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A list of Fetchies who wish to support (hug, shout at, give gels/cake/jelly beans to) other Fetchies running VLM 2012

Notes from Members

  • MissChappo says: If I can still stand up after Brighton :-)
  • SpeedyMel says: Ooh Fetchpointing number two! Better start working out on the upper body. 😃
  • Enthusiastic! says: Let's get this frickin' party started!!! :)
  • Mykey says: Mrs Mykey aka Siâni will also be there.
  • Toks says: Yes I am looking forward to supporting fellow fetchies :-) and maybe for the first time make it to the pub too :-)
  • Cloggy says: Happy to support anyone & everyone!! Good luck to all the runners with training, tapering, carb loading etc. Am really looking forward to it! :) x
  • mile muncher says: I'll be at Fetchpoint as usual. It's the next best thing to running :-)
  • Roobarb says: Didn't get a place so will do fetchpoint :)
  • Vicir says: Just tonight found out about Fetchpoint and turns out I planned to support right there. I'd love to join you if I'm not too late :)
  • Zehnderboy says: I'd love to help out at Fetchpoint this year - be my first
  • Smout says: Joining just to be sure I have info for my family types. Tell me to shift along if that's a problem :-)
  • minardi says: joining on behalf of mr m
  • SouthendAl says: Hope to be able to come down for my 1st Fetchpoint!
  • *Anj* says: Just joined for updates, don't go putting me in a team as not 100% sure will be there
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