Plodding Hippo - Member of the Month August 2007

Member of the Month August 2007

Plodding Hippo

Fetch says: Hi Plodding Hippo. So often, and so proudly happy at the back of the field, you've broken away from the pack and won our Member of the Month title for August 2007 - nice one. One of your most endearing qualities is your pure enjoyment of running - it's something we all forget sometimes, and you're a great example to those looking to find their runing mojo. Right... that's enough flattery - lets get onto the questions. I think there may be some about gin!

runnerbean asks: PH, do you cut your toe nails ?

Plodding Hippo says: Of course-but they donít seem to grow as fast any more

Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Plodding Hips many cogratulations on being the MotM firstly Why marathons ? and secondly Why G&Ts ?

Plodding Hippo says: Gin is lovely, and so are marathons

BooBoo LaBon asks: Do you ever cook with Gin? *My questions will get better*

Plodding Hippo says: Good god NO!!!!!!!! What a waste!

BigChiefRunningBore asks: Did you find the Rise and Fall of Reggy Perrin funny?

Plodding Hippo says: well, my hippo name orginated from that prgramme-I forget just how, but I was a skinny 8 stones at the time.Ive never seen the programme!

Homer asks: What marathon do you plan to do as number 100?

Plodding Hippo says: Maybe Beachy, ot loch Ness-ooh I dunno

BigChiefRunningBore asks: Wot's your favourite character of Star Trek and why?

Plodding Hippo says: Which series?I love Spock, Picard and Data

Happycat asks: What is your favourite marathon? or which 2 or 3.

Plodding Hippo says: Sorry, but I really cant answer that question-so many great marathons out there.It would be easier to tell you the three I wont do again-balckpool, Duchy and Isle of Wight.The first two for appalling organisation and poor care of the slower runner, the IOW becuse of the franklydangerous traffic

Balham Bouncer asks: How many marathons and ultras have you done, and how are you planning your assault on the 100 Marathon target... how many per year etc? (Sorry about the 'how many have you done' question - if I wasn't so lazy I would check back in your profile!) In marathon and ultra marathon running, which do you find the greater challenge - the physical or mental aspect? Have you ever run in fancy dress?

Plodding Hippo says: By my count-65-16 of which were ultras.Ive done the moonwalk in a furry purple bra and tutu if that counts.Physical or mental-m-no, its all hard

Balham Bouncer asks: Which was the hardest marathon / ultra you've done?

Plodding Hippo says: Datrmoor Discovery

Lyra O'K asks: Huge congratulations, Hipps. You deserve this. So... I guess you've established that marathons and ultras are all well within your capabilities. You ever been tempted to give triathlons a go one day? Maybe a gentle Ironman? :-)

Plodding Hippo says: Cant ride a bike.No interest in learning how to.So no to triathlon-not NEVER!

Diogenes asks: Do you think you will ever follow a structured training plan? What was the worst marathon you ever did in terms of organisation and attitude to us slower finishers? Once you get to 100 will you stop/carry on, or just concentrate on Ultras? What would you most like to change about the medical world? Is gin a sports drink? What advice would you give someone contemplating their first marathon? Do you have any time-related goals and, if so, what are they? That's enough for now, isn't it?

Plodding Hippo says: Ouch!I have followed a structured training plan a few times actually.After my first disatrous mara, doer with a hangover, longest run of 8 miles and no fuel(5.58), I embarked on a training plan for FLM.Only imrorved my time by 10 minutes.Tried a training programme again for Abingdon 2003, and ended up with a 6.09 time(14 trott stops).My pbs have been set after a period of base training, and last year i broke my mara pb twice doing the eleven maras in eleven weeks.I need lots of miles really

Kath (one pace?) asks: Dear Hippo, well done on your worthy recognition as MotM. Plymouth gin is clearly the best in the world, but which one is your particular favourite, and why?

Plodding Hippo says: Yum, GIN!!!!!!.Gordons cos its only 37% and I have no control when it comes to gin.Then-oh, Miler,(cucumbery), Gordons Distillers cut(gingery) and Blackwood(prtrolly and thick)

cabletow asks: Excellent news - so when are you going to come a play at General Practice? And how long is your current streak?

Plodding Hippo says: Too late, back in hozzie medicine.How many days is it form 1/406?

WildeRover asks: Which marathon that you haven't done yet would you most like to do?

Plodding Hippo says: Snowdon

Hoaxster asks: If you went on 'Stars In Their Eyes', who would you be?

Plodding Hippo says: That Yorkshire opera singer-whats ername

Diogenes asks: Has Mr Hippo ever shown any inclination to run and if he did, would you encourage him or be horrified? Excluding running a silly distance, what is your idea of a perfect weekend? Do you watch any medical dramas on TV?

Plodding Hippo says: No, I wish he would!Perfect weekend not including a race-mmmmmm-no, doesnít compute.I LOVE Holby City!

Rebel asks: Have you ever thought of writing a book about your running?

Plodding Hippo says: No, it would be terminally boring.You clearly havent been subjected to my race reports!

Lyra O'K asks: When the going gets really tough in a long distance race, what's your personal way of getting through that?

Plodding Hippo says: Knowing the bad patchedont last forever.Then crying, walking crawling.Sounds like most of my marathons form about mile 8 actually

RuthB2 asks: How has running changed/enhanced your life? How did you start running? How was your first ever run? (I always imagine you just turned up at a marathon one day and set off, but that can't be right can it?)

Plodding Hippo says: My first outside run was in 1995, and I managed 30 seconds!!Apart form race for life and one 10k, I didnít run outside again until 2002 when I sort of trained for my first marathon.Running marathons has given me a whole new social life, and the courage to walk away form a job which was supposed to be for life, but was killing me.Its given me the confidence to do things like that.It has also left me with deformed toenails, scarring form my bras and a nasty marathon habit!

Snoozi asks: Here, gizza kiss, well done! Are you still living at the bottom of our garden?

Plodding Hippo says: ssssssssschnooooooooooog.Gissa gin!

Pammie asks: What made you want to run marathons/ultras in the first place? How many shoes do you have to buy a year and have you a sponsorship deal with a shoe company?

Plodding Hippo says: Running a marathon was a lifetime ambition--the first was so awful, that I felt I had to try again and I got into FLM in 2003.By that time Id founf Runners World-and thatís how I met Shades and Tim, who talked me inot the 100 club and ultras

mxhornet asks: When do I get my beer back ? ;)

Plodding Hippo says: Never;)

Hoaxster asks: Do you think the timeless struggle between the Titans of RW and the Gods of Fetch will ever be resolved? Will we learn, in the fullness of time to live as one; rejoicing in our differences and celebrating the unbreakable strands of running obsession that bind us inexorably together? And given the choice, which site is better? ;)

Plodding Hippo says: They are different entities which I see as complemetary, not in competiton.Nice post though hoaxy.Runners world website quite literally saved my life-so I do feel very strongly loyal to that site, even though it has changed a lot in the last few years

Magbag asks: Congratulations Hp What was it that gave you the motivation to start running ?

Plodding Hippo says: I wanted to do a marathon

BigChiefRunningBore asks: As a plodding hippo I assume you police large parts of Africa, if so can you keep Hendo in order?

Plodding Hippo says: I am scared of hendo:)

Kath (one pace?) asks: Do your feet hurt? Not in the sense of injury, but just from sheer been-on-your-feet-all-day-ness.

Plodding Hippo says: yes, all the time.You get used to it

santababy asks: Congratualations Ruth :) what got you into running in 1st place and did you ever think it would lead to all these Marathons/Ultras? do you friends & Family support you? is there a dream marathon/ultra you'd like to do?

Plodding Hippo says: My family now suport me, but that wasnít always the case.There are LOADS of maras I want to do-just not enough time!

KR2 asks: Deserved winner PH:) Which is your favorite word to put down in a game of scrabble? and have you ever thrown a 180 whilst playing darts??

Plodding Hippo says: I donít play darts.Can you suggest a really good scrabble word for me please.I keep losing!

Tarange asks: How many toenails have you lost (if any)?? and what part of your feet are more prone to blisters?? :-)

Plodding Hippo says: all of them severla times.I have no normal toenails left!

Hanneke asks: One big question: why? (Is it a addiction???)

Plodding Hippo says: Because I CAN.Of course I am not addicted!

Diogenes asks: self-medicating again?

Plodding Hippo says: hic

BooBoo LaBon asks: Your a legend hun - how do you cope with that?? (And DON'T say that your not!!!)

Plodding Hippo says: But I am not.You want to meet some of the 100 club members-then you would see legend

Jock Itch asks: Have you ever put a Rowntree's fruit pastille in your mouth without chewing it ?

Plodding Hippo says: Impossible!

Phantom asks: Do you know where my blue shorts are?

Plodding Hippo says: In the third drawer down, the one you just looked in!

Phatbutfit asks: Can you do armpit trumps? If so what is your best tune?

Plodding Hippo says: No, can you?

oldbiddy asks: PH baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee can one ever drink too much gin ???? :)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Plodding Hippo says: Donít be silly!

John66 asks: What advice do you give to Marathon virgins?

Plodding Hippo says: Lose the time goals-it can all go tits up on the day.So have a plan a, b c-and then plan z

Lucky the cat asks: Well done Hipps. What is the furthest you'd consider racing...? Would you do a stage races over several days or would that not count as a marathon or ultra? Do you just run on roads, or do you race & train on trails a lot? Have you ever run on the fells? How do you keep your motivation when you're doing the same loop lots of times - like in a track race? How do you avoid feeling like you've run around enough times already? Now, what are you going to do after your 100 marathons are done?

Plodding Hippo says: Loops are fine.I have gone round and round a 400 metre track for 12 hours befoe now.As to the furthest-well, im too slow to make the cut offs for the staged day events.proabably just as well.i mostly train on road, but have a few fave off road races like Beachy

Lucky the cat asks: Another one for PH... If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

Plodding Hippo says: My low self esteeem

parkbench asks: Well done PH. My question is: name one of your fav things you get from running, that keeps you going, other than physical fitness. A good abstract answer would be nice. :-)

Plodding Hippo says: Its my life glue.I suppose running has given me courage

Mrs. Mac asks: If you could go back and start again (careerwise) would you still have chosen medicine? Who would be at your Fantasy Dinner Table (6 people, alive or dead)?

Plodding Hippo says: I was born to be a doctor, so yes, altjhouhg I might choose different jobs, especially the last one!

oceanspirit asks: Well done plodding hippo....what has been the best thing to come out of your running? How many pairs of trainers do you go through in a year? How do you get through really difficult runs? Can I have your autograph?

Plodding Hippo says: Just 3-4 pairs.I donít do that much mileage and I get 500 miles form my shoes

Jason1969 asks: I'm pleased about your win, PH, but I can't think of a good question. What do you hope no-one will ask you?

Plodding Hippo says: Nasty one jason.I suppose-why donít I lose the spare 3 stone, train properly and actually DO a respectable marathon time.I donít want to answert that

chris.52 asks: Totally deserved, well done. Can you spell, if you want to?

Plodding Hippo says: My spelling is perfecty.My tryiping isnt

micknphil asks: You say your not fit, i think different.. the average women in the street could'nt manage anything compared to you .. so why can't you see that ???? Runs like South downs marathon proves that beyond doubt. Bless you Hipps Mick xxxx

Plodding Hippo says: I cant really slapp you for that, can I.Its cos im so slow and so often last -so how can I be fit.Aslo, I find every marathon a huge struggle

2 Flat Feet asks: Well done Hipps, thoroughly deserved. Question - seriously, after how many marathons do you actually think you will stop - the 100 or will you carry on?

Plodding Hippo says: No-one stops-ask the 100 club! You donít realise this till you get to about 40 marathons.its scary

topcorner asks: Hey Hipps, well done you! Who/what has been your greatest inspiration both in life and in running terms? And What's a hotspot not?

Plodding Hippo says: I have met SO many inspirational people that it wouldnít be fair to list them all, I donít want to miss anyone out

Siamese Pete asks: Many congrats PH:) It's good to see fellow Taureans getting their rightful recognition!! One thing I'm sure you can help me with - what's the right way to make a GnT so the tonic doesn't go flat? Ice first? Gin first? Tonic first? Lemon first? It's got me beat;)

Plodding Hippo says: Gin in the freezer, no ice-and lime

Qwerty asks: Congrats PH - well deserved :-) What goes on in your head when you run? How to you cope mentally with such long runs - have you a mantra that gets you there or is it all just random shopping lists and stuff?

Plodding Hippo says: I hate long runs-long races are ok.I do maths in my head as to what proportion of the race I have left to go, that sort of thing.Marathons arent very good for that-26.2 doesnít divide easily

chris.52 asks: Why do you think it is that several of the most-respected members of FE/RW are doctors? Encourage someone who doesn't want to try a marathon until they think they can do it in a certain time (like me).

Plodding Hippo says: Not sure you are right about the doctor thing.I didnít have you down as a coward Chris.Get out there and get the marathon will change your life.

Boycie asks: Hi PH - well done on your achievement!!! I have two questions: 1. After bailing out this year, will you have the courage to enter the Hermitage Harriers 10k next time round?? 2. What is the weirdest type of gin that you've ever consumed??

Plodding Hippo says: Sorry Boycie-but 10ks really hurt-maybe next year!.Weird gin--Miller I think

Snoozi asks: So did Coughy Snotty man run the full marathon at Robin Hood, and more importantly, did you kill him? ;)

Plodding Hippo says: Luckily he only did the half-or id be locked up by now

Johnny Blaze asks: Who would win in a fight between a Hippo and a Rhino?

Plodding Hippo says: sinks into mud bath

Fetch says: And that's where we have to leave it, 'cos Hipps no doubt has a race she needs to get to. Thank you to all question-writers, and to PH for taking the time to answer them.

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