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This is the group to join if like me you need a little kick up the arse to get yourself doing strength or core work. I will pair people up for exclusive support as soon as we get enough members.

Notes from Members

  • kaiser says: just started jogging again , and have started a kettlebell workout which has a good core section on it.
  • cackleberry says: Abs of steel!
  • Im A Runner says: Great idea to keep us going.
  • loki says: been a bit rubbish at this for a while so some motivation and general shaming into activity might be helpful...
  • Karen S says: I always struggle to do my core exercises. Definitely need some motivation here!
  • The Terminator says: One more press up....
  • The Scribbler says: Don't neglect your stretches
  • Toks says: Yes I am in, need all the encouragement for strong core which will help me during the 10 in 10 next may :-)
  • RichHL says: I need to have a middle which is slightly less like soggy spaghetti.
  • geordiegirl says: I am seriously hopeless at doing my core / strength work. Got a program at the gym using hand weights so I can do them at home inbetween gym sessions (not been there in a prob 2 months now!) and they are still shiny & new in their little case in the spare room...... I am doing Tough Guy in January and really need to build up a bit of strength. Thanks in advance
  • Kimbles says: I need to be seriously pestered to make sure I do my core work. I am very lazy at it and my core is soggy lol
  • That man from March says: Great thread - bring on the exercises :)
  • Jerboa says: I need a kick up the proverbial
  • PenW says: As someone prone to injury need to make sure I keep up with this
  • Jaffa Cake says: Looking for more pain to go with my LSR's :-)
  • arbster says: Urgh... I suppose I'd better be in...
  • plodding hippo says: I need a large kick up the jacksie
    Followiing the 100 pressups and the 200 situps 6 week programme
  • mags says: I soo need this now I am cycling more and cannot run as much
  • Jon_T says: I soo need to be in this group
  • MADDOG says: Hi, being off running for over a year due to injury. Getting sharp pains in lower left back and left hamstring all due to loss of core and glut muscle due to car accident - fractured neck. Put on rehab introduced to core and glut workouts and it works!! Now back running easy for now but got to motivate myself to keep working on my strength and core excercises its the way forward.
  • Craig_ says: heart
  • notgivinup says: Right ...... here goes. I know it's good for me😬
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