarahL says: Gethin, definitely :-) Please send him round :-)

Pammie asks: Well done Sarah Whats Your favourite Pizza topping? What race would you like to do but haven't done so far?

SarahL says: I like sweetcorn, chilli�s and pineapple! :-) - I *will* do the Grizzly one day. It�s the only race I�ve ever entered and not run. It was shortly after the split with my ex and I didn�t want to put myself through the emotional carp. I did the Grunty-Fen half marathon instead (*waves to Lyra*). :-)

Monkex asks: Marmite? Love or hate it?

SarahL says: Marmite. Hate it.

SuzyWoo asks: Well done SarahL!!! Fab nomination!!! my question would be - how long have you gone without wearing your Fetch beanie since you got it?!!!! :-)

SarahL says: Not long SuzyWoo! I wore it for almost 24 hours solid when I first got it. And *almost* on every run since then! I don�t want spring to arrive! :-)

oceanspirit asks: Do you still sleep with your fetch beanie on your head?

SarahL says: Only on Thursday nights OS :-)

Boingy asks: -If you could go for a run right now, anywhere in the world, where would it be ? - What's your favourute running song ? - If you could choose a new type of smiley thing for fetch (in addition to the usual favourites of :-),:-(, or :-p), what would it be and why ? :-)

SarahL says: Stanley Park, Vancouver - Stroke 9 � Washin� and Wonderin� � LOVE IT! :-) - A confused, slightly frightened looking smilie � one like this :-$

Kittenheels Kath asks: Is the world your oyster?

SarahL says: Yes! :-) Although I don�t like eating them. And it would take quite a long time to eat the whole world too :-P

Joopsy asks: Sarah, have you ever dreamed of running naked through the woods with Keith Chegwin? If yes, is this a common fantasy and where does it lead to? If no, is this the kind of dream you would like to have?

SarahL says: Joospy how did you know? Almost every night! :-) He normally ends up running into a tree and just as I get close enough to touch him I wake up�

fetcheveryone asks: Will it snow this christmas?

SarahL says: Only on Fetch [oh and Scotland of course!] :-)

SODIron asks: question: Virtual Running Dogs, good or bad idea?

SarahL says: Great idea! Bernie is well looked after! :-)

Blackcat5573 asks: Congratulations - Do you like snow?

SarahL says: I *heart* snow. And I *heart* skiing too! :-) Although it is quite dangerous as I mostly manage to injure myself doing it!

Jennik asks: Hi Sarah, well done and sooooooo deserved. Love reading your blogs, love that you take time to read everyone elses and comment on them, love it when I get a comment from you! Can't think of a question that hasn't been asked already - ok, what do you *heart* next best after running? (and you're not allowed to say 'fetch'!)

SarahL says: Can I say �racing�?? Probably not. How about shopping for running kit! That�s pretty enjoyable! I also *heart* loading up my Garmin data onto the computer and looking at it! :-)

Rebel asks: Hi Sarah-Well done.Do you have time to run after reading everyone's blogs? I love getting a comment from you.You always cheer me up. :-)

SarahL says: I manage to fit running in round blog reading. Or is that the other way round� Hmmm� *goes off to ponder* :-)

mic asks: congrats!... so I was wondering, whats/whos your inspiration?... what words of advice would you give other Fetchies now your on the A-List Celeb circuit ?... and who makes you laugh most?

SarahL says: Tons of people (answered this one a while back). Even seeing little things inspire me. Like seeing dew drops on the grass. Frosty windscreens. Clouds coming off the top of Canary Wharf. The little angels dancing on the street when it rains really hard. The humming noise of streetlamps. - Never ever give up. Oh and things always look better in the morning. - Lots of people/things make me laugh. Jock�s blog is hilarious!

BigChiefRunningBore asks: What are your pin number details and home address?

SarahL says: Pin is 26.20. Address is: 262 Marathon Street, World, Marathon Majors, FET CH#

oceanspirit asks: What are your favourite movies to watch on a night in? What is your favourite drink of choice?

SarahL says: Anything action/thriller/adventure. Not a huge rom/com or thriller fan. Unplugged my DVD player several months ago to sort out Sky stuff and haven�t put it back. So not watched much in a while! - Shloer, cranberry & soda, innocent smoothies. But not all together! :-)

orbital sander asks: was your decision to go commando a spontaneous one, a well thought out process, or a moment of pure forgetfullness?

SarahL says: Do you know what I can�t quite remember now. I�m quite forgetful, so it could be c). However I also know that I didn�t like the VPL or the chaffage, so possibly b). Then again I am quite spontaneous, so it also could have been a). Whatever, there�s no going back now� tis a great feeling! :-)

chrisity asks: would you rather do a 13 mile run off road with friends or a half marathon race?

SarahL says: Both please Christy! That�s a really tough one to answer. I�d do the friend�s run one weekend and the race another! :-)

aka billy asks: Congrats on the motm award, Well deserved IMO My question is What would you like for a Christmas present if you could have anything?

SarahL says: A FLM marathon place for 2008. But not anymore, as I�m running Paris. So I�ll defer my wish for 2009 please! :-) And if I get a GFA place then please can I have the new Garmin 405 *swoon*

Tarange asks: HOw do you remain so positive and sunny in a world that can seem cruel sometimes?? Whatever it is can you bottle it please :-)

SarahL says: I use distraction therapy. I throw myself passionately into the activities that I undertake, whether that be relationships, friendships, running, work, family, etc etc. And that makes me happy. I really do love life. Or should I say I *heart* life! I get excited about little things. About simple things. I try and see the good in everyone. I try and understand, even if I�m not close to them. I do get down and I do cry from time to time. I try and consciously limit the amount I cry when I do. So I let it out, let the tears flow, have a bit of a sob, blow my nose and kind of tell myself to stop. I'm very logical and I always try and figure situations out to get them straight in my head. And understand the situation that I'm in. And understand the other person's point of view. I've also had a couple of friends die when they were young (i.e. 20/30's) and that also had an impact on my thought process. What with that and my operations/past etc I kind of just view life in a different way. I cherish every moment. I do sometimes feel that it's a battle, but not too often. Sometimes I feel that I'm pulling myself together, telling myself to get up from another knock back. Telling myself I've got to be brave. So many times in my life I've had to be brave and sometimes I get sick of it and just want to give up. I think it's natural to feel like that from time to time. And just wish I didn't have to. But thing is, life continues anyway. So my theory is... the next minute is going to go by in 60 seconds - whether I'm crying or laughing. So I'll try and laugh. It�s far more enjoyable! :-) I also think life is in phases. I look back at past chunks of my life and realise I got through it. And quite a lot of it was hellish. I also remember that bad things will pass - I know that they won't last forever. Can you bottle that? :-)

PhatButFit asks: Hong Kong Phooey or Scooby Doo?

SarahL says: Scooby-dooby-doo where are you? :-) [and Scrappy too]

Kittenheels Kath asks: Who is your favourite Top Cat character?

SarahL says: Top Cat :-)

Kittenheels Kath asks: Do you bake? If so, what do you bake?

SarahL says: Errrrm. Not really. Oh� I can make flapjack. But then a tadpole on acid could probably make flapjack! I�m very good at getting flour everywhere and also getting eggshell in the mix. So that�s probably a �no� then! :-)

Cavey asks: Which is your favourite British Motorway? And why? (you'll now realise why I don't normally bother asking a MOTM question!! ;))

SarahL says: Most travelled on is definitely M25 as I only live 10 minutes drive away. And it�s my *least* favourite! - I guess my most favourite would have to be that new toll road bit around Birmingham. Cos it�s quiet, and I can test my left-foot braking on there! Can�t even remember what it�s called though! :-)

Tpod asks: Cake or death?

SarahL says: Ermmm� cake for me. And death for anyone that takes my cake! Torture then death if it�s banoffee pie, my favourite! :-)

Blackbird asks: Well done Sarah Satin or Silk ;-)

SarahL says: Silk please :-)

Barky asks: An Aston Martin DB9 (or DBS), or a Mini Copper, this si from LB btw!!!!

SarahL says: Definitely a Aston Martin DB9. I�m not a fan of the Mini Cooper at all! Thanks LB! :-)

McGoohan asks: Well done Sarah: you are one of the most positive and cheerful people I have ever met (well, y'know in a *virtual* sense). So I'd like to ask: have you any tips for grumpy old so-and-sos like me on how to be a bit more cheerful. And also: rice pudding or custard?

SarahL says: Run more! Race more! Get more PB�s! Fetch more! Smile more! Poke strangers on the tube! :-) - Rice pudding � with strawberry jam in :-)

Woad Wunner asks: If you had the chance to become a farmyard animal, what would you choose and why?

SarahL says: Well I don�t fancy rolling around in my own sh!t, so that rules out being a pig. Cows eat grass all day long, too boring. Chickens spend far too much time passing large objects, which just sounds painful. Sheep must get cold after being sheared and I don�t like the cold. So I think I�ll plump with being a sheep dog! That means I�ll get to sleep in a nice warm bed. Be fed and watered and petted by loving parents. And get to go running every day! :-)

Woad Wunner asks: What is the most stupid thing that you have ever done and are willing to admit to?

SarahL says: Right� well. I was going for a lunchtime run a couple of months ago. I went to the disabled toilets to get changed in, as it�s bigger, so I can swing a cat in there should I so wish. I was also desperate to go to the toilet. So I did a bit of multi-tasking� Whilst stripping off clothes, putting on my HR monitor and finding my Garmin I yanked my trousers down and sat on the toilet. Suddenly things felt a bit warm� I�d managed to pull my trousers down but not my knickers and was sitting there p*ssing my pants� Oh the shame� :-(

danny wilde asks: How many different languages can you order a beer in ?

SarahL says: English and Spanish only :-(

mxhornet asks: Should I wear spikes tonight ?

SarahL says: Yes, definitely. :-)

chris.52 asks: This week isn't the first time you've blogged about the fun you have commuting. Is your day in the office more fun or less?

SarahL says: The office isn�t half as much fun as the commute! :-)

Girlie asks: forgive me for being dim, but please enlighten me as to what BB day is,( unless it's something roooode, in which case i will be *shocked* and run screaming from the thread)

SarahL says: BB day = the day I got my Brompton Bike! I had to wait for it to be built especially for me! :-) It�s *great* :-)

Snapstinget asks: 1) forgive me for being dim, but please enlighten me as to what BB day is, (especially if it's something roooode) ;-) 2) why aren't you writing sitcoms? Yet? Or are you?

SarahL says: No sitcoms. Sometimes I think my life is one big joke! Tis lotsa fun! :-)

Tpod asks: Minty chocolate oranges - a travesty or just plain wrong?

SarahL says: Definitely not right. A chocolate orange is a chocolate orange is a chocolate orange�

MarkC asks: Congratulations, SarahL! What one reason would you use to persuade a sceptical beginner to take up running?

SarahL says: The thrill of completing a race in a PB record time cannot be explained. You just have to go do it to understand the thrill� *then* you�ll be hooked! :-)

Prop Forward asks: Sarah, who was your favourite guest presenter on Have I got news for you and why? Also if it wasn't Boris Johnson why not?

SarahL says: I guess it�s Boris Johnson then! He is a laugh. If not a bit mad. Crickey to think he could be Mayor of London very soon! I really liked Angus Deayton :-( In fact, I might have to go back and change my weirdest celebrity crush!!!

Doctor K asks: Sarah -Congratulations !! If you could invite any 5 people to dinner who would they be?

SarahL says: Blimey, another question that requires thought! Ben Stiller (the man is a comic genius and a hottie!), Benazir Bhutto, Michael Crichton (for his super intelligence), Take That (a real man-band now!), David Attenborough. And all of Fetch via webcam! :-)

chromey asks: Do you grow your thumb especially?

SarahL says: Yes � I�d been training it for weeks for that photo! :-)

jude asks: If you could ask yourself one question and you had to answer truthfully what would it be??

SarahL says: Fetch shirts� what do you really think of the green suggestion? NO WAY! Green is pants! :-P

Runmonkey asks: Well done SarahL - my question, how long is it gonna take you to answer all these questions :)

SarahL says: Two night so far � about 3 hours per night... and still got one more page to go! Am thoroughly enjoying it though! :-)

GotLeadLegs asks: Daddy or Chips?

SarahL says: Daddy�s sauce = no no :-(

Zoom asks: What's BB Day, please?!!!!

SarahL says: The day I receive(d) my Brompton Bike! :-)

Sid asks: Congratulations! How fast is fast?

SarahL says: To me, fast is a 2 hour 4 minute marathon. WOW! Oh, and an F1 car is pretty speedy too :-)

SLOWCOACHDAVE asks: well done sarah..............what car do you drive?

SarahL says: A silver Peugeot 107 :-)

kstuart asks: congrats sarah hmm question erm Would you consider a Ironman and when????

SarahL says: Not at the moment, no. Perhaps if I ever had a bit more time on my hands. But not right now. Looks like fun though! :-)

Brumliz asks: If you we had daemons (His Dark Materials/ Golden Compass stylee), what would yours be and why?

SarahL says: Ditto from question previously� My daemon would be an orang-utan. Because I *heart* them. :-)

Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Running Goals for next season by end of 08

SarahL says: Simple. One goal. Sub 3.40 marathon in Chicago. *gulp* :-)

bjworld asks: Well done, Sarah! I really enjoy reading your blog - have you always kept a diary?

SarahL says: Thanks! I�ve kept a diary on and off � mostly to cover my travels. This year I started a diary on Jan 1, but abandoned it when I started my blog :-)

Lost in Devon asks: If you listen to music while you are running - what do you listen to ?

SarahL says: Varied music and mostly cheesy! Quite a lot of American college rock, Britney, Busted, Pink, Lifehouse, Stroke 9, Nine Days, Lifehouse, Dave Matthews Band, RHCP, The Beatles, Take That, The Calling, No Doubt, Vertical Horizon, Alicia Keys, Will Young and tons more�. :-)

John Bach asks: Sarah - I'm just tempting fete - what's the best cure for a hangover? (apart from not drinking in the 1st place - too late I'm afraid!!)

SarahL says: Banana milkshake :-)

Fetch says: And that's it - I'm loving the questions that you guys are coming up with, and the patience of SarahL in answering them all. OK Sarah, you can return the power to the flux capacitor, and carry on being everywhere at once :-)

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