mad4purple - Member of the Month December 2008

Member of the Month December 2008


Fetch says: How very timely, what with all the snow and such, that we finally crown mad4purple as our December Member of the Month (thanks in no small part to our lovely sponsor - you know the drill - go visit their site, and be mad4 *everything*). Following the success of this years secret santa organised by mad4purple, I hear that santa himself is considering ditching his red suit in favour of a purple one. So my friends, leave a mince pie and something isotonic next to the fire, because mad4purple is coming down your chimney, starting.... now....

Somebody asks: Well done m4p! :-) Most important question: socks?

mad4purple says: Thank you. Yes I wear them. I have not hardened up enough yet to consider not wearing them. Although I realise I may be banished from the thread until I have.

SteveParkes asks: well done m4p :) When are you coming swimming?

mad4purple says: Thanks Steve. Well we can plainly see that I am not a morning person at the moment, so one afternoon would be better. :)

Max71 asks: How long before you do a triathlon? Do you have any tattoos? Will you get married in purple?

mad4purple says: I have entered one in July, OMG. Nope, no tattoos, I quite like the idea of getting one, just don't think I will ever get around to it. Well if I were to get married then I think I would have to wear a purple dress. I love seeing pictures of people getting married in red and the like.

Somebody asks: Does the butterfly face paint come off in the pool, or is it a permanent tattoo?

mad4purple says: Ignore my last answer ;) It's a permanent tattoo. LOL

mxhornet asks: Why not pink like normal girlies ?

mad4purple says: I am definitely not a 'normal' girlie, therefore I am not liking normal girlie things. :)

Foxy Davy asks: what's the meaning of life ?!! congrats MP4 :)

mad4purple says: Cheers FD. Hell if I knew that I would be quids in.

Somebody asks: Does my bum look big in this?

mad4purple says: No, it looks fabulous

Hamsterboy asks: Well done m4p! Did you enjoy organising Fetch SS?

mad4purple says: Thank you hammy. Yeah I enjoyed doing it very much. I am a Christmassy and Birthdays type of person and so I really enjoyed spreading a little Christmas cheer around.

SteveParkes asks: puppies or kittens?

mad4purple says: I wouldn't eat either.

SteveParkes asks: Since you are well into the 220 thread now you need to answer this question or Grep won't take you seriously, What flavour slimfast shake do you prefer?

mad4purple says: I like a scoop of banana and a scoop of vanilla mixed together, I have not tried any of the other flavours.

hotrodjay asks: Whats this weeks lotto numbers

mad4purple says: Well I have looked back and the lotto numbers for the day you asked the question are 03 18 28 37 39 42 bonus 40 and for the Saturday they were 01 07 09 33 36 38 bonus 39. I hope you didn't mean the coming weeks numbers. Ah well, all I can do is get you a time machine and go back to when you asked the question and then you will be quids in. Oh and I'll send you the bill for the time machine, it'll be somewhere in the region of £5,000,000 :)

Marts asks: Congrats M4P. One of the first people I chatted to on here almost 3 years ago now. Am I the only idiot who keeps typing your name as M$P cos' I'm too stoopid to take my finger off the shift key? And How has Fetch (the site) influenced you?

mad4purple says: Thank you Marts. There are many different variations of my name that I have seen. Mp4 m$p I have lost track of who does what, it doesn't bother me:) . Well I continue to think that one day I will be able to run again. I have met some very wonderful people from here and have had a huge amount of support from people.

hepburn asks: Are you really mad for purple or is it just a cunning disguise? Congrats xxxx

mad4purple says: Thank you hepburn. Yep I am totally mad for purple. I love the colour and have done so for many years now. I can't see it changing.

Foxy Davy asks: MP4 - will we win the league & cup ?

mad4purple says: Who is this we you are talking about? Are you on about Football??? Don't you know I live my life like the cupboard NO FOOTBALL ;)

Maclennane asks: What are your running targets?

mad4purple says: Well for this year I would like to do a 10K, and then next year a half. I have been challenged to beat someone's time for a 10Mile, so I have that to aim for. Initially I would like a sub 30 5K, a sub 10 min mile. Eventually though I would like a sub 25 5K(this is probably a long way off) I don't know if I ever see myself doing a full mara, but who knows, never say never.

Trin asks: Well deserved!! Congratulations :) where and when did you have a butterfly painted on your face? :)

mad4purple says: Thank you Trin. It was in Clun at a festival they have there every year. I was with my Niece who was 3 and she wanted hers done and wanted us to have ours done, and so me and my Sister got ours done as well, well to be honest I would have had it done anyway. Got a few looks in the pub afterwards, but I didn't care. Oh it was 2006

cathrobinson asks: Has anybody asked yet, why the love of purple?

mad4purple says: I find it a very calming colour. I have no idea what started my love of purple, but it has grown over the last 14 years.

Foxy Davy asks: are you a fan of Prince ?

mad4purple says: Is this prince when he was called prince, or the artist formerly known as prince or the symbol? I like some of his stuff, but I don't have any of his albums.

santababy asks: well done M, what are you running plans and hopes for the future? do you have a dream race/distance?

mad4purple says: Thanks santa. :) My running hopes are that I would like to be able to run for at least 6 months without getting injured. Ultimately I would like to do a Half, at the moment I don't have a particular one in mind.

Foxy Davy asks: All time favourite race ?

mad4purple says: There are two favourite of mine. The one where I got my 5K pb at Telford, it was a race for life and it was very very muddy, I loved every minute of it, everyone was running around the puddles and I just ran straight through them. My trainers were never the same afterwards. The other and it's a very new one for me, if I had answered this a few weeks ago the answer would have been different, but the recent mile I did at the west mids fetch mile. It was my first full mile run for me for a year, and the support I got was amazing, along with the 'purple crew' I was on such a high afterwards.

Bimblebelle asks: Congratulations M4P. Why did you take up running in the first place?

mad4purple says: Cheers. Well I pottered around running off and on for a few years, training for the ambulance fitness test I did a lot of running and then stopped but carried on with other means of keeping fit, then me and a friend were planning on doing a RFL together, we did this, and shortly after I stopped running again. I decided I wanted to do a half marathon and so I signed up to do Cardiff half, during my training for that I got well and truly hooked on running and the running bug. Unfortunately it was during this time that I injured my shins. I will get back to it. :)

oceanspirit asks: Congratulations and well done on winning. (And thanks again for organising the secret Santa for the second year running. :) ) Now my question: How have you remained motivated to go running when you haven't been able to go running for all this time? Can you paint me a picture of a tall ship on the ocean (I still love the paintings pictures you have on your profile)? Since you love purple, do you have mostly purple running kit? Favourite afternoon snack?? yayayayayayayay!!!! :) :) :)

mad4purple says: It was a pleasure. To be honest the only reason I still think about running is because of Fetch and the people on here. I have had a tough couple of years and if it wasn't for the support I got from everyone during this time I think I would have given up running as a bad job, and possibly found something else. However I know how good it feels at the end of a run, and keeping on here reminds me of that and keeps me wanting to do it. I will try and paint you a picture, although runnerbean is waiting for me to paint a picture for her. Thank you, it was a great weekend and I loved it. I want to do more painting, I just need to set aside the time. Nope, I don't have mostly purple, I have a purply coloured top and jacket, and I think that is about it. Mmmmmmm Cake, obviously :)

TooLilac asks: congratulations oh purple one, it's purpletastic news ! Two questions: 1) what's the purpley-est item of running kit you've ever had ? 2) what is a 10 letter word beginning with H for brilliant purple ?

mad4purple says: Thanks. I bought some purple running tights once from Aldi or somewhere like that, I only wore them once running, but a few times on the bike over my shorts. Heliotrope, I must admit I hadn't heard of it, so it prompted a bit of research and I have found out loads about purple.

Zoom asks: Well done m4p. My question is will you be doing secret Santa this year? I heard so much about it from the welsh and Bristol fetchies I want to do it this year!

mad4purple says: Thanks. Yes most definitely doing SS this year. I can't wait, try and stop me. Ps, I liked having the extra presents(as I had a surprise one from someone else) to open.

EarlyRiser asks: Well deserved! What do you make of this site? Isn't it a bit ... nutty? Srsly. :-)

mad4purple says: Thank you. This site is the best. I love being on here, there are some fabulous people. I have had some fantastic support, and yes I have had a tough year and people have been around to help me and look after me when I have needed it. A bit nutty, well I am totally nutty myself and so I don't notice the nuttiness on here.

Magbag asks: Congratulations M4P You truly deserve it :) Why did you decide to start running ? What makes you want to try tri ?

mad4purple says: Cheers mag. I have pottered about running for a few years, once to get fit to pass the fitness test for the ambulance service, but stopped, and then I was going to do a race for life with a friend, but stopped again, but the time I properly ran was the year after when I really wanted to get out there and do it, I entered a half marathon for the October I think it was and was aiming for that, in the mean time I entered another RFL and also did BPTT, it was shortly after that that I had my shin injury and I haven't really managed to get back able to running since then, but I keep trying. A tri is something I fancied a few years ago, and to be honest kind of put it out of my head. Then on a spur of the moment 'I need something to aim for' kind of decision I decided that this would be the year I did a tri. I love swimming, biking and I love, even if I can't do it very well running, so why not combine the three.

clare1976 asks: Nice one, well done M4P! :-) What's your long term running goal - a specific race, distance or time?

mad4purple says: Thanks, long term, I would like to do a half mara. I have no idea what sort of time I would be able to do it in. If I were to go into dream world though I would have to say a sub 2hour half. But like I said that's dream world for me at the moment.

lully asks: Congratulations on Member of the Month, M4P - you deserved it! I got worried in case you were embarrassed by being nominated, M4P, but you SO deserved it. As a relative newbie I've been totally converted to Fetch as it is so giving, and so motivating. Might not seem like much but the Secret Santa really contributed to that. My question - have you ever cried crossing a finishing line?

mad4purple says: No I was truly shocked to have one. I'm so glad you enjoyed taking part in the secret Santa. It's lovely to bring people together and ignore the bah humbugs ;) No I haven't cried crossing a finishing line, I have been close to it, but not yet. Maybe this year I will.

jennywren asks: Well deserved M4P :) What did your SS send you?

mad4purple says: Thanks, I got some star fairy lights that go around your computer. They are fab

GregP asks: Oh - questions? Campy or Shimano? BodyGlide or Brave Soldier? Conti or Schwalbe?

mad4purple says: I have to say I'm not all that technical on bike bits and bobs...yet, I am learning. I haven't yet upgraded bits on my bike and so I couldn't answer the first and last question without looking properly into what each has as drawbacks. I have no body glide, does that make me a brave soldier?

For My Light asks: Well done m4p. Question- If a red house is red, a blue house is blue, a white house is white, what colour is a greenhouse?

mad4purple says: Cheers FML. Depends if the glass is tinted.

SteveParkes asks: conti or what? :P Michelin or Vittoria? STI or downtube shifters? Shoes on the bike or off the bike?

mad4purple says: Conti(only so I can answer Greg's next question with a :P However like I said just now to Greg I haven't yet got all technical on what's good and bad, my bike is shop bought and nothing has changed on it. When I get into it more I will look into these things. Shoes off the bike at the moment, I haven't yet mastered putting my feet into my shoes on the bike.

SteveParkes asks: oh errrm, favourite swimming drill?

mad4purple says: Well I used to do drills when I was at masters, but I can't remember what they are now. I am at the moment trying to get my swimming back to the level that I used to be at, then I will consider re-joining the masters club.

barking asks: Congratulations M4P :) :) :) Errmmm If you could run any race (or *spits* tri...), which would it be, and why?

mad4purple says: Thanks barking. I haven't got a dream race, I do want to do a half at some point. But there isn't a race that I am set on doing.

royalgreen asks: congrats - well deserved Marmite, do you love or hate it?

mad4purple says: Thanks rg. Yak, I think that answers the question.

wascally wabbit asks: Well done m4p have an unlimited budget and can send a secret Santa present to only one person. It can be anyone in the world. Who would you send it to and what would it be?

mad4purple says: Thank you. Can I send something to myself? No, OK. It would have to be something for my best friend, she owns a narrow boat and I would have to get her something for that, although I am not sure what it would be. She is an amazing person, has been a great friend and has had some sadness, I would like to give something to her.

Max71 asks: Are you glad I kidnapped you and brought you to Fetch?

mad4purple says: Every day I wake up and think of you Max, and how you changed my life forever. I am forever grateful to you, you are my hero.

CanaryYellow asks: Grats M4P. Who has been the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did they teach you?

mad4purple says: Thanks CY. I don't think I could single one particular person out. My family as a unit have influenced my life greatly, but I'm going to go away from my family with this answer because I couldn't begin to write the things I have learned from them. I think it would be a good friend of mine(the one I would buy a present for), we met in 2001and she has been a wonderful person to me. I value her friendship greatly. I think that she has taught me that you can get through the tough times and there are people outside of your family who will be there for you when you need/want them. And no matter how long it is since you spoke to them, good friends don't mind and will pick up where you left off and not judge you for what you say or have done. Gah I can't think of how to answer this question fully.

Deeks asks: Well deserved M4P - what made you think of starting the secret Santa??

mad4purple says: Thank you Deeks. It wasn't me who thought of it. LyraOK put a thread up about it in 2007 and we all started chatting about it. From there it progressed to me being the person who got all the names and addresses and we had SS2007. Last year I decided I wanted to do it all over again, so I put the thread up and hoped people would want to take part in it again.

TRUCKER asks: Well done M4P great to see a Shropshire Lass winning!! Question:- When are you going to attempt a Wrekin run(as per my blog)!? and whats the one route you know? Congrats again enjoy you deserve it!:)

mad4purple says: Thanks Trucker. Erm I'm never going to run up the Wrekin, I will however walk up it. The only way I know is to park at the car park and follow the track which goes past the halfway cafe and up that way. I haven't been brave enough to follow some of the other routes.

runnerbean asks: congrats M4p, so deserved:-) if you could be any person who would it be and why ? (dead or alive )

mad4purple says: Thanks beanie. :) Oh heck, I really don't know I have thought about this a lot and to be honest I can't think of anyone who I would like to be. There are things about other people that I like and would like to have in my life, but I think everyone has their own set of demons to deal with. I would love to be as slim, happily in coupledom with children, still be an ambulance woman and rich!! Loads a money

GregP asks: Another tyre question, I'm afraid. If you didn't answer 'Conti' to Steve's "Michelin or Vittoria" question then, why not, for all love?

mad4purple says: But I did :P

Legless asks: Well done M4P, if you could go back and change one thing in your life, what would it be? (apart from buying a sensible tent)

mad4purple says: Thank you and I Love my tent :P I would have bought it in purple had it been in that colour, green just isn't me. Change one thing, well I always used to say I don't have any regrets, but I think as time goes on I think the way I handled certain situations could have been different. Running wise I wished I had started out slower and got on top of the niggles I had sooner, then I might not be at the point I am now. Life wise, I would love to not have listened to some of my doubts over things, and been braver in making decisions.

Kev Scone asks: well done m4p, richly deserved Oasis or Blur?

mad4purple says: Cheers Kev. Oasis, however I don't have one of their CDs as when they were about I was more of a Blur fan.

ducksdisease asks: Congrats :) What bike(s) do you have? Which bike that you don't have do you lust after?

mad4purple says: Thanks. My road bike a a Giant SCR 3.0, and the MTB that I gained off my ex, which I hasten to add will be going to bike heaven soon is a Claude butler vantage, it's far from it's best. I don't dream of a new bike at the moment, although it would be nice to have a bianchi, I saw one when I was first looking at buying a road bike and it was gorgeous, but it was far too expensive for me. I would love to think I was good enough to have one made for me, to my spec and colour preferences, although I don't know what spec I want yet I know what colour I would like.

HappyG(rrr) asks: Congrats m4p - what's your favourite place in the world to be (you can have 2 answers - a homey/family one and a foreigny, abroady/holiday one. I'm sooooo generous!) :-)G

mad4purple says: Thanks. Erm, I have many favourite places, that suit different moods. Shrewsbury is my home town and always will be where I want to be as a homey one and Edinburgh comes a close second. Sitting in the quarry by the river when there is no noise is a lovely place to be. Other than that I love staring at the sea, so somewhere close to the sea. Holiday type place, well I would love to say Montgenevre for the winter and skiing and a little village in Spain called Cambrils during the summer, it's not yet been spoilt by tourism and is a beautiful place full of happy memories for me. I know I have said more than 2 choices, but I'm not very good at picking just one.

Pestomum asks: Well done! This running lark, what made you start and what keeps you going?

mad4purple says: Thank you pestomum. I have answered the question a couple of times and so instead of changing the wording of my answer I will leave the first question. What keeps me going is mainly people on here and knowing that I still haven't managed to run a half marathon.

Old Croc asks: Well done Quick cycle related question - what's the best cycle on the washing machine for an IPod?

mad4purple says: Cheers. Well I've only tried the one cycle, it was a normal 40degree wash with fast spin. It killed my iPod so I wouldn't recommend that one. I'm not trying any others just so I can answer this question more fully.

frangale asks: what motivates you to keep going with so many setbacks (ops etc)?

mad4purple says: and the people on here. Seriously

Hourglass asks: Hi M4P :-) - Which came first, you being Mad4Purple, or the Mad4Purple skin? :-)

mad4purple says: Me being mad4purple. The skin was one that I requested when Fetch was making some skins up, and so he called it mad4purple :)

Le Greg asks: well done M4P, well deserved. Are you more of a cyan into magenta, or magenta into cyan, girl?

mad4purple says: Thank you Greg. Magenta into cyan most definitely.

Tiggia asks: Well done M4P, your SS mission brought me a gleam of happiness and in fact the Take That diary is now my marathon planner! Soo... Which Take That member would you like to compete against in your triathlon? Obviously you can't have Gary coz he's mine... And which Fetchies are virtual friends but you'd like to meet them this year IRL?

mad4purple says: Thanks Tiggia, I'm not a huge take that fan so I think it would have to be Mark, he is cute and adorable I think. You can keep Gary you are safe there. Fetchies I would like to meet. Gosh I can't name all of them, I am bound to miss someone out. I would like to meet anyone who is on my buddy list. People who I text and fmail who I haven't yet met, and anyone in threads I go in who I haven't yet met. There are a few who I had on my would like to meet list but I have recently met them :) In fact I don't think there is anyone I wouldn't want to meet. :)

SODIron™® ©2004 asks: Well done question is more a series of questions with a common thread sung to the theme of a popular nursery rhyme; Do your boobs hang low? Do they wobble too and flow? Can you tie 'em in a knot? Can you tie 'em in a bow? Can you throw them over your shoulder like a continental soldier? Do your boobs hang low?

mad4purple says: ( * ) ( * )

kr 2 asks: How many Purple things could you buy with £100? no not really. Well Done M :) My question is.... Favourite book, film, song and what makes you laugh?

mad4purple says: Thank you K. Well the first question is a very serious one, and the honest answer would be depends on how big the purple thing is. :P I could buy lots, although recently I bought some purple eye shadow that cost £37 Eeep, well there were 5 shades in the box. Favourite book, I don't have a particular favourite, I do like the chick lit novel series Shopaholic, I find I get lost in them. I love James Herbert, Steven King and Michael Palmer novels too. I am halfway through IT at the moment. Favourite film, tricky one, depends on my mood. I would have to say fave chick flick Sweet Home Alabama, fave other film, The Bone collector or Saw. Favourite song. Thirty seconds to Mars – The Kill, I heard it on the way to RNR sung by them in the live lounge on Radio 1. Things that make me laugh, rude jokes, my nieces, my nan talking to me about inappropriate stuff, there is a lot more but I will stop there.

runnerbean asks: have you ever had a completely tidy car? *sniggers* apart from when you first got it.

mad4purple says: I am trying to think of when I did, and I think I would have to say yes, but only when me and my sister used to car share and so it was tidy then. Since I owned my own car myself I would have to say no. As I don't think me clearing it out to take it to the garage counts. Oh I showed my Mum this question and her reply was “There is someone who knows you well” You just never know when you might need something.

northernslowcoach asks: :) well done M4P cake or chips?

mad4purple says: Cheers nsc. Cake all the time. No question, I'm not a huge fan of chips.

El sombrero asks: Congratulations. My question is this: If you were a goat, and there was a washing line choc-a-block-full of a variety of undergarments would you eat a vest, pants or a sock first?

mad4purple says: LOL thanks. Whichever hung the lowest, I would need the energy to reach for the higher things

Torry Quine asks: Congrats M4P. You have made me feel very welcome here on Fetch and as a complete newbie, I can't begin to convey grateful I am. (soppy bit over) My question is who and/or what did you find most inspiring when you first started out?

mad4purple says: Thank you TQ, you are most welcome. Well when I first started I was kind of all alone in my running I hadn't at the time discovered fetch or RW, I think for me it was thinking about the fact that I had run a 5K the previous year and so I knew I could get out there and do it. Then I discovered the RW website and made friends with Max71, now she had been through a lot and still continued to run, and from that I kept on going, with her running around Bushy Park with me, and then Richmond park the following day, she was fabulous.

Enthusiastic! asks: Congratulations on the accolade M4P :-) It's Saturday night, you're not at work and you don't have to run in the morning - What's would your ideal night out be and with whom...... (anyone you like ;-))

mad4purple says: Cheers Enthusiastic. Oh I'm going off to a dream world at the moment. I would love to be whisked away somewhere so I could watch the sunset over the sea, then have a nice romantic meal, a stroll along the beach under a clear sky. Then on to somewhere where there is soft music playing and we could dance. I would of course like to have flowers given to me too. Who would I like it to be with, one of the following, Josh Lucas, Noah Wyle or Matthew McConaughey

SarahL asks: Well done Purpley one :):):) What's your second favourite colour? What is your middle name (if you have one)? Do you own any purple sports bra's? :) *heart*

mad4purple says: Cheers Sarah. Second favourite colour, Violet, which I found isn't actually purple when I was looking for the answer to TooLilac's question. But if I am not allowed that then yes it is pink. Middle name is 4 ;) (actually it's Louise) No I haven't ever seen a purple sports bra, I'm obviously not looking in the right place, however I do have some purple bras

bigleggy asks: Are you married to Purple Ronnie ?

mad4purple says: Alas no, I turned him down, I couldn't do with all the jokes he made about farting and stuff.

Baronessbl asks: Do you know my friend Purple Claire (I am sure you would get on well if you don't already) Should you ever visit Suffolk would you like me to introduce her to you?

mad4purple says: I haven't met her, and yes I would like to meet her.

kr 2 asks: How tall are you?

mad4purple says: 5'6.5” and yes the half is very important

Fat Dave asks: Do you think the lovely sponsor will order in a £100 purple Tri-suit, just for you? (2XU do one, you know...)

mad4purple says: Oooh no I didn't know about 2XU doing one. I might have to beg and plead simplyrun, maybe I will camp on their doorstep until they get one in for me.

kr 2 asks: Tri-suit or leisure suit? :)

mad4purple says: Birthday suit ;)

chrisity asks: are you related to E4 B ? why aren't you old enough to remember that advert? craneflies or midges?

mad4purple says: I don't know who E4 B is. I would love to find out. I'm not old enough because my Mum didn't have me early enough to know what you are on about. Neither.

John66 asks: Why purple? Why not blue??

mad4purple says: Purple is a fab colour. Blue is just normal. I am far from normal. I like it that way

Miss Piggy Wiggy asks: How are you soo good at any form of skating?

mad4purple says: I don't actually think I am good at skating, I would love to be a lot better. How come I don't always fall down, practise, I used to go to Telford ice rink as a teenager almost every week on a Friday night or Saturday and skate there, I was loads better then.

Girlie asks: Better think up a question then? You have been selected to go on Come Dine With Me, which 4 people would you most like to have a dinner party with?

mad4purple says: Oh my goodness. Noah Wyle, because he didn't make the cut for the dream date and I would love to sit there and ogle him all night, how shallow am I, actually I would love to ask him what it was like filming ER, and how much medical knowledge does he have after it. Superman, so afterwards he could take me on a flying tour of the world. Edith Bowman, because I really like listening to her on the radio. And the last person is someone who will remain nameless but knows who they are, and that would be naggy knickers(made up name), just because I would like to say how grateful I am to them for all their help and support.

Fetch says: See? Mad as a march hare :-) And more than a bit purple. And quite "4" too. Well done lady - enjoy the spends - and thanks to everyone who submitted a question :-) Until we meet again!

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