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  • rollerman says: Yep tell me about it? Mornings and afters, cant do runs after mornings as I have the child to look after, so try to fit it all in after the 9am school run on afters....
  • Dvorak says: Nights - check; weekends, check; long hours, sometimes. And rotating shifts.
  • firstofficerspong says: Twelve hour shifts with lots of nights makes my training a little bit hit and miss..!
  • chocciemonster says: Pants being a nurse and trying to get regular running. I do 13 hour shifts too which means I am sometimes completely exhausted on some days off! Oh and theres nights too...
  • mildmanneredjanitor says: 12 hour shifts, permanent relief( so no rota pattern) nights, days weekends and some antisocial finish times make routine and stability a pipe dream!
  • freddie carthorse says: Rather oddly I'm joining (and moaning) eventhough I work in a gym. But because my work revolves around other peoples leisure time my shifts are 06.00 till 14.30 then straight to pick bin-lids up. Or I drop the little smashers off in morning then work 14.00 - 22.30. I squeeze my Sprint triathlon training and 10k training in before work on a late and before work on an early... there are advantages to having the keys to the health club. Though my collegues and customers think I'm a nutter training at 04.00 in the morning/night.
  • wildebeast says: i hear you fellow nightowls its the zombie shift here at royal mail with a haphazard running life
  • TRUCKER says: 4 on 4 off 12 hour shifts can be a real bind. Weekends bank hoildays etc I work in the food transport industry and we all eat. Try my best to get out and run as much as possible. But because of all my shifts and weekend working i have had little racing I think that my running club think i have left!!!!!
  • El Rapido says: Not so much of a shift worker but an early starter (3am) means I get up at 1:45am, I'm an HGV Driver that delivers milk to supermarkets, sometimes I'm too shattered after work, finish at 12.30pm and just have to sleep, then I have to go to bed by 8pm. Sometimes it doesn't leave much time to train.
  • racheybabes says: Believe it or not i find it easier training when i'm on shifts, monday to friday 8-4 wipe me out!!! the only downside is trying to get time off for races!
  • keef says: work as a nurse ,therefore always on shifts,either day/back shift combo,soul destroying on running schedule,that combined with wife(also a nurse)and sprog sometimes fell not enough time in day to do all that needs to be done
  • Poochie says: Like being peramantly jet lagged! 7shifts on 2-3 off!. Pattern goes nightsX2, double back to afternoonsx2 double back to daysx2 (plus whatever shift you are on the friday you are that shift all weekend hence 7 days) complicated init :-)
  • tulip says: it's 12 1/2 hour shifts day or night and in addition whatever shifts the agency has available, weekends, bank holidays and all *sigh*. Can only plan exercise a week in advance. And nights are getting harder - can't sleep very well in the day. Oh to think back of the days I requested nights to write essays and catch up on things as it gave me so much energy!!! (OK that was in my twenties...)
  • man,slow says: On a one week about rotating 3-shift pattern, great for getting a couple of long runs in during the week, Down side is only get to run with the club one week in three, also miss loads of mid week races because stuck at work !
  • Robsta says: At last a group to which I am fully paid up to.
  • JH1 says: Started shift working last December and have to work 2 w/ends out of 3 which really knackers racing up. So can only choose races on my 3rd weekend. Do get time for doubles though during week when I'm off. Just can't get into a proper routine as have to miss my track session every other week.
  • philbo says: A week of 6-2 then a week of 2-10 , leaving for work at 04.00 on early shift i run when i get home , the problem for me is running before a back shift (2-10) i have quite a physical job, and doing any distance before work leaves me shattered later on .
  • jamborigg says: I do constant nightshift ,im a shunter for a big food company .Only gettin 6 odd hours sleep a day plays havoc with any training programs
  • The Sellindge Flyer says: Shifts do make me tired, but i love getting in bed on a monday morning when the rest of the world is going to work, plus in the winter day time running is easier
  • -caz- says: Bobbin about in the North Sea. We do 14 straight 12hr day shifts then 3 weeks off then next trip its 14 straight 12hr night shifts then another 3 weeks off.
  • Argie says: Nurse - love nights, etc!
  • paperboy says: Earlyshift one week, Backshift the next week and then Nightshift to top it off. Sometimes I don't know if I'm coming or going and I'll wake up at odd times at the weekend when I'm off as my body clock is stuffed. Being doing this for 10 years now and my running has severly suffered. But it's the life I chose so I just have to train around the shifts. Started using the treadmill at 3am at the work gym at lunch break and it sometimes feels as tho' I'm running on air as I've had a few red bulls. But what dissnae kills ye makes ye stronger, as they say. Look what happened to Bruce Lee....
  • Night-owl says: in the exciting world of retail,. But on Permanant nights making sure store is looking lovely for them customers coming in in the morning
  • kevin scott says: driving freight trains through the night leaves time to run in the day time while kids are at school but when is it possible to sleep ???
  • jacobus1745 says: i work

    I work for the NHS, days, nights , late,early and weekends. Really plays havoc with trying to keep to a regular running schedule.
  • Gooner says: Not me working the shifts anymore but the missus which means I'm still up on a rotating shift pattern on lates, earlies and weekends which puts any sort of running pattern straight out of the window!! Great fun! :-(
  • wavey davey says: have started to run to work only 4.2 miles but am thinlking of extending that if I can cope at work and wife and kids are not disturbed. Also have done occasional run to work do a 7.5 hour day and run home. Have restarted cycling instead of using bus to get to work.
  • Katerson says: I work two mornings 7-2, two afternoons 2-10 and then 2 nights 10 - 7 but these nights are occasionally afternoon or morning shifts instead!

    Its impossible to join a running club and I HATE running after mornings!!
  • Snake Doctor says: early shifts, back shifts and weekends on. hard to keep to a training schedule.
  • 154 Rob says: New job, different shifts. Still 12s (but never +12!), now days or nights. "same shit, different night". Still working too many weekends gaddammit.
  • Stewie says: 4 on 4 off Perm 12 hr nights, try to organise my training round em, for instance do my longer runs on my days off and the shorter quicker runs when I finish work in the morning, depends how knackered I am ;)
  • Aspatriot says: 9 hour days 15 hour nights, rotating shifts! It's good to get out on days off!!
  • DuaneDibbley says: 4 on 4 off - 12 hour shifts...usually get out for a short run at lunch time and tend to run home on last day of shift whenever possible (8.5miles).
  • strider2010 says: Trying to get time of at short notice for that run you really want to do - forget it. Shift working has it good and bad points, I have done it all my working life and yes it is hard, depends how motivated you are and what you are training for, I dont think, well I know I couldnt train for a full marathon as a shift worker, But hey that's what keeps us going.
  • greener72 says: Its hard to train when on nights but you still do it do it done it.....
  • Jerboa says: New shift pattern of 2x12 hour days and then 2x12 hour nights and 4 days off is great, I have so much more energy than I used to on my old one
  • crouchie999 says: Just started running again in the last few months. Been working shifts for 6 years now and there was ZERO motivation to pull on those trainers and get out there. Now however, I'm being encouraged by my better half after she noticed the post 30's belly emerging.
  • Lethargic says: 3 nights on/off. 12 hour shifts. Can be totaly shattered and not run all day. Have to take each day, and plan ahead and tell myself to run after work.
  • Karizma says: 2 days, 2 nights, then 4 off. All 12 hour shifts, 7 till 7. Makes trying to fit a run in after/before work fun. The joys of an 8 day week.
  • Steak-n-Cake says: Hello y'all... another shiftie joining the group :) 2x12hr dayshifts, 2x12hr nightshifts, then 4 days (daze) off .
  • leejprice says: Long shifts, mostly evenings and nights! Have just counted my weekends off for 2011 and I have got 17!
    So training tends to be in fits and spurts, sometimes I can do a 15-20 mile week, while other weeks im lucky to get a single run in.
    I think some nightime running is in my future, head torch and hi viz required!
  • Hardiman says: Worked 2 days, 2 nights 4 off shift pattern for the last 10 years so know how difficult a set training plan can be!
  • Katemate says: wah! assistant manager at a coffee on my feet 12hrs a day, five days a week, no two days off together. it makes training for a half marathon very sketchy, that's for sure. hmph.
  • Orangefleece says: nights = afternoon running .....not three bad actually .
  • Lauchy says: And so the week starts... Friday to Monday... groan...
  • Killerkane says: Been working shifts for 10 plus years - its wack !
  • Stewey says: Work in Hospitality, need I say more.... early mornings, late nights, and most bank goes on somewhere in between.!!
  • Plodder54 says: Finally found a site where there are people who have the same problem as me finding time to fit runs into a shift pattern in my position its a rota system. Would be very interested how other people fit training sessions in .
  • Rosemount Raver says: Weekends, nights and weird days off i hate shift work
  • __Di__ says: Shifts here, one week on earlies, one week on lates - earlies can be anything from 3.45am start, lates anything up to 1.50am finish. Good job I loves me running otherwise I would feel hardpressed to get motivated!
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