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Interview with Mother Duck

The Terminator asks: Ooh I'm the first person to ask, I've gone all shy now. Let me start by saying congratulations. Just looked at your Pbs and you are very quick over the shorter distances so I am going to ask what do you think the secret of your success is and what is your favourite distance? (2 questions sorry :-) )

Mother Duck says: Hi terminator. Dont be shy now !! You'd think my favourite distance would be the 1 I'm best at, but I'm not sure that's the case. I love a half marathon cos the pace feels easy. However, you cant beat the feeling of flying along, feeling you're actually floating above the ground during a 5k. Secret- make the most of what you're born with and what you havent got, just try your best. Also need to train appropriate for each distance. Thanks for asking
Corrah asks: Since you are frequently picking up trophies what would you say is your proudest achievement race wise to date and why and how the heck do you manage to keep improving and breaking fetch standards? (okay more than one question, but I couldn't help it!)

Mother Duck says: Hiya Corrah. I think the best race I'm proudest of is my 38-27 at last years Baker Hughes. I never thought I could go that fast. Not sure how I keep improving, probably as I said to terminator training appropriately for each race and definitely mixing up the training, including biking , offroad, hills etc.xx
_andy asks: Question number three, here goes. First, congratulations on being awesome and getting MOTM, much deserved (and another Saltire waving MOTM!). TT has already asked a good question about why you are so fast at shorter distances but not (yet) at the longer ones, so I'll go for a question from my own heart, which is whether you'd ever consider the longer races? You've got the amazing D33 on your doorstep and others not too far away. Oh, and are you doing a marathon any time soon? After a five year gap, are you tempted to have another go? That's all one question, honest. Congrats again :-)

Mother Duck says: Hi there. Thanks for asking. I've done 10 marathons, 1st 1 when I was 24 with minimal training. I do love the marathons and you're right about the D33. I train along the route quite a bit . However, the mileage in training was becoming painful on my knees so I decided not to do any more....but....you never know.........cheers
The Duckinator asks: What's better for race performance - Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc or Pinot gris?

Mother Duck says: Trust you!! Never a Pinot Gris it gives me a headache.!! Only just going onto SB as was always a Chardonnay woman. Lets see how it goes. Perhaps you could send out a Fetch questionnaire and then write a paper on which people think is best- I'm sure you'd get lots of information ;-)
MazH asks: Can I be your agent?

Mother Duck says: Absolutely as long as we can make a lot of money together xx
RuthB2 asks: How did you start running? How was your first run?

Mother Duck says: Hi there. Thanks for asking. My 84 year old Mum said last week that I never walked anywhere from the minute I could stand up. I was brought up in The Lake District and walked/ran up mountains from a very young age. My fist race would have been at school. I ran 100m, 200m , relay and long jump for North of England. However, once leaving school, options all those years ago (!) were limited. So did marathons and 10 milers in my 20s. Then stopped running for many years and only just back into it 2005. x
shanksi asks: Congratulations, Mother Duck. Following on from Duckinator's question, what would be your choice of cheese (or other snack) to accompany the wine?

Mother Duck says: it has to be chocolate every time. :-) !!
HappyG(rrr) asks: Many congrats, very well deserved. I've always been amazed at your incredible WAVAs. Really must be national, or even international standard(?) What do you think of the WAVA system, do you look at those numbers and have you competed internationally, and if not, why not? ( ;-) ) Congrats again, :-)G

Mother Duck says: Hi Happy Grrrr. You have asked the question of the moment.... Recently achieving a 95+ % mile WAVA I am tempted to try for something nationally etc. and I move up an age group in 9 months time. However, I really need to consider carefully what I want to do. I am really not a great track runner for some reason. I am a big fan of Power of 10 and become a bit nerdy with their age grading . Thanks for asking and Happy Grrrunning x
Metro_Nome asks: mega congrats! glad all my campaigning hard work paid off ;) my question is... how much time do I have to spend in your company before some of your magic starts rubbing off on me...?? but seriously, you've achieved so much and done so well- if you could set one big goal for the next, say, five years, what would you love to achieve next?

Mother Duck says: Hi CS x Firstly between me and The Duckinator you will definitely get the vibes . :-)

5 years is a long time. I really dont know. i suppose, currently i just want to do well in the races i've entered even though they are 10 and 13+ miles.

i am very tempted to do something with my mile time next year, but it is a commitment.

i would say my main goal would be to stay fit and able to run at whatever level and distance. To see those around me- family and friends- achieve their goals, enjoy doing it, and never be in the position to look back and say..."if only"....We can all only do our best at any given time, on any given day. Just go for everything and stay safe, happy and healthy. xx
(To be able to use capital letters in my sentences would also be good!)
DoricQuine asks: Congratulations Mother Duck, you are an inspiration to us more "mature" runners ;) To continue on the performance enhancing theme can you advise on the correct dosage of said wine (ie glass, bottle) and whether it is more beneficial before, during or after the race?

Mother Duck says: DQ. I am shocked, stunned and even a little amazed that you even have to ask. :-) Everything in moderation at any time as long as it is balanced out with water ! xx
Ultracat asks: Congratulations. What is your favourite racing distance?

Mother Duck says: Hi UC. I'm just not sure to be honest. Every time i race a certain distance I like it. It is good to be able to race at most distances and perform well. x
sheri3004 asks: Congratulations, MD, very well deserved :) You make it look easy - is it? And since I probably know the answer to that already, my other question is: what do you think of the new duck-related race standards, and what could possibly come after Uberduck?

Mother Duck says: Ha ha Sheri I saw those too this morning. who knows. I'll need another birthday I think xx
mushroom asks: Congratulations, and great running! Do you prefer your bread to be a) toasted with perhaps a little butter, b) sliced and served with a cucumber filling, or c) split into small chunks and tossed in the pond for you to fight with your friends over?

Mother Duck says: Hi Mushroom, I have given this question great and considerable thought. I'll go for a) b) sounds too healthy and c) takes too much energy. Thanks for your congrats :-)
andr3wht asks: Many Congratulations - Now for a tricky local question - As a keen supporter, runner and run director at Aberdeen parkrun, how are you going to decide which parkrun to go to if a second one gets approved in the city?

Mother Duck says: Hi there. Now that is a difficult question. I guess my allegence will have to be with whichever venue has the best cake ;-)
oldbiddynandi asks: Really well done :) So, do you have any particular fuelling strategy ? :)

Mother Duck says: Hi oldbiddy. I generally train on an empty stomach- really bad I know. Then it's just a general (vegetarian) diet with the inclusion of wine, chocolate and cake (but only at weekends!) Thanks for asking x
Nywanda asks: Dear MD, many congrats on another accolade to add to your burgeoning award list & trophy cabinet. You once told me that you stopped running marathons because your knees were packing up, however, I find it very difficult to stop doing things I enjoy even though I know they are bad for me (and might cause longer term damage). What specifically, allows you to focus on what CAN be done and keep striving for improvement when you're already top of the class and regularly in the top finishers? What are your ultimate fitness goals and typically, what does a week in the MD training diary look like? (PS I get 3 questions because I'm' international' now and therefore starved of regular Duck chat)

Mother Duck says: Hello Ny. For me it's not about being in the top finishers, winning etc. It's always about bettering myself. Me against the clock and not against other people. I know that once I stop improving, I'll still be exercising in some form to stay fit and healthy. Also it means I can eat more! Training diary is minimum 5 days out of 7. Some of those days I might train twice, 1 of those sessions probably a hilly bike ride. Training is mixed up- longer runs, tempo, intervals, off road hill runs depending on which distance I'm specifically training for. I also help run a Jog Scotland group which is great fun and so good to pass on advice and tips to others and to see them improve. Mainly to enjoy what I'm doing, to have fun and I love seeing others enjoying their running . xx (I'm also very pleased to have passed my sport to The D. ) ( oh yes- I have to go to work as well :-( )
Thistle. asks: Hello and congrats, very well deserved. You are an inspiration to us all. I was going to ask your fav distance but it has been asked. So - favourite race and to throw it in - least favourite race to date :-) xx

Mother Duck says: Hi Thistle. Good question. Favourite race should be the 1 felt I did my best in. But maybe that's not the point. Race atmosphere, camaraderie, post race food etc maybe means more. I thoroughly love the Loch Ness Monster Challange a few years ago. (Teams of 4 run/bike round Loch Ness) I met great people and missed my bus to get to my bike cos I was talking too much ( As if i'd do that ;-) ! Also The Cape Wrath Challenges are good for the same reaons. Aberdeen Beach Bum run is great.

Least favourite- Forfar 10k cos it's always too hot. Fraserburgh Half cos I ran crap. Dare I say I wasnt too fond of London Marathon- I'm glad I did it but dont feel the need to do it again.

Thanks for asking..and see you soon for more..intervals....pain.....tempo......lunch :-)
Lee Wren asks: how many fingers am i holding up?

Mother Duck says: 13?
Orangefleece asks: How do you recover after running ?

Mother Duck says: Hello Orange Fleece. I eat , drink (water initially ;-) ) , stretch. Then maybe walk the dogs. Then I run again . Compression socks help a bit after interval or tempo sessions. Thanks for asking. Hope your running going well.
Night-owl asks: Congratulations You are very inspiring In relation to your running where would you like to be in 5 years time

Mother Duck says: Hello Night Owl. i would obviously still like to be running. I really would like to try a triathlon but my swimming is terrible. Maybe a duathlon would be OK though. I'm sure the body wont hold out for ever so i'll need to consider more Cross- training. I love training but at the current intensity it'll need to change in some way. Thanks for asking and for your congrats.
Sunbed Athlete asks: Well done from another fellow MOTM and Aberdonian! How does it feel to have more silverware than your local football club? What aims do you still have in running?

Mother Duck says: Hello Sunbed Athlete. Many congrats on your previous MOTM wine..oops..sorry...win! I'm not a great footie fan... Future aims? I really dont have any fixed plans. Complete the races I'm already entered- 10 miler and half marathon. Maintain fitness until next 'Big Birthday/ age group change..then see what stage I'm at. good luck to you in all your training and racing.
DrDan asks: How do you put up with that son of yours?

Mother Duck says: Hi DrDan- I simply remind him that he would be nowhere without me !! :-) Good question....
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