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  • WildeRover says: I'm going to try not to get too over-involved - really don't want to get obsessive about my running and the stats around it. But I'm more likely to be interested in what can be done with the overall dataset.
  • PamB says: I'm fascinated by the overall dataset.
    I teach stats to psychologists, so even if my hierarchical multiple regression analysis is a bit ropey, I have access to SPSS...
  • Goose66 says: MiniTab anyone???
  • Caterpillar says: Oh gawd! I'm so anal about my running stats. Built myself a training log database and did pretty much all the stuff FE does. Oh well - it gets me out. I don't run. I create another observation for the standard deviation chart. LOL!
  • Geprig says: Does anyone have access to STATA? It seems to have much better options for panel data regression than SPSS. I think that PDR could be a good way of modellling the variation arround user and the effect of time.
  • PJL says: PamB, I take your SPSS, and raise you SAS and S-Plus. I'd be interested in fitting some regression models at some point when I have time.
  • Surrey Phil says: You wouldn't believe how often I contact the BBC for quoting factually incorrect information on the BBC Sport web site. Always corrected within a few hours and never a 'thank you' in return.
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