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SECRET SANTA IS OFFICALLY CLOSED FOR 2011, thanks to everyone who has joined and hope we all have a whole lot of fun. Keep visiting the thread, keep joining in and lets all have a ball. ho ho ho merry fetchmass xxxxx

IF YOU JOIN PLEASE SEND YOUR HOME ADDRESS TO ME geordiegirl so I can pass on your details to your Secret Santa - thanks

Its officially here..... come on elves join the group if you wish you take part!!!

Ho Ho Ho

As previous years please state if you are

a) happy to receive anything - and be prepared for what that may be

b) if you would like your SS to be a little careful with your gift i.e. nothing rude/inappropriate.

Budget - somewhere around £5-£10, its about being affordable and fun. But I dont imagine anyone will mind if you wish to spend a little more.

Also if you wish to join please join in the fun on the thread, most of the excitement around SS is learning a little about the person you are going to buy for and it makes it VERY difficult if we have nothing to go on, I'm not saying write a wish list of things you'd like but a few hints here and there never go astray.... we can pick up ideas from the threads you post on and blogs etc. Most of all though enjoy and very early Merry Fetchmas from me xx

Notes from Members

  • Weekatiepea says: SS virgin here :-) Nothing too rude though (kids and parents watching) thanks!!
  • fungel says: i got a cool book last year Born to Run and gloves the 2 previous years ( no gloves ), something gadgety would be good this year.
  • FML says: I like surprises but nothing too rude. Thanks SS :)
  • Princess Purple Bubbles says: yay its that time of year again star I am fairly easy apart from I will be opening at my parents so nothing rude and please avoid smellies (Im a sensitive soul :( )
  • Tiggia says: Nowt rude unless it's a naked Gary Barlow ;)
  • ultracollie says: Hi all am glad to be here and excited about being a SS virgin lol ;-)
    rudeness limited please due to kids, looking forward to the surprise see you all soon!
  • Meglet says: Nothing rude!
  • richmac says: Compression socks are always good it it *must* be running themed, or else something that makes you laugh
  • Binks says: I will be opening this in front of Wine Legs' Nan so nothing ruder than dildos please :)
  • The Scribbler says: I haven't done this before, but it sounds like fun. Present opening will happen in front of the in laws, so nothing too kinky thanks (though they can take a joke). Hopefully plenty of clues from my blogs, but forums I frequent include those about books, Dr Who and cake (I have a sweet tooth).
  • Ultra Sparkly Bridget (USB) says: The MiL will be there for present opening so nothing rude please
  • CStar says: Loved this last year. Again opening in front of parents, Mrs Star etc, so nothing too rude. I'm 6'2", 13 1/2 st, size 9 shoe'd bloke living in Barcelona. (but will be in UK for Xmas,so UK address supplied) I run and cycle but swim like a brick, so don't do triathlons. I'm just happy to get anything, so feel free to be creative (or not).
  • Joopsy says: Nothing rude please.
  • CC2 Speedy Goth says: Will be opening this in front of my elderly parents so nothing rude please! Dairy intolerant and have skin allergies too so chocs and smellies are generally no good. Sorry to be awkward!
  • Limpet says: I love this present always a complete surprise, nothing too rude though ;-)
  • HellsBells says: nothing rude for me either please, oh and I may have posted a link to the pattern, but i don't want a knitted uterus either!
  • PaulaMc says: My SS has done me proud the last few years :-) Not rude, please! Otherwise, I'm pretty easy going x
  • JEB1974 says: Looking forward to this, it's my 1st time :-). Nothing too rude please, will be opening in front of family
  • Iron_Mum says: Hooray, now I feel all Christmassy! Nothing rude tho please. It's a family show ;-)
  • Papa G says: First time on an SS, happy to receive almost anything. Struggling to lose weight so trying to reduce my chocolate intake.
  • Star says: :-) love it - nothing rude either - kids in the room :-)
  • Duchess says: Yay, love surprise Christmas presents, and anything will be received with great delight! No kids to frighten :)
  • mrs shanksi says: Love this, I would prefer nothing rude as my kids will be watching! Thanks x
  • Winniefree says: Same as many, no rudery please, my mother will be watching!! Otherwise anything will delight! :-)
  • The Terminator says: Nothing rude in front of kids please. Anything else goes...
  • Labwalker says: Really looking forward to this, but nothing rude please.
  • LLL1 says: Im with Debstir, not a prude but nothing rude :-)
  • Debstir says: Not a prude but nothing rude ;):)
  • katypie says: Yahoo. Nothing too saucy pls
  • McNewbie says: I'm another surprise-lover, don't mind at all what I get this year, anything that gives me a laugh or is functional or I don't know, go crazy with whatever you decide to get me !! Thanking you kindly in advance :)
  • Chicken Licken says: Whooooo love a bit of a secret...... Not fussy.... just not dove products!!
  • Mandymoo says: hello - first timer here. As my 4 yr old grandson will prob open, nothing to rude for me please :-)
  • Foxy says: Beer & hot women please ;) happy with anything :)
  • Wine Legs says: Oooh I love Fetch Secret Santa. Yes please. Anything that's not too rude and is a surprise is great :)
  • JimiG says: Go on SS, yes please, count me in.
  • Jon_T says: Something humourous, saucey but not too rude please.
  • B-Lass says: rude/innocent dont mind!
  • Detal says: Well here goes, new to fetch and new to ss, happy to receive anything as my kids are all adults, looking forward to going shopping :-)
  • Weasie says: As i'm in, must stop lurking around, and blog and stuff. Nothing too rude, but I do have a sense of humour!
  • Rebel says: I love suprises so use your imagination! I love SS! :)
  • becca7 says: Likes - chocolate (e.g.any Green & Blacks or Hotel Chocolat), socks, hair grips, smellies, books (Beyond Brontemania thread may help). Nothing rude please. :)
  • WA says: Nothing inappropriate please; there will be young children present at the unwrapping :-) Let the stalking commence!
  • Holburnmum says: Yay! Dont mind what I get,norty but not too rude :)
  • frangale says: Suitable for opening in front of hubby and littlies please :) He already thinks I'm weird for exchanging gifts with someone I've never met!
    Also, hate to go against everyone else but I cannot abide :-O knitted toys. With 4 daughters I could start a soft toy shop
  • sallykate says: So enjoyed this last year! Like most here, nothing rude or smelly please :-) Love books and foody or crafty things
  • monsenb1 says: done this the past 2 years...been great giving and receiving pressies...can't wait for this year...
  • Magbag says: Bliddy hell is it that time of year again ?
  • Flibberty Jibbet says: Yay secret santa time of year!!! Please SS don't send me any sweets or chocolates!
  • Silvershadow says: Nothing rude please
  • plodding hippo says: hope im not to late
  • LorraineS says: Loving your work GeordieGirl. Nothing rude for me, thanks
  • Roobarb says: Yay! Nothing too rude please :)
  • ultradunc says: A very loud alarm clock, yes CLOCK. My current strap on is ok so no need for a replacement either. Anything rude will be okay as I'm broad minded and Mrs. UD isn't,
  • greenbox says: This is exciting :-) nothing tooo rude for me Thanks
  • Wriggling Snake says: My Bloody Valentine's Loveless, I was watching a program about creation records the other night and that is missing from my collection, rathe oddly. Actually a nice compilation would be good.
    New Order's Substance as I seem to have lost that, or greatest hits.
    Southern Death Cult
    Killing Joke's Nightime, I went to play that theother day and the cd case was empty, blast it.
    Hugh Johnsons Pocket wine book 2011
    Gavin Maxwell's Harpoon at a venture, could be hard to get that.
    Maybe that Men's health exercise book, a bit sttep and costly to sedn, so you could reverse the postal charges if that exsits
    running socks
  • tuga says: Nothing rude please :)
  • Stoatally says: Secret Santa was great last year. I'll accept anything, I don't mind rude or kinky or whatever :-)
  • Littleclown says: Ooops think i forgot to add myself to the list! Anything will do for me rude or otherwise!
  • Mr Alf Tupper says: infact no boring stuff like toiletries or food...thanks!!
  • BlueTang says: Nothing too rude for me please, I'll probably be opening it in front of my parents :) I'm also rubbish at blogging regularly, so apologies if I am your victim. I like fish, anything to do with wildlife, puzzles, baking, arty crafty things, pretty easily pleased really!
  • Gasping 4 breath says: funny appreciated, but not toooooo rude thanks
  • Purps says: So as not to waste your money it would be better if I didn't get smellies or food stuffs as I get migraines and these are caused by cheese, chocolate, and certain scents (lavender being the worst offender) I am however very happy to receive anything else, if you want to buy me rude things I will laugh at them, like reading, crochet and knitting and cross stitch, walking, swimming and am not doing very much running at all (read that as just over a mile this year due to pregnancy and PF threatening again since birth) Oh and I do love purple - but that's a given!
  • halfpint says: Nothing rude please. My curious child has already found the only xmas presents I've bought so far and I don't fancy explaining rude pressies to him :) Thank you!
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