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A group for those in pursuit of the elusive 1:59:59. Or lower, preferably.

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  • Caprica Vix (RotJ) says: So Im a long way off this at the moment. I ran my first half 2 weeks ago at 2:27 but my running has always been about running for longer and never running faster so having done a race at most distances (I always end up getting ill or injured in training for races!), Im trying to change focus and increase my speed so Im setting some targets. I'll be training for this but dont expect to acheive it for a while.
  • Dudie says: My pb is 02:00:06. I sprinted as fast as I could... but missed out :-( Going to crack in 2014 :-)
  • sheri3004 says: Next attempt on 20 Nov!
  • The Scribbler says: In a do it or don't fashion I'm targeting the Great North Run for my sub 2 hour effort. It's my only half marathon of the year.
  • DiscoSteve says: First half-marathon this weekend (18 Sept).. No chance of sub 2 hr this time but hopefully soon..

    Three chances in the first half of 2012! Next attempts are 22 Jan, 25 Mar, 13 May.
  • AdminLiz says: I've only done two so first was Ipswich in September with a time of 2:13 something.
    Next was end of October, but was a trail run and it took 2:21.

    So hopefully next year will be better, maybe 3rd time will be the charm at Great Bentley 5th Feb, or if not I will do my best in Malta on the 26th Feb....or maybe Stowmarket on the 25th March....I will get under the 2 hour mark in one of those!
  • Vicky W says: Ooo I have so been waiting for this thread! Did 3 HM's last year, the third a huge disappointment as I tripped round about 6mile & spent the rest of the race hoping for the finish line to turn up very soon! In fact my PB is from my first which I only did to see whether I could get round. Really ready to try this year, though.
  • vava says: I have a half PB of 2:01:34 and would be amazed to run a sub-2! Next chance on 25 March!
  • Calamity says: Maybe one day!
  • WobblyBob says: Next attempt 28th Oct... I have a pacer ;-)
  • lfbaxter says: First half marathon in Liverpool at the weekend. Finished in 2:00:47 - next one on 11th May and hoping to lose 48 seconds!
  • Scooba Steve says: Have never trained 'properly' for a half but hoping to go 1.55 in February 14. Torremolinos.
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