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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Notes from Members

  • Raptors Claws are Coming to Town says: There's a lot to be said for being crafty ;)
  • Debart says: Hi, Just finished a City and Guilds Diploma in patchwork and quilting and love to sew, knit and cross stitch, its brilliant after a run when you legs ache to just sit and sew.
  • JuliaD says: When I'm not running I like to crochet, makes purses and occasionally sew dresses too.
  • Jobe says: I don't do anything that's not crafty! ;-)
  • Mikuro says: My name is Mikuro and I'm a craft-a-holic.....
  • Garfield says: When I have time, I knit and would like to relearn how to crochet.
  • Kittenheels Kath says: I just like to be doing something useful while watching the telly.
  • MissPB says: My love is card making, jewellery making and also love cross stitch :-)
  • Detal says: love making cards, also make celebration cakes normally wedding as make all the flowers to go on the cake.
  • Gasping 4 breath says: I like making stuff- all things fabric! Bring it on. Wish I could do it while runnig and I'd be a happy bunny
  • TwistedMiles says: I'm a craft-a-holic! Love knitting, dyeing yarn, making earrings, painting, drawing, photography....the list goes on....
  • Tazsedai says: Hello all, I'm a knitter and soon-to-be crocheter. Once I get my skill up I can't wait to start buying lovely wool... or will this just be the start of another obsession instead of shoes for me, or cloth nappies for my daughter!
  • libby says: Mostly, I knit, but also crochet and sew, and occasionally make cards/bead stuff/etc
  • Caleyjen says: New to this stuff but looking forward to hearing from other sporty crafters
    Sadly since i started my latest training haven't had much time for crafting
  • Slinkyseal says: Aha, you're all out of the woodwork now! Sewing, knitting, making anything really. My project list is far far longer than my available hours.
  • Squares says: Am trying to find a way to knit and run :-)
  • Jerboa says: Will attempt most things but not excel at any of them, knitting, baking, cake decorating, macrame, origami, been there done that. Now trying to learn crochet :-o
  • Mummysaurus says: Hi I have tried many many crafts but along the way I have spent most of my crafting time with Knitting & Crochet
  • Knitwit says: Love knitting, occasionally crochet, would like to try spinning and dyeing. Trying to work my way through my yarn stash and not buy any more till it's gone down a bit...
  • Hark the Heleg-Advent Angels Sing says: You already know me...
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