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  • Vindicator says: On target at FLM2008 until cramp built up from mile 20
  • martynjlane says: My First marathon was in 3.38.01 so have a fair improvement to make, but I think I know where that is and have the Robin Hood marathon booked in for September to give it a go. Good luck everyone!
  • Fell o runner says: On target for sub 3:30 in the Loch Ness Mara, old injury caused me to pull up in last mile, and stretch out and then again with half a mile to go, eventually finishing in 3:36.05 ! Next time !!!
    Got a bit closer this year !! (2010) 3h34.15 two more years to go at this rate !!
    Going to give it another go, starting my 16 week training next week !!
  • MelWhiteley says: Looking for sub 3.30 at Florence in November. Training is not entirely backing me up that I'm going to achieve it, but I'm not ruling it out just yet...
  • Long Shanks says: Aiming for 3:30 this year should have done it at Dublin last year but was Ill
  • mark9 says: VLM will be my first marathon, was going for 3.45 but training is going well, managed 8 minute miles at the Kilomathon last week, just another 10 more miles at that pace!
  • Whoisdavidmagii? says: My first two marathons were 03:38 & 03:42. I can go sub 03:30 if i put in more training especially long runs (which I hate) but you need for marathon training.
  • kevgreenock says: Great thread helped me a lot in my first marathon at loch Ness. 3.13.54
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