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Interview with Phoenix Lesley

Ted asks: Many congratulations PL. Wonderful to read about the devotion of your weekend hundreds of miles away from home to some stranger with a beard.

Now, are you going to share your prize with Dave?

Phoenix Lesley says: Hell no :-)
SarahL asks: Congrats PL :) what's your ultimate running goal / ambition?

Phoenix Lesley says: Since I'm a lazy undisciplined Pisces most of my goals have been enforced upon me by my old friend Flip usually by me losing a bet. My next undertaking will probably be a marathon in March/April 2012. But I do have a secret goal if my training is going well by January that I might just skip the marathon distance at this race and go straight to ......!!
heffaroo asks: Well done! Very well deserved!! How has living in that climate affected your running?

Phoenix Lesley says: My running schedule is in reverse of everyone at home. Nov-March when you're all freezing we get to be outdoors in wonderful temperatures and things are green again. June-August for me at present is pretty much hibernation and the dreadmill. The heat makes you very aware of your fitness level and it's only the skinny minny barely any clothes wearing runners that venture outside. 2012 will be my year !
Bru-Bru asks: Congratulations! what opportunities for racing are there in Arizona? What's popular there: I imagine no fell races or trail runs friom the local pub??

Phoenix Lesley says: There are lots of opportunities for races mainly in the winter time or up North in the summer. We have really spectacular trails and a lot of runners do high altitude trainingin Flagstaff. Several involve taking a keg out with them. But I'm a little shy about running in front of others and it's usually terrible "American water" in the kegs
Meglet asks: What do you miss about the UK and specifically the North-East?

Phoenix Lesley says: I miss the sea and rugged countryside at home so much and seeing my nephew and niece grow up.. Having a local pub that you can walk to and real bacon sandwiches. I can get back bacon here but it's not the same as it's been frozen.
GimmeMedals asks: Very deserving - congratulations. When are you coming back to the Uk to do a race or two?

Phoenix Lesley says: Thanks GM. I really hope next year. I want to get Mini Medals' autograph, I'm such a fan ;-)
Fat Dave asks: Congratulations. Which is your favourite cheese?

Phoenix Lesley says: Good sharp cheddar from the UK. I have been known to drive 50 miles as someone told me a Costco had "Wookie Hole" cheddar
Cheese is very important as I don't do gels/blocks , homemade cheese and onion pasties are my running fuel of choice
lammo asks: Nice one, how hot are you?

Phoenix Lesley says: At the moment...very its 47C outside in the shade !
Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Congrats Route 66 or M25 ?

Phoenix Lesley says: Thanks HOD. Route 66 definitely more scenic and leisurely than the M25. But my favourite is the A19 as then I know I'm almost home
Marchbanks asks: What other sport do you and how often do you do it?

Phoenix Lesley says: We are lucky enough to own a swimming pool so that's how we cope with the summer heat. I recently bought a bicycle which I'm enjoying a lot even though I keep managing to whack my legs with the pedals and have constant bruises.
HappyG(rrr) asks: Many congrats PL! Great of you and Yank Dave to help out. And it's not the first time - didn't Bairn7 get some Far Flung Fetchie support from you too? Anyhoo, a question - 3 best traits of NE Engerlunders vs. 3 best traits of Americans (pick a region or part of USofA if you like - I realise California is different to Texas is different to Utah etc.!) Congrats again and thanks so much for being such super helpful far flung fetchies - reminds us what this Fetch Community thing is all about! Well done guys! :-)G

Phoenix Lesley says: This is probably the hardest question I've been asked.
The North East first :
1. We're a lot more genuine with our feelings. What you see is what you get. This scares my staff sometimes !
2. We're more accepting of people's diffrences, faults. Just look at the cast of a UK show compared to the false US standards.
3. We take time to celebrate family, friends and life more. Americans barely take holidays and it's hard to find a good pub atmosphere.

Americans :
1. They are usually a lot more polite, especially to women. definitely a lot less swearing.
2. They are generally more optimistic and hopeful that the great American dream is still alive. You can invent something, do something great or make a fortune.
3.Be it right or wrong they still believe that their country is the greatest in the world and are extremely patriotic. It does make me sick at times usually around the 4th of July when they start yabbering on about thier independence from me !
ogee asks: Well done Lesley, now how many jets does your hot-tub have?

Phoenix Lesley says: Enough to cover all the aches and pains with a little left over for fun :-P
snogard asks: Can you access SimplyRun in the states?

Phoenix Lesley says: Yes I can :-) And shopping with free Money is always the best kind
monsenb1 asks: Well done PL..what is the FETCH scene like over there?

Phoenix Lesley says: Unfortunately I have to live vicariously through all the experiences of the UK Fetchies. Fetch has actually restored a lot of my slang that i had forgooten being over here for so long. But I do get to run with my favourite Fetchie...Yank Dave
richmac asks: Congrats on MOTM, how do you cop with driving on the wrong side of the road? and does your ability to drive a 'stick' amaze the locals?

Phoenix Lesley says: I didn't own a car in the UK so it wasn't too much trouble getting used to the right hand side. When I go home I have to talk to myself out loud following the car in front "Stay on the left Lesley"
I am ashamed to say that I embraced automatic transmissions from day 1. Driving while eating and drinking is so much easier. SO NEVER LET ME DRIVE YOUR CAR I WILL KILL YOUR GEARBOX !
Hyperboy asks: Congrats on MOTM - Perfect dinner dates who would they be and why you can have 3??

Phoenix Lesley says: Thank you HB 1. Gordon Ramsay. I'm a big foodie and watch all of the cooking shows. I love the way all of those naive Americans show up for "Hells Kitchen" every series and are suprised that they get yelled at !
2. Santababy as we'd never run out of champagne :-)
3. Helen Mirren I reckon she could keep up with Santa in the drinking and knows some really dirty jokes and Hollywood secrets !
Doctor K asks: Congratulations ! Who is your favourite runner of all time?

Phoenix Lesley says: Until 2 years ago I hadn't run in 25 years and I don't really race so I would have to go back to the good old days of Sebastian Coe and Steve Cram. And can I say I love your blogs.
DeeGee asks: Hi, and congratulations. Now for the question I ask anyone from your neck of the woods - have you been to Alice Cooper's restaurant?

Phoenix Lesley says: Yes I've been to the one he has downtown beside the baseball park and he's often seen around town.
MissChappo asks: Yay! Do you think we'll ever meet? Do you think you could ever persuade YD to live in the UK and would you want to?x

Phoenix Lesley says: Hopefully we'll meet next year. Yank Dave would move over there in a heartbeat . But with the current economic climate I think we've been over here too long to make that change unfortunately.
Sombrero asks: Congratulations! What did you learn most from being Binks' crew?

Phoenix Lesley says: I was terrified that we would f**k up and be completely useless. He was this big Fetch legend and we're chubby, slow plodders. But all of the runners and especially Binks were just so gracious, kind and thankful for any small thing that could help their day.
But the biggest lesson I learned was that sometimes they get loopy and you do know best, especially about them having to eat when they don't want to. I wasn't as confident the first time with bairn7 and I wasn't going to make the same mistake again.
Sunbed Athlete asks: Congrats.What's your race plans/targets for the future?

Phoenix Lesley says: My main plan is to get really fit this Winter. I get to run in shorts while you all ice dance ! 2012 will probably see me do a marathon and I would love to be fit enough to run outside more next summer so I can smash the deadmill to pieces with a sledgehammer !
PaulaMc asks: Well done, much deserved :-) Why do you live 'over there'? Was it work, or YD that made you go?

Phoenix Lesley says: Thanks Paula. I married Yank Dave almost 20 years ago when he was in the US Army. We decided to live in the US as it was sunny and things cost less. After 4 years in Savannah Georgia where he was stationed we moved to Phoenix on a whim when he got out of the Army and the rest is history
154 Rob asks: good work PL. Can I ask what wildlife have you seen out there in Apache country?
And, do you know or see any Native Americans?

Phoenix Lesley says: There are several Indian reservations on the outskirts of Phoenix. All of the casinos are built on their land. We also have a museum in town that covers all of the traditional Native Indian culture.

As for wildlife, even though Phoenix is a huge sprawling metropolis we have to share it with the animals who were here first. Hummingbirds, Roadrunners,Rabbits, Quail, Snakes, Scorpions, Javalina (wild boar), Mountain Lions and Coyotes. I was once stalked by a coyote for a week and Yank Dave took to running Clan White Fluff with a revolver. We just all have to learn mutual respect and boundaries
flip asks: Well done and all that ,first did you ever think you would do a marathon and have you any idea how much you will suffer training for the marathon and how much i will enjoy my role as coach.:-)

Phoenix Lesley says: Well Flip you old bastard guess you get the last laugh after all. So much for the "The only way I'd run is if I was being chased by a knife wielding serial killer and then I'd give up anyway !!!" It looks like the evil deed will be in April 2012 The Labour of Love outside Vegas. As for making me suffer it's the least I can do to give you a little happiness in your old age :-P But seriously can you believe this shit me MOTM !!! You're definitely getting the first round in :-)
Hourglass asks: Congraticles to you Lovely PL :-) Can the Americans make a decent cup of tea? :-)

Phoenix Lesley says: Thank you. Probably not, they drink a lot of ice tea.
This is where I fail at being English I've never tried tea and can't stand the smell of it. But to be fair to the Yanks I don't do coffee either
John66 asks: Congrats - where is your nearest Fetchie (apart from YD)?

Phoenix Lesley says: I think there's some in Colorado and California. Maybe we'll have to have our own "American Mile" :-)
Wine Legs asks: I am really blimmin' chuffed you won. Very well deserved indeed :) Having seen your pics, you strike me as a bit of a foodie (which pleases me greatly). What wonderful recipes have you learnt from being state-side that us Brits are oblivious to and can you please share a recipe with us of something that we really should try? And can we please take you out to dinner when you're next in London? I am rather looking forward to it.

Phoenix Lesley says: You know it really was our pleasure to help him and the least we could do with him being so far away from home. Dinner would be fabulous .
My favourite food in the whole world is crab. My Dad would take us to the dock top every Sunday morning to pick up a bunch of crabs from the fishermen. And living here in the Southwest I've also come to love chilli peppers and we grow them in our garden so this recipe combines both. For those of you young enough to only remember metric 1oz is about 25g. I remember that much from Home Economics

Crab Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

10 whole chilli peppers. Red, green whatever your fancy
4 oz of crab meat
1.5 oz of cheddar cheese
1.5 oz of cream cheese
1/4tsp of Old Bay Seasoning (I checked and Asda has a similar spice blend Schwartz Season All)
salt and pepper to taste

Cut the stem top from the chilli pepper. Cut it in half lengthways and scoop out the seeds. Drop them in boiling water for 2 minutes and then drain them and cool them.
Mix all of the other ingredients together and fill the peppers. Place on a lightly greased baking tray and bake at 180 C or gas mark 4 for 20-25 mins.
I like to give them a quick trip under a hot grill to get a nice crusty bubbling top.
Let them cool a little or you'll definitely burn your mouth
Spally asks: Congratulations PL - a well deserved award. How do you know what to pack in your car when crewing a LA-NY foot race?

Phoenix Lesley says: Thanks Spally and by the way if you didn't know I was your SS last year !The very first time we supported Bairn7 I picked the brains of Flip and Santa and lurked on the Ultra thread for weeks trying to make a list of what you could need in every eventuality. We have a big car so I subscribe to the "pack everything including the kitchen sink" Soph definitely has the right idea, I even packed flares !
Dogtanian asks: Congrats PL...extremely well deserved! Did you find supporting Binks has inspired you to do some crazy event yourself?

Phoenix Lesley says: Dogtanian, it was such a once in a lifetime experience. I was overwhelmed with feelings of just what an awesome thing the human mind and body is. You know that the race crew and the support person we took over from all consider Binks a very unlikely runner as he was so "stocky" They were amazed at his determination "Just point him in the right direction and off he goes like a little wind up toy"
If I can just take a little piece of that into my everyday life I'll be more than happy.
Mr. K. asks: Well done on the MOTM - fully deserved. When you crewed for Binks what was the most bizarrest item you packed & never used. Seriously - what are you top 3 tips for crewing.

Phoenix Lesley says: Thanks Mr K. The oddest thing was a first aid kit that dealt with all of the insect, scorpion, snake bites that could possibly happen in the desert. It even included the "only US patented suction device guaranteed to remove 100% of venom" If we didn't have that and Binks had been bitten I'd of nominated Yank Dave to the venom removal duties :-0

My tips
1. Take care of yourself be that staying warm or cool, get some rest and eat otherwise you're useless to anyone else.
2. Be super positive and encouraging
3. Have a sense of humour about the whole thing. We brough super soaker rifles to attack the runners and cool them down
Mrs Winkle asks: Hurrah PL! Nice work on MOTM. I quite fancy living where you do. Can I move in?

Phoenix Lesley says: Fetchies are always welcome Mrs W but you might gain a little weight will my cooking and ruin your chances of anymore PB's
frangale asks: How did you hear of Fetch?

Phoenix Lesley says: My old friend Flip told me of it a couple of years ago so that I could follow his blogs then i was sucked in with all of the very nice but slightly nutty people. next thing I'm doing Ultra Support for complete starngers :-)
Yank Dave asks: Job Well Done Love, Only one question. What time is dinner what are we having? :)

Phoenix Lesley says: Thanks pet, but if we have to train for a marathon we need to lose weight so it'll be lettuce with dust and a side of cottage cheese ! 6.30 pm sharp as i wouldn't want your cottage cheese to go off :-P
santababy asks: When you coming over so we can go and get drunk? :) congratulations to you, not forgetting Dave :) xx

Phoenix Lesley says: Thanks, hopefully we'll be over next year in April/May. I'll need to do some training as I might be a Northerner but you Scots are professional drinkers ;-)
ian9657 asks: Does the Sun have a surface?

Phoenix Lesley says: It most certainly does. For the months of July and August it's about a foot above my house, or that's what it feels like as you can feel your skin crisp up at 6.30am ! Even though I have to wear sunglasses at that time of the morning I swear I saw the image of George Bush and Tony Blair complete with horns, forked tails and a pitch fork one morning.
BaronessBL asks: Well done :-) Now here is a what if question I'm afraid... If you *had* to move from Arizona (assuming job/money/family have no bearing on this hypothetical move) would you stay in the US (if so where) or return to the UK (sorry its a bit of a rubbish question but all my other ones have been asked already!)

Phoenix Lesley says: Thank you Baroness. If I stayed in the US I would definitely want to be nearer some water so Northern California or Oregon/Washington State. But then again if I was going to be cold in the Winter I might as well come home.
Helegant asks: Congratulations. As we move into winter here, what do you think of as a cold day in Arizona?

Phoenix Lesley says: Thanks Helegant. My idea of cold certainly has changed with being over here. In the 15 years I've been here it's actually snowed 3 times in Phoenix ! I'm going to sound like a real wimp here but I've been known to wear a fleece during winter days when its 13 C. Nov-March here is about 32-20C and at night much colder then I'm bringing out the heavy duty cold weather stuff . Probably more than they wear winter training in Scotland. ;-)
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