Girlie - Member of the Month October 2007

Member of the Month October 2007


Fetch says: Hi Girlie. A big "Well Done" on being voted our Member of the Month for October 2007 (sponsored by - we love you). Pull up a flapjack, get your biro out, and jot down some answers to the following questions:

Puddington asks: Can you walk properly again yet? :)

Girlie says: Yes, I was more mobile by the Wednesday after the marathon, although my right knee is still giving me trouble.

Mikuro asks: Why pink hair? Why not red/blue/orange/green? ;)

Girlie says: It has been most shades, Pillar box red is a particular favourite. I don't really fancy green, but if I run FLM for our local school, it may have to be as that's the school colour. I think it's going to be bright purple next or maybe electric blue, haven't decided yet.

runnerbean asks: what football team do you support?

Girlie says: I have a soft spot for Peterborough United( The Posh) , but don't really follow it very much

runnerbean asks: are you a jedi?

Girlie says: Not yet, but am open to offers.

Hendo asks: Can you be the keeper of the trap door?

Girlie says: Certainly, Do I get to wear a mask and costume as well?

Velociraptor asks: Well done, Girlie :) And well-deserved! Tell us about why you started running.

Girlie says: I actually decided to become a runner halfway round Silverstone in 2006 on a cold, wet day! I was a powerwalker before that and had done the Moonwalk 12 days after Stirlign died. It was there I had the original thought to do the NYC marathon and powerwalk it. I came across the Silverstone race and thought it was a good stepping stone to the ultimate goal of the marathon. After that, when Shar started school I was able to get out and run and it was an ideal way of avoiding goign back to the empty house.

santababy asks: Well done Girlie so what started you running? was it in order to raise money ?if so why running? why not throw yourself out an aeroplane or off a cliff (attatched to something clearly!) :)

Girlie says: Originally, yes it was just to raise a bit of money in Stirling's memory for our local hospital and maternity unit, to thank them for the care they gave us before and after he was born. I am too much of a wimp to throw myself off cliffs and out of aeroplanes. It turned into a kind of therapy for me as well and I found it an easier way to deal with the difficult times after he died.

KatieB asks: Fab winner. :-) Am so pleased. How come you always look so smiley? What's been your best running moment to date?

Girlie says: "In running pics, I can usually spot the photographer so put on a good show. I can be very grumpy at home at times though. Best moemt has to be NY marathon. The race went so well and virtually as I planned and imagined it. It was also the longest distance I have ever run and I am so proud of the achievement."

jude asks: Well done Girlie - you are the first fetchie I met in person and will always be *special* for me because of that. Will you beat me at the Woburn 10k next year? :-)

Girlie says: I would have to improve dramatically, but would give it a go.

silvergoddess asks: Well done Girlie. What breakfast do you have to keep you going.

Girlie says: ususally 2 Weetabix and a hadful of raisins. I have a treat at weekends and have either Quaker's Granola or Oatibix!

Applecross asks: After the amazing run at New York, what do you think your next challenge will be?

Girlie says: The next marathon is looking to be FLM as my cheque got cashed. I would also like to go underthe hour at a 10k and get closer to 2hrs in a HM, they are the main goals next year.

Old Man asks: Well done Girlie - Up the 'Boro!! Which local club are you going to join?

Girlie says: At the moment I'm not. I can't really commit myself properly to attending each week and don't feel it is fair to join a club and not turn up to the training nights. I like my independence at the moment and freedom to race where and when I choose.

Ellem asks: You and I have both lost children so I know how it feels - has running been a great help and focus for you?

Girlie says: Running is my way of dealing with stuff, especially at difficult times. It's my escape route, where I don't have to think and it is a way of avoiding the empty house.

jolguk asks: Up the 'Boro!? Are you from Middlesborough? (Just as I'm from Consett. Now I'm extra-annoyed I didn't get to meet you in New York. )

Girlie says: I'm afraid not, its Peterborough. OM should have said 'up the Posh' My uncle lives in Doncaster if that's any help?

SparkyMark asks: Congratulations :-) - when you had the finish line in sight at NYM, what went through your mind?

Girlie says: I like this question. My initial thought was that I didn't want to cross the line as that would mean my mearathon had finished and at that point I wasn't ready for it to be over! Afterwards, relief that I had actually completed it, followed by agony of my muscles starting to seize and scream!

peachy asks: Well done Girlie . What is your next race ?

Girlie says: My next race is the Nene Valley 10 mile on 2 December.

Mykey asks: Well done Girlie! What's the recipe for your flapjacks?

Fetch says: We had so many requests for Girlie's flapjack recipe, I've put it in a box over on the right.

Kath (one pace?) asks: Well done Girlie, for both MOTM and the New York marathon. (We should swap flapjack recipes). Is the world your oyster?

Girlie says: I prefer scallops but it could be, I'm certainly up for grabbing any opprtunity to do anything that comes my way.

Mij001 asks: Hi - Girlie is there any truth in the rumour that you invited most of Manhattan back for the inaugral Yaxley to Norman Cross run? And is it also true you're putting all entrants up in your back garden?

Girlie says: That is a wicked lie, It was all of Staten Island! Entrants can camp in my front and back garden and over at my mothers( just round the corner)

cabletow asks: Hi Girlie well done - but do not let the fame and adulation spoil you When someone who you love seems to be hell bent on stopping you running what tactics do you use to persuade them you are still all there?

Girlie says: I employ an age old technique that never fails eventually- I sulk! My loved ones know I become impossible to live with if they tried to stop me running.

Blott's Mate asks: Well done Girlie! What is your favourite knitting pattern??

Girlie says: I like sock knitting patterns and I love the patterns and work of Cat Bordhi- She does the Mobius knitting, like the baskets I did and twisted scarves.

sebby asks: Well done Girlie, you're a star! What are going to spend you're winnings on? (& can you make me some flapjacks?!)

Girlie says: "I'm still deciding as I came back from NY laden with lovely winter kit. Of course, I'd better get baking a huge batch now!"

Dave A asks: Well done Girilie. Where do babies come from?

Girlie says: You know I'm not sure, I mean , you put your knitting down for 5 minutes……. I had to ask for some help and a mate gave me this link!

Features asks: Great result at a great time for a great runner!! Thanks to your arm-twisting I've now completed my first HM. Knowing your propensity for dressing up, is there anything that would persuade you to run your next marathon in costume?

Girlie says: Thank you babe, you enjoyed it though ! In answer to your question: You running next to me!

Siamese Pete asks: Well done again Girlie:) How would you respond if Britain's no. 1 sports writer, Swanny, tried chatting you up in a bar?

Girlie says: Probably with spontaneous projectile vomiting! I had the misfortune to work with him during the 80's an I found him to be creepy and horrid then!

Features asks: Do you think there is too much emphasis in RW on speed, and not the total enjoyment of running?

Girlie says: It depends which thread/forum you join. Some threads are far more competitive and speed based so I steer clear of them! The INSPIRE crew are fab and very friendly, they are more the party people at the back of the pack.

Kath (one pace?) asks: What is your flapjack recipe? (Cunningly disguised bit of industrial espionage going on here).

Girlie says: It's above! I also make a mean banana cake as well!

minardi. asks: Have you got any tattoos? If you do divulge your flapjack recipe, can you make it the one with the apricots in it pleeeese? What did the hairdresser say the first time you went for the red?

Girlie says: "I have a dragonfly on my right arm yes, see above for the recipe She asked what shade, my hairdresser is very funky and loves the challenge I present her with!"

Greg de ch'nor asks: Well done Girlie. Can you please tell us the story about the cheetah, the spanner and the eskimo?

Girlie says: I couldn't possibly as I'm a laydeee! I know the one about the widemouthed frog if that's any help?

RuthB2 asks: What has been your favourite ever running moment? and your least favourite running moment?

Girlie says: "My favourite runnign moment has to be NYC marathon, such an excellent day. I think the nuns at the convent near Central Park have to be my favourite moment during the race, they were banging drums and shouting, it was rather like Sister Act. The 30mph hailstorm in my face at Silverstone wasn't among my favourtie moments though."

chris.52 asks: How glad are you not to be answering the questions put to the previous MOTM?

Girlie says: qutie relieved, although there are plenty here!

Boingy asks: What is it like living so close to the mecca of football that is London Road ? :-) Also, how much difference has training to the Parker HR rules made to your running ? Do you think you could have completed and enjoyed NY so much without it ?

Girlie says: "Very nice, although I am 5 miles south of London Road. The Parker training methos made a huge difference to the way I run and how I train. I was sceptical to begin with, but got convinced after reading the book Features leant me. Features, WW and myself all started following Parker at a similar time. They got on with it easier in the beginning than me, but kept encouraging me to stick with it. I don't think I would have survived the marathon training, let alone the course if I had carried on with my old style of training, and it certainly helped my endurance so that I did have a ball all the way round the course."

Caterpillar asks: More flapjack recipes please?

Girlie says: Threre are variants in the recipe above, an alternative I haven't yet tried is peanut butter and jam ones.

Qwerty asks: Yay :-) :-) well done girlie!! Married to Woad Wunner - who's the fastest? And do you compete to see who can train fastest/longest/hardest?

Girlie says: I am in training, although her has beaten me in the last couple of races, although I wasn't strictly racing those. I think he will beat me, being a bloke and beign bigger and stronger. I am more competitive than he is.

Lincsfella asks: so far Girlie...... youve made me cry....... youve made me laugh........ and youve made me regret turning down your flapjack....... and youve done NY marathon......... whats your next challenge? and can i have some flapjack when i see you again...... please xx??

Girlie says: Immediate one is FLM, but I have some more long term ones after completeing a few marathons. I would love to have a go at the Kent 50 mile eventually. I quite fancy some of the wackier races as well like Grim 8 and Bananman. The Empire State building challenge also looks like it would be fun.

GordonG asks: Well done Girlie. life outside of running: likes/dislikes/hobbies etc.

Girlie says: I like knitting, cross stitch, and being creative. I dislike dogs, negativity, coffee and mint flavoured things. Main hobbies are knitting and cross stitch although I also like most kinds of music and enjoy going to see various bands play live.

Prop Forward doesnt run asks: who has been your favourite guest presenter on Have I Got News For You and why?

Girlie says: I haven’t watched it in years, but I believe one of my favourite comedians was a guest presenter so it would have to be him- Julian Clary!

Gus asks: Have you tried knitting tiny clanger yet or have you been too busy training for the NYM?

Girlie says: I had a go and ran out of wool. Will be making another attempt after Christmas. All knitting is on hold while I make my Christmas cards.

Wicked D asks: if and when you hit a LOW during training HOW do you deal with it? push on? give up? or focus on something else to get you through? You still owe me a "CUDDLE" & "FLAPJACK" lol well done your a star

Girlie says: "The only time I hit a real low point in training was during the dark HRM training days in May/June when it was just one constant battle with the HRM. The lowest point was when I wanted to stop and sit on the roadside and cry, but being 4 miles from home with no money, not an option, so I just pushed on and got home. If a run gets difficult or hard I find that songs linked to or that remind me of our Stirling tend to shuffle to the top of my playlist which perks me up. I haven't forgotten I owe you a cuddle and flapjacks, will rectify that at the next race we are both in attendance."

Siamese Pete asks: Why did you let Paula win in NY?

Girlie says: I gave her a head start because I didn't want to show her up.

Pace asks: Are you the Keymaster?

Girlie says: I wondered what that was for* looks at large bunch of keys in corner*

Pace asks: Pat Butcher: Shag or die?

Girlie says: shag, but only if she would let me share her earing collection. Personally I would prefer Bet Lynch.

BigChiefRunningBore asks: I believe you may own a manual treadmill. How does this rate when compared to an electric one, a chocolate tea pot and a butter fire guard? What do you consider to be my greatest achievement? Do you own a tipee? What is your favorite apple? Am I talking rubbish here? Will you come and visit me when they take me away?

Girlie says: "My treadmill was and still is excellent value for money bearing in mind we have neither the room nor the finances to buy one of the better gym -type machines with all the fancy programmes. It suits our needs- to be able to run/do intervals when we cannot otherwise get out to run. Also you could eat a chocolate teapot and spread the fireguard on your toast - so everything has a use or two. for your 2nd question, probably being able to ask me the question? Me and my brother used to own a tipee when we were children. I like a braeburn apple. Definitely, but that's usual on here isn't it? Only if I haven't got something more important to be getting on with."

runnerbean asks: how do you do up a straight jacket?

Girlie says: With some assistance from very nice doctors and nurses in white coats.

BigChiefRunningBore asks: How do you undo a straight jacket?

Girlie says: I thought the point was that your couldn't ? Unless you’re an escapologist?

Kath (one pace?) asks: Is Woad Runner really painted blue?

Girlie says: Only on special occassions.

quaker1961 asks: well done girlie what colour will your hair be for FLM

Girlie says: If I run it for the school, it is likely to be green as that is the school colour.

Jason1969 asks: Well done, Girlie, well deserved. Harrison Ford: Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

Girlie says: definitely Indiana Jones Phwoaaaarrrrrr!

oceanspirit asks: Excellent!! Harry potter or gandalf? Are you going to try and get in for the boston marathon or any other marathon in america?

Girlie says: Harry Potter. My NY time is a Boston qualifier( if I tell them over 80!!) I would love to do some more of the USA ones, but will have to save some pennies first.

oceanspirit asks: What are your favourite meals/foods/snacks to have in preparation for a marathon or any race for that matter?

Girlie says: Generally I just stick to my usual Weetabix. In NY I had to switch to cereal bars because of the early start. I get very nervous before a race and need to have easy to eat foods.

Stano asks: Marmite - love it or hate it?

Girlie says: Hate, yuk, yuk, yuk

jude asks: Connery or Craig??

Girlie says: Hmmm, on looks Craig, my personal favourite is Pierce Brosnan though.

Sid asks: What do you order at the curry shop?

Girlie says: WW usually does that as its blokes job, but I usuall y have chicken or prawn bhuna.

SODIron asks: Can you tell me an easy way to remember the OSI layer and how it maps to LDAP?

Girlie says: I presume you are talking about the 7 layer model as that is the most widely used. How about a mnemonic phrase like 'Angus Prefers Sausages To Nibbling Dried Pork' or if you prefer the other way 'Please Do Not Throw Salami Pizza Away' ( Are you impressed at how knowledgable I am?)

SODIron asks: or... Do you think Woad Wunner will ever beat you? ;o)

Girlie says: "I think so. He has in the last 2 races we did, but my excuse is I wasn't racing or was injured. He is bigger and more athletic than me, so I expect him to beat me in races more and more now. I am a better marathon runner than he is!"

HotFeetJules asks: Hi Girlie - congratulations!! There have been a few mentions of London road and as I was there on saturday and watched them whip Wrexham.... Who's twinkle toes - George Boyd or Craig Mchail-smith?!? Well deserved - you're an inspiration :0)

Girlie says: I wouldn't know, I gave up after disasters following the Turner years. That was the golden era for Posh IMO, and they never really regained their form afterwards. I remember the play off finals in the 90's when you couldn't hire a coach that weekend from the Peterborough area, there were that many people wanting to go!

sister asks: Girlie... can you promise never,ever, ever, to reveal how and where we met? I love ya Babe!!! You are a star! And looking gorgeous to boot!

Girlie says: It will remain our secret.( keep the payments coming though)

SarahL asks: How did you get your Fetch name? Do your clothes ever chaf? What's your next goal? Are you watching IACGMOOH?

Girlie says: "My brother used to call me it during his annoying tennage years and it became my internet name yes, they do, I have some spectacular marks from my sports bra/HRM strap. Bodyglide seems to help prevent it though. No I'm not, I prefer the reality shows where the contestants have to do something. I particularly like Project Runway on Sky One"

Vicksta asks: Can you do the fandango?

Girlie says: when properly motivated.

t3d asks: I have a couple of questions. What is your honest opinion of Alan Swann of GER infamy? Where do you want to take your running next year? Only if it has not been asked already Would WW do well to take training advice from you now that you have completed NY and B are famous?

Girlie says: "I used to work with him many years ago and can honestly say he was as obnoxious then as he is now. WW follows what I do , but wouldn't ask for advice directly. We tend to advise each other as we are both using the same method of traiinng. As for being famous he keeps me grounded!"

Phantom asks: Do you favour a traditional flat back four or the deployment of wing backs in a 3-5-2 formation?

Girlie says: I favour anything with wings lovey. * said in best Claire Raynor tone*

Orchidgirlfr asks: girlie ((well done))!!xx wow there are some questions on this... serious one, how do you keep focused and make yourself go training when it's cold, windy, snowing and you have sore legs, throat, arms, head?

Girlie says: Snow and ice stop me, but otherwise I wrap up and get out there with my iPod and some groovy tunes. If I don't run I become difficult to live with, so it is better I get out there. I can't say I have ever had motivation problems as I love running.

runnerbean asks: do you eat sprouts?

Girlie says: I have been known to. They are quite nice stir fried with soy sauce.

elderberry asks: Sometimes, we can't or don't run- what things can stop you ?

Girlie says: The only thing that really stops me running is snow and ice, otherwise I will run in any conditions as I am an 'aaard bird. Antibiotics also stop me in my tracks, the one time I tried I managed a mile, got home and yakked, so never again.

Robo-Gobi asks: Hello Girlie and well done. Red hair rocks like intervals so does this mean you will become an intervals addict? What are your hair plans for next year?

Girlie says: "I would love to do more intervals, but previous poor technique left me injured both times I tried it. So I have a slight fear of speedwork, which is something I need to address before FLM. Have you any advice for me? I think I'm likely to start the year with purple hair, then experiement with different stains. My funky hairdresser suggested I bleach it first, then I can try different temporary colours every 6 weeks or so! I should think it will end up bright red again though at some point!"

JBSurrey asks: Girlie - really well done on NY and MOM! Hmm... serious question - do you have an eating plan for your training or do you just eat sensibly? Stupid question - ... i'll get back to you!

Girlie says: I love pasta and rice, so tend to eat loads of that eany way. I still casually follow the Slimming World eating plan, which I lost 2 1/2 stone on! It's basically lots of fruit and vegetables. I upped my carb intake anyway during August/sept so didn't bother to carb load as such in the week before NY as I was already eating high carb foods most days anyway. I find I get more hungry, the more I run and prefer to rais for biscuits etc, which is why we try make sure there is always banana cake or flapjacks in the house as a slightly more virtuous alternative!

Siamese Pete asks: Cod or haddock?

Girlie says: Haddock- I rather like smoked haddock in a fish pie

Rach E asks: Congrats Girlie. Knowing you for a while I know that you started with marathons and have worked your way through to shorter distances (the reverse for most!). Will you continue to concentrate on marathons or will you be tempted to change focus to those lung busting shorter distances (like....dare I say it....5ks) at any point???

Girlie says: I would like to improve my 5 and 10k speeds at some ponit, but I enjoy the longer distances. For the moment the marathon is probably my limit, but do covet having a go at the Kent 50 mile after a few more marathons. I find with the shorter distance, by the time i've got into it, it's time to go home!

oceanspirit asks: why did you start with marathons first instead of the traditional shorter races first?

Girlie says: It all started with the Moonwalk which was a marathon. I'm not sure why I chose to work in reverse, but think I'm more built for the longer distances than sprinting and the shorter distances. I also really like the long runs and enjoy being out for 15 miles or so.

minardi. asks: daddy or chips?

Girlie says: Has to be chips really, although my dad is cool.

cabletow asks: I'm not much help am I?

Girlie says: Not really, but you are an excellent source of injury advice!

John Bach asks: Really well done Girlie - what a great story! Will you continue training using the "heart rate" approach? Any suggestions as to what to get my wife for Xmas?

Girlie says: "Definitely, it's the only method of training that broke me out of the 'one pace for all' cycle I was in, which resulted in a pveruse injury. It is frustrating at times but it seems to have helped my endurance and definitely got me round NY in one piece. Ear-rings are always a good option, only buy clothes if you are confident about size and style. If Mrs B likes gagets get her an ipod or a games machine, they are the sort of things I lke playing with."

roz asks: Well done Girlie are you still grinning form ear to ear? And a question I have always wanted to ask previously..were you a punk in your teenage years(it's the red hair thing!)

Girlie says: I was too young for the first incarnation of punks ( beign 10 at the time) and my mother wouldn't let me, sadly. I gradually became more out of control the older I got.

Gettingthere asks: Congratulations Girlie you state that you are still better than Woad Wunner (at the moment) - what are your plans to ensure that you maintain that position and how will you achieve it

Girlie says: He's catching me up, especially in races. He has beaten me twice, but I wasn't racing those races. I think he will end up quicker than me over 10k and HM, but I will be a better marathon runner, because he says it's too far to run!

JBSurrey asks: Can i have a brownie?

Girlie says: Of course * passes brownie over to JBS*

Gumby asks: Well done Girlie - Fab perfromance! I have tried both your flapjack and banana cake recipoes - they are brill. Here is my question - I know that you struglled with HRM training and at times wanted to ditch it. How do you feel now, was it worth it and what advice would you give someone who is finding it hard to keep HR down?

Girlie says: It was definitely worth all the dark days in May/June. I'm glad I stuck with it as it was the only training method that gave me the discipline to actually run my LSRs at a slow speed. My advice to anyone starting out is to make sure they have got as accurate a Max and Min HR as they can before working out the 70% figures. The trick I found is to forget pace, and go by HR, pace will sort itself, but it does take time. The main thing that helped me, was creating a custom view on my Garmin 305 of HR, Time and Distance, if I couldn't see pace I don't bother about it until I get home.

PamB asks: What did you used to get up to behind the bikesheds?

Girlie says: We didn't have any, fag smoking and arson were made compulsary subjects on the curriculum.

faithfulred asks: Any tips for raising money for charity?

Girlie says: That's the one thing I never know what to do. I usually cop out and get folks to guess my finish time for a donation and have a prize for the winner. I'm hoping to be more creative next time as I want to do FLM for the school and would like to get the children more involved, maybe a t-shirt design competition for a donation, doing a raffle for sponsors seems a good one.

Pammie asks: Congrats - Girlie If you had to do Karaoke what would be your song?

Girlie says: I love karaoke, but can never find anyone to go with me. I like doing Big Spender and Like aVirgin.

t3d asks: Another Question Green Fetch shirts, would you buy one? :)

Girlie says: Really depends on the shade, but not likely, I prefer the home strip of red and yellow.

CanaryYellow asks: Congrats Girlie. Can you describe your emotions, the finish of the NY Marathon and later when logging onto fetch and realising how many Fetchies had been tracking your progress and were cheering you on?

Girlie says: Absolutely blown away. The finish was just wild, all the crowds lining the route, I was cheering, they were cheering, I was knackered and so happy. I thought I was going to cry when I crossed the line, but I didn't as I was still over excited. I did give the medal man (and his mate) a huge hug though. When Features told me about the excitement on here, Couldn't believe it, as I'm not the most speedy bird on here. I was very touched by all the fab comments and love and support shown on here.

Jock Itch asks: John Noakes used to tell Shep to "get down". If you had a dog what would you tell him to do ?

Girlie says: Not sure as the reality is I am terrified of dogs so wouldn't have one. If I wasn't though, I would teach it to 'mince'

Kath (one pace?) asks: Just catching up, and with reference to Minardi's question from many pages back: please don't give only the apricot flapjack recipe, as I'm allergic to apricots, and won't be able to use it. Thanks :-)

Girlie says: No problem, I have included many variations in the recipe!

Joopsy asks: Have you ever worked down a coal mine? If so did you see any pixies? If not, is it a career that you would consider for the right monetary recompense?

Girlie says: "I haven't, but I did work in a basement for 6 months if that's any help? I see pixies, fairies and mermaids all the time( hang on , I'm looking in Shar's toy box again!) Working down a coalmine, probably not, but I would consider any career for the right monetary recompense!"

jude asks: Girlie - Why Girlie??

Girlie says: It's what my brother used to call me

grumpyconnemara asks: well done girlie! we are so proud ... I've never managed a training run over 9.5 miles (though I've run half maras in events) as I get BORED! and tired and run out of motivation. How do I get myself kicked up the aXXe for Edinburgh marathon next year?

Girlie says: Come running with me! Otherwise I load my iPod with some funky tunes and go out and enjoy the music and time to be alone. I did find doing the really long runs (16 miles +) worked better as a 2 lap route with a brief pitstop to refuel etc, it broke it up, especially the 20 mile ones as I was out for 4 hours. Having Features joing me for the 2nd half of that one really helped as it does get harder the longer you are out for.

Woad Wunner asks: What do you think about whilst your out on a long run? How would you describe yourself in three words? Pink Floyd or Prince? How does a fax machine work? ;)

Girlie says: "Everything and nothing. I have been known to compose emails/essays while out running Prince for dancing to and seduction( but that's wasted on you as you can’t stand him!) Pink Floyd to chill out to. Hmm, you want me to reveal the Fax machine story? ok, I thought when you put the paper into the fax machine it disappeared down the line to the recipient, so I always used to make a copy before sending a fax - doh!!"

Izzy Backyet asks: Who made liquid soap and why?

Girlie says: Some people think it was Hendrik Willem Brouwer from Holland in 1957, however there are records it was William Sheppard in 1865. Because it was much more hygenic and convenient that an manky ole bar of soap in the public toilets, that you don't know what scuzzy person has used before you!

John66 asks: What are you going to do with your share of the Lottery money when we win?

Girlie says: For the BIG win, I would pack a toothbrush and a pair of knickers anf fly off to NY for some serious shopping. I would also make sure there is a little set aside for my daughters education and pay for Prince to give me a private concert and dance lessons!

Buzzard's Sis asks: Well done Girlie, you SO deserve this :-) Girlie, It is amazing how strong you are in sharing Stirling's memory with all of us. You are a huge inspiration to me! My questions would be about how you cope. If there is anything you are willing or able to share, I would love to hear about it.

Girlie says: Thank you, That is the hardest question of all to answer, simply because there is no answer. I think we tend to deal with stuff that is thrown at us in our own way. I find you inspiring with all the stuff you have to deal with. . To attempt an answer though, I cope because I have to.I am a very good actress and very few people actually see me cry, but it does happen, but only when I'm on my own. I find certain times more difficult than others- his anniversary, his birthday and the week before Christmas( he was first admitted for his growth then) are annual ones to deal with. This year has been quite hard as he would have been 3 in Oct and it's not been easy watching my friends children going off to pre-school when he should have been joining them. Shar has definitely kept us going and provides us with the strength and inspiration to do so. Because his death was so sudden and completely unexpected I suppose the shock of it never really goes away. I like to keep things of his nearby, so have his hat and little tag book by my chair and his cot is still untouched since that day.

Jason1969 asks: Why do they keep doing I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here. And why do they call it that, when the object is to stay in?

Girlie says: I do wish they wouldn't keep making such terrible programmes! I suppose it's better than 'I'm a nobody, keep me in here for as long as it takes to get the publicity to resurrect my non-existent career'

IanM asks: What training strategy do you plan to use for your next marathon? What was it like in New York? Well done Girlie! :-)

Girlie says: "Hopefully much the same as before, I was hoping you would advise me on that! Would add a bit of speed/tempo work in next time. NY was fabulous, both the city and people and the marathon was an awesome event. Would definitely recommend it, although it is a hard course. We all loved Ny and would love to return for shopping and sightseeing."

Wicked D asks: would ever consider trying to become a member of the 100 marathon club?

Girlie says: It would be nice, but unlikely as I would only be able to do 2 per year! I quite fancy collecting major European marathons though and the home nations as well. I would also like to do some of the more wacky races and challenges. Ultimately I would love to do my own ultra/stage event, but wouldn't know how to go about putting it into practice. I think it would be fitting to attempt to run from Peterborough to Stirling castle.

shin twigs asks: hi there and well done ! whats you're fav. race distance and why have you ever peed outside

Girlie says: "I like the HM. It's enough of a challenge, but not too far and doesn't require the huge commitment marathon training does. Of course I have, wouldn't be a proper runner if not!"

Anoushka asks: Well done Girlie! I see you're a HR training fan. How have your resting and HR max rates changed since you first started running and after the marathon?

Girlie says: My Max didn't alter during the race, but I'm still retaking my Min. Since starting running I'm sure they have improved. My RHR shas now come down to 44 from 48 when I first started HRM training in May/June. Which I think is a good sign I'm a bit of a fit bird!

Fetch says: And that's it - for another month at least. Thank you everyone for submitting them, and also thanks enormously to Girlie for taking the time to answer them all. Right, I'm off out to get me some soft brown sugar :-)

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