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For those who might not receive a Christmas present otherwise :)

****Please Fmail your address to mad4purple by 30th November. You will get an fmail from mad4purple with the person's details for whom you are buying a gift between 1st and 3rd December. Please buy your gift of up to £5 in value and send to your recipient by 14th December (this will ensure gifts are received before the opening date). Gifts will be opened around the 24th December, but will confirm time and date of opening when it gets to the middle of December.**** PLEASE NOTE: All addresses must be now fmailed to mad4purple before 30/11/07 as she intends to draw names from the hat this Friday.

Notes from Members

  • Buzzards Sis says: YAY, work alone at home so miss out on this usually! Have mailed address to M4P :-)
  • Purps says: Woooooohooooooo
  • Mrs Muckyhands says: Christmas - I love it :-)
  • Chrisity says: i'll be sending sweets and lamb, otherwise known as baaaaa humbug.
  • Barky says: will be me only surprise pressie
  • John66 says: Sounds good - count me in!
  • PaulaMc says: Can I play? Never bought a pressie for another runner before, will be nnnniiiiccccceeeee!!!!
  • topcorner says: Gimme gimme...
  • Rebel says: Fab idea!
  • Miss Piggy Wiggy says: Can i joinn????????????
  • cabletow says: I'm in
  • tuga says: Christmas - I love it :-)
  • AlanR says: Why not i'm in, sound good
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