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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Notes from Members

  • M62 Steve. says: Last years marathon resulted in a PW, hospital for a week and a ruined running year. I'm back and I'm going for my first PB for three years. Bring antibiotics :-)
  • Konaboy says: Once & once only & only because it's London's Olympic year
  • B Rubble says: Hoping to do a bit better than last year.
  • greenbox says: Oh gosh i'm gettig a bit scared lol
  • mags says: Mixed feelings about running again- I hated last year so hoping I will lurve this year!
  • mummyV says: second time in London, 4th marathon, dodgy hamstrings....scared!
  • claramac says: Yes pleasey! Service required!
  • rosec2 says: Hi, I joined this group last year but then got a bit shy and didn't post! Promise to try harder this year!!
  • DeeGee says: I need a good servicing!
  • Shufflealong says: My first ever Marathon and still a bit terrified but excited all the same - will need all the support I can get!
  • idlewild says: A few cheers would be great for an ex-pat Fetchie coming home to try for a sub 3!
  • smudgeruby says: My 2nd VLM hopefully faster than last year. Am looking forward to being serviced at fetchpoint, support is amaaaazing!!
  • Lumsdoni says: Running with Mrs Lums in her first marathon.
  • Derbyplodder says: Morning..Wolvo will be 'running' the 2012 VLM and would like some assistance at the Fetchpoint :-)
  • drunkenmunky says: 3rd time at London. This year will be sub 3:30!! Determined :-)
  • PipG says: Only just found this but better late than never!
  • HappyG(rrr) says: Looking forward to Fetchpoint VLM 2012 already! :-)G
  • Gritts! says: Bring on the love/abuse :)
  • FML says: need a lot of help
  • spikeyboy says: There will only be two runners in Linlithgow AC vests. I'll be the second one, but do feel free to cheer the first as well. His name is John :-)
  • Woad Wunner says: Having been at Fetchpoint in the past I'm looking forward to seeing it from the afletik side
  • Sloggerian says: Oil change and a new fanbelt please...
  • Detal says: Visited fetchpoint 2011, great support for Papa G and everyone else, my turn also this year look forward to seeing you all xxx
  • dan_a says: Hello, VLM2012 Fetchies!
  • Naomi P says: The G&T in a sports bottle supplied by B-Lass last year got me through the last 4 miles :-)
  • Weasie says: Hoping for hugs from my hubby at Fetchpoint, if he joins the group, a G&T also sounds like a cracking idea.
  • minardi says: I love Fetchpoint and can't wait for 2012 :-)
  • Loca says: I am running it, s'pose! :-P
  • longboat says: haven't learnt yet! Objective for this one is to 'enjoy it'!
  • caw says: In at 4th attempt, looking forward to VLM and especially Fetchpoint!
  • amys dad says: always good to hear the fetchies when dying on your arse :-)
  • hope to... says: Just shout 'your're going great', even if I look like crap!
  • Running Beer says: I will probably need someone to carry me the last 4 miles.
  • Morf says: Great support last year - kept me going when the pain was kicking in - I hope to have a better run in 2012 and cant wait to be deafened at Fetchpoint. No: 30714 :-))
  • Johnny Blaze says: Fat man needs support! Hose me down with Fetch love!
  • jaks says: Will probably need lots of support :-)
  • Schnecke says: Having done the servicing for the last few years, I'm looking forward to being serviced this time ... ;-)
  • MissingPhoenix says: Just a smile and a wave will do, thanking you muchly :)
  • Smout says: Championship start :-o A quick pit stop on the way to Sub 3:15 I hope - be sure to give me enough fuel to make the flight to Florida on Monday please :)
  • PaulaMc says: I want shouting and cheering and the whole Fetchpoint kit and kaboodle (whatever a kaboodle is). Oh, and some oranges, please.
  • SUPERWOMAN63 says: a CHEER......a HUG.....a SMILE.....a WAVE .....see you ALL there xX
  • MajorRunning says: I'm planning on running the Boston marathon 6 days before so will probably jog this round in fancy dress. Any costume suggestions??
  • TnoP says: Only 29 weeks to go............!!
  • Rick OShay says: me me me me me
  • Mandymoo says: will be good to have some support :-)
  • linsblake says: I would like to put in an early request for flapjack, cupcakes, haribo, slaps on the back and tissues!
  • Bastow2106 says: Where how and what are Fetchpoint, do you need to wear something so that you can be identified, can you get a fetch armband or something.
    I'm running for a charity so will be wearing one of their vests.
  • Firesac says: Thanks to last years team I ran sub 3 hours for the first time at the age of 49. So this year the aim is sub 2:55 bring it on and looking forward to the pub afterwards.
  • Princess Pink! says: How does it all work!
  • vickimoulston says: first time marathon run - up to 20 miles now in training but very nervous about those extra 6. hopefully the vibe at london will get me through :)
  • Grumpa says: Got VLM Dear John again,but good news,pulled out of the hat for one of the club places.Had a bad run in 2009 so had time to stop and chat.No offence but hope to keep running past this time,but a cheer,some jelly beans and the odd high five would be great.See you there.:)
  • wheresthefinishline!!! says: Have had injury problems with previous attempts of this race and have ended up walking,hoping for near the 4.00hr mark this time but will be pleased with under 4.30. Shout at me to 'get a move on' !!!!!
  • Ex Chimney says: Skipping along on a cloud of feathers? Or just about crawling. We'll see which when I get there.....
  • Lully says: I warn you lovely fetchpointers - I will be at the back. No further back than that. No, really, back a bit more ...
  • PowerJen says: Get in!!!
  • mickeysalz says: I'll be the one looking knackered!
  • darl0 says: Managed to get a place through my club. Looking forward to April 2012
  • RichHL says: Serviced? I'll be too knackered for any of that malarkey!
  • Fiona C says: Have seen the fantastic support at the last 3 Londons, hope it helps me lots this year!
  • Papa G says: Great support last year, looking forward to passing you all again this year
  • Pastabake says: Just get me to the finsh line! :-)
  • MadWelshWoman says: Ballot place this year..will need all the help I can get...4th VLM..hoping for PB!
  • Chromey says: Hallo (aka Chromey) :-)
  • Argie says: I need to be serviced by RM3B vigorously.
  • Lo-Jo says: It's all new to me :)
  • Pammy235 says: First time for London!
  • Oatcake says: Hello :) Looking forward to this very much - finally got a ballot place on the 6th attempt...
  • Tubsey says: Will need all the support you can give !!
  • Smileygirlie says: Looking forward to the wall of noise, hugs and fab Fetchiness that is Fetchpoint.... See you all there :) x
  • Ferdi says: Abdominal strain severely limiting training and prospects! Support from Fetchpoint will be fantastic!
  • run-forest-run says: My first London Marathon and I cannot wait, just make it loud fetchpointers :-)
  • adrianb1066 says: Bring it on :-)
  • Kenny_Boy says: Whoop Cheer etc
  • hotpop40 says: First marathon hoping for five hours scary
  • Kevski says: Service my pump!! Failing that the usual of SIS gels and Jelly Babies would be splendid once again!
  • Fast&Furious says: Will be wearing an orange Woking AC vest and hoping for sub-3 hours.
  • Da Big Guy says: Not sure what this is...anyway a big shout at mile 22 (might have the name SQUIGGY) on my chest instead of Mark will get me going.
  • CottamRunner says: Looking forward to running my first VLM and experiencing my first VLM Fetchpoint! :-)
  • Limpet says: I think I will need some cough mixture if I make it to fetchpoint with my current lurgy
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