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Ian Williams aka Fetch

IanM - Member of the Month December 2007

Member of the Month December 2007


Fetch says: Hiya IanM. Well done to you on being voted our Member of the Month for December 2007 (sponsored by SimplyRun.co.uk - we love you). Fetchies - you will go on my first whistle, IanM - you will go on my second whistle... [fweep]... [fweep]:

runnerbean asks: well done Ian:-) well deserved;-) are you a jedi or dark lord?

IanM says: There is only one Dark Lord therefore I must be a Jedi.

cabletow asks: What is your favourite colour?

IanM says: Blue

cabletow asks: Garmin 405 - Yes or no?

IanM says: Oh yes!

early bird asks: well done Ian :-) Are you from Prague ???

IanM says: No but I have been to Prague and ran the marathon in 2007.

John 66 asks: Congratulations. How did you manage to 'bag' a stunna like Heidi? HRM is intensely frustrating - discuss.

IanM says: I don't remember bagging Heidi actually. I met her in one of my rare moments of lucidity in 1991. HRM training is very straightforward really or at least I have always found it to be. Some people do seem to have problems with it but I think a lot of it could be down to impatience – it takes a long time to work and also you can very easily fool yourself into thinking you are sticking to 70%WHR when in fact you are not. If you don't stick to it then it takes even longer to work and the improvements are much smaller. Stick with it is the answer. Talk to other people who have seen great results from it and see how they got where they are now.

cabletow asks: Do you think Newcastle should go with the shearer Keegan ticket or shop further afield

IanM says: Erm, is that something to do with football? I'm sorry I know nothing about it whatsoever...

Le Greg asks: Peugeot 405 - yes or no?

IanM says: No.

cabletow asks: What is the brand of Sports bra you would recommend

IanM says: I have no idea because my moobs have gone now.

Jen J asks: Who's a better chef - Heidi or Delia?

IanM says: Heidi of course! :-)

cabletow asks: Have I lost the plot?>

IanM says: Yes, quite definitely CT.

early bird asks: Ian why do you run???

IanM says: Why do I run? Because I love it; it's what I do. When I first started it was simply to get fit but now it is my life and I would be lost without it and the life that it has given me.

Boab asks: Well deserved Ian. About time too, you're a top man. Why does the moon always follow you when you run?

IanM says: Thanks Boab, very kind of you to say so. The moon always follows me because it likes me. :-)

Lumsdoni asks: Peanut Butter - Crunchy or Smooth Do you wear your HRM 24/7 ?

IanM says: Peanut butter isn't one of my favourites actually so neither. No I don't and haven't worn the strap now for many many weeks. My low HR runs however still account for some 25% of my running.

runnerbean asks: are you going to punch CT or am i ?

IanM says: I'll let you because I quite like him actually though he is quite mad :-).

Barky asks: WTG Mate, well deserved for you (and Heidi)..... Does Heidi give cooking lessons?

IanM says: Thanks Barky. Actually no but I'm sure she'd be only too pleased to show LB how to bake a cake. :-).

LorraineS asks: How do you keep your hair so tidy ??

IanM says: I didn't realise it was so tidy. Thanks for the compliment! I have always brushed it back and kept it quite short so that's probably why it doesn't get too unruly nowadays. It wasn't always like it though – the 80s were a bit horrific!

santababy asks: well done Ian, what got you running in 1st place? has Heidi always ran too? you've done marathons, and ultras now, what's next on agenda?

IanM says: Just a desire to get fit Santa basically. Heidi only started running to keep me company and get me out of the door because she knew it was good fro my depression. In 2005 she was convinced she couldn't run so she followed me on her bike. Gradually she started asking to swap over for a bit which we did and before she knew it she was running several miles and then she ditched the bike and we were running together. The next on the agenda for me is to run Draycote, the DD, Kent 50 then Berlin. Hopefully I will run well at Berlin. Whatever happens I plan to do the marathon majors circuit that BB did with ultras here and there. After that I will have a look at off road ultras, I feel the high places calling.

cabletow asks: ooh burning issue Lums - Crunchy or smooth Ian Whats it like on the dark side of the Force?

IanM says: CT I have no idea but I think Gobi must have influenced me to a certain degree even if I don't realise it. I think he inspired me to run as good as I can and for as far as I can.

Barky asks: Have you ever thought about setting up a busness of running tours, showing people the marvels of the Peak District?

IanM says: I have Barky actually but I keep arriving at the same answer. I think running would become my job and I would lose the spontaneity, the freedom to go where I want when I want and ultimately it could well destroy what I love so I doubt I will ever really do it. It's a nice idea BUT it would take ALL my time to organise and do it properly and my running for pleasure would suffer. I'd much rather have friends come over and go running with them. :-)

B.B. asks: In 5 bullet points (one sentence per bullet point) can you please explain what running has done to your life?

IanM says: Running has given me an aim in life other than to earn money to live. It has given Heidi and I a much better lifestyle and we are both much healthier and happier than we have ever been. Running has given us both a new circle of friends who accept us for who we are unconditionally. Personally running has given me a way of managing my depression. Running gives me something to achieve and most of all enables me to enjoy life through seeing places and meeting people I would otherwise never have seen or met.

B.B. asks: In 5 bullet points (one sentence per bullet point), and in order of importance (most important first) can you please list the factors behind your running success in the past couple of years?

IanM says: Dedication – just getting out there and running. Listening and learning from others. Hard work and tenacity – never giving up even when it's been bad. Mixing easy with hard training. Knowing when to rest – patience with myself.

B.B. asks: Tits or arse?

IanM says: My God man do I have to choose? I can't I'm sorry. :-)

cabletow asks: Have you been troubled by nagging injuries through your running career? Do you do any cross training?

IanM says: When I first started running I had problems with my knees because I was advised to run heel strike and I thought I was running wrong on my forefoot. Then I went back to running forefoot and promptly tore both calf muscles badly so I didn't run properly for about a year after that. Since joining Fetch I have had less nagging injuries due to advice from people like you CT and it's very much appreciated. Since I stopped pushing off hard with the calf I have had hardly any problems. The only problem I had recently was my Psoas which was down to poor core strength etc. No I don't do enough cross training, I do some but not enough. I need to make myself do more.

Kitty asks: Have you recovered from your experience on London Transport yet? ;) What mental strategies do you use to get you through tough spots in training/racing?

IanM says: Yes thanks Kitty, I have recovered but I have to say it was rather weird in London. My mental strategies involve lying to myself like saying I can have a rest at the top of the hill and when I get there I keep running. Other times I will fix on a target such as a tree and reassess when I get there. I also use coping mechanisms similar to self hypnosis by listening to my breathing and going into my zone where the sound of my breath comforts me – it's a bit like chanting.

B.B. asks: Shaft or sack?

IanM says: If I had my way I'd sack them all BB. :-) I have no desire to shaft them.

John 66 asks: Greatest achievements?

IanM says: Getting my degree? It certainly changed my whole life so I suppose it must be.

Puddington asks: Does my bum look big in this?

IanM says: No, of course not. :-)

Mal asks: As I was going to St. Ives I met a man with seven wives, Each wife had seven sacks, each sack had seven cats, Each cat had seven kits: kits, cats, sacks and wives, How many were going to St. Ives?

IanM says: Prague?

Racin' Snail asks: does my bum look big on Pudd?

IanM says: I have no idea because I haven't seen you. :-)

Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Well done Ian your a top man you deserve it- How's your Heart Rate ?

IanM says: Thanks HOD, my heart rate is fine at about 48 resting BPM.

Girlie asks: If you were on Death row, what would you choose as your last meal?

IanM says: Anything made by Heidi

old mum asks: Well done Ian, you're a truly deserving winner of MoM. :-) Not sure if this is already in the list but....... after gait analysis, what's the single most important piece of advice you would give to a new runner?

IanM says: Don't run too fast and don't run too far to start with either.

Kittenheels Kath asks: Is the world your oyster?

IanM says: Possibly.

Mal asks: Do you like oysters?

IanM says: No.

chromey asks: Are you ever in a bad mood?

IanM says: Not particularly bad moods, more black depression but I'm fine the rest of the time and I'm not particularly moody really.

RuthB2 asks: well done Ian! Keep up the blogging as I love reading them! If you could change two things about yourself - one running related and one not running related - what would they be? what's the most emotional run you've ever completed and why?

IanM says: I would like a straight nose; this annoys me because someone else bent it for me. I would like to become more competitive in races – by that I mean I wish I was more into going for it rather than sticking to a pre planned race pace. Probably the Kent 50 mile Challenge because I had never done anything like it and the support from friends was fantastic and very touching.

B.B. asks: Why do I poo so much?

IanM says: Because you are a runner. :-)

John 66 asks: Why does BB talk so much poo?

IanM says: I don't think he does; he talks about poo, there is a difference. :-)

B.B. asks: Do you find it confusing or annoying when John 66 / John L / The Current Mr L / whatshischops changes his username every week?

IanM says: Yes.

Girlie asks: How do you prepare for and train for an ultra? Are there any really wacky races you would consider?

IanM says: I really have no idea Girlie. For my first one I asked Gobi and went for the ad hoc, get lots of back to back weekend long ones in and train the rest as per marathon (loosely). For Draycote the plan WAS to use a P&D 12 wk marathon 70 miles per wk programme adapted to have back to back runs BUT I got injured. Having lost a lot of weeks to low mileage again Draycote has been quite ad hoc training what I think feels good at the time and getting in the back to back LSRs. Also making myself run when I feel least like doing so etc. I still dream about something like the Western States 100 BUT keep reminding myself that I am human and quite a lazy runner actually.

John 66 asks: Fulham or Chelscum?

IanM says: I don't understand the question, sorry.

MarkC asks: If there was no such thing as Fetcheveryone, what difference would this make to your running and your life?

IanM says: I don't believe I would have done half of the things I have done such as three marathons and an ultra. I certainly wouldn't have met all the friends I have made and wouldn't have had half as much fun. I doubt Heidi and I would have done as much travelling to do events all over the place either. Our lives have been so much richer basically.

MarkC asks: Jeremy Clarkson: genius or twat?

IanM says: Hmmm, I wouldn't call him a genius but I don't dislike him either really, I'm indifferent.

Vicksta asks: Jammy Dodgers or Boasters? What is your favorite biscuit? Whats your opinion on whether a jaffa cake is a cake or a biscuit?

IanM says: I like Jammie Dodgers but haven't had them in ages. I prefer Jaffa Cakes which are cakey biscuits IMHO.

B.B. asks: How do you approach a cadbury's creme egg? Do you lick it out gently or just dive straight in there - all teeth and tongue?

IanM says: I love them with a cup of tea. I lick them out for a bit until I can't hold back any longer then I just wolf the lot down with a big gulp of hot tea.

Snoo asks: Congrats Uncs! So, what's the best cake: Carrot Cake by Heidi, or Lemon Drizzle cake by me. I know what I'd vote for, but are you brave enough...? Also, when will I see yoooooo aga-in?

IanM says: Erm, both and we've seen you now and lovely it was too. :-)

Jock Itch asks: John Noakes once told his dog 'Shep' to get down. If you had a dog what would you tell him to do ?

IanM says: I'd say here Sam, just another 15 miles. :-)

Rebel asks: What is your ultimate distance challenge? Congratulations by the way. Well deserved. :-)

IanM says: Thanks Rebel. I'm not sure if I even dare think about it but I'd say maybe 100 miles. I'm not sure if I will ever have the guts todo it but you never know.

Yorkshire Plodder asks: Does the 'M' stand for 'motivated'?

IanM says: Nice of you to say so but no actually it's my surname “McMillan” :-)

John 66 asks: How's the nose?

IanM says: Still bent but not as bent.

KR2 asks: Hi Ian, very well done, very much deserving MOTM. What's most important to you running or racing? do you run to race? or race to run? And, do you ever run without wearing a HR monitor?

IanM says: I love running mainly. I do like racing and it is usually the culmination of a lot of hard work training leading up to an event. What is most important to me is simply getting out there and running every day. I very seldom wear my HRM strap nowadays actually due to a skin reaction. I still do several low HR runs on a treadmill every week though.

jude asks: If you could go back in time and meet the person who invented the HRM - what would you say to him/her?

IanM says: Hello, thanks for that. :-)

jude asks: If you could ask yourself anything, what would it be and why would you want to know?

IanM says: But I can and frequently do. I ask myself things like will I ever just go for a run without having to fight myself first. Will I ever be happy with how I ran a race?

B.B. asks: If you could go back and meet jude 10 years ago, what would you say to her?

IanM says: I'd have said “hello Jude” :-)

jude asks: Radcliffe or Coe?

IanM says: Both amazing but Radcliffe because she is my favourite I think. Plus she has shown that anyone can have a shit race and come back from it stronger.

jude asks: if you could donk B.B on the nose with any kitchen utensil, which one would it be?

IanM says: A big spoon for comic effect. I would do it hard though cos I like him.

Snapstinget asks: Well done, well deserved, now B.B. will have a chance ;-) Light or dark? And ... what is your secret to remaining so cheerful and optimistic? Good nourishing home cooking?

IanM says: Light. I don't know, do you know? I like good home cooking yes but it doesn't always keep me cheerful.

HarryB asks: Do you reckon these shoes go with this outfit?

IanM says: Of course. What shoes?

B.B. asks: If you could donk jude on the nose with any part of your body, which one would it be?

IanM says: I'd just give her nose a playful prod with my forefinger probably. :-)

HarryB asks: Did you look at my pint?

IanM says: No.

Yorkshire Plodder asks: Paracetamol or Aspirin?

IanM says: Neither, Brufen usually. :-)

SODIron asks: Brown Sauce....which one, Daddies or HP?

IanM says: Any really, don't have it that often just on bacon sarnies.

newyork_newyork asks: Congrats, Ian! Boxers or briefs?

IanM says: I tried boxers for a while and found them ridiculously uncomfortable so it's briefs. :-)

Puddington asks: How can you even ask that? HP HP HP HP HP HP HP HP

IanM says: Either pudds, either is fine honestly. :-)

Racin' Snail asks: daddies for me....its what me dad always used to have. How many curls in a packet of Quavers?

IanM says: Either FFS! :-) I don't eat quavers or any other synthetic, dehydrogenated full of shite snacks. Oh apart from Pringles of course.

Homer asks: When did you stop drinking regularly (and how)?

IanM says: I can't remember exactly so I reckon it's three years getting on. I always had to get up for a long run on weekends then I got to the point where I wasn't going to let anything jeopardise my runs on the weekend. Then I tried a bottle of beer just to be sociable and realised that actually I don't even like the taste so that was it. I haven't bothered with any alcohol since.

Keefy Beefy asks: Congrats Ian. A true FE legend. Have you sorted out that dodgy arm action when running yet?

IanM says: Yes I have.

Kittenheels Kath asks: Who put the bop in the bop-she-bop-she-bop?

IanM says: The same person that put the “ram” in the ram alam a ding dong and the “dip” in the “dip de dip de dip”. Whoever he was, I'd like to shake his hand. ;-)

Kittenheels Kath asks: When you first started HRM training, (and sorry I haven't read the entire HRM training thread from start to finish, please forgive me), did you have to take ridiculously frequent walking breaks just to keep your rate down, even though you were capable of running the entire distance?

IanM says: When I first started HRM training I found that I had to walk up some hills for a bit to get my heart rate under control but I soon got used to it. I have never really understood why some people find it hard to run slowly. I find it hard to run fast. I think the main thing to be aware of is that you are not running to a pace when HRM training so forget how fast you are covering the ground because it is irrelevant What you need to do is concentrate on uniform effort which means keeping to the same average heart rate for every 1k or whatever of the run. I make sure it's the same all the way round now because I use a treadmill.

BigChiefRunningBore asks: Garmins really are dullzzzzzzzzzz aren't theyzzzzz, don't you agreezzzzz?

IanM says: I like my Garmin so nozzzzz :-)

HarryB asks: What's the point?

IanM says: I really don't know!

Yorkshire Plodder asks: (its the sharp end)

IanM says: It depends on how you look at it.

neems22 asks: Yay - well deserved Ian! :-) What race have you most enjoy and why?

IanM says: I think I most enjoyed Loch Ness because it was a great Fetchie meet and I got a lovely PB depite the race being quite tough, or at least I found it so!

Rach E asks: You training appears to be very well planned and you (appear!) to pace your races absolutely perfectly (enviably so). Would you ever risk blowing up in a race and throwing any pre-race strategy out of the window? Are you ever tempted?

IanM says: Thank you Rach, that's very flattering especially coming from such an excellent runner as you! I do try to plan my training but just lately injury has thwarted any attempts to use a proper adapted P&D schedule that I made myself. I do like to plan when I can but I am learning more that it doesn't harm to be flexible as long as you get the basics in and I reckon shifting sessions around is probably good for you too. I do try to pace my races well – especially marathon because there is so much time and distance for things to go horribly wrong. My first marathon was a nightmare and I decided then that I would plan the paces much much better. Lately though I am tempted to g o a bit faster and a bit harder and I may even risk blowing up on a half just to see what I'm capable of because sometimes I come off a race feeling like it was too easy.

oceanspirit asks: Congrats IanM!!! What superhero ability would you want to have and why?

IanM says: Probably flying or can I have running faster than a train?

oceanspirit asks: Superman or Batman? Spiderman or the X-men?

IanM says: Batman and Spiderman.

oceanspirit asks: When you have a few more miles to go in a training run or race and you are feeling the pain - what goes through your mind to keep you going??

IanM says: I just listen to my breathing and sort of chant to myself. I also lie to myself like saying I can stop just as soon as I get over the hill or the lamp post. Then when I get there I push harder. I also swear at myself and ignore the little voice in my head that keeps saying stop. (Number 8 told me that one and it works! Cheers 8!)

Boingy asks: Congratulations IanM, and thanks for all your help on the Heart Rate Thread. :-) What advice would you give to those of us who are training to run our first marathon ? Also, what is your favourite flavour of Angel Delight ?

IanM says: Thank you Boingy. Crikey, well I'm not an expert but speaking from experience I would say make damn sure you get the training in. You must be dedicated and whatever you do don't skimp on the long runs. A lot of debate has occurred just lately about how effective long slow runs are and indeed if they are necessary. All I can say really is that everyone is different and everyone will respond differently to different training. However, even if you could train for a marathon on light mileage I think the wort that could happen would be you may be over prepared. If you assumed that not much mileage and not many LSRs would get you through it would be rather horrid to find out on race day that actually you DID need to do some more long runs... I'd say for your first marathon just do the running. Personally I think to get better at running (and I think marathon running puts you in the set of 'better runners' because not EVERYONE can do it!) you need to do more runing basically. Others probably think differently but certainly for your first do a plan and do it well. If you find yourself having to drop a session somewhere make damn sure it sin't a long run. Anything else, a 5 miler, a tempo run or a speed session but not a LONG run and by that I mean from 18 to 22 miles.

2 Flat Feet asks: How far do you usually get in a run before having to stop and poo? Oh and congrats by the way....

IanM says: It really depends. At one point I needed to poo after ten miles for some reason Now I seem to be able to run 20 odd before I need to. I think the key is less water and carbs the night before.

oceanspirit asks: What has been your favourite race you have ever done and why?

IanM says: I think it was Loch Ness because I loved it, it was aPB, it was tough and I felt like I raced the whole distance. I couldn't have done an more, I was the best I could have been for that day.

Motorbreath asks: Marmite: yay or nay?

IanM says: Nay, I can't stand the stuff.

Motorbreath asks: Any good Grindleford Cafe anecdotes?

IanM says: Not really, I don't go in there a lot but Heidi used to go there with her parents most weekends. She was sad when the owner died, she had known him for some years. We went in there before he died and he sort of knew her but he probably saw that many kids grow up...

JohnJ asks: What's the Grey Area? Is it really that good?

IanM says: It is excellent and I would recommend it to anyone. Hendo is a particular fan of it, why don't you ask him? :-)

JohnJ asks: Man Hug or Handshake when we meet?

IanM says: Man hug for you JohnJ of course. You told me it was normal. :-)

TRO Saracen asks: What was the last CD you bought? What was the last film you watched at the cinema?

IanM says: Erm, I can't remember the CD, It was oh yes it was Cherry Ghost A Thirst For Romance. I Am Legend and I quite enjoyed it.

TRO Saracen asks: Describe the last fight you had, including injuries inflicted and received?

IanM says: Sparring at karate a few years ago. I got bopped on the nose and ended up with a couple of cracked ribs. I managed to crack my opponents ribs too. Shortly after that I got fed up with so called self defence, it was too painful!

chrisity asks: what would be your ideal run?

IanM says: Anywhere in the Peak District off road.

B.B. asks: Who's better, Rach and Gobi. No sitting on the fence rubbish - choose one.

IanM says: Rach is better looking of course. :-) If you mean better runner well it has to be Gobi – for now :-)

abdou asks: Congrats Ian - a running gentleman and scholar. How many times did you use the f word in the half hour after finishing Loch Ness - and was that your worst attack of post-race Tourette's?

IanM says: I can't f**kin' remember but it was a lot and it HURT. :-)

Keefy Beefy asks: Tell us the creative process that led to you picking IanM as your Fetch name...

IanM says: Ok so what happened was I thought WHAT'S MY f**kIN' NAME? Then I just used that. :-)

B.B. asks: Who's yer daddy?

IanM says: Thomas McMillan and he's dead. :-)

Qwerty asks: Many congrats Ian :-) How structured was your training before you strapped on that HRM for the first time? How big a difference has it made to your performance* - do you think you would have achieved as much without it? *running performance, of course ;-)

IanM says: HRM training helped me to get structured and taught me the self discipline necessary to train effectively. Granted I would have improved if I had somehow got structured training and self discipline elsewhere but I didn't and being a lazy runner I found that HRM techniques helped me immensely to start with. Of course after a while you realise that you have to start running faster too if you want to get faster. You improve up to a point but after that it's just plain old fashioned graft. I think I may well have given up without a HRM to be honest.

Dave A asks: Daddy or chips?

IanM says: Chips.

Dave A asks: Can Heidi come and live with me as cook?

IanM says: Nope sorry Dave, she's busy. :-)

SarahL asks: Well done Ian! How many Fetchies have stayed in the MacMillan towers?

IanM says: You. :-)

SarahL asks: Will you ever run through the woods at night without your headtorch?

IanM says: No, I can't see.

SarahL asks: How was/is the best athlete of all time ever?

IanM says: How or Who?

cabletow asks: What is the Capital of Sudan?

IanM says: Prague? Or is it Khartoum?

SarahL asks: How's Heidi?

IanM says: She's fine thanks. :-)

SarahL asks: Do you sleep on the left or the right side of the bed. And why?

IanM says: As I am laid on the bed on my back I sleep to my right hand side. It's just what I have become used to over the 17 years we have been together.

Vicksta asks: Where did I leave my mobile phone last night?

IanM says: Down the crack in between the cushions on the settee of course then you could hear it going off and couldn't work out where the hell it was. :-)

SarahL asks: Will you ever buy anything other than GORE ever again?

IanM says: Probably not unless of course it's a Garmin.

SarahL asks: How long is a long hot bath?

IanM says: About 6 foot.

SarahL asks: What's the furthest you've ever run?

IanM says: In one go? 52.4 miles at the Kent 50 Mile Challenge but I ran walked. Solid running would have to be marathon.

SarahL asks: What's the furthest you'd ever like to run?

IanM says: Maybe 100 miles on the Western States 100?

SarahL asks: Do you think Robbie Williams will be your neighbour?

IanM says: He actually is my neighbour. :-)

SarahL asks: Wholemeal or Granary bread?

IanM says: Both.

SarahL asks: Facebook or Myspace?

IanM says: Facebook

SarahL asks: Beanie or buff?

IanM says: Both.

SarahL asks: Grass or Grarss?

IanM says: Grass of course. :-)

SarahL asks: What's the perfect poo?

IanM says: Number 4 on the Bristol Stool Chart – like a sausage, smooth and soft.

SparkyMark asks: Yey !!! Many congrats Ian - about time and very well deserved. :-) **** I was going to ask the tourettes outburst as well, BUM, ****, A*SE - so how are your ****ing legs any way? so - TRAIL or ROAD and why

IanM says: My fecking legs are fine thanks! Trail because it's more fun.

B.B. asks: Will you ever get sick and tired of SarahL's questions?

IanM says: No.

LorraineS asks: Is Sarah taking over ??

IanM says: Yes.

B.B. asks: ;-)

IanM says: :-P

SarahL asks: Should Top of the Pops have been cancelled?

IanM says: No.

SarahL asks: Will it rain on your birthday?

IanM says: Probably.

SarahL asks: Are you going to answer these questions in notepad?

IanM says: No, in open office spreadsheet actually.

HarryB asks: Will you still respect me in the morning?

IanM says: If I had a clue who you are I might. :-)

SarahL asks: How many blogs did you lose before you started writing them in notepad?

IanM says: One.

santababy asks: wil this thread self implode

IanM says: Possibly.

SarahL asks: How many swear words did you use when you lost your blog?

IanM says: f**king loads.

SarahL asks: Which brand of mouth wash do you use?

IanM says: Listerine Total Care Antibacterial. :-)

SarahL asks: Do you have a juicer like Snoo?

IanM says: No. They are a waste of time and money. I just buy juice. :-P

Puddington asks: calm down calm down

IanM says:

HarryB asks: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?

IanM says: Quite a lot actually.

SarahL asks: Will you shout at me for asking you a ba-zillion questions?

IanM says: Never.

cabletow asks: Do you think Sarah is taking this seriously?

IanM says: No.

SarahL asks: How fast is fast?

IanM says: It depends.

SarahL asks: Haev you ever considered inline skating?

IanM says: Erm, yes but not now.

HarryB asks: How much is that doggy in the window?

IanM says: He's not for sale.

SarahL asks: Would you ever contemplate entering the World's Strongest Man competition?

IanM says: No because I is a weakling.

SarahL asks: Have you ever worn a skirt?

IanM says: Not yet.

SarahL asks: Will I get a marathon GFA this year?

IanM says: I sincerely hope so and I think you have a very good chance of doing so.

SarahL asks: Who will break the Mens World Record for a marathon next? When will it be and what will the time be?

IanM says: My God, I have no idea, there are so many that are so close to each other and to be honest I don't watch enough telly or events to see how they rank alongside each other. Haillie surely will take some beating?

SarahL asks: Are you still awake?

IanM says: Just.

cabletow asks: have you ever nailed your testicles to the floor during a lewd act?

IanM says: Not yet.

SarahL asks: Can I come and visit you next weekend please?

IanM says: Any time Sarah. :-)

SarahL asks: Do you think you'll ever not run?

IanM says: Not now.

SarahL asks: Do giraffe's sleep standing up?

IanM says: Yes, erm, no, oh I don't know...

SarahL asks: Do you think of pizza as more of a pre-race fuel or more as post-race recovery fuel?

IanM says: Both.

SarahL asks: And what's your favourite topping?

IanM says: Pepperoni.

SarahL asks: What's your favourite holiday destination?

IanM says: I don't think I have one really. I loved the Dolomites.

SarahL asks: Will you run like a KENYAN?

IanM says: I wish!

SarahL asks: Can we go to Kenya one day and run like KENYANS together?

IanM says: Ok, we'll have a go. :-)

SarahL asks: What's your favourite poem?

IanM says: I should actually read more than I do but I NEVER seem to get enough time. But one that I find very touching is Funeral Blues by Wysten Hugh Auden.

SarahL asks: Did you do cross country at school?

IanM says: I attended but kept stopping for a fag.

SarahL asks: Did you enjoy it or try and shirk it?

IanM says: See above. :-)

SarahL asks: How many times do you think you could run round the block?

IanM says: I have done 5 laps so 25 miles is my record in training.

SarahL asks: Have you ever got so hopelessly lost on a run that you had to call Heidi to come and rescue you?

IanM says: No but there's time yet!

SarahL asks: Did you ever piss your pants?

IanM says: No but I've come close to shitting myself quite literally.

SarahL asks: If not, why not?

IanM says: I never need to piss when running.

SarahL asks: XX% physical XX% mental. Fill in the blanks.

IanM says: There aren't any, do you mean the 'X's? :-)

SarahL asks: Am I mad?

IanM says: Yes.

SarahL asks: Are you mad?

IanM says: Yes.

SarahL asks: Are we all mad?

IanM says: Yes.

SarahL asks: Do endorphines make you ask six ga-ba-zillion questions or is it just me?

IanM says: Yes. And no it isn't just you. :-)

SarahL asks: Do you think the Scissor Sisters are overrated?

IanM says: I like them, that is all.

SarahL asks: How come it never rains but it pours?

IanM says: I know. :-)

SarahL asks: When do the clocks go forward?

IanM says: The last Sunday in March?

SarahL asks: Do you do early morning runs?

IanM says: No. I don't function well early on.

SarahL asks: If not, will you do them when the clocks go forward?

IanM says: No.

SarahL asks: Re-arrange the following letters to create a word: APEETLHN

IanM says: Elephant.

SarahL asks: B&B or tent?

IanM says: B&B

B.B. asks: Harpoon or tazer?

IanM says: Tazer, they look much more fun. :-)

Boycie asks: Ian well done mate on the award - definitely deserved particularly after I sowed the seeds of a FETCH team in the High Peaks and then left you to organize it!!! I have a few questions: What are your targets for this year? Will you be running the Hermitage 10k on August 31st? How about running Leg 1 in the High Peaks this year???

IanM says: Thanks Boycie. :-) I'm loving the training and looking forward to Draycote 35 in just over two weeks, the District Double in May, The Kent 50 miler in August and then Berlin marathon. I will organise the High Peak Relay again because it was great fun. As for stage 1?? Erm, I'm doing my hair I think. :-) I will be doing some 10ks but not sure where that one fits in with my 50 miler.

Loon Dod asks: What Ultra race would you love to do if time/ money were no object.

IanM says: I keep having this Western States 100 voice going off in my head but I know that is sheer lunacy...

Robo-Gobi asks: Nice one Ian I notice that you seem to have moved away from Heart Rate training, WHY? What do you think about Pose and Chi running? Lastly and this is serious WHY THE HELL DO YOU WANT TO RUN ULTRAS??? ARE YOU MAD!!!!!????????

IanM says: Cheers Gobi. I haven't moved away so much as my training has evolved to include less of that and more of the other stuff really. I do do a treadmill recovery 4 miler every day at lunch time now though and it's always at low working heart rate so technically I'm still doing 20 miles or so every week of HRM training. I think Pose and Chi Running have something there and I have benefited from making slight changes to my style as per Cabletow's advice; it takes a lot of discipline to remember all the finer bits though. Why do I want to run ultras? Well I thought that if I got used to doing ultras then it would help my marathon training. :-) Now though I think I just like running a really long way. I made a mess of Kent IMHO so now I want to do one properly.

Marts asks: paula or haile? PS well done

IanM says: Cheers Marts. Oh crikey, I like both of them and for the same reason. Both are examples of the world's finest athletes yet they showed us that even they are human and can have a bad day. Not only that they showed us that you can come back from a bad day faster and stronger.

oldbiddy asks: yayyyyyyyyyyy Ian Pop round for tea :):): xxx

IanM says: Will do OB, love you! :-) xxxx

Siamese Pete asks: Well done Ian. What are you hoping for for Christmas?

IanM says: I don't know to be honest. I ended up with a Gore jacket I treated myself to. :-)

John 66 asks: Should Fetch do some Fetch fleeces?

IanM says: That's a good idea.

John 66 asks: Treadmills are the devil's work - agree or disagree

IanM says: Disagree. I use one every day. They teach self discipline. :-)

John 66 asks: What percentage of the time are you naked?

IanM says: When I shower oh and sometimes whilst blogging so not a lot say less than 10 % of the time.

Kev Scone asks: a boring question, what is your favourite ever race and why?

IanM says: I enjoyed Loch Ness because it was magical, a brill Fetchie weekend and I felt like I raced it hard and got a well earned PB.

John 66 asks: 1982 miles last year - were you tempted to go out for a few hours on NY eve to make it 2000?

IanM says: I did go out on New Year's Eve but just for a couple of miles, hence the 1982.. :-)

oceanspirit asks: American dramas or british dramas?

IanM says: British.

mic asks: which one member of Fetch would you relish racing and destroying ? and then taunt mercilessly at every opportunity?... Coe or Ovett? Kiera or Heidi? Lord of the Rings or that Speccy 4 Eyes? Ferrari or Aston Martin? Marathon PB or 10K PB? and lastly what grips your... most in Fetch-world ... and finally well done!! *better luck next time BB* :-)

IanM says: I'm not competitive like that actually. I wouldn't relish beating anyone really. I just race to better myself. I certainly wouldn't taunt anyone I beat. Coe I think. Heidi of course. Lord of the Rings. Ferrari, marathon PB I think. The sense of community especially at Fetch get togethers.

oceanspirit asks: What is the stupidest thing you have ever done while running a race?

IanM says: Set off way too fast. I do it quite often.

oceanspirit asks: What do you consider your proudest achievement in running to date?

IanM says: Completing the Kent 50 Mile Challenge. I didn't race it and there was a lot I would have done differently BUT it was a fantastic learning experience and a very special day indeed.

oceanspirit asks: why?

IanM says: See above. :-)

84togomoonsago asks: favourite music to listen to when you are relaxing...

IanM says: All kinds of stuff from classical – I love Debussy, to David Gray, The Killers, Cherry Ghost everything really.

Jason1969 asks: Congrats, Ian, well done. What was your best ever run? Was it a race, training, or for a bus?

IanM says: Thanks. I have to say The Loch Ness Marathon because it more or less all went according to plan and I raced it the whole way even though I faded over the last 10k.

Cavey asks: Well done Ian, long over due! ;) What's your favourite race to date, and why? Which race would you love to do in the future?

IanM says: Loch Ness. :-) There are loads Cavey but The Western States 100 interests me but I'm not sure if I will ever be good enough to do it. I fancy a 100k race somewhere though and I want to do the Marathon Majors courses starting with Berlin this year.

Hamsterhair asks: Do you like hamsters? Oh and congrats.

IanM says: Thanks and yes I think they are lovely. :-)

Jock Itch asks: Did you ever notice that if you blow in a dogs face it goes mad, yet when you take him on a car ride he sticks his head straight out the window? Why ?

IanM says: Yes, weird that isn't it?

B.B. asks: If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests?

IanM says: Testing BB, testing, not what you were thinking. :-)

B.B. asks: If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, then what is baby oil made from?

IanM says: "Most ""baby oils"" are primarily made of mineral oil. To make mineral oil, gasoline and kerosene are removed from crude petroleum by heating, in a method call functional distillation. By using sulfuric acid, applying absorbents, and washing with solvents and alkalis, hydrocarbons and other chemicals are then removed. Not only is there no food value in this type of oil, but some nutritional authorities believe that mineral oil, when ingested, produces deficiencies of various vitamins, and they recommend against its use as a regular massage oil."

B.B. asks: Is it possible to brush your teeth without wiggling your arse?

IanM says: Definitely. I can also do the reverse.

B.B. asks: Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?

IanM says: Pass.

Disco asks: Do you have plans to do anything other than answer questions for the rest of the week?

IanM says: It doesn't look like it. :-)

Jock Itch asks: If 4 out of 5 people have diarrhoea does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?

IanM says: You are quite mad aren't you? :-)

Jock Itch asks: If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhoea does that mean the fifth one enjoys it? :-P

IanM says: You are quite mad aren't you? :-)

B.B. asks: Why does mineral water that 'has trickled through mountains for centuries' have a 'use by' date?

IanM says: You are quite mad aren't you? :-)

B.B. asks: If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, then what is baby oil made from?

IanM says: I already answered that one BB.

B.B. asks: What do people in China call their good plates?

IanM says: Plates.

Red Tomato asks: wooooohoooo Ian! you are always great at giving advice and support to people on here ( including me, thanks) where do you get your advice and support from?

IanM says: Thanks RT, that's very kind of you. :-) I get my advice and support from people on here just like you do but I also read a lot of books and stuff on the internet although at the moment everthing is taking a back seat to my training for Draycote.

Red Tomato asks: Are you planning any races down sarf ( preferably east anglia) so I can finally meet you?

IanM says: I love meeting people and would be delighted to come and do a race somewhere near you at some point. I'll have to have a look in my calendar. :-)

Jason1969 asks: If people from Scotland are Scottish and people from England are English, what are people from Iceland called? And New Zealand?

IanM says: Icelandic and Kiwis.

Jock Itch asks: Why isn’t the number 11 pronounced onety one?

IanM says: I don't know but I always thought it should be eleventeen.

TRO Saracen asks: Is it better to be hung like a horse, or shot like a dog?

IanM says: It depends who you are. :-)

Jock Itch asks: Can you have a broadband line with out having to have a phone?

IanM says: The ADSL broadband is a digital phone line that can carry data and voice. I suppose it is your prerogative to use or not use the telephone but I doubt there would be any difference in line rental.

Phantom asks: Would you like my guinea-pig, I'm tired of it now?

IanM says: No thanks, a guinea pig isn't just for Christmas you know. It is a commitment, I dunno Phantom. :-)

SarahL asks: Oh I have another one... Would you consider getting a Fetch tattoo on your forehead?

IanM says: Erm, no. :-)

Boingy asks: What was the best thing before sliced bread ?

IanM says:

Tim of MK asks: Front or back door ? (When you get back all muddy from a run)

IanM says: I always enter via the back door. :-)

danny wilde asks: Well done Ian ! If the world was ending today and you could have one final run anywhere on the planet, where would it be and who would it be with ? On a more cheerful note - how many frankfurters can you eat in one sitting ? :-)

IanM says: Up on the Peaks somewhere with Heidi. I don't like Frankfurters so none.

orbital sander asks: well done IanM :-) how the chuff do you look 10 years younger than you did 20 years ago?

IanM says: You flatter me OS :-) I stopped smoking and getting pissed all the time I suppose that must have helped make me look less shagged.

Sid asks: Well done! What do you for living and would you give it up if you could?

IanM says: I'm a software engineer – that's what I studied at uni. I am proud of how I turned my life around by choosing to study computing and I doubt I'll ever give it up because I actually enjoy it.

welly asks: Well done Ian, why haven't you grown the moustache to go with the beanie like Lord Fetch

IanM says: Have you seen what I look like with a moustache? Look on my gallery photos – not pretty.

phal asks: Hooooooray :o) well done Ian :o) super star that you are? Prolly been asked before.... but.... Favourite run you've done and which would you love to do - anywhere in the world??? also..... mint imperials or mint humbugs?

IanM says: Thanks Phal. :-) By run I'll assume you mean training run not race. I would love to go and run in Colorado where RWC runs actually. However, there are some stunning places in the Peak District too and it's easier to get to for me. :-)

phal asks: should have been a ! after the are not a ? super star that you are was not a question..... that was a statement. being a muppet. sorry!

IanM says:

Barky asks: From LB: Aston Martin or a Mini Cooper??

IanM says: Aston Martin.

Geprig asks: Who's the better driver, Starsky or Hutch?

IanM says: Dunno.

HarryB asks: Can I borrow a tenner 'til payday?

IanM says: No.

oceanspirit asks: What is your favourite way of relaxing after a tough race? What's your favourite way of relaxing anytime? Tea or coffee? Milk? Sugar?

IanM says: I have a lovely shower then have a nice cup of tea milk no sugar and either a chocolate bar or some flap jack.

Barky asks: What is/was the motivation to move upto Ultras?

IanM says: I have no idea to be honest. I just wondered what it would be like to run further than marathon and I had this twisted idea that training for ultras would make me a better marathon runner :-)

micknphil asks: Ian well done old matie seeing's your a young vet 40 class i believe, and i understand you've not been running long, ( 3 years is it ), so you've not come through from a youngster as it where , you say " you love it ", which is fabulas, and i believe by the look of things you've adapted to LONG distance quite quickly ... would you say , You've found the " FEEL GOOD " factor

IanM says: Cheers Mick. Yes I think I have now reached a point where I just love running and regret not having done it all my life.

Left Foot asks: Congratulations. You seem to like a challenge and you are quite intrepid. (e.g. coming 'south of the river' for a 5k!) Have you ever considered doing a triathlon or a really extreme race like The Mount Everest 100 mile Naked Night Run or something?

IanM says: Thanks Left Foot. I do like a challenge yes and I would like to do a 100k race at some point. For something really extreme I like the sound of the Western States 100 BUT I have no idea if I have actually got what it takes. Maybe that's a reason to have a go at it? :-)

Too Much Water asks: A lot of your long runs take place in the peak district. What are your favourite places to run in this area? Is it the scenery, the peace... what makes it so special? Have you thought of trying one of the classic events in the region like the Edale Skyline or the Bullock Smithy?

IanM says: I love being in the Peak District because a lot of the time it feels like you have it to yourself and you feel part of it rather than some vulnerable runner about to get run over by aggressive road users. I will do the Edale Skyline when I consider myself fit enough to do it justice maybe next year. I am still very much a beginner when it comes to fell running so I'm taking it in my stride. The peace, the beauty, the difficulty and feeling of achievement all come together to make it so much more enjoyable than road running.

Durbat asks: Magpie or Blue Peter? Do you think you and Heidi would have got together if your surname was Boo?

IanM says: Blue Peter of course and yes. :-)

Phantom asks: You look like Stead from the Avengers. Are you related?

IanM says: I don't look owt like him and no we aren't related. My dad was from Glasgow. :-)

CanaryYellow asks: Congrats Ian. Someone asked me this and i thought it was a great question If you could ask god just one question what would you ask him?

IanM says: Why are we here?

Sunbed Athlete asks: Well done Ian. Thouroughly deserving. Strictly Come Dancing or Strictly Ice dancing?????

IanM says: Cheers Sunbed. I like to watch ice skating. :-)

Miss PiggyWiggy asks: COngrats Ian big well done to you Whats you favourite thing to eat?

IanM says: Heidi's Sunday roast, Heidi's cake and pizza.

topcorner asks: lol Durbat, excellent question...:) Many congrats Ian! Aside from the lovely Heidi and other family, who has been your greatest influence in life? Also, (if you had to) would you rather look like a fish or smell like a fish?

IanM says: Heidi has been my greatest influence. She opened my eyes to the world around me, showed me the Peak District and made me want to be a better person.

surreystrider asks: threesome?

IanM says: Bollocks. :-)

Shin Twigs asks: what are your 3 top tips for happy running

IanM says: Do plenty of slow stuff BUT work hard on the hard sessions. Get yourself a routine BUT don't make it a chore. Enjoy yourself and listen to other people and ideas.

moosie asks: Congrats on winning! As you've passed on some great advice to me that's what my question is based on. What's the best advice you've given and the worst advice you've given?

IanM says: I think that's quite subjective to be honest. Some folk might think I've given them the best advice ever and I might not hardly notice because to me it's just what I do instinctively. Some people may think advice I have given was a pile of poo when I thought I was being helpful. That being said I think the best advice I have given generally is for people to not race every run and that it's ok to run slowly in fact it's essential for recovery. The worst advice is probably when I have thought I knew what I was talking about but didn't have as thorough an understanding as I thought I had. I do try not to do that BUT I bet I have done so at some point. Everyone makes mistakes. I think sometimes people may misunderstand what I'm trying to say because sometimes on threads it feels like I'm agreeing with someone and they think I'm arguing...

Max71 asks: What is your secret to hanging on to the wonderful Heidi? (what? you thought I was going to ask a running question?)

IanM says: You'll have to ask Heidi! :-)

Tarange asks: Do you like Spam?

IanM says: Yes actually it's not bad but I haven't had it for ages.

Tarange asks: and if so, do you like Spam and pickle sandwiches :)

IanM says: I'm not keen on pickle...

cadster asks: What's your favourite run in the Peak District?

IanM says: I'm still finding them to be honest and so far I love all of them. I do like White Edge and Froggat Edge though and Burbage running back over Higger Tor.

cadster asks: I heard that Phil from Grindleford cafe died recently. He was quite a character. Did you ever meet him, and if so, do you have a good story about him?

IanM says: Yes, he did which is quite sad. The end of an era. I didn't know him but I've been there a few times and Heidi knew him. I don't really have any stories about him though I'm afraid. I'm certainly going to have to go there soon and have egg and chips again. ;-)

26.2 Steve (FKA M62) asks: Have you given your Garmin a name?

IanM says: No not really but I kid Heidi on that I call it Garmintrude.

Hendo asks: Why do men have nipples?

IanM says: Only a tit like you would ask that question. It's because we all start out as female because the predominant chromosome is female. We as males are a necessary mutation just to ensure the survival of the species. Thus we have some bodily attributes in common but they are rudimentary. Lets just hoe that Mother Nature doesn't decide to do away with males and make the fairer sex reproduce asexually, it has happened in other species. Parthenogenesis. :-)

John Bach asks: Ian - Snowdon Marathon - fancy it?

IanM says: One day John I think it's inevitable.

Pammie asks: If you could ask yourself a question what would it be?

IanM says: WTF am I doing up at this hour answering all these bloody questions? :-)

nrg-b asks: Ian: Well done! What's your secret to winning friends and influencing people?

IanM says: Thanks NRG. I wasn't aware that I had one. :-) I'm just me and I'm far from perfect.

GordonG asks: Ian - Kylie Minogue - fancy her?

IanM says: Who doesn't? She's bloody lovely. :-)

CC2 Speedy Goth asks: You're the best performing member of my Fantasy Fetch squad - any tips for the rest of them? ;)

IanM says: Yes, get some feckin running done! :-)

oldbiddy asks: Have you got the kettle on yet ???;) xxx

IanM says: Always for you OB, always. Xxxxxxxxxxx

SparkyMark asks: Dave A did not have his HAT at Hawkshead - is it really that bad? :-)

IanM says: No, but it's not a s cool as my Fetch Beanie. :-)

chrisity asks: Long Eaton 5 or Robin Hood? ;-)

IanM says: Long Eaton 5 is a great atmosphere.

mushroom asks: Congratulations. Ian - do you wish you had a shorter name?

IanM says: Thanks and no.

Sweaty Frank asks: Congrats, Ian. I am very happy for you. Here is my question. Have you thought about your long term running goals, what you want to be doing in five, or ten, or twenty years, or longer? What are you doing now to prepare for and enable yourself to achieve these goals? Also, have you seen my car keys?...I've lost them again.

IanM says: Cheers Frank. If I can I will still be running in the Peaks and doing marathons when I'm 70 or 80. I'm training and enjoying my running, hopefully this will prepare me for a long running career. Have they fallen down the side of the cushions on the sofa again?

Tobbers asks: Daddy or chips?

IanM says: Chips.

SteveV asks: what motivates you to run?

IanM says: It keeps me sane.

Sweaty Frank asks: Hypothetically...if one were to ask another question for Ian...in theory...and say that question was, "What was your most memorable day of your running life?", for example, would Ian respond to this question? Just wondering.

IanM says: Yes he would and the answer would be the Kent 50 Mile Challenge.

Le Greg asks: Bit like a supertanker this thread... Ian, do you know how long it takes a super tanker launched at full speed to stop / turn / hit the Brittany coast?

IanM says: I've heard it's something silly like Ľ of an hour? Or quarter of a mile to stop? Not sure...

gokeith asks: Ian will you be buying Leon Jackson's debut album when it is released? I think i remember you saying you liked him loads and thought he had lots of talent.

IanM says: Never heard of him.

Bex66 asks: well done Ian. what are the three secrets of your success as a runner?

IanM says: I train most days. I work hard at it. I don't give up.

JSBean asks: congratulations ian: could you describe yourself in four words or less? :-)

IanM says: I love fell running.

mxhornet asks: I've resisted so far. Did you finishing Kent 50 counts as beating me or not ? I know the answer in my head ;)

IanM says: If finishing the race counts then yes I beat you because you DNF. BUT I was never near you on pace or how you ran it so you ran what you ran much better and faster than I ever could. You beat me hands to forty miles or so.

Fetch says: And phew - we're done - thanks everyone. A New Year beckons, and it's onwards and upwards. IanM - you're a legend :-)